Book 8

Halfway down the road to nowhere

© Ben Robinson 2019


A little rice, 41
Accumulation, 33
Affected, 21
Amongst the dew drops, 18
Angelina, 35
Break this, 6
Cast the light, 64
Celebrity, 52
Change, 9
Chat show, 24
Cheer up my old friend, 7
Cheesecake, 60
Cutting through, 41
Daylight sunshine, 44
Deep inside, 51
Doctors and nurses, 13
Dream, 67
Dying, 28
End of this, 65
Eradication, 48
Etherial, 40
Exhile, 34
Failed, 57
Farewell to arms, 8
For now is the time., 52
Freedom of choice, 11
Give, 36
Give me a little, 37
Go lightly, 37
Halfway down the road to nowhere, 69
Have you ever, 38
Head, 38
Houses upon the hill, 65
I will be there, 7
If this is the beginning, 6
I’m not going out, 36
In a simple time, 18
In art, 29
In our hands, 52
In our lives, 11
In the arrogance of the times, 16
In the bonfire of your soul, 18
In the city, 56
In the little lanes, 48
In the mind, 59
In the mystery, 62
In the vastness of the place, 14
In this place, 20
In Tokyo, 14
In your eyes, 10
Into the darkness, 26
Levitation, 67
Life, 31
Like glue, 10
Loud, 30
Maintain your course, 13
Mentor, 33
O,o,o,o, 45
Of this world, 42
Oh lonely tree, 47
On the finest day, 22
On the quay, 40
Out there, 30
Paid to kill,, 59
Peer pressure, 55
Pollution, 34
Put out the candlelight, 4
Run down, 29
Say, 4
Say goodbye, 8
Schrödinger’s cat, 22
She was lucid of thought, 46
Sit, 23
Society, 12
Stand still a little while, 50
Such stillness in the night, 17
Temperance, 9
The invective, 66
The limitations of oneself, 15
The night has fallen, 50
The wherefore and the why, 5
The wind, 21
Therein a picture, 19
This angel, 49
Time, 9
Too long, 32
Touch down, 20
Under the bridge, 21
Wanting, 51
Water, 25
We all go to school, 16
We are alive, 16
Welcome, 4
Where the soldier lays, 15
Winter, 31
Wouldn’t it be good, 29
You danced, 39
You say, 44
You seek solace, 43
You took what you could, 12
Your eyes, 9
Your perspective, 13

Dedicated to

Inspiration and fascination


Welcome to the world little one,
long may you have a smile on your face,
long may you be happy,
and may you always have love,
and long may you see the sun,
long may you walk this Earth,
and long may you enjoy this world,
and long may you make the most out of your life,
for the next one is only around the corner,
and time goes much faster than you think,
so be happy and enjoy your time in this life,
and welcome to the world little one.


a moment in time,
your eyes,
your eyes,
oh how they gaze into mine,
say something,
say something,
say what you like,
say it tenderly,
it is such a thought that flashes through my mind,
say something,
say something,
but there is nothing,
no words at all,
and you,
you reach out to me and you kiss me and you cuddle me,
and how great is the sensation and how great are the emotions inside,
emotions and feelings and love,
a kiss and a cuddle,
and no description is needed for the feelings and the emotions are far better than all the words in the languages of the world of which could have been employed to describe these feelings inside.

Put out the candlelight

Put out the candlelight,
and come and join me by the fire,
for its flames they rise so enchantingly,
and we in its warmth in each others arms,
can talk until the dawn of what is in our hearts and in our minds and of what does inspire,
for what better a place is there,
what better a place is there than by the fire,
for with you,
you delicate thing,
I love you so much,
for in your heart and in your mind you know me like no other,
and I wish to tell you of my day,
and I wish to kiss you so gently and soothe your worries away,
so come and join me by the fire,
and let me run my fingers through your hair,
for my emotions and my senses are heightened by you in so many ways,
that what greater a pleasure could there be,
and how much finer could be the night,
for in our happy home,
under the stars and the moon and by the fire,
so we will sit contentedly in each others company,
and when you so choose if it makes you happy,
please do sing to me,
for with your beautiful voice it lifts me to the heavens,
and by the fire so bright how much better is the night,
wrapped in your arms and filled by your charms,
and so happy in your company,
for in your company it does bring to me such great delight,
for your words are so beautiful,
and they float so elegantly in the air,
as elegantly as the embers from the fire rise before our eyes,
and your voice it does lift me up so and does so gently sooth my mind,
for In it and with you I am content,
under the stars and the heavens,
in our happy home,
and with you,
with you by the fire.

The wherefore and the why

The wherefore and the why,
it confuses you,
and it confuses me,
this confusion,
this confusion in society,
this confusion about how to be,
for there are so many ways to be,
and there are so many ways we are told to be,
and who to be,
and through the forest and the trees we cannot always see,
for everyone has their voice and some shout louder than others,
and some listen more than others,
and some do not listen and that is me,
for I prefer to be alone,
and I prefer to make up my own mind through my own intellect,
for that way,
if I cut out the world,
I can think more clearly you see,
and that is much better,
much better for me.

Break this

You break this and you break that,
now what is the matter with you,
and what is your problem,
for your thinking is of a contemptuous,
obstrepourous little brat,
and I can’t be having none of that,
but I will no doubt see your efforts in the graffiti that you leave after such an act,
yes you the vandal,
the pyromaniac,
yes you,
you with the hat,
you break this and you break that,
now what is the matter with you,
and what is your problem,
for your thinking is of a contemptuous,
obstrepourous little brat,
and unsurprisingly I can see your lack of education,
your lack of education in your graffiti tag.

If this is the beginning

If this is the beginning,
I would hate to see the end my friend,
for it is neither here nor there to me,
and this town,
this town is on its last legs,
and somewhere we were passing through,
but not somewhere I would have chosen to be,
for if I’d known I would have thrown myself into the sea,
for this town is so dirty,
with hookers and pimps and gimps and bars where they serve a poor excuse for beer that tastes as bad as it could be,
so let’s run my friend whilst we still can,
for the locals look like psycho’s,
and I don’t think they like the look of foreigners like you and me,
for they are brandishing guns so let’s run,
because it will be difficult to drink beer with bullet holes through you and me.

I will be there

I will be there in time,
far across the world,
I will be there my valentine,
for I have you on my mind,
and I will get there no matter what it takes for the love for you is strong,
and any storm can not keep me from you no matter how hard it tries,
for across the ocean is where I belong,
and there is no other place that I would rather be for work is no fun,
and I am on my way with your heart in mind,
for you are the greatest love that I have ever known,
and across the world I will travel countless times,
countless times to be with you,
to kiss your lips,
to hold you in the tropical sun my darling valentine.

Cheer up my old friend

Cheer up my old friend,
for the wind is high and how it howls and it sighs,
and soon you will pay your old love no mind,
for across the sea,
across the sea we are to travel in each others company,
and in the salty air,
why don’t you throw away your tears without a care,
for they are but a drop in the ocean,
and despair will soon part,
the more miles that pass,
for she and you were not meant to be,
and upon the sea in time,
in time she will be but a distant memory,
and we will be far away upon this wind,
this wind that takes us through the night and the day,
the wind that guides us along under the sun and the stars in the heavens,
far away from thoughts of she,
your old love,
your old love that used to be,
so cheer up my old friend,
for the sea it calls to us and the sea is waiting for you and me,
and soon we will be far far away,
and happier you will be.

Farewell to arms

If this is a farewell to arms,
have you lost your head and have you lost your mind,
have you got any legs to stand on,
for your peaceful efforts they may be well intentioned,
but this dictator is killing people still all the time,
and he may pay you lip service but really he pays you no mind,
for he wants to look good in the eyes of the world and that for him was easy to decide,
for he has his people under control and he easily leads them blind,
and as he does all he wants is some bloody peace and quiet,
because killing so many people takes so much dedication and effort,
and how can he achieve this if he has no peace and quiet,
no peace and quiet from the international community,
and only grief,
good grief,
how can he kill in peace and quiet if the international community is giving him grief all the time.

Say goodbye

Have you come to say goodbye,

have you come with those fake tears in your eyes,
have you come wanting forgiveness,
have you come with a more open mind,
have you come in time,
have you been waiting long to say sorry,
because I am not expecting it,
but it would be a great surprise,
for in your eyes you seem to have softened,
and you seemed subdued,
but I cannot read your mind,
and I will just have to see,
for I know you and although I hope for the best,
I have been stung by you,
been stung by you what seems a million times,
and I am dubious of you,
for there has been cunning in you,
and when it comes to my heart,
I have reassembled it so many times,
and I have got it down to quite an art,
and though I am skilled at it it is not for what I wish,
for heartbreak can happily stay away, stay away forever and a day,
for I no longer wish to visit it,
for my life is better of course that way,
so have you come for forgiveness,
for you are treading on eggshells but come what may,
for I am open minded but cautious,
so have you come,
have you come for forgiveness,
for I am waiting,
but I can only see what you have to say.


