Book 9

Like no tomorrow

© Ben Robinson 2019

Dedicated to William Wordsworth who continue to inspire so many.


A desert, 17
A meeting, 57
As chance, 55
At the end of the day, 9
At the start, 42
Bicycle, 16
Body, 65
Broken bottles, 41
Brooklyn diner, 62
Bullet holes, 25
Carry on til the morrow, 15
Chasing the light, 54
Come to me, 6
Dedicated, 37
Destiny, 5
Did you cry, 24
Did you take enough, 20
Dirty river, 65
Do not follow, 34
Doesn’t, 4
Eddie, 63
Find where you belong, 23
For beauty there is, 61
For there it was, 67
Go, 58
Grounded in reality, 54
Had I seen you, 39
He pushed her through the window, 47
Helicopter, 21
I hoped, 56
I lay on the couch, 51
I wait at home, 44
I wanted you, 46
Ice age for a soul, 38
In each step, 27
In opulence you sit, 32
In the bookshop, 31
In the car, 51
In the evening, 53
In the ground, 43
In the road, 24
In the vortex, 31
It is a little, 26
Knife crime, 29
Life, 22
Lights in the harbour, 48
Like a parrot, 39
Like no tomorrow, 68
Looks like rain, 67
Mischevious, 36
Mother and Father, 30
Night has fallen, 22
On the bus, 34
On the waste ground, 4
On this occasion, 10
Polygamous heart, 21
Put the kettle on, 50
Ruminating, 52
Say goodnight, 18
She, 33
She kissed you, 27
Sunlight, 47
Sunshine, 13
Survive, 65
Taken up, 66
Tasteless, 49
The battle cry, 24
The radio, 43
The sound of the birds, 16
The tallest trees, 58
The thought was there, 35
This disease, 11
This is it, 19
Tonight, 11
Watched, 26
Water is a sin, 62
We stride forwards, 68
Welcome, 36
Who is out tonight, 59
Wild, 55
Yes, 15
You augmented, 40
You claimed, 41
You closed the door, 52
You cooked, 7
You felt, 14
You had help, 8
You jumped through fire, 45
You may disagree, 4
You returned, 7

On the waste ground

On the waste ground in the detritus of life,
what cast offs and what pain and what ignorance there is,
and what misunderstanding there is that can sit there in your mind,
things that you wish you had never experienced,
things you wish you had never heard,
things that you wish that you had never seen,
on the waste ground in the detritus of life,
how big is the capacity of the memory,
and how much time is taken up,
and how much space there is to fill it with positivity,
for life it throws such negativity at you,
and the world suffers,
for the world in its beauty is a vicious thing sometimes,
and how hard you have to fight to put back the beauty by creating new memories too.

You may disagree

You may disagree,
but if the things never change or improve,
so will continue the destruction of humanity.
But if you stop the destruction,
and by listening and understanding there can be harmony.
Yet without harmony and understanding and listening how can we improve the world?
And though you may talk and though you may disagree,
if we take the time to listen and we understand,
we can solve the world’s problems,
and improve the world,
and we can save lives and improve humanity.


Do not,
should be forgot,
for they are all not much use,
for they bring such a negative connotation to life’s plot,
do not and doesn’t,
wasn’t and couldn’t,
and should be forgot,
for in these simple words,
there is fear and frustration,
and how powerful they are,
and how much more powerful it is if they are forgot.

Try, try and try.
For there is,
there was,
and there will be.
And with perseverance and dedication and toil and sweat,
pursue your dreams no matter the challenges,
for nothing is impossible so do not listen to negativity.
For despite negativity and with perseverance and dedication,
only then will you reach your chosen destiny.

There is
There was
There will be.

There is an idea,
There is a dream,
There will be a goal.
There is a goal,
There was an idea,
There is dedication.
There is perseverance.
There will be a dream.
There is dedication.
There is perseverance.
There will be failure.
There will be success.

There is perseverance,
and there is destiny.

But if an idea doesn’t succeed,
it is destiny.
And despite this there will be more ideas.
Ideas that will succeed.
Ideas brought to fruition by perseverance and dedication,
ideas that through dedication and perseverance that will with hard work and effort and toil and sweat,
be your chosen destiny.

There is
There was
There will be.

There is an idea,
There is a dream,
There will be a goal.
There is a goal.
There was an idea,
There is dedication.
There is perseverance.
There will be a goal,
There will be a dream.
There is dedication.
There is perseverance.
There will be failure.
There will be success.

There is perseverance,
and there is destiny.

There is failure and success,
but if an idea doesn’t succeed,
it is destiny.
And despite this there will be more ideas.
Ideas that will succeed.
Ideas brought to fruition by perseverance and dedication,
ideas that through dedication and perseverance that will with hard work and effort and toil and sweat,
be your chosen destiny.

There is
There was
There will be.

Come to me

Come to me,
come to me with no sorrow,
come to me with no thoughts at all,
come to me and spend some time,
and relax,
and be you again,
and come to me and let us talk a while,
and let us see what we can see,
let us reminisce,
let us throw out the cares and the worries of the world,
and let us be,
let us be us,
laughing and joking and smiling and free,
for happy hearts make their mark,
and in your eyes what better a sight is there to see?

You returned

You returned your heart,
in its broken state,
you returned your heart,
that no longer gave you happiness,
for you had too many sad memories,
and too few happy ones,
and you spent too much time on those who never cared about you in the first place,
and what a wrench,
and what a heartbreak,
and what great effort it would take to fix,
you and to put you back in a happier place,
for the tears were endless,
and there was the anger and the rage,
so you returned your heart,
you returned your heart in a dream,
because you no longer knew what having a heart did mean,
and it was of no use to you anymore,
for all it did was upset you,
and left you to collect the broken pieces from the floor,
and what’s more,
a dream is less painful than before,
but sadly reality is a numb and an empty place,
and when you awoke,
for your heart you did hold a wake.

You cooked

You cooked a recipe that you did like,
you put your heart and your soul into it,
and mixed in the spices,
and you fed your family,
and you saw the smiles upon their faces,
and you were happy when they were filled with delight,
and then a bomb exploded and destroyed your house in the Syrian night,
and your house was gone,
and there were none of you left,
and your relatives oh how they wept,
they wept for you,
and how sickening it is how quickly life can be ended,
ended by a war,
that had no real reason to happen,
ended because of intolerance and hatred,
and frustration,
and the inability to listen and the inability to understand,
for how great it is,
how great this weakness of man,
the weakness of humanity,
that shakes and breaks,
and rips up and tears apart so many civilisations,
so many civilisations across so many lands,
and through the bombs and the bullets,
you try to survive,
you try to survive the best you can,
and you try to live a normal existence,
but it isn’t easy,
when you have the threat of death hanging above your head,
and you are subject to pain and suffering every day,
and the seconds and the minutes and the hours and the days and the months bring so much fear,
and you try to live,
you struggle to live,
you try to exist,
you try to be happy surrounded by your blessed family,
and suddenly you are gone,
and disappeared,
and nevermore to be seen again,
and the war continues,
but no one learns anything,
except how to kill people more quickly,
and no matter what,
wars will end,
and wars will start again,
and humanity suffers and dies again and again and again,
but when will we learn,
when we will learn,
and will we by failing to listen and to understand and by not learning bring about our permanent end?

You had help

You had help and you had struggles,
you had worries and cares,
and in your life you had such little time,
and you were happy and drunk,
and you had desires,
and you visited the ladies of the night many times,
and you had a wonderful time and you treated them very kind,
and they in their own way loved you and knew you very well and had such a friendship with you,
for many didn’t understand you,
but despite it all you were brilliant despite your troubled mind,
and you had an incredible talent,
and you painted so powerfully upon your canvases,
and what great colours you chose to paint,
Toulouse Lautrec,
for over them you did toil and sweat,
and your anger and your drunkenness were well known but you had respect,
and despite your short stature,
you never came up short,
for in your talents you were blessed,
and I stand here in the gallery in front of your painting of the spirit of Montmartre,
and I am overwhelmed by the movement,
and the people and the figures,
and how powerful they are in what seems their simplicity,
but I’m sure you painted them and it wasn’t as easy as you would think,
but you make it seem so easy,
and you had such a way,
such a skill,
and your paintings are so evocative,
and you bring to life so powerfully and with so much passion the moment you have captured,
that standing before it,
it is as though you were standing there in Montmartre,
watching the can can girls and their smiles as they kicked up their legs,
and how powerful is the picture,
and how inspiring it is,
and how blessed you were Toulouse Lautrec
for with your incredible talent,
how incredible were your works,
and what a gift to the world they are,
and in this picture that exists in my eyes, this picture that stands before me in the museum,
what an incredible memory of your life,
a moment that you have lived,
an incredible memory of your life in this wonderful incredible beautiful work of art that does exist,
this sublime vision before me,
and what a wonder it is,
so thank you for life Toulouse,
Thank you for your life Toulouse Lautrec,
for you were truly blessed.

At the end of the day

At the end of the day,
what has been has been,
as if visions in a dream,
for time goes too fast.
And at the end of the day,
come what may,
in the days memory,
do not dwell too much,
because you cannot change a thing,
and relaxation in front of the fire is a much more worthy thing,
because day to day to life,
and earning money,
brings such distress so many times,
and it is best to put it out of your mind,
or you will drive yourself mad,
for life can swallow you up,
and swamp you in its act,
for life is a savage thing,
and it can bring so much pain and suffering,
so why oh why cannot life be a much more simple thing,
I wish it could,
I wish it would,
I wish it would change and improve,
but we are all mostly stuck in a system designed to tire and confuse,
and you get so broken down,
and the frustrations grow inside,
and you want so badly to have a different life,
but what will it cost to have a peace of mind?

On this occasion

sometimes you are stuck in a rut,
and this is it for me,
a crushing of the spirit,
a crushing of the spirit that has happened so many times around here before,
but on this occasion,
I have truly truly had enough,
this is the time,
the time to leave,
the time to leave for the future,
the time to ignore the negative people that surround you,
a time to stand your ground and a time to believe,
so stand your ground and believe in yourself,
and do not listen to anyone else,
for it will only make your life worse,
for so many times listening to other people it is a curse,
and so do not listen to others,
for you are better off ignoring them,
so from start to end,
do what is right by you,
and make your own decisions,
for others will only take you down the wrong path,
and on this occasion,
this is the time,
a time to leave the negativity behind completely,
and if you pay others no mind,
you can shape your own destiny much better,
and without others constantly Interfering,
how much better and happier you will be,
for clearer will the view be,
of where you want to go and of what you want to see,
so never surrender to other people’s opinions,
and remember advice should be taken with a pinch of salt,
so be yourself and listen only to yourself,
and your life will improve and how much better will your health.

