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Eradicating homelessness – Writing and poetry



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Eradicating homelessness

Homelessness around the world continues to inflict suffering and cause death.

Compassion should not be a part time occupation. There should be compassion and understanding every second, every minute, every hour, every month and every year.

Illogical thought and the lack of compassion causes needless deaths.

The mentality of the world is wrong. The ill thought out constant lip service, the continual spending of money as a temporary fix, and far too much bureaucracy, and far too much inaction, is just not good enough.

The cost of housing every homeless person is viewed as far too expensive.

In the short term, all it takes is for the religions of the world and the governments of the world to say yes, yes, we will open religious centres, church halls, and community halls 24 hours a day, all year round. Homelessness in the short term could be eradicated from the world in a single day.

A home whether you own it or not, is where there is safety and warmth, and a place to rehydrate and feed yourself and a place to wash. A place that keeps you out of the elements and where you are safe and where you are much less likely to lose your life.

Solving homelessness

in the long run, is not expensive, not as expensive as people would think. We have all the raw naturual resources in the world that we could ever need to house every homeless person, including slate, stone and wood in abundance.

If everyone layed a few bricks each, or helped out any way that we could, we could build houses rapidly, in much the same way that the Amish build their barns and work together. We need less bureauceacy, and more community spirit.

There are enough kind compassionate people who would help, we just need to say yes! Yes, we will open our doors, yes we will allocate land for new housing, yes we can build houses out of the raw natural resources freely available to us, and yes we will if people so wish, train them to build their own houses.

Yes. A simple word. A simple word that could save lives and change the world!

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