Dilatante misfits

We dillatante misfits, 
we wake up to kiss the blank pages with our pens, 
minds and fingertips, 
hoping for a sunny day to inspire and pull things from the air and to reorganise them and let them play out, 
as the words flow sweetly like honey drips, 
our words from the air appear from who knows where, 
given out maybe by the Gods in the heavens high up there, 
and how great it is to write,
how great it is to share, 
and how great to create such beautifully ethereal and poetic and bombastic and dramatic lines and then read them out,
and let the sound float from our mouths into ours and others ears, 
to be appreciated and over which cogitated and hopefully leaving others satiated,
and how beautiful they sound with so much rhyming and rhythm, 
and silky but warm like the sun and giving, 
giving all we can to the intonation and the eloqution,
our craft honed in time and with dedication,
a no stress no mess beautiful life in words,
words to inspire and feed the imagination,
words with such power to leave the poem memorised in the mind and warm smiles everywhere,
we dillatante misfits, 
pulling words from an invisible ocean,
how we work hard crafting them with dedication and devotion,
how we work hard filling out the pages with such lyrical motion,
beautiful words created from all the letters of the alphabet,
some simple,
some extremely complex,
great words,
well chosen words,
words to be shared upon all subjects and devoured,
words that leave us with smiles on our faces and others in great happiness,
and our words hopefully gratefully appreciated.

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