This disease

This disease,
this killer,
this killer disease,
how rapidly it can bring society to its knees,
for it comes and goes as it does please,
and despite all the medicines and all the doctors in the world,
can we ever totally eradicate diseases and find the key,
the key,
the kill switch to permanently switch off any disease that comes along,
well we can hope to eradicate every disease,
and we have hoped,
and we will continue to hope,
and we will continue to struggle and continue to persevere to research new diseases,
which far too often and far too rapidly do appear every year,
and of diseases how we in our omnipotence upon the Earth,
do live in fear,
do live in fear of disease,
and quickly and rapidly they do spread,
for out of nowhere they do come and rear their ugly heads,
and how quickly countless millions can be dead so rapidly,
and humanity could be erased permanently if we do not continue to invest in research,
there may be no medicine that can help,
and we will lay in our graves,
and disease will continue to survive long after we are dead.


this is us,
and we are not anyone else,
and we sit here at the restaurant and there is love,
love between us,
and there is that quiet moment after we sat down where the feelings and the emotions began to flow,
and how magical it was,
how magical,
and what an incredible feeling,
an incredible feeling to look into your eyes and to see your smile,
and there is a timeless quality to you,
and my heart it pounds so rapidly,
and I always feel so uplifted by the beauty of you,
and by the beauty in you,
the beauty in you,
for you are so caring and compassionate and kind,
and you make life what is,
and I feel as if you brought to me the heavens and the stars inside,
and I feel the wonder of you,
I feel the power of your love,
I feel more than I have ever felt with anyone else,
and I feel on top of the world,
and I feel like nothing is unachievable,
for you give me such confidence,
and you,
you are there for me always,
and I sit and I hold your hand,
and I kiss your lips,
and it is like a dream,
like a dream to me,
a dream that I could happily relive a million times,
a dream that I can relive for the rest of my life quite happily,
a beautiful thing,
and you make me feel so calm inside,
you make me feel so calm inside,
and you make me feel alive,
so alive,
and tonight it is just us,
just me and you,
sitting in the candlelight holding hands,
discussing life and discussing our plans,
for life with you,
life with you is so relaxed,
and no matter the stresses of the world,
and no matter the worries of the world,
when we are together there is nothing better,
nothing better than me and you,
and I know I will always be with you,
and I know your heart is true,
and I know your heart is true,
and I love you,
I love you more than I can say,
and in the candlelight,
and in the light of the flames,
and in your eyes what a wonder there is,
what a wonder,
for they beguile me and sparkle like the sunshine,
and I feel so at ease with you,
and how do I describe that feeling,
the feeling that you make me feel,
that feeling when you hold me,
for there are not enough words,
there are not enough words and not enough time,
so just be,
just be,
just be you and me,
and no other way,
just be,
just be together and relax,
kissing gently in the candlelight,
with my fingers running through your hair,
and my hand gently stroking your cheek,
just be,
just be you and me,
and let us sit here with a glass of wine or two,
and have dinner in the evening time,
and what a fine night it is,
and what beautiful eyes and what a beautiful smile smiling back me,
and here we are,
the best night of my life so far,
the best night with you,
the best night to be,
to exist to feel your love,
for here right now,
I am so in love with you,
and so happy in your company,
and what better a night could there be?
For I love you and you love me.


Sunshine bursting through the clouds,
and what great beauty there is in the light,
in the light that brightens the greys and the whites,
of the eternal weather that hangs around,
that hangs around floating in the air,
whispy and fluffy clouds that roam the Earth,
that roam the Earth with no barriers there.
And with no barriers what a wonder it is and how far they can travel without a care,
and how I wish travel was that easy for me,
and so tireless and effortless,
and how Incredible it would be with the ability,
to arrive anywhere you choose,
and with no pollution damaging the Earth anywhere.

You felt

You felt the Earth move,
you felt the Earth move under your feet,
you felt the Earth shake,
you felt fear during and after its wake,
you saw the volcano erupt,
and it could not be stopped,
and you saw the lava shoot into the air and you saw it shoot over everywhere,
and you saw the power of nature,
and how incredible it is,
and how much destruction there is,
in the savagery and the viciousness that comes from deep within the Earth,
and in the savagery that comes from such bombardment from the air,
and how scary it is to find yourself there,
and how the lava hisses when it hits the seas and the oceans,
and how awful it is that life can be eviscerated so rapidly,
for here in the distance watching the volcano erupt,
how mesmerising it is upon the eye,
and how beautiful it is in its fearful symmetry,
for the power of nature it will kill and create new life simultaneously,
and with such a hot temper that rages from up from out of the bowels of the Earth,
and that bursts and threatens the skies and the clouds above and the heavens,
with all it’s worth,
for in its nature,
the volcano is sleepy and docile mostly,
but when it awakes,
the volcano will tear the Earth asunder,
and it will threaten the lives of humanity,
and there is no stopping it until it has decimated everything in its vicinity,
and what a wonder is a volcano,
and a fearsome thing it is if you are too close and you have to flee for your life,
amidst the rocks that are showering down upon you,
and in the intense heat,
and the showers of lava,
and as the Earthquakes shake the ground so powerfully,
how lucky you are if you manage to live and how lucky you are if you are not eviscerated permanently.


we can improve bureaucracy if you care less,
the nodding dog,
the politician who agrees with everything you have said,
we can solve every problem if we just have the budget of course,
we will do what you wish,
just give us some time to debate it,
no we haven’t done it yet,
we still could do it if you just re-elect us, no more no less,

Carry on til the morrow

Carry on til the morrow,
and hold your head high,
for you fought bravely and courageously,
so forget the sorrow and hold your head high,
and forget the dead,
for there are still bodies to bury yet,
but you are on your way to somewhere else,
and you should try to forget,
and just be thankful that you are alive,
for this is the end of the war,
the end of these times,
so carry on down this road,
and hide yourself well wherever you can,
for you will soon be free,
despite treading this deserters road,
so save yourself and do not worry for there are only days to go,
and you have seen more bodies than most I know,
so keep out of sight,
and don’t let any bullets put an end to your life,
for the end is near and you can survive,
for you have passed through so much fear,
so be brave and move on out of here,
and just imagine what life will be far away from here,
and just imagine how incredible life can be,
and where you will be in another year,
so on this deserter’s road tread alone and do not,
do not give into fear,
for your life is worth living,
so get out of here,
for war is nearly over,
and soon we all can cheer.

The sound of the birds

The sound of the birds,
oh how incredible is the sound,
for it carries to your ear,
the sound of the birds that carry from there to here,
the glorious birdsong,
that comes from out of the skies,
and from out of the trees,
and from out of the grass,
and from out of the fields,
to land gently in the air in the sounds that you hear,
for how beautiful and incredible it is,
but I wonder what they are saying,
do they have conversations like you and me and do they talk of the inanities of the day,
or do they just keep it short and sweet in an educated way,
for the sound of birds it Carry’s mystery,
and how wonderful it is to hear birdsong for how greatly it brightens up the day,
and how incredibly they are in their flight,
their flight can take them so far across the Earth in a single day.

A man pushes a bicycle down the street with his hands in his pockets,
as his eyes look on the ground for anything that he sees,
and he looks for cigarettes,
and he looks for change,
and he goes through the bins,
and he recovers anything he needs,
and he recycles more than you and me,
and he is more environmentally friendly,
and in that despite being homeless there is dignity,
dignity in trying to survive,
dignity in trying to be human,
and dignity in finding food to eat and dignity in finding drink to quench his thirst,
and dignity in trying to keep his sanity,
and there is dignity in his voice,
and there is dignity in how he treats people,
for he treats people with compassion,
and he wishes there was more dignity in humanity,
for he has had good times and bad times in his life,
and he wishes that humanity was more humane,
for he would not be here on the streets otherwise.

A desert

A desert,
a wall,
a fence,
a hedge,
a thing that divides us all,
a misunderstanding,
a miscomprehension,
a division,
a division that divides us all,
and what for,
what for?
Inability to forgive and forget.
Arguments over a little thing,
arguments over a bigger thing,
arguments over a massive thing,
and arguments that should not have happened,
arguments and no recompense,
a desert,
a wall,
a fence,
a hedge,
a thing that divides us all,
a misunderstanding,
a miscomprehension,
a division,
a division that divides us all,
break down the wall,
break down the wall,
break down the walls

Say goodnight

Say good night,
say good night to me,
say good bye if you like,
for I am leaving,
so say goodbye,
but do not cry,
for I am not here for long,
and I will die,
so say goodbye,
no time for sentiments,
no time,
no time,
no time,
just a quick recollection In the eyes,
just a quick recollection in the eyes,
so say what you like,
be nice,
be nice,
say hello,
say goodbye,
because I’m not here for long,
and how time flies,
how time flies,
how time flies with the memories,
how time flies with the memories that quickly pass on by,
so do not cry,
for I have gone to the heavens,
I have gone to the sky,
so will you join me for a little while longer because I,
otherwise will have to say goodbye,
and I’ll be gone,
I’ll be gone,
won’t be wrong,
won’t be wrong,
because when you got to go,
you’ve got to go,
your memory,
it will be gone in the blink of an eye,
so do not cry,
you want to take my hand,
you want to follow me to the promised land,
I don’t mind,
I don’t mind,
not that I’m lonely or nothing,
I’m just a memory,
I’m just a memory,
I’m just a memory passing by.

This is it

This is it,
yes this is it,
this is,
yes it is,
the time,
are you a little confused,
are you out of your mind,
are you wanting something,
something at all,
something for nothing,
something greater,
something more powerful,
something more wonderful,
something magical,
yes this is the place,
this is my shop,
this is my shop where I’ve got it all,
and welcome to the incredible,
for I can take you anywhere and anytime,
for I can take you to the future if you like,
and I can take you into the past,
and I can take you out of your mind,
and I can take you to the heavens,
and I can take you into space,
I can take you into space with my teleportation device,
well it is good to see you have a smile on your face.
So you want to go,
you want to get out of this place,
you want to live somewhere different?
That’ll be a dollar sixty nine.
You want to try?
You want to try?
It is a run down shop on the boulevard,
filled with all kind of things,
things that money can barely buy,
inflation hyper,
inflation hyper sky,
so you wanna try,
there’s the chair and what’s a little fantasy for a dollar sixty nine.
And the man sits down in the chair and disappears,
and he is gone like that,
a dollar sixty nine,
a vision in a dream,
a dream of the future,
a dream of a crazy mind,
a dream of life,
a dream of the past and future combined,
a dollar,
a dollar sixty nine.

Did you take enough

Did you take enough,
did you not take enough,
enough time,
enough time to consider the thoughts which fill your mind,
for life in these modern times is so pressured and there is seemingly so little time,
little time to put enough thought into things,
so little time,
for it plays havoc with your mind,
and it can destroy you if you rush the choices that you have,
and if you do not consider thoroughly enough how they can unbalance you or balance you,
for in life and emotions and feelings,
how much subtlety there is,
and how gently you have to go through it,
through the decisions,
for rushing rapidly will mostly lead to a downward descent,
and climbing up again from mistakes is a big part of life,
but it should not be,
for if we think more clearly and do not rush decisions,
how much better our lives will be,
for time is the best thing and the worst thing,
so use it wisely,
and think clearly and do not let pressure get to you,
and firstly think only of how your health is worth more to you than the pressure,
and think how much better your life will be,
for if there are decisions to be made and the problem is dragging you to your grace,
there must be another way
for health comes over problems,
and if you have good health,
and if you think educatedly and clearly,
problems can be solved and life will be more balanced,
and brighter and happier your days will be.

