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57 / 100

I know you,
I truly do,
and here I am at the bar,
and although it has been a while,
how beautiful you look,
beautiful and enticing to those without a clue,
and harder than a diamond,
harder than most,
and how numb you are behind the mask,
behind the beauty and the fake smiles there lies such great bitterness and pain in you,
and you never feel,
you never feel,
and you walk through life like a ghost,
only stopping to cut at those,
those with softer hearts,
than your bitter heart where an icy wind does blow,
and you never soften,
and you are as sharp as a knife,
and with your words you lash out,
and bring weaker people to their knees,
and break their hearts,
and shatter their minds,
how soulless you are wherever you go,
and how miserable your life must be,
killing everyone so harshly verbally,
but you arrive quickly and thankfully you quickly go,
after dealing your killer linguistic blows,
and I, I try to stay away from your evil verbal dexterity,
because there is not much left of those,
those that you meet,
and I have no wish to be incomplete with my heart shattered into pieces,
and me crying like a baby after your wicked love had conquered me,
and has had my sanity overthrown.
But it will not matter to you,
because you revel in what you do,
and how you grin so sensually at those that you meet,
and how quickly you sweep them off their feet to get what you want from them,
and no, it never ends because you are never satisfied,
and there is such lust in your eyes,
and those eyes,
they leave you mesmerised,
and I try to stay away from you after nearly stupidly falling for you,
but quickly and luckily I realise what you are like,
and what you wanted from me,
yes, you wanted to spur on an ex boyfriends jealousy,
and your pain,
well, you are more angry than most and you take it out on those,
those who would fall for you,
for there is the devil in you,
the devil in you,
and I am glad to be far away from you,
far away,
out of temptations way,
away from you
beautiful but dangerous you.

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