Be brave if you want to change,
for if you are never brave you will always stay the same.


Temperance is good when it comes to temper,
temperance is good when it comes to drinking,
but after a night down the pub,
I forget to remember,
And temperance goes out the window,
when I angrily put my household bills in a blender.


A man waited patiently while his wife, took her time,
she was a kleptomaniac,
and she stole clocks all the time,
until one fell on her head,
and now she’s dead,
and now has all the time in the world,
and he spends his money phoning the speaking clock,
and as regularly as time.

Your eyes

In your eyes,
your eyes,
such a glimpse of the happiest of times,
such wide awakedness and alertness,
that springs from your mind,
a mind so beautiful and so intellectual,
for with your wit you make me smile so many times,
and in your eyes,
your eyes,
I could happily drown a thousand times,

In your eyes

Try to be kind

Try to be kind,
you try to be kind,
but in the face of such brutal words,
placating someone so angry is a hard task any time,
you try to be kind,
you try to set them straight,
but they will talk until they are blue in the face,
for you are constantly checking your watch,
whilst they give you a piece of their mind, you try to be kind,
you try to be kind,
but it is not easy,
and the seasons will pass,
and they will still be unchanged and stuck in their ways,
yet you are willing to listen and are open to the world,
and you walk the earth with a clearer mind.

Like glue

You held me together like glue,
for until I had met you I was lost without you,
and you held me together like glue,
and you picked up the pieces,
and you knew,
you knew the right words to say,
and you knew intuitively what was wrong with me,
and you soothed my fears and eased my worries away,
for you had it in you that temprement about you,
and you have such compassion and care in you,
and you believed in me and carried me when I was down,
and you lifted me when all seemed lost,
and you brought me joy when there were tears in my eyes and when it seemed that everything was going wrong,
for you you hold me together like glue,
for you are so sensitively in tune,
and you listen and you understand,
and you help me rise from out of the ashes,
to walk tall again and with renewed strength and confidence in myself again,
for in you there is a good heart that beats so true,
and your mind is faster and quicker and wittier than anyone that I have ever known,
and how great it is to be with you,
for what strength you give me,
no matter my mood or whether I am of furrowed brow and beaten down by the world,
and how you love me when I am weak,
and how you love me when I am despairing,
and how you love me when I am at my lowest ebb,
for you are there for me always,
and I always will be there for you,
and I know you well too and I understand you I do,
and there are no words that need to be spoken or said,
for we are one me and you,
and we were meant to be,
and no matter what and no matter how difficult the circumstances,
with each other and through thick and thin we will always pull through,
because you love me,
and I love you.

Freedom of choice

Were I given the freedom of choice,
I would forever listen to your voice,
were I given the freedom of choice,
I would gladly listen all year round,
for it has such qualities that to my ears it brings such a silky and smooth sound,
and given the freedom of choice,
I would be right next to you,
and listening intently as you sang,
for your words they melt me,
and I feel alive in the brightness of your eyes,
for you sing like an angel,
and there is such beauty in your voice that it is hard to describe,
but it fills me with wonder that is as magnificent as waterfalls,
and as the twinkling stars in the heavens,
and as magical as the most beautiful blue oceans,
and as incredible as the most beautiful blue skies.

In our lives

In our lives,
on each stepping stone,
how many choices there are to take,
and how many directions we can turn,
for in this world It is such a complex place,
and our choices if displayed in mathematics are beyond us,
and are not something that we will ever learn,
for we are not so cold in our emotions,
that we try to live our lives by numbers,
for as humans we feel in our hearts and search our minds,
and we weigh up the options,
and of our destiny,
we are the masters of our own concerns and our own designs.

You took what you could

You took what you could,
you took what you needed,
when you left you disappeared over the horizon,
and I was left bereft,
but I did not know why you’d gone,
for there are so many questions unanswered,
and they are as long as the day is long,
and I wish I’d known that something was wrong,
but you never showed it upon your face and in your eyes,
for nothing seemed amiss,
but now I am alone,
and wondering what I’d done wrong,
for I loved you like the sun,
for you brought such warmth to me,
and then without warning you vanished,
and now I feel cold in this winter,
for snows have so badly frozen my heart,
and I pine for you like I have never done,
and with my shattered heart so brittle and filled with icicles,
I try my best to carry on,
for with such tears in my eyes how cruel love is sometimes,
for you vanished without a warning over the horizon,
and now my world is shattered,
and now your love is gone.


Moving around town,
I see the people with such different expressions,
but there is no consensus,
for everyone seems distant in their own worlds,
and are mostly unhappy,
and why oh why has society gone so wrong,
and why have our leaders not truly listened,
and why oh why did they carry on regardless leading us down the wrong path for so long,
for it is not logical,
and now everyone mostly in the streets is looking logically glum.

Doctors and nurses

In the doctors and the nurses I see the worry,
I see the tiredness in their eyes,
for the system is stretched and overloaded and I sympathize,
and in the nurses and the doctors,
I see the dedication and the skill,
and I see the determination to persevere at all costs,
for saving life is incredibly challenging,
and with their years of training,
and with their iron will,
so they battle on with weary eyes,
and they fight the diseases that malevolently destroy people’s lives and that can kill,
and in the doctors and the nurses I admire the hours they put in,
and I admire their strong hearts and minds,
for what great achievements they achieve and so regularly,
for in their passion and compassion,
and of the lives they have saved,
it is amazing and in them I truly believe every day,
for they are worth more than the celebrities on far higher salaries,
for without them where would we be?

Your perspective

Your perspective on things is not what it should be,
you with your jaded ways,
you fail to see clearly through your hurt,
and through being so jaded you are in captivity,
for your perspective on things is skewed by your choices,
and through the tragedy of your history,
for you used to be happy,
but now you are as bitter as an icy wind,
and you cut right through the heart of me, and I will try my best to leave you be,
for how you are now is no good to me.

Maintain your course

Maintain your course and do not fear.
Maintain your course and persevere,
for there can be no progress,
if you are afraid of challenging anything,
it will never change anything my dear,
for walking away from the problem will not solve anything,
so maintain your course and be brave and courageous,
and do not fear,
for you must persevere,
so maintain your course and do not fear,
for forwards is the only way to achieve anything,
but you can only move forwards by looking at the past and learning from history,
so maintain your course and be courageous and brave and you will eventually get there my dear.

In Tokyo

In Tokyo,
a businessman lays on the street,
tired but happy after a long day at work,
and asleep,
and for him there is peace,
and in Tokyo and on the street,
for no one will disturb him,
except possibly his wife in the morning,
for so gentle and civilised is society,
that in Tokyo on the street,
there is peace,
and quiet and order,
and people treat each other most respectfully,
and why can’t it be the same in the rest of the world,
now I really don’t know and it rather confuses me.

In the vastness of the place

In the vastness of the place,
the voices echo and carry so loudly in the air,
In the vastness of the place,
there is such animation and frantic waving,
and gesticulating in the market square,
in the vastness of the place,
the market traders get up at dawn,
and in all weathers,
and I admire them as they sell their wares,
for it is a tough life,
and in the days economics,
the roof over their heads hangs precariously in the balance,
depending on the money they make,
for they could be homeless soon,
but they grin and bare it all and persevere,
seemingly as if without a care,
for the market traders are a hardy lot and always with smiles on their faces,
and I admire their cheerfulness and their good graces,
for they work hard in the sun and the rain and the snow,
and with such fortitude,
they roll the dice,
never knowing what the day will bring,
but they will nearly always be there in the market square,
and nearly every day of their working life, and I for one,
will always support them,
for what a bland place it would be without that colour and their voices in the air,
and what a bland place it would be,
without their finery,
and the wares that they sell with such banter and frivolity,
for the world is a better place with them there.

Where the soldier lays

On the beach where the soldier lays,
as the waves come gently in,
his life ebbs away,
where the soldier lays,
and he thinks of his mother and his father and his sister and his brother,
and as the blood flows from his wounds,
he sees the vision of the man who has killed him,
and wonders if when he gets to heaven,
and if the man who’s killed him gets to heaven,
of what the man will say,
on the beach where the soldier lays,
he takes a look at the clouds and the sky,
and questions the choices in life that he has made,
and without an answer as the gunfire continues,
into the eternal night he does permanently slip away.