Polygamous heart

You love this and you love that,
yet love comes to you fleetingly,
and what will be will be,
but you love so much with your polygamous heart,
and you fall in love,
and you love her,
and you love him,
you love them but are not in love with them,
and you love to love upon a whim,
for with your polygamous heart,
there is so much to love in this world for there is so much choice,
and so many loves,
the loves of your lives,
the loves of things,
and your love,
will play out upon the stage of life as such a great part,
for you are cassonova like and when it comes to romance you play the part,
you play it so voraciously,
that there is no escape from your arms,
and you I love for your open mindedness and how you are so welcoming,
for you embrace so many things,
and you are multi-talented and your heart is so big,
and you desire the world,
and you are open to so many things,
and you give all that you can give,
for your polygamous heart,
how it could capture the world,
through your smile and your beautiful eyes that could steal the worlds hearts,
and I admire you,
for you are true,
true through and through,
and I love you,
I love you and your polygamous heart.


I see the helicopter fly overhead,
I see it race towards the hospital,
I see it rescue the injured,
I see it race above the rooftops again and go back towards the hospital,
and I feel great pride in the service that the air ambulance provide,
for how rapidly they respond,
and how incredible their dedication and there tirelessness is,
and how amazing are the doctors and the nurses at the other end who will fight for your life,
and in doing so put such incredible hours in,
and when I see them,
I think of them and of the lives that they have saved,
and I am thankful,
more thankful than I have ever been,
for through life you see so much pain and such suffering,
and it is an incredible thing to see them in the skies,
ready to save life again and again,
and how powerful it is to see,
to know that the training they have been giving,
can on a daily basis change the lives of families and humanity,
and how we should honour them more often,
for on them depends society,
and how much pressure there must be,
and how they cope with it I will never know,
but I admire them,
for how incredible they are,
for a life saved can changed the world and its history.

Night has fallen

Night has fallen,
and you call to me,
you call to me down the telephone line,
so soft and warm and gently,
and how fine your voice it sounds to me,
and how beautiful it is to hear from you,
for in your voice when we are apart how heightened are my memories,
and how grateful I am to talk to you,
for being so far away,
it doesn’t matter in those moments,
and I am brought closer to you,
and your love it hangs there in the air like a feather,
and my heart it palpitates with the feelings of romance,
the feelings of romance that I find there,
for so powerful are they,
they lift me out of sombre moods wherever I am,
and no distance is greater than you and me,
and having you in my life is the greatest comfort that I can find,
for on the telephone line that carries our voices so incredibly through the air,
what a wonder of an age it is,
a wonder to find love and feelings floating to us through the air.

Life in its circulatory way it knows such peculiarity,
and life it is best contemplated by not thinking too much,
for clearer is the day,
clearer is the day when you do not force thought,
for in a more simple way,
you can learn to define it,
and be,
for the mind it will wander more easily,
and such as it is,
why should this life be more complex than it needs to be,
for complexity can kill you if you are always fighting adversity,
and it is better to channel your thoughts into being free,
and cutting out the stresses that need not be,
for life it flows more easily,
and you do not have to part the sea,
so be in soliloquy,
and do not worry about what you cannot see,
and let solutions come to you more naturally,
for overthinking can cause more worry,
and by worrying,
you will solve problems half as quickly,
half as quickly as you should,
so take your time and unwind,
and let the mind find its natural path,
for in relaxation you can fix problems more easily,
and you will get there in the end if you persevere and do not rush to make time your enemy.

Find where you belong

Find where you belong,
and find what makes you happy,
for there is so much of the world out there,
and what is a place if you cannot be happy?
the happiness feeling,
it is so variable,
and whatever makes you comfortable,
there are so many things to define it,
and you will never know it all,
and you will chase happiness all your life,
and at the setting of the sun upon your final day,
when you are dead and at rest from the world,
and in the world you no longer play upon its stage,
will you have died with happiness in your heart,
and a smile upon your face?
Who is to say,
for only you can make it that way,
so find where you belong no matter the time it takes,
and be happy for the world in unhappiness so it does break,
and humanity in unhappiness it causes such devastation and damage in its wake,
and lives are lost in so many ways,
and sad is the world when that is the case.

The battle cry

You shout you scream,
you wave your fists at the sky,
and you scream so loud,
and you wail your battle cry,
and it brings tears of laughter,
tears of laughter to my eyes,
for you are so drunk and on your stilettos,
you are not nimble at all,
and something suddenly shocks you,
because you thought you heard something rude,
when it wasn’t rude at all,
for all the man asked was for a light,
and you hit him over the head with your handbag,
and he ran off screaming into the night,
oh, what alcohol does to you.

Did you cry

Did you cry for the ocean?
Did you cry for the seas?
Did you stand at their edges and let your tears fall into it,
and did you cry over the damage done by humanity?
Did you cry?
Did you feel its pain and did you believe,
did you believe that things can get better,
did you believe that humanity can change?
Or did you despair because you care,
and cry tears of shame,
and with your tears did you rejuvenate and help the oceans and the seas cast out the pollution by undoing what humanity has done,
thereby setting the oceans and the seas free.
And now what a wish,
what a wish that would be.

In the road

In the road,
there is a way,
in the way there is a road,
and if there were no roads how far we could go,
we could literally anywhere,
anywhere without a care,
anywhere with flying vehicles that float through the air,
and what a thrill it would be to travel so easily,
and how much less stressful,
for we would not be stuck in traffic almost permanently,
and we could be free of time wasting and its fripperies,
and how many lives could be saved if this was the reality,
and how the human race could be improved,
for we could respond to disasters faster than we could ever used to,
and what a wonder that would be,
a wonder to be able to help,
a wonder to be able to prevent poverty and homelessness and famine and drought,
and the millions of lives saved,
what a great beacon of shining light that would be to encourage and inspire and better humanity.

Bullet holes

Bullet holes through a sign,
bullet holes,
says pay this town no mind,
bullet holes through a sign,
not welcoming at all,
a town you probably should walk Into blind,
but I have been to places far worse but this is pretty bad,
and they look at you funny,
and they treat you unkind,
and they will over charge you and laugh to their wives,
and you will be glad to escape their customer service,
for in the coffee shops they spit in your coffee,
and probably far worse in the fast food diners I wouldn’t be surprised,
but when you run out of supplies,
it is like walking through hell here,
with the alcoholics
and the punks,
and the drugged up lunatics who smell,
who smell like hell,
and yes this is really not a nice place to dwell,
and I can see why there are bullet holes in the signs as you enter town,
and really it is a blessed relief,
when you have got all you need,
and you are leaving quickly,
or you think you are leaving quickly only for someone to catch your eye,
a lady so beautiful that she makes you look twice,
and you wonder what she is doing here,
and she smiles at you and seems to want something,
and you contemplate saying hello,
but you don’t for she is probably the devil in disguise,
and she will only probably put a bullet hole in you before you go,
and in this town if you don’t leave quick it could be suicide,
so leave fast,
leave fast,
leave fast and pay it no mind and stay alive.

It is a little

It is a little of something,
a little of nothing,
a little wanting,
so forgive me I made this meal with what I had left,
and it is a little happiness after a long day,
and for this food I give thanks,
and to you my friend I raise this glass,
I raise this glass to your health my friend,
I raise it to your friendship,
and I am glad you came by this way,
and how great it is to see you,
to see that smile upon your face,
and how great it is to toast you at the end of the day,
and how wonderful it is to talk with you,
to talk with you,
for this time is so precious to me,
and I can see you are hungry so tuck in,
because it’s great to see you again,
and now tell me my friend,
have you come from many miles away,
and have you travelled far,
and what have you seen,
have you a head full of stars and eyes filled with rainbows,
and do you have multi coloured dreams,
and were you lucky on your travels,
now tell me everything,
and here’s to you my friend,
here’s to you again,
for I am lucky to have you here and whatever road that brought you here,
I am truly glad and truly happy to see you again.

stared blankly,
modern television shows they do nothing for me quite frankly,
for I would rather look at a blank wall,
for that is more interesting,
more interesting to me,
but I am a prisoner of my own captivity,
and I am with you sat on the sofa,
and I have to watch what you like,
and feign an interest,
but I stare blankly,
for it is rather innocuous to me and full of vanity these modern television shows that we see,
and I would prefer it if you kissed and cuddled me,
for that is far better entertainment and it’s free.

In each step

In each step that we take,
in each step,
with a brightness of the eyes,
how the light of new vision does fill the eyes,
and colour the heart in its wake,
and what a feeling,
and what senses are taking place,
and what emotions there are that do so gently dance across the face,
and how beautiful it is walking in any season no matter the colour of the day,
for where we walk no matter what,
how ebullient and rejuvenated we will be in the instant it is taking place,
for in each step,
what grace,
what grace there is in meandering about the place,
and what hopes in moving forwards there are,
and how great is the day,
and with a lightness of mood,
and with steps so light too,
how beautiful is movement,
and how glorious is the motion that we create,
and in the evolution of us,
how powerful the mood of the mind of the day that we take,
that we take part in such motionary ways,
for it is a blessing,
a blessing to be so free and how lucky are we to sense and to feel,
and to experience the Earth,
the Earth in its majesty,
that does share with us its beauty with such good grace.
She kissed you

She kissed you to see if you were still alive,
she kissed you,
she kissed you and you didn’t mind in your drunken haze,
and with her how much better was the day,
the day that you ran into the sea,
and you were as naked as can be,
and you swam in the sea,
and you swam through the circular arch,
and she kissed you underneath it,
and you felt so liberated and so free,
and you frolicked in the waves,
and you rode them laughing happily,
and you were in a buoyant mood,
as buoyant as the sea,
and how the light it sparkled upon the waves,
and how in your eyes they sparkled too,
and how glad you were she came,
for you were beginning to fall in love with her,
and she made you feel so good,
and she could talk for hours hours and days and days,
and the memories,
the memories,
what a great time,
with absolutely nothing to complain about at all,
and in her embrace how powerful the feelings,
for in her eyes there was such light,
and such brightness,
and wave after wave after wave,
how joyous you were,
and how joyous you felt,
and how well you got along,
and how much you appreciated her being there,
and how beautiful and incredible was her voice that carried you away,
that carried you away in that romantic setting,
and what a great way to spend the day,
and now here you are after a barbecue on the beach,
and a few games of volleyball,
and some rolling around in the sand just to amuse her,
and some beers and some wine,
feeling fine,
feeling fine,
passed out by nine,
and now here you are camped out under the stars,
and laid flat out on your back gazing up at them in your drunken way,
and you try to point them out to her with your hand,
but you were so drunk that you could not hold it up,
and she laughed,
and she kissed you,
and she kissed you,
and she kissed you and you didn’t mind in your drunken haze,
and what a day to spend the day,
and what a night,
what a night to fall further in love,
under the stars and under the heavens so far above.

