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December brings something,
something shockingly new,
and the shadows,
they are gone from my eyes,
and in the cold light of truth,
in the cold light of truth I see the new you,
I see you empty of all that you knew,
and lost for words,
and barely able to recall faces,
oh, how terrible it is this devastation,
this devastation,
that alzheimers has brought to you,
and how cruel it is,
this eradication of you,
the erosion of a brilliant mind,
and soon probably the ending of a life,
and oh, how heartbreaking it is,
how heartbreaking it is,
and how sickening it is to see,
but this is the reality,
the new you,
a blank you,
a you,
that like a ghost sits there in a chair without a clue,
without a clue about those around you who care about you.

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