Caught up

Here I am,
with all the time in the world,
with no worries or cares,
and only relaxation on the mind,
and tranquility it is true,
here I am,
caught up in the quiet contemplation of you,
caught up in the feelings that you bring me,
from your heart so true,
caught up in a mood,
sat in the garden,
catching up on my thoughts of my love for you,
in the garden,
in the solitude amongst the flowers,
under grey skies,
and alone for hours,
contemplating and ruminating,
oh, how my heart it rises and how it lifts and how wonderfully I am enlightened with the beauty of you,
the beauty of you in my thoughts,
as my heart skips a beat and but does barely pause,
and the flowers and their scents how they remind me of you,
for you are as fresh as the summers day,
and as fresh as the flowers in the garden where I lay,
and how beautiful your smile is that I remember when we are not together,,
and although today we are apart,
the memory of you how greatly it lights my heart and as magnificently and as beautifully as the sun now beginning to shine through,
shine through the clouds,
wonderful you,
wonderful you.

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