Knife crime

thrust and lunge and cut,
cut her body,
cut her body up,
thrust and lunge and cut,
stab her in the guts,
another stabbing in the city,
a sickness of the times,
a brutal and a vindictive and a horrific crime,
stab and stab and cut,
until she’s doubled up,
and her blood is spilling onto the floor,
for it is a nonsensical crime,
and committed so many times over such petty things,
petty things as drugs and fallings out,
but how much longer can it go on for,
for this evil in the cities and the towns and sometimes villages too,
how much longer can this anger,
this intolerance,
this lunacy,
this craziness go on,
this craziness that infects the minds of those who are easily lead and that prowls around,
that prowls around,
and that is such an easy and a cowardly way to display your anger,
and how and how,
how it can it make you proud stabbing someone,
cutting someone to pieces,
trying to end someone’s life over something so little and as petty as drugs or misunderstandings,
does it make you proud,
will it make your mother proud,
will it make your father proud,
will you be proud when you are older,
will you proud when you have children if you ever get the chance,
and what will you tell them when it happens accidentally to come out,
that you stabbed someone,
that you killed someone,
will you be proud,
will you be proud,
or would you be able to look at your children’s face and tell them straight out,
I stabbed someone,
I killed someone,
will you be proud,
will you be proud?

Mother and Father

Mother and Father,
only for thine grace,
dost thy inhabit this place,
this beautiful Earth,
this beautiful Earth where we traipse,
for you have designed it so,
to deliver us into this world so old,
and what a world it is,
and how greatful I am,
and what experiences there are to have,
and what great stories there are to be created and to be told,
and how many people to meet there are,
and how much time we have we will never know,
but we have time and we have time only because of you,
because of you Mother and Father,
for only by thine grace,
dost thy inhabit this place,
this beautiful Earth,
this beautiful Earth where we traipse,
and so I will tread in your footsteps for a little while to see where it does take me,
and to what I find there I cannot yet say,
but I hope it will fill me with inspiration and happiness,
and whatever may come and on which ever day,
I will learn from you,
and I will succeed,
and I will make mistakes,
and I will find my own way in my own time no matter the time it takes,
and I will always be grateful for you Mother and Father,
because only by thine grace,
dost thy inhabit this place,
this beautiful Earth,
this beautiful Earth where we traipse,
where we traipse under the sun,
the clouds and the sky,
and the stars and the heavens in their righteous place,
for how wondrous it is,
and I will thank you for all my life,
for how precious you are to me,
and how beautiful the life is that you have given to me,
so Mother and Father,
thank you,
thank you,
for only by thine grace,
dost thy inhabit this place,
this beautiful Earth,
this beautiful Earth where we traipse,
through the sun and the rain and the snows,
and the spring,
the summer,
and the autumn,
and the winter,
and the wind,
and through every second of the day,
and through all of the year how lucky we are to be here,
and how lucky we are to have you Mother and Father,
so thank you,
and thank you for life,
for only by thine grace,
dost thy inhabit this place,
this beautiful Earth,
this beautiful Earth where we traipse.

In the bookshop

In the bookshop amongst the shelves,
such a peace of calm where so many people’s minds dwell,
and with so many words and topics,
to take you and fascinate you in such a spell,
a spell,
a time,
an inspiration of the mind,
and with such tales to tell,
and how they work their art into the heart and the mind,
and how delicate and beautiful and evocative they are of places and times,
and how incredible and wonderful it is to visit them in the mind,
for it can conjure up such powerful imaginings that sweep you off your feet,
and that can take you to another time to another world where a new reality is applied,
and how it can broaden the mind,
and what better a place to be with such choice,
for how powerfully it brings the voice,
the voice of the authors into the quiet and into the peace of your relaxed mind.
In the vortex

I have met you once or twice,
In the vortex of your life,
but in the vortex of your life how did it spin out of control?
Did you sell your soul to the devil?
Did you come across a rocky road,
did someone mislead you,
and guide you down the wrong the path I wonder,
because you seem unhappy again,
and although you seem to have a good heart,
you seem torn,
you seem torn apart,
and what devilry works its way through you,
now I wish I could see,
but you are as scary as the night in the pitch black hollows of the woods,
the pitch black hollows that feel so eerie,
where nary a star there is to be seen above,
and I wish I knew what was wrong with you,
but I feel you won’t tell me even if I asked,
so you will I’m sure just sit there staring into space in that distant way,
probably working on some new devilry,
to conjure up a better future than the past,
and although you seem to have money,
it isn’t making you happy obviously,
and what did you do to make it,
I really do not want to know,
because it is no business to me,
and I think that you will never be happy until the devil has come for you permanently,
for you are an odd soul,
stuck down in a hole that is darker than I have ever seen,
but I for some reason am beginning to like your company,
so when you have gathered your thoughts,
let us drink some beer,
and maybe you will shed the mystery of you from here,
and maybe you will scare me with a story or two,
but it is close to midnight,
and it is more interesting to me I fear,
and you beguiled me in some way,
and maybe you will scare me with a story or two,
and I do not care if you do.

In opulence you sit

In opulence you sit,
a need,
a want,
a fix,
in opulence you sit,
now is it necessary,
and do you feel empty,
and do you not know how to cope with it,
because so many people seemed trapped by it,
and they get sucked in and cannot live without it,
and so many people seem to live beyond their means,
and the advertisers and the companies they continually push everything they have got at you,
and they persevere and they never quit,
and they never quit trying to get you to hand over your money,
and perpetually In opulence you sit,
and so many people sit in poverty without food,
and so many people starve whilst surrounded by opulence,
for the money they receive,
they spend it extremely quick,
and are tempted by the latest and the newest of things,
things that are advertised in so many ways,
and sadly the pressure from the companies and the advertisers,
it is a sickness,
this perpetual greed,
a sickness that breeds and breeds and brings society to its knees,
and makes society sick.


She threw you out,
she threw you out,
not that you minded or so you pretended,
because it was already over,
and you had that alcoholic leer on you,
that look,
that look,
for you were too drunk to care,
too drunk to care,
and you got home and your head was spinning as you hit the bed,
and you fell asleep rapidly,
in the coldness and in the freshness of the morning air,
for you had left the window open,
and apparently had been shouting out something drunkenly to the neighbour,
for they were out there out there in the yard,
and they said hello,
so it couldn’t have been too bad,
and you felt the air,
and you felt sick,
and you felt sick,
and realised that your relationship was over,
and you began to despair,
now how did we get here you thought,
ah alcohol,
the usual story,
the usual story,
and then you began to care,
and then you tried to phone her,
and you tried to talk to her,
but she didn’t care,
and you rambled on not making much sense,
and she listened but there was no recompense,
and there was no way back,
and in the end she told you to go to hell,
and you reached for a can of beer by the bed,
and continued to drown your sorrows in a pattern that you knew very well,
and as you sat by the window,
you wondered what the meaning of life was anyway,
and you told it to go to hell.

Do not follow

Do not follow everything,
do not follow everything and anything,
and do not bow to peer pressure,
and do not wait for people to tell you what to think,
for you will be weak,
the weakest link,
and you will not get anywhere in this life,
for in this life if you do not know your own mind,
how can you achieve what you want,
and how can you find what you really desire,
and how can you achieve and reach your goals,
and how can you learn without the bias,
for without the bias forced upon you,
you will be much better off,
for an independent mind is a stronger mind,
a more creative mind,
so do not bow to pressure,
and do not give in,
and do not blindly follow those leaders who dictate to you,
and who belittle you and mentally abuse you,
and who try to make you subject to their every whim,
and do not give in,
be yourself,
and be true to yourself,
and you will reach your goals,
and you will be happier,
far happier than you would have been.

On the bus

Sat on the bus with a view of the sea,
the glorious colour,
oh how it beckons me,
and sat here on the seat,
sat here thinking,
sat here thinking of my feet in the sea,
with the sun coming through and its warmth upon me,
how beautiful it is,
and how invigorating it is,
and how in the mind it sets you free,
and how it eases you and it pleases you,
with the beauty of its nature,
its nature so wild and free,
and what a journey it is,
what a journey it is to the sea,
to the sea for it calls to me,
and I am happier there,
happier there than I will ever be,
and I will sit at the cafe,
and I will talk a while and breathe in the fresh air,
and I will sit and paint natures revelry,
for what a wonder there is in the colours,
and in the power of the waves,
for how they crash upon the shore with that glorious sound,
that glorious sound,
that over powers the sound of laughter in the air,
and how pleasant the day will be,
and what relaxation I will find,
and how calming the feeling,
for it takes you away from the franticness of human kind,
and I cannot wait to get there,
and upon the bus how magical it is in the sunshine and in the air,
and how exciting it is to be on the journey to such a magnificent,
spectacular place,
headed for the circular beach with the rocky promontory,
that beautiful and special place with the boats going here and there,
and headed for its sandy beaches and its fresh sea air,
and what a way to spend the day at the cafe and on the beach,
and what a great place to have dinner in the evening,
and how the heart it rises at the view,
nearly there,
nearly there!

The thought was there

The thought was there,
then it disappeared somewhere,
it disappeared into the air,
another good intention,
another unfulfilled idea,
another idea that never came to fruition,
another idea that lays somewhere in the air,
another idea that along with the other thoughts that have gone nowhere,
and what a shame it is that there is not a repository somewhere,
a global collection of thoughts,
that could be accessed by us all,
for what a great thing that would be,
for how many ideas are there out there that could benefit society,
and global society worldwide,
ideas that never get to be,
and ideas that sadly are never seen,
for how many ideas do we have,
and how many do we create and how many come in our dreams,
for it must be an amazing astounding amount,
and to think they could hold the answers to some of life’s problems and diseases,
what a great idea a repository would be,
because it could benefit you,
it could benefit me,
it could benefit the world,
and it could make the world a happier place and safer place to be.


Welcome to me,
and welcome to you,
welcome to the world,
and welcome to all the things that you are likely to see,
for you have appeared as if by magic,
and now we are here what shall we see,
for life is so full of choice,
and we are spoiled for choice,
and in our education,
how great are the possibilities,
and how great are they,
and how through choosing how great can we be,
for we can achieve so much,
if we choose with intelligence and intellect how great a time we will have,
so now you are here,
now we shall see,
and if you don’t mind I will saw off your legs,
then as if by magic they will disappear,
but do not worry I have insurance,
I have insurance incase they permanently disappear.


