Far off

far off 2

Far off,
far off in time,
far away in another place,
in another state of mind,
far away from today,
far away from the place that I currently stay,
far away from unhappinness,
I hope to find peace,
and tranquility,
and distant though it may be,
with patience it I will find,
far off,
far off in time,
saying goodbye,
saying goodbye to the misery of life,
that haunts so many people in these modern times,
and how happy I will be,
and content as if in a beautiful dream,
for modern life, it means not much to me,
it means not much with all this materialism and stress,
and the hustle and the bustle of lifes fast paced insanities,
no, it is not for me,
but alas, how rocky the road it is,
how rocky the road to the place where I will find sanity,
but I will persevere,
I will persevere and I will with determination and courage get there, eventually,
yes, I will,
because I am no quitter me,
I am no quitter,
and I will carry on until I reach the end of this savagery,
this savagery of the times,
and the savagery of the mind that is inflicted upon me daily,
in the modern society where I live,
a place filled with hate, violence and gluttony,
a place that I do not truly wish to be,
because the only place I wish to be is far off,
far off in time,
on a desert Island in the middle of a glorious blue ocean,
where is no misery,
and only relaxation in beautiful tranquility.

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