The limitations of oneself

The limitations of oneself,
they can frustrate,
when the peer pressure of the world gets to you,
and it damages your health,
the limitations of oneself,
they cast a shadow over you and shackle your soul,
for want is want,
and want is magnified by the peer pressure that does taunt,
the limitations of oneself,
the thoughts of them can crush you in an instant,
and oh how many fall,
for the temptation of material things,
they promote such benefits that they do flaunt,
the limitations of oneself are driven into the ground,
by the materialism of the world,
for it throws your heart away,
and does not care for your health,
the limitations of oneself are best considered deeply,
so forget what you cannot achieve instantly,
and do not get frustrated and do not listen to anyone else.
The limitations of the self,
if you want to achieve anything don’t lie,
and just be true to yourself.
We are alive

We are alive,
in the awakening of the conscious mind and in the deep thought that fills time,
the meditation and the analyzation is a constant process,
in the passing of the days that fill the human life,
for reflection and collection,
and the gathering of thoughts are so varied in the variations,
that lead us through and along the pathways of our life.
And sentience is filled with such effervescence,
for what a wonder it is,
where we wonder in our thoughts,
and wherever and whatever the course,
there is such magnificence in intelligence and in education,
and I am glad to be capable of the awakening of my mind and of such thoughts no matter the time.

We all go to school

We all go to school.
For we all learn something every day,
but is it useful at all,
for learning we have so many tools,
from the libraries to the books,
and with the television and the newspapers,
and the gossip in the street,
we all go to school,
but is it useful at all,
for there is so much information in the world,
for it fills us with fascination,
but what good is education,
if it is of a vacuous subject,
for it is no good at all,
but still we go to school.

In the arrogance of the times

In the arrogance of the times,
what is better than yours but mine,
in the arrogance of the times,
how people belittle each other with their one-upmanship and their ego,
but me, I stay away from it,
and tonight I pay it no mind,
in the arrogance of the times,
at some point,
you will be hoisted by your own petard,
and I will not over it be one to cry,
for it is good to be brought down to Earth and humbled,
for manners cannot be bought with wealth,
and there are no manners,
without manners being taught well,
and in the arrogance of the times,
I will wish you well,
for you can buy buy buy,
and I will carry nothing and travel far away, but I will wish you well.

Such stillness in the night

Such stillness in the night,
a delicate light,
the moon in the sky,
shining so bright,
and the stars hanging there in the heavens,
twinkling in the eyes,
such stillness in the night,
and a cool breeze that brings such refreshment,
as you look up and wonder how distant they are,
and how many there are,
but oh how great is the light,
that travels in time,
such stillness in the night,
elegant and effervescent and colourful,
and in their billions how magical,
and powerful are they in the universe,
for from nothingness they were thrust into being to enchant our eyes,
such stillness in the night,
with magic on our minds,
and in the fresh air,
how incredible the shooting stars are as they pass on by,
such stillness in the night,
and a night to remember in our dreams,
and in our minds,
a night to remember of such creation,
and oh what a wondrous work of art in its spectacularity so fine,
spectacularity that the universe has created and revealed,
in the uniqueness of nature,
in the uniqueness of time.

In the bonfire of your soul

In the bonfire of your soul,
you cast out the memories that you used to hold,
the memories that you had grown tired of,
the unhappy times,
the memories of people that you used to love.
Memories and the experiences that were only causing distress,
for the relationships you had had,
had been broken and shattered upon such jagged rocks,
that had cut up your heart and thrown the pieces into a black hole.
In the bonfire of your soul,
amidst the flames,
gather your thoughts and strengthen your mind and move forward,
move forwards with a freshness in your step,
and rise, rise, and rise again.
For though life has been tough,
and caused such anxiety in your head,
move forwards with a smile,
and come out fighting,
and create new memories that you never wish to forget ever again.

Amongst the dew drops

Amongst the dew drops in the grass,
there lays a leaf that has lived,
and in this moment,
after the fall from the tree,
it has lived its last,
amongst the dew drops in the grass,
how beautiful it’s colours look,
and how incredible the pattern of its form and shape,
a shape created at such a slow evolutionary pace in the past,
amongst the dew drops in the grass,
the time of its life is ending,
and it will go back to where it did at the start.

In a simple time

In a simple time under the lemon trees,
how fragrant the air it is,
and how the big the smiles,
and how peaceful it is sat here with just you and me,
you and me,
holding hands in the sun,
and sat in the shade we fall into conversation about this beautiful vision of the landscape that we see,
for in a simple time under the lemon trees,
we share a kiss or two,
a bottle of wine and a picnic too,
and as the breeze it blows gently,
I look into your eyes and I look at you,
and as I look at you,
I see the beauty in you,
I see the compassion and the passion,
I see the love in you,
I see you with your delicate skin and your freckles,
and your hair in rubanesque curls,
and how great life is in this quiet part of the world,
for in a simple time under the lemon trees,
what more could I wish for,
what more could I wish for,
than just me and you.

Therein a picture

Therein a picture,
it is me but it isn’t me,
it is a picture of who I used to be,
and it is a world away from who I am now,
for then I didn’t really know myself,
but now I do and I am happy,
for there in this picture when I look it at and when I look back at me,
it is a curiosity to see,
the lack of self confidence,
the uncertainty,
for education has brought me from where I was to where I am now,
and how great is the progression and the advancement in me,
for education is the most important thing,
for through learning and choice,
how much strength and clarity of mind it does give to thee,
and I,
because of my education,
I can view the world and I can understand it,
and I can be more empathetic and more compassionate,
and I can listen and I can learn more rapidly,
for education gives you the keys to the world,
and with education I am a far better me.

Touch down

We touch down in a far away land,
we arrive in America,
and we step off the plane into the sun,
and we are welcomed with smiling faces,
for with our hopes and our dreams in our heads we wish to be someone,
for in California where we arrive in good mood in California’s positive light,
anyone can be who they want and everyone has stars in their eyes,
and as we stand under the Hollywood sign,
and we take our photographs and we wish for our dreams to come true,
we smile and take it all in and think it could be us,
for we have talent,
we have talent me and you,
and we walk the sunset strip,
and Hollywood boulevard,
and we count the stars,
the stars of those who have already made it and who mostly sleep peacefully in their deaths,
those whose lives were a great big success,
and as we in our anonymity,
we look at the pavement and hope our star will be there one day,
one day when we have made our mark,
and we have worked hard in whatever field we choose in entertainment and its arts,
for only then we will have all that we want,
the money,
the cars,
and the luxuries,
but for now,
in Santa Monica we will sit by the sea,
as the bodybuilders work hard,
and as the people happily rollerskate behind us along the boulevard,
with our thoughts and plans in our heads and with places to stay arranged,
how beautiful it is here,
upon the beach where by this view we are blessed,
for in California in this light we have such dreams of success,
and so we will work hard and socialise and network in the day and the night,
and we will strive for success,
and we will wish upon a star,
and we will cross our fingers,
and hope that our talents are recognised and we are acclaimed as the best of the best.

In this place

In this place,
In the Church,
the hymn it is enough to wake the dead,
it is enough the foundations to shake,
for we are gathered one and all in this community,
in this communal space,
and here we hope our souls to be uplifted to heaven in our conversations with God,as through the stained glass,
the light pours through in beauteous colours,
illuminating the figures of the people in the bible,
people whose lives are celebrated at all costs,
and upon the pughs after the singing,
we listen to the sermons,
and we feel the empathy and the compassion of the Vicars, and the Priests,
and we say prayers and we call for peace,
but the world continues on it’s way,
and the problems of the world continue mostly unsolved,
no matter the morals of the day that hold sway.

Under the bridge

Under the bridge where you slept,
did you cry tears in the icy cold to forget,
and did you look at the night and see the stars In the sky,
and were they still beautiful in the cold and the wet,
and were you hungry for food,
and were you hungry in the moment for company,
for company was far away,
and your mind and your heart was a wreck.

The wind

The wind it howls and it prowls,
and it whips right through me,
the wind it howls and it prowls,
and it whips through the trees and tears them to pieces,
but why is it so miserable,
I do not know but the answer is as invisible as the wind to me,
and I stand here trying to fight it,
for I only wish to walk down the street,
and the wind it wants to go in the opposite direction and it disagrees with me,
and though I try my best I end up half way home and then give up,
and end up waving my fist at it and cursing rather uncivilly.