I see it in a flicker in your eyes,
I see a mischievous look or two,
and you like to bluff I can see and I will have to keep my eye on you,
my eye on you whilst we play cards by the fire,
for with you and with your competitiveness there is no chivalry,
and you will try to fleece me dry,
and I will try to fleece you dry a little drunkenly,
and I will have to keep my eye on you,
for you probably have got cards up your sleeve,
and I don’t like to see my money leave,
and I will gamble all I have got,
and I will try to learn your tricks,
because you seem to use them rather alot,
and you will no doubt bluff,
and you will no doubt probably take everything that I have got,
but it’s not about the competitiveness I will say,
I will say afterwards of course when you have taken all my money away.


You were a dedicated follower of fashion,
and you had a passion,
and you followed whatever took your eye,
and you gave everything you had,
and you chased it here and there,
and fell in love,
bending this way and that,
but you were so needy,
and you were like a gymnast,
an acrobat,
trying to contort yourself in every way,
trying to get people to love you,
trying to force people to love you,
sacrificing your individuality to be in love,
but it wasn’t true,
and you just told yourself that,
and you thought you were in love,
but you were just desperate,
desperate to be loved,
and empty and hollow you were,
for you had nothing to give,
because you were bland,
and had let too many people mould you,
and you were you no more,
and it is a sad thing,
to see you so vacuous,
for you could be capable of real love,
real love if you just stop listening to others and being moulded by others,
for only then will youbregain individuality,
for instead of being told who to be,
and what love is,
and force fed what love is through the chat shows and the magazines and the radio stations and online,
do not listen to them and regain your feelings and your emotions,
and throw out the falsities and the false realities,
and regain your true feelings and your true emotions,
and do not conform,
for in being told how to love and what and who to love,
your feelings and emotions are not really yours and are just pretend,
so do not conform and be yourself again.

Ice age for a soul

A suitcase in a hall,
a distant place awaiting,
awaiting for ever more,
a suit case in a hall,
a goodbye,
a vanishing act,
and no regrets when walking out the door,
for you are cold,
a cold cold soul,
and in your heart there is a winter,
a winter,
an ice age,
and you are more bitter than before,
and I pity you,
for you have left so many times before,
and you have hurt so many people,
and you are despicable,
and you walked out on your family,
for another love and you kept in contact no more,
and what kind of a person walks out on their own family,
I am not sure,
and I do not know the circumstances,
but leaving your own flesh and blood forevermore,
and never contacting them again,
I cannot criticize,
but I can just contemplate,
and ponder,
for it could happen to us all,
it could happen to use all given the right circumstances,
and no one should judge,
even if you have an ice age inside you,
an ice age for a soul.

Like a parrot

You are like a parrot,
and you talk and you talk,
you are like a parrot,
and you squawk and you squawk,
and you repeat the same phrases,
and you shout them out,
and the words are meaningless,
and filled with no real truth,
and of that there is no doubt,
and you do not know how to hold a real conversation,
and I’m sure you find it fascinating,
fasinating to see expressions on people’s faces,
expressions of surprise when you are rude in front of their eyes,
but I prefer a civilised conversation,
and I prefer the educated,
for squawking and squawking about every inanitie is hell to me,
and I will gladly leave you be,
leave you boring people who find it much harder to cut you off in your prime and wander off,
but not me,
for if see a politician on the street,
they have to be worthy of my time,
and have some strong beliefs and say what they mean,
and mean what they say,
and listen and understand,
but what I find is there are far too many people who are in it just for the pay.

Had I seen you

Had I seen you before you went,
had I seen you,
I wonder what I would have said,
had I seen you,
would I have seen the pain inside your head,
if I had seen you,
would I have been able to help,
would I have been able to talk some sense to you,
and bring you out of such a mood,
and would I have seen you live,
for the suffering you were going through and the pain,
the emotional and the mental pain,
I cannot even begin,
I cannot even begin to understand,
but I miss you my friend,
and you are gone forever,
departed from this Earth after years of hurt,
shuffled off this mortal coil,
for this life was no longer of to you such worth,
and how I wish it wasn’t so but the burden upon your shoulders was so great,
so great it dragged you to your grave,
and there was no way for you to be saved,
but now you are free of the suffering,
and we,
those who loved you,
our tears fall like raindrops,
raindrops upon the Earth,
the Earth where you are buried,
the Earth where I hope you will rest easily,
because you deserve it,
for life is never is easy,
and it brings it home to me how precious life is
and how we should make the most of it,
for leaving this life is sometimes a fearful thing,
but you feared life more and you chose death,
and here I am at your graveside,
under the sun in the sky,
and under the clouds as the breeze blows and the trees they whisper,
they whisper to me,
and they whisper to you as you lay asleep forever in your eternal soliloquy.

You augmented

You augmented your frailties with a cunning,
for you were sick of the prying eyes,
the prying eyes of your love that people despised,
for you lived in the public eye,
and no matter where you went,
people asked of you,
and about your romances,
but you didn’t want everyone to know the ins and the outs,
for society is so nosey,
and I don’t blame you for trying to get your privacy back,
for you were analysed in every newspaper,
on the radio stations,
and on the televisions,
and online,
and I wasn’t surprised when you savaged the press and you ripped off their heads,
after they had pushed you to the edge,
and I am glad you gave them a bloody nose,
for they with their continual prying were sick in the head,
and how many people because of the press have comitted suicide,
far more than you would think probably,
and it is shame,
a shame that the public always wants to read all about it,
despite the suffering and the pain of the people whose lives have been disrupted by the press so many times.

You claimed

You claimed you wanted to help,
you claimed you were doing a good thing with your wealth,
but it was all vanity really and a tax avoidance scheme,
for you weren’t as pure as you could be,
and you conjured up this alternate reality,
and most people they fell for it and thought you were a saint,
and I just thought that you were selfish,
and obnoxious,
claiming to help humanity with your gifts that you showered upon society,
but really it was a piece of self publicity that seems to go continually to your head,
and you stand there with your smile,
and I see you standing there in your self gratification,
holding up a massive cheque,
and you spout a few words that mean very little at all,
and you stand there with your ego and with a big head,
and I just want to punch you in it for being so fake,
and untruthful about your reasons for giving to charity,
and it makes me sick,
for you have billions and you are not really losing anything,
and there is little cost to you except a little time,
and I wish that people were genuine,
when giving,
for giving should actually mean giving,
for that is a more worthy thing,
and it deserves much more respect.

Broken bottles

Broken bottles upon a window sill,
a broken window,
a door kicked in,
a dilapidated house where the wind and the rain gets in,
an eerie feeling,
and graffiti upon the walls,
an old sofa,
where a homeless person has slept,
a photograph In a frame,
a smiling face,
a photograph from inside this house,
this house that is now a wreck,
a house filled with ghosts,
that haunt the place,
and the eeriness of so many deaths,
for every house has seen so many people come and go,
there must be so many ghosts at home here and elsewhere,
and also upon the Earth,
but what I wonder would it be like if you could see all the dead people who have ever been,
quite a strange thought,
quite a strange feeling,
quite a strange vision,
but something that fascinates me,
and if we could talk to anyone from human history now who would it be?

At the start

At the start of something new,
do you feel lost,
do you feel blank,
do you have a clue,
yes you,
the creative you,
what do you want,
and what are you thinking,
then out of the air,
suddenly it comes a spark of inspiration,
the beginnings of an idea,
and out of it flows the beginnings of form and shape,
sometimes easily at first,
and sometimes it struggles,
but how beautiful it is though,
like a flower opening up,
like a flower in the sun,
a magical thing,
that builds step by step,
with the harmony of you,
for it takes harmony and peace,
for in harmony and peace it is such a wonderful thing,
and how the creativity comes in bursts,
with your brain snatching thoughts as if out of the air,
and what feelings and emotions there are,
and how much passion there is that drives you there,
to the fully formed thought,
to the fully formed idea,
and how great in its work is creation,
for in the inspiration how spectacular the effort needed to bring it to realisation,
and time flies so fast when you are in the moment,
and when you are enjoying yourself there,
for creation it makes the heart sing and the mind float aloft with enlightenment as if sunlight travelling through the air.

In the ground

In the ground,
there stands a tree,
in the ground there is you and me,
and in the leaves so green,
and in all nature,
how colourful life is,
for life it comes in so many varieties,
and its complexities do bewilder the mind,
and how glorious the nature of Earth that it throws up,
for in its many shapes,
how long did creation take,
now I wish I knew,
for to see it throughout human history,
how mind blowing that would be,
for creation is filled with mystery and so are we,
and that is the way it should be,
because to know it all and to know about every little thing,
well what a boring place the Earth and the universe would be.
The radio

The radio it plays our favourite song,
and it takes me back to the house where we grew up,
and it takes me back to those times,
those times that I always have such fondness for,
and I think of it,
and there is a simplicity that is gone from here,
a simplicity that I hold dear,
and this tune it takes me back,
and it puts a smile upon my face,
and there is no better place than in that memory,
for it is a beautiful memory,
and there are so many beautiful memories of you and me running free,
and of you and me in the fields and of us climbing the trees,
and of you and me dancing to this song,
for how it made us smile and laugh and jump along,
and I wish the world was that simple now,
and I wish I had known how complicated the world would become,
for the world used to be so much fun,
and It is not the same anymore,
so I’ve put the radio on,
and it takes me back,
back to where I wish I could belong,
and still that song it puts a smile on my face,
even though you are gone,
even though you are gone.

I wait at home

I wait at home,
I wait for the phone to ring,
I wait for your call,
I wait for you,
I wait for you to arrive,
and I wait to hear you sing for your voice it lifts me up above it all,
above the stress of the day
above the weariness and the dismay,
for you have a beautiful voice and I admire your talents,
for I am in awe of you,
and you make my heart come alive,
you make my heart come alive when you sing to me down the telephone line,
and how my emotions and my feelings become so brightened and heightened,
for they do crash around inside me so wild and powerful,
and we talk and talk and you are so bubbly,
so positive,
so strong,
so intelligent,
so caring,
and so compassionate,
for how could there be anything better than this,
except to be with you,
for upon hearing your voice it makes me realise how much I miss you,
and how much I should be with you,
and alone in this empty room,
this empty room which is full,
full of material things but empty without you,
I am happy to hear your voice,
because to hear your voice is so magical,
but I would rather be with you,
and so we will talk all night and say goodbye with a kiss or two,
and my angel,
my darling,
my valentine,
time really has no meaning when I am not by your side,
and so after talking to you,
I will book a flight,
and I will be gone to the place where I should be,
and I will arrive soon across the seas,
and I will step out into the burning sun,
where I was destined to be,
and we will embrace,
and we will be together as one,
for what is the point of being apart,
far too far apart,
when you truly love someone.

