Humanising homelessness and reconnecting a fractured society

The majority of homeless people are mostly ignored by the public. Charities and religions are often the only people who have contact with them. Often they are separated from their families or have little contact with them. Often many of them are well educated and have skills. Often they do not have access to the Internet or are not always aware of help available.

Humanising homelessness and reconnecting a fractured society.

An idea to help improve the homelessness situation:

Free to use VDU’s on the streets, humanising of homelessness, people can record their stories in video and text, skills, wants needs ie life skills, ie employment, looking for a room, a house, a flat.

An online website that allows sympathetic employers to hire homeless people, homeless people can register on the VDU’s in high streets and potential employers can search the website for people in their area.

Interactive billboards, homeless people and everyone able to send and receive email messages, not everyone has access to email at home or access to email 24 hours a day.

Free calls with allocated Government swipecards via video or audio, multiple choices.

Emergency calls for everyone to the ambulance, police services etc.

Connection to government services, healthcare, mental health and housing services, charities, religions 24 hours a day.

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