Affected by the sun in your eye you look for the shade,
affected by how time flies,
you throw the clock away,
affected by the tears in your eyes you tell them your emotions are going on holiday so please don’t try,
affected by the weather you decide to live under water,
affected by the roads you drive your car on the pavement and run the traffic warden over,
and no one minds,
and at the funeral you give the traffic warden a ticket,
and you tell him to pay it quickly or there will be on top a massive fine,
and when he doesn’t reply,
you clamp his legs together and then send the bill to his mother and over inflate the fine,
then as she cannot pay you clamp her legs too,
and then you clamp the whole family until the whole family are clamped too,
and you have a smile on your face,
because you can now park your car wherever you wish too.
Schrödinger’s cat

There was a cat next to a box that was quite angry.
People kept asking if he was Schrodinger’s cat.
No, he said, Schrodinger died.
Was he inside or outside the coffin they said,
well he was and he wasn’t and he got cremated,
and we had a nice buffet and some people cried.
But now I am free.
And I do not have to be boxed in anymore.
And I go to the vets for private healthcare for it is better I did decide.
For Schrödinger left me his house and his money.
And I own a cat food company now,
and I prefer the cat food out of a box and a tin.
Because for years Schrodinger fed me only boxes to eat,
while speculating was the cat in the box or the box in the cat,
and I really got quite annoyed.
For he really didn’t understand me,
and now I’m rather glad the bastards died.

On the finest day

On the finest day that there could be,
on the pier by the sea,
on the pier where you waved to me,
and you kissed me goodbye with a tear in your eye,
a tear that fell into the sea,
I wished you luck but again you were never seen,
for in that boat you were lost in a storm,
a storm that sent you to the bottom of the sea,
and that is so long ago
so long ago now in my memory,
for I remember your smile,
and I remember the excitement in your your eyes,
and how beautiful you looked to me,
standing there with the wind blowing through your hair,
and hoping for a better future for you and I so far away,
but the parting it wasn’t so painful,
so painful as I thought as I hoped to join you eventually a few months later,
for I thought it was a temporary thing,
and before you climbed aboard I kissed you goodbye,
and you,
you stood there with your mixed emotions and with your sunglasses on your head above your eyes,
and you smiled a thousand times seemingly in the blink of an eye,
and my heart it was yours anyway,
but it travelled with you with a sigh,
and over the horizon you went and I went about my life,
and was about to count down the weeks of the month until I joined you when only a day after you had sailed and I had kissed you goodbye,
the ship it sank in the storm,
the storm that took your life away,
the storm that stole the light from my eyes,
and since then,
since then I have never been the same since that day,
and no oceans of tears,
and no matter the seconds,
the minutes,
the hours,
the months and the years,
and the days and the nights
nothing will ever wash that memory of your leaving away.


Somewhere in time.
Time in an new space,
a new space of mind,
somewhere new,
somewhere new everytime,
and what a grand design the mind,
and what great things thoughts,
purloined seemingly as if from the air,
and what great works can be defined from the mind,
for how beautiful the time is when you spend time there far away from daily life in a world of your own,
for it satisfies the soul and nourishes you,
and how brighter the day than when happy and plucking thoughts out of the air,
and how fine are they that illuminate the eyes with inspiration found in the mind,
for in this time there is no time,
just being there is the best feeling that there could be,
and I will always be happy and content wherever I can think,
for creativity is all I need,
and in the mind I find unlimited inspiration there.

Chat show

The car door slams,
and off drives off a man,
going to the ends of the world as fast as he can.
The car door slams and off drives a man who hopes to be a better man,
a man going looking for fame and fortune wherever he can in the city,
Going to make himself all pretty.
going to make of himself something,
something that he’d long planned,
going to make himself a star,
going to make himself rich,
going to get rich quick,
thinks he’s got what it takes to be on television,
and he wants everyone watching him,
and the thought of it makes him happy,
and he becomes a chat show host,
to make people be the greatest that they could be,
and he has to listen to their problems to get paid,
and getting paid it comes so easily,
and he doesn’t care what their problems are as long as he is seen on television,
and he talks and he talks,
and he hears all the despair and pretends to care,
and he makes comments here and there,
and the shows audiences rise because of his charisma and his style,
and the controversial topics are never ending,
and he pushes the boundaries all the while,
and he bombards people with questions,
the most invasive questions with flair and style,
and he continues through the tears and the pain,
and through all the revelations of this egotistical game,
and he makes a comment to a woman,
to a guest struggling through a rocky relationship,
he makes one comment as oboxnious as any he has ever made,
and the guest is left in tears and distraught and then disappears,
and the aftercare are there but does he care,
not really,
and although he pretends on camera he does,
his bank balance is more important,
and the guest goes home and commits suicide,
and there is an outcry and the show is taken from the air,
and the family sue the host and the television show,
and he loses alot but not everything,
and he cannot get work so he goes off for a holiday,
and he goes back to where he used to live,
and he gets in his car and he drives off half a man,
half a man but still rich,
and going to the ends of the world as fast as he can,
and though he has got a lot of money,
he is a little more cautious with his words but it is too late,
for in his head he will always be a killer,
he will always be a killer,
and more famous than he’d planned.

The water covers the cobbled streets,
and there is a scattering of mud,
and amongst the mud peoples possessions lay everywhere,
everywhere after the flood,
and further down the street,
into the parts of the city that are still flooded,
there in the water are the branches of trees,
and wood and tin,
and people swept away,
and people who are laying face down in the water,
in the water amongst what they have lost,
and they have lost,
and they have lost,
and they are lost,
for how great is a typhoon,
and how great is the cost,
for in the moment of such a fate,
how much fear there is in the minds and the hearts of those who try their best to flee in haste,
but there is barely any chance of people surviving directly in the typhoons way,
for so great is the power of nature,
and how unforgiving it is when it takes peoples lives away,
and then on the other hand,
how precious is water in protecting life,
and how difficult it is to survive without it every day,
for the water of life is a miracle,
but not in the eyes of the grieving,
those whose tears have fallen at first from heaven,
and those whose tears have then fallen from their eyes,
for in their despair they are overwhelmed in their emotions,
overwhelmed as the loved ones that they have lost and that were killed by the flood,
and who were swept away in the horror of the day,
the day the typhoon came,
the day the typhoon wreaked its savagery in such a brutal way,
for this in its cycle,
yes unfortunately it will come again and again,
for no one is safe in the way of a hurricane,
and though you may pray,
and though you may look to God to save you,
nature does as nature wants,
and life is fragile,
for from nature and the water that pours so quickly from the heavens,
there is in the eye of the storm,
no chance of running away.

Into the darkness

Into the darkness so you descend,
with no fear and no worries,
and no place for redemption my friend,
into the darkness you descend,
with a wicked smile,
into the darkness you descend,
with a torchlight in hand,
and with visions of the night in your mind,
you through the hollow between the trees do go,
and how eerie it is
and how quiet,
and how white the snow,
and with you in your cloak with a hood,
you keep an eye out for danger,
with the sound of wolves in the distance,
and with only the sound of your beating heart for company,
but how long this path,
how long this path,
you think to yourself as the wind does blow,
and on rapid feet,
you walk as fast as you can,
in the gloominess and the silence,
listening out for the footsteps of man,
for these are dangerous times my friend,
for thee can be taken from this Earth,
as fast as a blink of an eye to a man,
and you,
all warm and snug in your cloak and with your layers under your tunic,
do such as not feel the snow,
except upon thine face that lands so gently upon the skin,
for the snow it alights where it will from wherever it has blown,
and in the darkness how beautiful it looks to your eyes,
as the sound of echoes begin in the distance,
voices call out echoing through the stone corridors up ahead a mile or so,
a mile or so away,
not safe in the night,
not safe in the day,
so steer clear my friend,
turn left and head out of sight,
and keep going,
duck beneath the branches,
watch for the rabbit holes in the Earth,
watch for the foul water in the pond,
and pass through the grotto with its candles and its temporary delight and head out the other side,
and then through the tunnel of the overhanging trees that are like a roof,
keep going,
and as you do you see the glowflies in sky,
and the footprints on the ground,
so fresh and recent too,
and in your eyes there is a view of a giant boulder ahead covered in moss,
much larger than you,
and you pass it by quickly,
and there are the sound of running feet behind you,
and there are screams and shouts and you begin running too,
running under the dark clouds above,
and tonight there is a partial moon,
and you breathe hard,
you run fast,
you breathe hard,
you run fast,
faster than you usually do,
and you see the house in the distance,
where the ghosts they come and go,
and you head for it,
and you head for the witches brew,
and through the window you see your friends anew,
the candlelight shining upon their faces,
their smiles big and wide and their hats tall and black,
and you knock on the door loudly as the footsteps behind you disappear,
and they open the door and they are happy to see you,
and you are welcomed in and how glad you are too,
and the door is locked tight,
for in this forest it is a dangerous place,
and none are more dangerous than you and your friends,
and you smile at them,
and you cast a spell,
and transport someone nearby into the house,
and smile as upon their faces they are bewildered and shocked,
and you laugh and descend on them having transported them through the air from out of the forest as if a feather to where you were,
and you laugh and quickly slaughter them muffling their screams,
muffling their screams taking away,
taking away their dreams,
and then when they have gone,
when they have left the life,
the miserable life,
that in this forest is rife,
you cast your spells,
and you cast your spells and magic to do what,
what you want,
the fresh body,
and the blood spilt and disappeared as quickly as it arrived onto the cobbled floor,
you cast spells upon the body,
and there are pieces chopped,
pieces chopped,
and pieces magically lift into the witches pot,
lifted into the broth,
lifted into the broth in the witches pot,
and you throw the herbs in and all the ingredients needed,
and with much laughter you cook the victim,
and you you cannot wait to begin,
for you are all a rather a hungry lot.