You jumped through fire

You jumped through fire,
you tried to reach someone,
you jumped through fire,
you sailed through the pandemonium and you tried to rescue them,
but you couldn’t rescue you them although you were strong,
for they had lost themselves,
lost themselves to drugs,
and had been preyed upon,
preyed upon by drug dealers,
and were so woe begone,
and you tried your best,
and you talked and talked and tried to get them out of the mess,
and you tried to make them see sense,
and you tried to keep them away from the vultures who tried to prey upon them every day,
but they fell apart despite all the times you tried to help,
and despite all the times you tried to save them,
and despite all the other help that they had,
they could only save themselves and they were not able to save themselves,
and they slowly faded away,
slowly faded away,
and you watched them die,
and you saw their suffering,
and you saw their pain,
and the pain it was agonizing,
and you tried to do your best but it was too late,
and they sadly passed away,
and the sadness it sits inside you,
and hangs heavy there in your heart,
and the shame is there and also the scars,
but there should not be shame,
for you tried your best and you were good of heart,
and you tried to be a kind samaritan,
but you lost someone,
you lost someone,
and you will never be the same,
but you are not to blame,
oh the shame,
but you are not to blame,
oh the shame,
but you are not to blame,
and you keep going over this and keep tormenting your own brain,
and you try to block it out,
but these feelings remain,
and they probably always will,
but it is an event that you can never change,
and it is another loss of life in society,
another figure in the statistic of life,
a horrific agony and a horrific loss,
over which you will cry another ocean of tears,
tears that will last for years over a loss that you do not wish to explain over and over again,
such pain,
an event that happens far too often in this world,
and that sad fact will probably will remain,
because humanity is frail,
and there are far too many stresses,
and without a simpler life,
deaths from drugs and alcohol will continue to haunt the world and send people to early graves.

I wanted you

I wanted you,
I wanted you but I couldn’t have you,
I wanted you,
and I needed you but we could not agree,
and now there is a sadness in me,
and we will never be,
for we did not see eye to eye,
and our hearts and our minds were not well matched,
and we never connected as I wished,
and I loved you and had feelings for you,
but they were unreciprocated,
and empty,
and empty was the feeling in me,
and I wish it hadn’t been so,
and I wished In a way these feelings hadn’t crept up on me,
and I wish my heart and my mind were free,
for these pangs of emotions how it does feel so painful,
so painful to me,
for love is cruel sometimes,
and I never knew how cruel it could be,
and I try not to think of you,
but how it rather often overwhelms me,
and I am drowning in the sea,
a sea of emptiness,
not knowing where I am going,
and how long it will take to get there,
who knows
who knows,
maybe it will take eternity,


Sunlight through the window upon my face,
sunlight so warm,
and travelled from such a distant place,
for in its beauty I bathe and I feel inspired in a way,
in a way that I do not in the darkness of day,
for how darkness casts such a negative space,
and it is not what I wish,
but the universe and the sun how powerful it is,
and how such a small speck we are in it,
and how beautiful is the universe,
and how beautiful it is to be by the sun and graced by nature’s grace.
He pushed her through the window

He pushed her through the window,
and she ended up in hospital,
and how sick he was,
and how sick he is,
and how ugly his depravity of mind,
for so sick he is,
so sick it was that he could treat a woman so unkind,
and what was he thinking,
well he must’ve been out of his mind,
for inhumanity to humanity it comes so often,
and it is a blight upon humankind,
and I wish we could eradicate it,
and eviscerate it,
and never see or hear of such violence again,
for this evil in him should never have been,
and this wickedness this sin,
how pervasive and invasive it is,
and she has it stuck in her mind on a constant loop,
and she never will recover from the sickness in him,
and what will bring his sickness to an end,
this sickness in him,
who knows,
but it is good that she has left him how,
and she is much happier than she has ever been,
and of he,
I have no hopes for him,
no hopes for a great redemption,
no hopes at all because he has got no morals,
no morals at all,
and he was never taught that well,
for if he had of been educated and taught well,
how long does it really take to see that damaging people and hurting people gets you nowhere,
and damaging people and hurting people is a sin,
but he will never change,
for he has a permanent sickness in him.

Lights in the harbour

Lights in the harbour,
blinking at the sea,
waves crash up against the dock,
boats bobbing here and there,
people people walking along the harbour drunkenly,
seagulls waiting for fish from the trawlers coming in,
the boisterous shouts of groups of women and men,
the sound of the wind,
a man on a bicycle passes by and struggles in it,
and nearly gets blown into the harbour as people laugh happily,
and people walk up and down and in and out of the alleyways,
between the rows of quaint shops,
looking for food to eat,
and by the seaside in the evening time,
how relaxing it is with a holiday mind,
and how enjoyable it is,
but not if you live here all the time,
for it is an empty place in the winter,
and in the winter barely anyone pays it any mind,
and the people they struggle to survive,
and in the summer they make the most of it and earn what they can when the town comes alive,
and how beautiful are the towns by the seaside in the summertime,
for the happy voices carry through the air,
and there is laughter everywhere,
and in the restaurants and the bars,
captured are peoples hearts by a lightness of mood,
that comes in the summertime where there is a calmer peace of mind,
calmer than the nine to five existence of which they are used to,
and the daily grind,
the daily grind where the people struggle to keep their eyes open and the boredom away,
for how much better it is in the town in the summertime and in heat of the day,
and in the bright lights of the night,
by the harbour where people come out to ease their worries away,
what a life,
what a joy,
what a holiday.


and uneven,
you were unbalanced from the start,
and I could tell you were a little crazy,
and you tried to work your way on in,
for you had a smile that melted your heart,
and there was nothing about you that deserved a measured glance,
so I ignored your smiles and left you to it,
and you sat there on a bar stool,
and tried to flutter your eyelids and tried to seduce someone,
with your drunken slovenly heart,
and you had charm despite your vocabulary,
and you wove your spell and emptied the mans wallet through the night,
and you got drunker and drunker,
and I was glad to be alone,
thinking of home,
as you screeched and laughed in the corner,
and I drank my beer and wished to be far from here,
for the woman I love she is far nicer,
and more educated,
and less intoxicated,
and can actually string a sentence together,
and as you cackle and leer I do not mind for soon she will be here,
and we’ll be off to a restaurant,
and there will be peace and quiet and tranquility,
and how much better it will be,
far away from you,
the tasteless sort who I see often around here,
but each to their own,
and I am happy to go,
and you seem happy to,
sat there on the bar stool,
for there is all walks of life in this world,
and I want people to be happy,
and I see you are happy,
and who am I to discriminate?
But I am glad to be going with the woman I love,
who is never tasteless,
but educated and wise,
and I’m happy to be going out the door as you sit on your barstool and your laughter it scares the night.

Put the kettle on

Put the kettle on,
and make some tea,
think of where we are going,
and look through the window as the rain beats down,
and as the rain trickles down the window,
what clouds I see,
big clouds,
massive clouds,
and In my mind such stormy seas,
but I do not fear nothing,
I do not fear nothing me,
and I never have and I never will,
because death doesn’t frighten me,
and I will go anywhere,
anywhere there is something new to see,
for there is rejuvenation in travelling and travelling the across the water how beautiful it is,
and how powerful the journey,
for in the mind,
and in the fall and in the rise of the waves,
how every mile is felt,
and how beautiful are the skies and the clouds,
and how beautiful it is when the evening falls,
and the stars shine down as you go on your journey,
and the heavens look so glorious above and how beautiful the stars who welcome you,
and how incredible their glow in their dazzling beauty that spreads across the universe for all to see,
and how great the journey will be with you and me,
and how excited I am for travelling is so liberating to me,
and I think of the coast,
and I think of the waves,
and the seagulls who fly free,
And I long for the journey,
and I long for the journey in excitement as I hold my cup of tea.

I lay on the couch

I lay on the couch,
I lay thinking of history and I wait for time,
and time waits for me,
and I wonder how much time has passed,
since there was peace,
peace upon the Earth,
since there were no wars at all,
and no killing of humans,
and no torturing and no brutality,
and I wish for that to happen,
and I try to think positively,
and I try hard,
and I try to believe,
I try hard to believe it could actually happen,
and I hope it will,
for humanity deserves a break surely?
For we have had thousands of years of killing and I wish we could leave it be,
leave the killing be,
and concentrate on something more peaceful,
something which makes more sense to me,
but what are the chances,
who knows but maybe I’ll find the answer in my dreams,
and maybe when I wake up the world will be a better place,
so I will cross my fingers and go to sleep and I shall see,
for I am ever the optimist,
ever the optimist me.

In the car

In the car you left your cigarettes,
and I can smell them still,
your brand,
and I smell the smell and when I do I think of you,
and I picture your face,
and the laughter that we shared in here,
on our way to places that we would never forget,
and they are burned into my memory,
and recalled amongst the cigarette ash in the ashtray and by the unfinished ones with your lipstick marks on,
and in my mind you are smiling at me,
laughing at the jokes that we shared,
and happy listening to the music that we loved so much,
and I think of the stories that you used to tell,
and though it seems strange,
I can never clear the cigarette ash and the rubbish away,
for it is a memory of our final day,
the day we went to the beach and the day we stared out to sea so contentedly you and me,
so happy in its simplicity,
and I think of when we swam in it despite it being so cold,
and I think of the barbecue and the drinks that we shared,
and the world is a sadder place without you here,
and amongst the left over food wrappers and with the cigarette ash still in the ashtray,
you are here,
and forever in my memory are all the days that we shared,
and I cherish them more now you are so far away from here.


some times I sit,
and sometimes I wish,
and sometimes I wish my heart was harder and tougher than it is,
for it is very jaded these days,
and as the sun in the evening,
is chased away by the night,
so my heart is chased away by the thought of love,
for it sort of sickens me these days,
and I get anxious,
for this world on me has been extremely rough,
and tears no longer rarely fall from my eyes such as they once would,
but I do not mind,
for I do not understand love,
for it seems the opposite to me,
and I do not know what is love is about these days,
for they say love is heaven sent,
but to me it is sent elsewhere,
and though for people I still care,
I will no longer be a fool for love.

You closed the door

You closed the door,
and you went to have the time of your life,
and I stood on the street a little while,
for I had been here from nine to five trying to figure you out,
not knowing whether you wanted to work it out right,
and we talked in the low low candle light,
and we had a glass of martini or two,
and the kids were asleep,
and there was no bitterness,
there was just a shell of me and you,
for this numbness inside,
it was painful to you,
and it was painful to me too,
but it was true.
And the kids well they were happy,
and that’s all that matters right?
For how complex is the aftermath of love,
love that has shaken you like an earthquake,
love that has ripped out your insides,
love that has shattered your heart and tormented your mind,
for it is a hell so difficult to describe,
and I am glad we are done and we are through with this,
for everything financial is sorted,
and the kids are asleep thinking happy things,
and so I will say goodnight,
and I will take my things,
and I will kiss you goodbye leaving as friends,
and I will look at you,
a different you,
and I will wave goodbye,
and go off as you go to have the time of your life,
as I depart not knowing where I am going,
not knowing If everything is going to be alright.