embers of the fire,
tired eyes,
tired mind,
tired heart,
sick of caring about myself,
sick of trying,
sick of the day that the sickness did start,
sick of the light,
wanting the eternal night
sick of being sick,
sick of cancer,
sick of dying,
embers of the fire,
tired eyes,
tired mind,
tired heart,
sick of cancer,
sick of life,
sick of cancer ever having played such a sickening part,
sick of chemotherapy,
sick of radiotherapy,
sick of the family suffering,
sick of the world,
and from the world wanting to depart.

Wouldn’t it be good

Wouldn’t it be good,
if everyone was nice,
wouldn’t it be good if the world was a safer place,
wouldn’t it be good if the world was a less violent place,
wouldn’t it be good if people were more complimentary a bit more often,
wouldn’t it be good if people were more tolerant,
wouldn’t it be good if people weren’t racist,
wouldn’t it be good if people were more kind,
wouldn’t it be good if people were more compassionate,
wouldn’t it good if the people listened,
wouldn’t it be good if people understood more often,
wouldn’t it be good if we could just try.

In art

In art and creativity,
some people may like what you create and pay you for it,
some people may pay you not to have to read it or look at it,
and some people may hit you over the head with it and call it performance art and get paid for it,
and some people may die doing so,
and then have an artistic funeral and be buried in a beautiful coffin.

Run down

Run down to the garden to collect the firewood,
and put the coals on the fire,
strike a match and set it a light and retire,
retire into an armchair,
your favourite one and read a book,
for at the end of the day,
when the work is done,
something relaxing and something not too taxing,
something a little fun,
something to take your mind away from the pandemonium,
and as you read watch the flames over the top of your book,
and warm yourself and let your imagination run,
for the evening when it comes,
there is nothing finer,
nothing finer,
than being here and watching the evening fall after the setting of the sun,
and so take time out and let your mind unwind,
and drink a little wine and rest your weary feet,
and let your spirits rise,
for life is so nice by the fire in the evening time,
so far away from the crazy world,
and with such a peace of mind,
how great it is,
and how time flies by the fire,
and how soundly you will sleep and pay the day no mind.

loud night,
somewhere where I don’t mind,
somewhere by the river,
somewhere by the river in the summertime,
somewhere with peace of mind,
somewhere with the sunshine in my eyes,
somewhere under the clouds and the bluest of skies,
somewhere watching the world go by,
for time it sails away,
and life,
well it is the same,
and for it to be any other way it would be a shame,
and I,
I cannot complain,
for the music plays and we dance a little,
and we kiss and we drink a little wine,
and under the stars how beauteous is the night,
with just you and I.

Out there

it is out there,
it is out there,
it is news to no one,
for there was such pain in you,
such pain,
such suffering,
such hurt,
and you have been,
and you have come,
and you have gone,
you lived,
you felt,
you wanted,
you talked,
you cried,
you were frustrated and you got nowhere and you took the gun.
You felt such pain and suffered so much,
then you sat upon a rock,
and you shot yourself in the head in the evening sun.


Life is not all rose’s and chocolates.
Life is tough.
And there are more stresses and strains in this world than there have ever been in the whole history of humanity.
And you have to have a tough mind and a strong fortitude and a strong heart to be true to yourself and to be yourself and to exist.
You have to have a strong mind to not give in to the pressure of the world.
You have to have a strong mind not to commit suicide.
For so many people are driven to the edge and over the edge.
And so many people break upon the wheel of life.
And you have to have a tough mind to exist upon the Earth.
You have to despite the stresses and the strains have the will to truly live.
And there are so many in this world who don’t.
There are so many in this world who have reached the end.
There are so many who have been broken, so many who have been through so many stresses and strains and who have reached their end.
And there are so many dead.
And there are so many families grieving. And there are so many families who will never see their loved ones again.


Spring brings such joy in new life,
and summer it is heaven sent,
and autumn is a beautiful thing and a sad thing with life at its end,
such as leaves upon the trees falling back to the Earth never to be seen again,
and winter,
winter it peddles its discontent with it snows and its falling snowflakes,
and the greatest of skies that darken so unhappily the eyes,
for moods are brought by you in the colour of the times,
and life how it changes the mood that have been brought to the mind,
and me over all of them I prefer the summer time.

Too long

Too long has the time not been right,
too long this talk between you and I,
for you are free to go your way and I am free to go mine,
but we should at least try again,
for there is love still in both of our eyes,
and I do not want to part,
and I do not want things to get worse because we have not crossed the finishing line,
and so let’s fight these tears and try again,
and let’s reconnect instead of disconnecting,
because the time is now,
and there is no time like the present to make amends,
so let us grab a little wine and sit down,
and discuss our feelings again,
because I love you,
and no matter how long it takes,
and no matter how many hours,
and no matter how many days and nights,
let us put things right,
for we have a chance,
and I know the mending of broken hearts and minds is not a quick thing,
but together if we try hard enough we can make things right again,
and in our discussions hold no bitterness,
and I will hold none myself,
for we have been together for quite a while,
and though the road may be a little bumpy,
and our hearts a little weary,
it would be a shame to see our love die with a permanent sigh,
and you have to fight,
fight with all your might,
fight for love and no matter the season,
and no matter the day or the night,
because love if it is true,
it is worth fighting for,
and by not trying at all you will only regret it it is true,
and so if we,
me and you,
we talk a little while and try and understand each others points of view,
we will find a path I’m sure through these darker days,
for I love you and I still love the qualities in you,
for you are compassionate and caring and kind,
and you have been an angel to me a million times,
and you are in my heart as the warm as the sun,
and no winter has set in and no Ice age has begun,
so let s us talk by the fire,
let us talk of our pains,
let us talk of our misunderstandings,
let us talk of our desires,
let us talk,
let us talk until things are right again,
let us talk and persevere until the end,
and let us talk because our love was so strong,
and it is only a little bump in the road I am sure,
and by trying,
and by trying to understand and listen,
we can do no wrong.


accumulation of feelings,
there is more inside you,
more inside you than you ever realise,
more feelings inside you than you have ever known,
feelings accumulated through the years,
feelings for each person that you have ever met,
feelings so deep, subtle and complex,
feelings that do confuse,
feelings that enliven you,
feelings of fear,
feelings of happinness,
feelings of love,
feelings that you will never forget,
feelings accumulated inside your heart and inside your mind,
and how great are they,
and if your feelings were stretched out from end to end,
how far into the universe from whence we came would they stretch?


you needed a mentor or so you said,
someone who is sane,
but in this world they seem a little short these days,
and you looked and you looked,
but you never found anyone who lived up to the name,
and you are better off learning yourself and growing through your own education,
for by educating yourself,
you can truly shape yourself by being yourself,
but if you have a mentor,
are you really yourself,
or do you just think the way they think,
and are you just a carbon copy of the same?


Exhile from here,
exhile a little while and clear your mind,
take some time,
take some time,
smell the flowers in the summertime,
take a walk in the fields and see the beauty and unwind,
exhile a little while and clear your mind,
enjoy the greenery,
enjoy the fields,
enjoy the mountains,
enjoy the rivers, the seas and the oceans,
enjoy the breeze,
enjoy the rain,
enjoy the snow,
enjoy the sunshine and take your time but mind not where you go,
just be happy wherever it is,
for that will be the best place to be,
the best place for inspiration,
so find peace wherever you go,
for where there is peace is a happy heart and a happy mind,
so exhile,
exhile a little while and take your time.


In the hedgerows,
In the rivers,
in the seas,
In the oceans it is a shame to see the debris,
the cast off unwanted rubbish that has barely served its purpose for anytime at all,
but how quickly it is thrown away,
and how carelessly it is thrown into the hedgerows,
into the rivers,
into the seas,
and into the oceans,
for in this time of convenience,
how sickening it is that people don’t think at all,
and how quick they are to dispose of so many things designed to be so quickly disposable,
the tins,
the bottles,
the plastics,
the foams,
and so many more,
for it is a terrible thing and it is a shame,
a shame upon humanity,
a crime against the environment,
but people blindly keep on throwing packaging away and unwanted goods without thinking and so needlessly,
so what will it take to change peoples mentality,
for it seems unfortunately that there is no end to some peoples stupidity,
and I wish It wasn’t so,
and they keep ignoring the warnings of the environmental damage done,
and maybe one day it will be too late,
when all our food and our water sources have been polluted,
and because of this humanity couldn’t be saved and humanity has died because of famine and drought,
all because some people were too stupid to realise the damage that they were doing with their disposable ways.


Angelina of the coast,
you waved at the sea,
and your loved one you waved to he,
you waved to him in his boat,
and you have forever since looked like a ghost,
for he disappeared over the horizon and he went to a foreign land,
and he sent you a letter and he gave you his house which you couldn’t understand,
and then you saw it,
the rest of what he had written,
and with tears in your eyes oh how you cried,
and inside your heart and your mind how you died,
for you were never the same again,
for in the letter all that he wrote was,
I am going away forever and a day,
so please do not think bad of me,
for it wasn’t to be,
for my mind and my heart had considered everything,
and my feelings for you had sadly disappeared over distant seas,
and though I still love you for who you were,
you have changed and that is no good for me,
so please find inside my engagement ring that I give back to thee,
for my love for you has died I am afraid,
and my heart and my mind have disappeared over the horizon to a foreign land,
and I will never be coming back,
and I know it will not be of much comfort to you,
but in the long run you will have a roof over your head and no bills at all,
and though I do not love you like I used too sadly,
I give you the house in love,
for it will be better in time and do not think of it as anything that you do not deserve,
for I give it to you with love because of how you treated me,
and because of all the things that you did for me,
and because of you and because of your love please take it,
and in time your heart will heal,
and I wish and hope that you will be happy,
so please do not think too unkindly of me,
and though I will be overseas I will think of you upon a tropical breeze,
and I will think of you with a smile on your face,
and that would be the best for you and the best for me.

I’m not going out

I’m not going out,
so do not try to get me out said the child,
I’m not going out,
so do not try to get me out or I will scream and shout!
But you must said the mother we are going to Grandmothers for tea,
I am definitely not going out said the child rather animatedly!
But dinner is at half past six the mother replied and you must be rather hungry?
Well I’m not going out said the child,
so do not try to get me out or I will scream and shout,
and anyway I am going to cook my own tea because Grandmothers cooking is awful you see!
And the mother with frustration in her eyes said you are coming out whether you like it or not!
And the child replied oh no I’m not!
Because I am a part of the Earth and wherever I am it does not matter to me for it is the same place you see!


Don’t give up,
do not give up,
no matter the obstacles in front of you do not fail to see that any obstacle can be overcome if you approach it correctly,
so do not give up and think about things a little while,
and in time you will see,
there is no obstacle too big,
for every obstacle is all in the mind whether imaginary or physically,
and so if you think about it,
if you really think about it,
if there is a problem then there must be a solution,
and with perseverance and logic and common sense,
if you apply your mind you will overcome it,
for a mountain is not a mountain if you think clearly.

Give me a little

Give me a little of your heart,
give me a little of your mind,
give me a little of your time,
and give me you to talk to,
and give me your understanding,
and give me you,
and I will give you me,
and I will give you a little of my time,
and I will give you a little of my heart,
and I will give you a little of my mind,
and I will give you a little of my time,
and I will give you me to talk to,
and I will give you my understanding,
and I will give you me,
and how much better will be the days,
betters days with less conflict,
happier days,
and there will be more humaneness and compassion in humanity.

Go lightly

Go lightly,
tread softly,
and in the mind dance as if upon the air,
and let your thoughts float like a feather,
and learn to separate yourself from the daily cares,
and let time not be your master,
but just let time be,
let time be time and pay it no mind,
and exist in the moment,
for there is no point worrying about things that could be,
for you can over analyse so many things,
and waste time far too often when you could be relaxing waiting for things to be,
so think hard about things that are ahead that you know of and with certainty,
for you can only plan so much,
so go lightly,
and tread softly,
and in the mind dance as if upon the air,
and let your thoughts float like a feather,
and learn to separate yourself from the daily cares,
for what will be will come to thee,
and what is possible there is no point worrying over something that you cannot see,
so think of the possibilities but in the end what will be will be.


Head for the hills,
get your thrills away from the city,
breathe in the air,
feel better there,
take in the sun,
the sky and the sea,
and take a picnic and some drink,
and watch the world pass by in front you,
and watch the seagulls fly,
and watch the boats upon the sea,
watch the people swimming,
watch the people each talking happily,
and watch them relaxing,
and relax yourself,
and breathe in the fresh air,
and watch the waves,
and feel the breeze blow through your hair,
for in natures beauty,
what more calming a thing could there be,
so head for the hills,
and get your thrills away from the city,
for in the fresh air with a clearness of mind you will I hope find some sanity.

Have you ever

Have you ever,
have you not,
have you ever done as much as you would want,
for life is far too short,
and time and chances are not always on your side it is true,
but do what you can in the time that you have,
for what a shame it would be to have regrets,
and such a shame at the end of life to have that view,
for you must make of life what you can,
because life it certainly will not go easy on you,
and life is there for the taking,
so make of it what you can and do your best,
for only then,
only then will your dreams come true.

You danced

Fred Astaire,
in your heart you danced,
you danced with a piano,
you danced over the tables,
you danced upon the chairs,
you danced on the dancefloor,
you let down your hair,
you danced with a piano,
you danced over the tables,
and you danced upon the chairs,
you danced on the dancefloor,
and you danced upon the ceiling,
and if you could you would have danced in the air,
and you danced in the sun,
and you danced in the rain,
and you danced in the snow,
and you felt happy dancing wherever you would,
and in your mind you danced again and again,
and you danced through your thoughts,
and you danced your way through the day,
and you danced your way through the night,
and you danced through the spring,
the summer,
the autumn,
the winter,
and you danced no matter the time of day,
and you danced in the fields,
and you danced upon the mountain,
and you danced on holiday,
you danced through life,
for life was much better that way,
and you danced until you went to sleep,
and then in your sleep you probably danced too,
and you danced in every way,
and you danced and you danced into your grave,
and I wouldn’t be surprised if you are still dancing in your grave right up to this day.


Etherial of mood what comes to you,
for being such a way do you ever take anything seriously because you seem to have that quality in you to not to,
the quality that allows you to brush off the darkness in a such a way,
and I wish I could but I wasn’t built that way,
and Rome wasn’t built in a day,
and I see you with your etherial ways,
and you sail away in your thoughts and you have such a lightness of touch in the words that you say,
and I admire you for you have such a greatness in you,
and it is as if you are lifted up upon the wings of an angel,
and how great it is to see you,
for you have no cares and you are happy in your etherial ways,
because up is better than down,
and you are never down thanks to your etherial ways.

On the quay

In the sunshine,
on the quay by the boat in Florida,
you stand there and smoke a cigarette,
you stand there in sunglasses heading for god only knows,
for you won’t tell me,
and you stand there with one hand in your pocket,
and you don’t seem anxious,
but you say you are waiting for the man to tell you about another man and that is as far as it goes,
and afterwards I find out that you were apparently headed for Cuba,
and well that was the rumour,
because afterwards there was an assassination attempt and I have a feeling you were a part of it but I will never know,
but Fidel Castro never died,
and you never were seen again so I will never know how it went,
or whether your loved ones knew and now know about you missing,
but In the sunshine,
on the quay by the boat in Florida,
you stand there and smoke a cigarette,
and you seemed so calm with no anxiousness at all,
for you probably had been planning it a long time,
and I wonder before you go,
I wonder in your mind how do you prepare for such a thing,
and how do you prepare to assassinate someone that you have never met,
someone that you have never known,
and when you are in such a position,
how do you train yourself to have no conscience at all,
and how do you train yourself mentally to kill,
and how do you train yourself to carry on with life as if nothing had ever happened at all.

A little rice

A little rice,
but not much,
a little rice,
but barely enough to satisfy,
but a little rice,
because there Is little food around and many will probably die,
for in the Jungle in the hottest of heats,
you need all the strength you can to survive,
but there is only a little rice until the hunting trip comes back from deep in the Jungles,
but you are used to it and it is a part of life,
for you are tougher,
far tougher than those in the modern world,
for they would probably only cry,
but you can starve for days and days and barely complain,
but how much more grateful for food you are,
than those who live in the modern world who know nothing of nature,
and who in the same circumstances would probably from malnutrition and disease quickly probably die.