In the evening

In the evening by the pool,
I sit contemplating the lives of fools,
so I watch the stars,
and grow lighter in my heart,
for there must be more intelligence out there in the universe than there is here on Earth,
and I wish there was more intelligent life here,
but humanity to the Earth it seems to bring such a destructive curse,
for what once was beautiful has been ripped up,
and chopped up,
and the hedgerows and the land are filled and covered with rubbish,
leaving such devastation upon the soil,
and also too the seas are polluted,
polluted with oil,
and polluted with micro plastics,
and polystyrene foam,
and also from the shipwrecks that scatter far and wide their goods that around the world do roam,
and how long can we go on with these wrongs,
that we do unto the Earth alone,
for we used to live off the land and we used to take more care of it,
a care that we now do not seem to know,
and these days we have become so impatient,
and so wasteful,
and so short of time,
that we choose convenience over the environment so many times,
and we blight our landscape and the streams,
and the rivers,
and the lakes,
and the seas and the oceans so often without paying them any mind,
and it is a shame these crimes against nature by humankind,
for nature has its way of balancing things out,
and maybe will be the day that nature wreaks its wrath and that it brings about the end of humanity,
and upon the Earth the end of our times.

Grounded in reality

Grounded in reality but what is reality?
what is it?
For so many people seem lost like sheep these days,
and so many people are weak,
and so many people lose their heads every week,
and so many people drink themselves to death,
and so many overdose on drugs,
taken because of the stress and the strain of life,
for in this life there are so many wrecks,
wrecks upon the rocks of life’s shocks,
and so many people thrown to the wolves,
and so many people shown such disrespect,
for this world is brutal and you can easily lose your head,
and the world it will never let you forget,
for there is these days with social networking and the media,
a permanent memory made,
no matter if it is erased from your head.

Chasing the light

Chasing the light,
chasing the dreams,
the hopes and the wishes for new realities,
oh how great we can be,
for in us with our strengths,
there is no power to our imaginings for we all wish to be,
able to exist,
able to be free,
able to create and satiate our appetites for a positive mind,
a positive mind can lift us up so elegantly and educatedly,
and can give us goals in life,
and point us towards our destiny,
for in strength and perseverance,
and with each step upon the road,
how much straighter it is,
and how wonderful the freedom to choose to be who we wish to be,
and how incredible when we reach our goals and create our own history,
and how great and how beautiful is a positive mind that helps us our achieve our goals,
and makes us happy.


Wild is the way that you are,
wild is your heart,
wild is your mind,
for you live in the wilderness,
and you have grown accustomed to being wild,
and I do not mind because I am wild too,
for it inspires me and my imagination,
and it sets fire to my heart,
and with you we can be wild anywhere and anyplace and anytime,
for this freedom of mind,
it is not barbaric and regimented,
and is kinder to me and you,
and cannot be restrained,
for in being wild there is a brilliance of mind,
a brilliance of mind that can light the darkest of nights,
and push the boundaries away,
far away,
for if you are free to be you,
how the world can change for the better,
and though it is sometimes a darkened place,
if we all are free in our own individuality,
will it not be upon the Earth a more happy and a more peaceful place?

As chance

As chance would have it,
as chance would decry,
you have no chance at all if you try to force chance into being,
for it is all in the lap of Gods,
and life is always a gamble mostly no matter how hard you try,
and if you could dictate to chance,
what would be the fun in there being no chance at all and there only being certainty,
for everything would be known,
and there would be no unknowns,
and there would be nothing to be wondered at,
and how boring that would be,
for life would just be one big sigh.

I hoped

I hoped you were ok,
I hoped for you,
I wanted you,
I wanted you to be that way,
I thought of you often,
for you had such Ill luck,
such Ill luck that cursed you every day,
and so I hope for you,
I hope that things can get better,
and I wish for you,
I believe in you,
I want you to find out that you have won the lottery or met your future wife,
for you deserve some luck,
for losing someone that you love is a tragic thing,
a tragic thing that will never be forgot,
and this cloud that hangs above your head,
I understand it and see the sadness in you every day,
and I wish it would go away,
for the darkness in you and the sadness in you,
how it ravages you,
and there is no lightness at all in you,
and you cannot think clearly,
and you cannot decide what to do with your life at all,
and it is a shame,
a tragedy,
such tears,
a death,
a malady,
the malady of life,
for how it plagues you,
and how it derides you,
and how it taunts you and haunts you,
and how I wish you to be you,
and how I wish you to be the old you,
but death how it knocks you for six,
and how grief can send you to lay so quickly beneath a crucifix,
but I hope for you,
and I will be there for you,
and I will listen to you for as long as it takes,
and I hope you will find some comfort,
for I hope to give you comfort,
for this blackness,
this malady does not suit you one bit,
and your tragic loss how it would be best forgot,
but how can you forget a loved one as if they did not exist?

A meeting

A meeting along the road,
a walk in the grey,
a conversation that brightens the day,
and oh how happy it is to see a familiar smile,
upon the journey that takes you so far away,
for tiredness and weariness they can be so burdensome,
and the miles are long,
and come what may,
how great it is to see a smiling face upon your journey,
for time drags on in such a tortoise like way,
and how much better is the day,
when you meet someone you know,
for such pleasure there is in company,
and much better it is than the solitary soliloquy of your footsteps,
that lead wherever they may,
and though there is time to dwell on what thoughts may come,
and upon the thoughts of your life,
how much better it is in the company of two,
for how quickly time does slip away,
and side by side,
deep in conversation about everything,
how quickly the miles fly by and how much better it is,
much better than the emptiness with no cheery voices in the air,
to drive you on to your destination,
to drive you on in a jolly mood,
a jolly mood that gets you there,
that gets you there in no time at all,
for happiness is in the journey and how you appreciate it then,
and how much happiness there is when you get to your destination,
to find warmth and comfort
and to talk of the journey upon the road,
and enjoy a nice meal,
and rest your weary feet and sleep and get ready to do it all over again.

The tallest trees

The tallest trees upon the hill,
where the sunshine does rise over the valley where it lights the day,
and brightens the view in its most glorious way,
for how beautiful it is,
for it takes your breath away in its magnificence,
and how it calms the mind,
a walk in the countryside,
a walk over the fields so far and wide,
under the clouds and in the sun to the sea,
to sit upon the beach to watch the boats disappear over the horizon,
to laugh and to smile,
to have a picnic,
to dip our feet and go swimming in the sea,
how glorious and how beautiful the sound of the waves that crash down upon it,
and the seagulls floating upon the air,
and how magical the sight and the smell,
the smell of the seaweed and of the sea,
the air where we can spend all day there without a care,
and how beautiful a day it is with no cares and no worries at all,
for in life how inspiring is nature,
and how full,
how full it can make our hearts and carry us away in the mind,
and create memories so magical,
for nature is all powerful and with so many sights to see,
what better a place can there be,
than to be walking across the fields and sat by the sea.


Go in,
go into you,
go into you where the light does shine through,
for I have seen the devil in you,
the devil in you fighting you,
so go in,
go into you,
I beg of you,
I beg of you do not keep this night in you,
for you are not that black of a mood are you?
For it does not suit you,
so go in,
go into you,
and pull out the light,
for there is a goodness in you,
and I have seen it before,
and those eyes they seem like they could use the light a little more,
so go in,
go into you,
be the angel that I know,
for I have been scared by you,
and I do not wish for it to be so,
for you are better than those that you have around you,
who are trying to drag you down into the ground below.
So go in,
go in and pull yourself into the light my friend,
for you must fight the night,
or it will envelope you,
and if you do not fight it until the end,
when will the darkness end,
when the world is destroyed?
Destroyed from such pain and hurt and suffering that from the blackness is deployed,
deployed by the disturbance of the mind,
so do not let the darkness win for no eternal night should fill you my friend,
for you are but an angel with broken wings,
and that is not how for you I wish it to end,
because I love you and I am here for you,
and I am here to help you rise,
to help you rise again,
for black is not your colour and you do not have a wicked heart,
but by chance so the darkness it was brought upon thee,
for from vicious love it did take its toll and play its part,
so go in,
go into you,
and reach for the stars in the night and pull out the light from the dark,
and fill yourself with it,
fill yourself with the light,
and be brave,
and be courageous,
and let no darkness scare you or tear you asunder,
and fight the night,
fight the night and with your wings learn to fly,
and learn to fly towards the sun again and learn to let the light shine and learn to make the devil cry.

Who is out tonight?

Who is out tonight in the Brooklyn night,
anyone at all?
Who is out tonight,
under the street lights,
where the rain does fall?
Who is out tonight,
anyone at all?
Who is out tonight?
The jokers,
the nefarious,
the pimps,
the hookers,
the sad,
the happy and the crazy,
all howling at the moon?
Howling at the moon like a loon?
Most probably and most probably walking tall.
Walking tall down these city streets,
full of drugs,
full of alcohol and full of bad intent,
going to smash the night,
and steal the hearts and then spend the money of every hapless soul,
for the stars do shine bright,
but they do not care at all,
for down the darkest alleyways and into the clubs and the dives they will go,
looking for their pleasure in any measure that they can find at all,
and whatever form it takes as the pole dancers take the stages,
they will eat a fancy dinner for two,
and they will leer so heavily and happily spend their wages,
and drink the beers,
and smoke all the cigarettes in the place like a chimney,
and stumble around the tables with their glazed eyes,
and their bellies full,
and then vomit in the trash cans in the gutter,
and try to seduce the ladies with the slurred words that they utter,
and get rebuked countless times,
more times than they can remember,
until they find a lady more drunk than they are,
and then together line up the cocaine on the toilet seat,
and pass out with a smile on their faces
and wake to the lady they are with slapping them about,
but they don’t mind,
because they are here for a good time,
and the lady well she’s a treasure,
and the night is young and so time for fun,
and more beer and more dancing,
and singing and kissing,
and blowing it all,
for money doesn’t matter,
because in Brooklyn money is there for the taking,
and money has no value when there is an endless supply,
so here’s to a drunken night,
a lady on the arm,
and watching a stripper who gives you the eye.

For beauty there is

Beauty there is,
beauty in you,
beauty in what you do,
beauty in the way you move,
you feminine you,
and in the shop I’m stood behind the counter amongst the jewels,
and you are with your husband,
and are short and blonde,
and you are busty,
and he is tall and large,
and has dark hair and big hairy hands,
he’s a gorilla
and you are a trophy wife obviously,
and he likes to show you off,
and I see you every day,
I see the likes of you,
the likes of you who get their money from who knows where,
and most probably where you don’t care,
but me,
in this Brooklyn store,
well I’m just trying to make a living and get paid a salary,
a low salary that’s for sure and I probably face more danger than you,
and I envy you,
and I envy your wife,
and what I wouldn’t give to have your life,
and I think to myself amongst the jewels,
how easy it would be to steal one or two,
how easy it would be to steal one or two,
and I look them and I look at you,
and I look at them,
and it is tempting it is true,
very tempting.
And I see you trying on a necklace,
and I wonder how much it is worth,
and I look at you and I see the beauty in you,
and in him the uncouth slob who dresses well and who has no manners,
and you,
you got a cute smile you do,
and what I wouldn’t give to spend some time with you,
and what I couldn’t do,
what I couldn’t do with a jewel or two,
a jewel or two,
and a little green in the pocket,
and you upon my arm with your beautiful smile in the Caribbean far away from him,
him with his dumb ass grin,
oh, what I couldn’t do with a jewel or two.