Cutting through

Cutting through what people say is not easy these days,
cutting through to the truth,
and cutting through what people say is not easy in any way,
and cutting through the chaos and the disorder seems to get harder every day,
for there are so many ways to express yourselves these days,
in language and print,
and in the newspapers and on the radio,
and on the television,
and on the telephone,
but deciphering people is very difficult,
for so many people wear masks and do not tell the truth,
and cover up the reality so many times and lie to you,
for there are so many false realities in this world,
that the world finds it hard for the world to understand each other as best as they could do,
and you wish that the world would listen more and try harder,
but cutting through is far more difficult than we have ever been used to,
for there are so many lies and egos,
and we clash more often through understanding and ego than we ever used to,
but we can only hope for better and be true to ourselves,
for with truth within there will be truth spoken by you,
and truth is what you need to advance society,
so why do so many people live in false realities,
deluding themselves,
for by doing so you cause people to mistrust them,
and the world is a poorer place,
when people through ego and self centred ways lie to themselves and to you.

Of this world

Of this world there is not enough,
not enough of love,
of this world there is not enough,
but I hope for more,
more than I could ever dream of,
and I wish I could be sure from whence it came,
now that I cannot explain,
but love is love,
and I wish it would capture my heart and my mind more often,
for I long for it,
and I long for someone to love,
and I long for my jaded heart to soften,
for of this world there is not enough,
not enough of love,
and when I look I don’t find it,
and when I do I am blinded,
for such magic fills your soul,
and in the delicacies,
and in the intricacies of love,
what more could you wish for,
for hope should never be lost,
and hope is a wonderous thing,
for nothing is worse than loss,
and through loss of hope,
when there is darkness,
drag yourself up at all costs,
for time is of the essence,
for broken hearts may lay shattered in their parts,
but have no fear,
dive once more into the fray,
and try try try,
and soon you will cast sadness away,
for in solitude,
what a mood is dismay,
and I wish,
I wish it away,
for it eats at me,
when I am wanton for a heart so true,
and when I am lonely,
when I am lonely,
loneliness is magnified a million times or two,
and so I try to fight the darkness away,
waiting for a smile,
and such beatitudes,
beatitudes that a relationship would bring,
for I am sick of solemn moods,
for my mind is far better and my heart is too beside you,
and though I may not know you yet,
I am expectant,
and wishing upon the shooting stars,
and hoping for the best,
for of this world there is not enough love,
but when I find it,
when I finally gaze into your eyes,
I will I hope, be forever blessed.

You seek solace

You seek solace whenever you can,
you with your tearful eyes,
and your waylaid plans,
you seek solace wherever you can,
hurt by women,
hurt by man,
you seek solace but you’ve cut yourself off,
and if you gave me a chance then I would try to understand,
but because of your sensitivities and shy ways,
all I can see and all I can understand,
are the tears in your eyes,
tears you cry,
over what and who knows why,
but all I see is the wreckage inside,
reflected by the teardrops in your eyes,
and as I sit here alone,
and you try to hide amongst the broken pieces of your life,
I hope you will get better soon,
and may god speed the healing of your heart and of your mind,
for I have been there,
been there a thousand times,
and everyone is so different,
and life is so complex,
for what a work of art is the heart,
even in the darkest of times,
and what a maze is the mind,
for in it you seek solace with your tearful eyes,
and my smiles are yours,
and I hope they soften you,
and bring you some kind of peace of mind,
for I would do anything for you to bring you some sunshine,
and to lighten your mood,
for better are the days,
when we share our burdens together as one,
and the world is a better place when the tears have dried,
and we are unified,
under the gloriousness of the shining sun.

You say

You say you want this,
but then you go away,
and you say you want me,
then you cannot make up your mind again,
you say you want this,
you say you want us to be,
but you lied again,
and once again I am disappointed and I am free,
and also too I am heart broken,
and am not sure what to do,
and you do not help by confusing things,
and by mixing up my mind,
and you try to lead me down the garden, you try to lead me down the garden path far too many times,
and it hurts,
it hurts,
far more than you realise,
for what is it with you,
I really do not seem to understand your mind,
but I am always clinging to you,
and wanting it to work,
but you give the run around so many times,
and I keep coming back for more,
for more of the hurt,
and for what it is worth,
surely there will come a time,
when the end will come and I cannot take anymore of you and your lies and I am sick of the crying,
the crying over you,
for I know you are no good,
but at the moment I am still a fool.

Daylight sunshine

light upon the water that sparkles and glistens,
and inspires the imagination and the mind,
for what a life is this under the fluffiest of clouds,
sat upon the rock where I day dream away the times,
I wait and I wait in nature in the warmest of climes,
and I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin,
and in it’s rays I awake,
and I float away in my thoughts,
for they are captured in my heart,
and my heart it beats with the rhythm of the times,
day light,
travelled millions of miles to flicker about thine eyes,
for in it’s gloriousness how beguiling the light that dances so lightly and effervescently,
and inspires rejuvenation and stirs the soul and the mind,
for in it I am alive,
to live, to create,
in the wondrousness of nature,
where I in happiness do spend my time,
for I walk the Earth with a lightness of mood,
for it colours me,
and because of the light it gives me strength and fortitude,
and I walk on, I walk on into the sun,
for the sun it helped create me and I walk towards it as if my mother,
and embrace it and together we are one,
for without it, there is nothing,
and oh what spectacular creations are wrought,
in the elements of the universe,
where unseen hands with their many plans,
create heaven in it’s place,
for humanity to try to wonder at and to try to understand.


O, o, o, o,

What can there be,
what can there be the matter with me,
I feel ill,
and I’m developing every malady,
what can the matter be with me,
I shall look in the mirror,
and I shall see what I shall see,
what can the matter be with me,
I ruminate and I cogitate,
and ponder my condition whatever it may be,
maybe I will have to find out,
by going on one of those self help talk shows on TV.
When the winter has gone
When the winter has gone,
cautiously, after your heart has melted,
and there is no bitterness in the air,
you will love again I’m sure,
a little more cautiously than before,
a little more cautiously,
and when the winter has gone,
and your heart has melted,
and you have begun to thaw,
you will love again I’m sure,
for you are not so cold as the winter,
and maybe a little changed from before,
but you will love again I’m sure,
as sure as the sun rises and the night falls,
for love is eternally wanted by most,
and the hurt from before will disappear as the darkness falls from your eyes,
for love is the ideal which we strive for,
for when the winter has gone and your heart has melted,
you will I hope,
be less discontented than before,
and love, thy will be done,
and brought to thine eyes and heart and mind,
for the magic of love shines bright,
and eternal in humanities feelings,
to be repeated and repeated in the symbiosis and the synchronicity of two,
and so powerfully,
as powerfully as the waves do crash upon the shore,
for love, I feel you in my heart,
and you mean everything to me,
and for eternity I wish and I hope you find it too,
when the winter has gone,
and your heart has melted and you have begun to thaw.

She was lucid of thought

She was lucid of thought,
she was clear of thought she was sure,
she thought through everything,
and she considered life,
life after death,
in a morbidity of a time,
but where time wandered,
she was never sure,
and she was lucid of thought,
or so she thought,
for she considered it a million times,
but time slipped by,
and she was never decisive,
and she day dreamed her days away,
and philosophised over everything,
and never achieved much,
but by the smile on her face,
she was happy,
happy I’m sure,
for what great art is the mind,
and what great thoughts,
lie in so many people,
that are never spoken out loud,
and what great plans,
and solutions to the worlds problems,
may be laying in wait in the brain,
only to be forgotten and replaced by some other thoughts,
that seem more important than the one before,
thoughts that maybe may have changed the world,
but we will never be sure.,

Oh lonely tree

Oh lonely tree,
how are you,
are you as lonely,
as lonely as can be,
lonely tree,
what do you see,
do you wish for company,
do you get bored,
bored by what you see,
despite the beauty,
or do you feel as one with nature,
and no matter the season are you happy,
oh lonely tree,
gazing at the sky,
looking at the sea.


Eradication of all ills through such pills,
may seem like an obvious choice,
but it can probably be avoided,
well it would be nice,
but we get so used to relying on them these days,
but there must a much better and a more natural way,
but with all the advertising now nature seems unnatural,
and I am out of my comfort zone looking for something,
that will take my ills away,
and I’ve got pills,
I’ve got pills,
I’ve got pills that take them away,
and I’ve been on them for so long,
it seems like the only way,
and if I am paying out for pills I must be Ill and I should probably go to the doctors right away.