Water is a sin

Late night cafe not far from Coney Island,
a man looks up at the waiter,
Water is a sin,
so give me gin,
for how am I supposed to contemplate the world drinking an ocean?
For it will only take my mind nowhere,
and not out of here,
for the world is as bad as it has always been my friend,
so give me gin,
and spare me the excuses,
for though I may seem a little drunken to you,
I can out argue the world,
and though I could show you what I mean you’d be here your whole life,
so bring me gin,
bring me a gin and I will drink gin to the end and I will toast this life and I will toast departed friends,
and though I will probably drink myself to death,
that will be better than this life will have been,
so give me a gin,
lots of gin!
Brooklyn diner

I’m sat in Brooklyn in the diner,
and I know you and I don’t know you,
I know you from around here,
I’ve seen you with a boyfriend or two,
I’ve seen the arguments,
I have seen you screaming your head off at some fool that was no good for you,
and I know that showing that you care,
does not come easily to you,
for you wear a mask and you try to keep your cool.
You with your hurt and your pain,
and with the agony of past hurts lodged in your brain,
I know your trying to be balanced but there is something bugging you,
and your hands are a little shaky,
but your judgement is rather on edge,
for you are dangling on a precipice,
and you are dangling on a ledge,
and you are ready to jump,
and you are ready to attack,
for you have been savaged in love,
and you are ready to be savage back,
for there are bitter years of bitter tears in you,
and these days you barely hold it together,
and about real love these days,
it comes and goes less frequently than the weather,
for about love these days you barely have a clue,
and you have lost all your ability to judge,
and now showing that you care does not come so easily to you.
And you are scared,
a scared little you.
And you are like bambi with those eyes,
those hazel eyes that are filled to the brim with tears,
ready to burst,
as if raindrops falling from the skies,
for your heart is in pieces and torn apart by so many lies,
and you no longer will tolerate fools,
and god help those who will try to do you wrong,
for you have little patience anymore in you,
and tonight from the pain and the anger in your eyes,
god help those who try to play you,
for you I can see are at your wits end,
and you have crazy look in your eyes,
and in your coat I glimpsed a knife,
and I’m not quite sure what you are going to do,
but god help those who come across you.


He polished his boots,
he put on his suit,
he tied his tie,
he took his gun,
and he prepared to die,
and then he combed his hair,
and for a second he closed his eyes,
took a deep breath and then reopened them,
and headed out into the night,
and walked through the snows into the twilight,
and with some chump change in his pockets,
a roll of dollar bills in his wallet he felt fine,
felt fine,
and he lit a cigarette and walked into the night,
with the picture of a man’s face in his head,
and with his killer eyes there was little time,
and across the street,
he began to run,
and headed for the diner to give someone a nasty surprise,
Nick the Greek,
the fat man twice the size,
twice the size of most humans,
most probably gobbling his face off,
and chatting up the ladies who always sat there and smiled,
smiled no matter how disgusting he looked,
for they had it down to the letter,
and they made a lot of money for their time,
and Eddie entered the diner and pulled out his gun,
and there were screams and shouts and diners fleeing everywhere,
and Nick the Greek there he was trying to be the valentine,
but not for long,
for the ladies he was with saw the gun,
and they ran screaming with tears in their eyes,
and Nick the Greek he froze,
and Eddie he shot him twice between the eyes,
then sat down to dinner and ate an uneaten plate of food on Eddies table,
and began to talk to Nick,
so you come here often?
And how’s your wife?
And laughed his head off,
another psychotic Mafioso in the Brooklyn night,
another psychotic mafioso eating dinner,
not worried at all,
for the cops were all paid off around here,
and the food was incredibly fine,
and he called to the waiter,
hey Rico,
could you bring me the wine,
Nick’s drank it all,
and Eddie laughed,
and Rico did what he was told,
for he was used to that kind of thing around here and he knew them all and they were all crazy and mentally unstable,
but it paid his bills,
and he was just glad to be a waiter and just glad to be alive,
alive in the Brooklyn night,
where not so many survive,
not so many survive.


Not tonight.
Not tonight.
For favourable is not the light.
And your time is up.
And blackness comes as quick as a meteor across the night.
Not tonight.
Not tonight.


body bag,
it drags and it drags,
body bag,
feeling glad,
feeling glad.

Dirty river

Dirty river,
dirty river going into the ocean,
stood here at a place I don’t want to be,
stood here in the bitter wind,
your things in my hands,
your clothes and your gun just as planned,
and with you dead,
there’s not much company,
so throw it all,
and to hell with it all,
city what do you see,
what do you see when you look at me?
A killer or a saviour,
or something unmentionable
a strong me,
a damaged me,
do you pity me?
For you see it all,
the sickness and the beauty of everyone here,
and I see very unclearly,
and I have forgotten what it is,
what it is to be me.

Taken up

You’re taken up,
you’re taken up,
and I’m by the graveside,
a bit of whiskey in me,
feeling a little rough.
I see the flowers,
I see the flowers by your grave are genuine and it’s a nice touch,
you’re taken up,
you’re taken up,
but why,
why is the world so tough?
I wish I knew.
I wish I knew.
For there’s a pounding in my brain and a throbbing in my skull,
now what did they do to you,
what did they do?
Left you alone on the streets,
shot through,
shot through,
bullet holes in you,
but what did you do?
What did you do?
Kid nearby shot too,
kid nearby shot too,
six years old,
and got a bullet in the head,
body too young to die the way it was told,
and his blood was all over the place and his brains,
Why does this goddamn world have to be so so cold?
I wish I knew,
I wish I knew,
and as I hold onto your grave hoping for an answer,
I get nothing,
nothing but the thoughts of you,
thoughts of you,
and I get no answers,
and I expected no replies,
all I get is tears in my eyes,
and you’ve been taken up,
you’ve been taken up,
and I,
I curse the sky.

Looks like rain

Looks like rain,
looks like rain,
but is it tears,
the tears of God,
and who is to blame,
looks like rain,
looks like rain,
but is it tears,
the tears of God?
Have we really caused him so much pain?

For there it was

And there it was Father,
the locker,
the locker that you kept your things in,
the locker,
the locker to which you gave me a key,
the key that you gave to me,
the key that you gave me as you laid in bed in the hospital,
you said you needed to know,
you needed to know,
and then fell asleep and into a dream,
and you snored your head off and I thought what could this mean,
what could this mean?
And I left the hospital pondering,
what you were on about,
and it seemed a little strange to me,
and I arrived there at the locker at the lock up shop and I took out the key,
and I opened the locker,
and inside there were jewels,
and diamonds and expensive watches,
and it was a shock to me,
for you had always been,
making a nine to five wage and that seemed normal to me,
and it was normal from growing up in my reality,
and there it was right in front of me shining bright in the night,
as you were laid in hospital catching the zzzzz’s,
and then I saw an envelope,
and opened it and there in the writing it said,
it said I had sister,
a sister?
A sister that you had never told me of?
A sister?
And shock set in,
For you had been with my mother all my life.
A sister?
A puzzled look came upon my face and then a smile and mixed emotions,
what kind of life did you lead?
What kind of life?
What kind of life did you lead?

We stride forwards

We stride forwards,
we as humanity,
we go around in circles,
more often than not and more frequently we go backwards rapidly,
we stride forwards,
we as humanity,
we talk,
we walk,
we go in the wrong direction far too often,
but why are we so blinkered,
and why cannot we talk more and listen more,
and why so often do we have to beg to disagree,
for cannot we see the value in understanding people’s ideas and not discounting them
for ideas may come to others,
and even if we do not agree now,
maybe later we will,
and we will agree that it was a good idea after all,
and it just may work,
but not if we discount them and forget them,
for we should not be blinkered and narrow our choices and silence those rational voices who have just as much a right to speak as do we,
and all of us,
given our time we may all benefit humanity.

Like no tomorrow

Like no tomorrow,
like no today,
like nothing that you have ever seen anyway,
for it will be what will be,
and what it is we shall see,
a thought,
a thought of a dream to fulfil,
a moment,
a touching moment,
an emotion,
a feeling wherever you stand still,
and so varying in each moment,
and so beautiful in its individuality,
each of which will stay with you in the library of your memory,
and for the rest of your life it will be,
waiting to be recalled at any moment,
and waiting in the sea of thoughts that lay so gently upon the mind,
a collection of life,
a collection of things,
a collection of humanity,
a collection of mankind
and there will be beauty and horror,
and fascination,
and inspiration,
and there will be dreams,
and there will be such experiences so glorious and filled with smiles,
for how wondrous is the complexity of the mind and the vision,
that builds your feelings and your emotions,
and the experiences through which you have been,
for each chemical reaction that stirs you inside,
how incredible is the time,
and how incredible the evolution of the mind,
and like no tomorrow,
and like no today,
each thought is so different,
and each thought is derived from a mood,
and by what your feelings and your emotions have to say,
for how wondrous it is the heart when it takes it’s part for these to come into play,
and how beautiful are these feelings,
for as I sit beside you amongst the flowers under barely any cloud at all and in the sunshine that is all around today,
these thoughts are so quick to reveal themselves,
and so quick do they enlighten me when I see your smile,
and when I see the light in your eyes,
how you dazzle me with your beauty and how tenderly you hold me,
and how gently in this magic moment,
and in the magic of you,
how fast these sensations flood upon me,
for wave after wave,
waves of feelings burst inside and delight me with little sensations building to crescendos,
and how glorious and how magnificent are they,
for they capture my soul and make my world most beautiful in their effervescent way,
and like there is no tomorrow we lay amongst the flowers cuddling for hours,
and we feel every little touch,
and we feel every sensation,
and we feel every little kiss,
and we feel every breath and we take our time,
for being in love we are blessed,
and in this gentle tenderness,
we burst forth as powerfully as the sea,
and we wrap our arms around each other and our legs,
and we kiss each other and caress each other,
and we kiss each other’s necks,
and heads and lips in such a gentle way,
for it is the way it should be,
and your heart I can feel it,
I can feel it next to mine where it will always be,
for you move me,
you move me as powerfully as the sea,
and here where we lay there is a light breeze but there is a fever in us,
a hunger,
and like there is no tomorrow we make love tenderly amongst the flowers upon a summers day,
and in the heat and the passion how great the fashion,
the fashion of love with which we shape our feelings,
and with which in them the chemical reaction and our emotions do come into play,
and oh how the sexual attraction,
it thrills us and it takes us to heaven,
to heaven where we lay,
amidst the flowers in the sun,
amidst the flowers upon a summers day.