In the little lanes

In the little lanes,
in and out of the rain,
with an umbrella in hand,
on the way,
on the way to a ferry to spain,
oh what a glorious thought to be so far away,
so far away,
so far away come what may,
far away from the grey,
for a week, a month,
come what may,
no matter which,
in the sun all my worries will be eased away,
and sat upon the beaches,
the waves will crash,
and the time will pass so quickly,
for oh how glorious will be the day,
for it has been far too long,
and in the sun I could quite happily stay,
forever and a day,
and in my footsteps on the way to the ferry to Spain,
oh the Spanish sun,
the thought of it,
it makes me feel better straight away,
for I like to live in the light,
and forget the darkness and the grey,
so any time of year,
give me the cheer,
of the sun upon my skin any day,
for it nourishes me and inspires me,
and I feel alive,
and much brighter is my mood,
wherever In the sunshine I may stay.

This angel

This angel she walks with me,
wherever I go,
she walks with me,
and I carry her in my heart,
through the spring,
the summer,
the autumn,
and the winter,
as the sun shines,
and the rain and the snow does fall,
this angel,
she walks with me,
and she walks with me where others will not go,
for she is a memory in my mind,
that stirs so greatly my heart and my mind and my soul,
this angel,
she walks with me wherever I go,
on this journey to where I do not know,
on this road that I walk and that I tread alone,
feeling stronger with her inside me,
for she gives me the courage to persevere,
no matter how rocky the roads,
for my heart is brightened,
and the weight of the world upon my shoulders is lightened whereever I go,
and when the times are tough,
her eyes and her smile they fill me with such warmth,
no matter the winter or the desolate thoughts,
that through my mind like the wind doth blow,
for this angel she walks with me,
and I remember the touch of her skin and her smell,
for it is as fresh as the flowers of summer,
for she gives me such inspiration and she will always be an angel I know,
guiding me,
no matter how difficult life,
and no matter how difficult the road,
for I will carry her inside me,
and be all the better for it,
and I will honour her and her memory,
and her life,
for she was the love of my life and I will carry her in my emotions,
and in my heart wherever I go.

Stand still a little while

Stand still a little while,
let me see your eyes,
let me see your smile,
stand still a little while,
as the wind blows in your hair and I admire your style,
stand still a little while,
but do not think me shallow,
for your beauty is so wonderful to see,
and although I am taken aback,
I want to know you for who you are inside, and time,
time will have no meaning in your company.

The night has fallen

The night has fallen,
but what is it to be,
do you step out into the moonlight so bright,
with the air so fresh and clean,
will you venture forth,
venture forth seeking company,
or seek solace alone,
or maybe will you sit in a bar,
wherever that may be,
for night has fallen,
and maybe a devil or an angel is calling,
for the night has fallen,
and you have been given your calling,
to dress and to express whoever you wish to be,
for of such great places,
and of such faces,
and of such great inspiration from joyous occasion,
whatever form it takes,
the night is young and when your mind is bursting with opportunities,
we must make the best of life,
for life is short,
and we should enjoy our time upon the Earth,
for life is precious,
and what is better than being happy.


Wanting, wanting, wanton,
Into the rain and the grey as the rain drops fall,
wishing for the sun with such a mind so ever full,
full of little hope into the rain and the grey I walk,
and I look for you in the autumn as the leaves do fall,
for you are a solitary thing and are rarely seen at all,
yet my heart it calls for you in this country where I walk tall,
but love it usually finds you,
when you are not looking at all.

Deep inside

How special are these feelings so deep inside,
so colourful and magical that upon the body the mind doth rise,
how special are these feelings so deep inside,
for they burst forth from out of nowhere with such delight,
such delight that bursts from out of the darkness into the light,
and oh how special are these feelings that are effervescent and jubilant that from the heart do arise,
and I wonder, but not for long,
or of how they came along,
for in simplicity and complexity is the power of love,
and in the power of love wonder is described,
and in you,
there is a gentleness and a compassion,
and an intellect and a wit,
and there is a heart that beats so strong and true,
for in your eyes,
there is only one word for the feeling that I can describe,
the feeling of love,
a simple word that I delight in,
for you to me are an angel,
and you shine brighter than the sun,
for in your eyes all the heavens and all the galaxies do arise,
and In you there is such a beauteous wonder,
and from the visions of you and in my feelings for you,
they bring such joyous feelings to my eyes,
for in you I am happy,
so happy,
and I revel in the wonder of you,
for the magnificence of the world has nothing on you,
and the magnificence is magnified a million times,
for in your eyes there is such delight that inspires me,
and guides me,
and shows me the way like a light through the darkest of nights,
and like the sun on the most beautiful of days,
for what an incredible wonder you are to me,
and intertwined in your arms there is a warmth and a bliss like the tenderness of your kiss,
a kiss, that I could live through over and over again a billion times,
for with you,
I am complete and oh how special are these feelings,
these feelings so deep inside,
for in you what a passion,
and oh how powerful and glorious and how elegant are you,
for you shine like the stars in the sky,
and I, love you,
I love you more than I can express,
I love you,
and blessed are the joyous tears that fall from my eyes.

In our hands

In our hands we the world have the power to change things.
We the world have the money.
We the world have the time.
We the world together can improve the lot of humanity,
by listening and understanding each other,
and with each other’s help,
and with compassionate hearts and caring minds.
For now is the time.

The time to prevent war and terrorism, the time to solve homelessness,
the time to prevent famine and drought, the time to eradicate poverty from our lives.
For time waits for no man and no man should wait for time.
So why wait for the death of billions more people from war,
and death and disease,
and famine and drought?
For the time is now,
and now is the time,
the time to value human life more than before.
The time to save more lives.
The time to care more for humankind.


You wanted to be famous no matter what it took,
or you married someone famous and didn’t understand how difficult life would be if that was the path that you took,
you looked up to people who inspired you,
you went to every event willingly,
or you were dragged to every event to be supportive of the one that you loved no matter what it took,
and you promoted yourself anyway that you could,
and you promoted yourself by your talents and by your looks,
or you made your own way in life with your own talents,
and you had a little success and persevered no matter what it took,
and you succeeded and bit by bit people began to notice you for you and for your talent,
and you continued to promote yourself,
and you persevered and continued to succeed,
and glowing comments were made,
and then people began to hover around you like vultures and saw from you a profit could be made,
and then they began to invade your personal life and your families personal life and you were never the same again,
and photographs were taken constantly,
and your personal space was invaded everyday,
and stories about you were sold countless times,
and the stress it began to mount and mount,
and in the street,
on the radio and on the television and in the newspapers and in the magazines and books and on the chatshows and online,
people talked about you and discussed you and wrote about you,
and then the negative comments came,
and at first you tried to pay them no mind,
but they came again and again
again and again,
and as they piled upon you oh how life changed,
and how quickly you began to deteriorate,
how quickly you began to lose weight,
and you began to self harm,
and you began to drink far too much,
and you began to use drugs far too often,
and your relationships suffered and your family life suffered,
yet you continued working,
trying to balance life and personality and home life and home life reality,
but whenever you left your house you could never get any peace for your celebrity never switched off in the public eye,
it never switched off in the public eye to everyone except you,
for you were just you and you tried your best to continue,
but your work suffered,
and your relationships suffered and your family life,
and more negative comments were made about your work and you,
and people judged your relationships and romances and discussed your intimacies and your sexuality,
in the street,
on the radio stations,
on the television stations,
in the newspapers and in the magazines,
and across the nation and the world,
there was nowhere to hide from your celebrity,
nowhere to hide except in your own house,
and even then there were the photographers outside,
photographers and journalists trying to pry into your life,
some even invading your property to get the scoop of their lives,
and the pressure continued to mount and mount,
and there were the continual break downs,
the self harm,
the drug use,
the alcoholism,
the nervous breakdowns and countless rehabilitations,
the hounding,
the hounding,
the hounding,
and the suicide caused by those whose entertainment came above your suffering and your pain,
now who is to blame,
the radio stations,
the television stations,
the newspapers,
the online websites,
the public,
will it ever change,
only through new regulation or it will always continue the same,
and the society who live vicariously through you will continue living vicariously through you no matter your pain,
and society will continue no matter what to voraciously gobble up every little story so happily despite your suffering and your pain,
and you despite your complaining and despite you trying to protect your privacy in the courts,
and life under such duress it drives so many to suicide,
and it has happened again and and again,
and even after death your privacy invasion will never end,
for the radio stations,
the television stations,
the newspapers and the magazines
and the writers will continue to discuss your life and will continue to profit from you,
but after your death,
for your family there will never peace,
and for you even in death there will never be peace again.

Peer pressure

You didn’t want to be famous but you wanted to look cool,
you wanted to be respected,
you wanted to feel good,
you wanted everyone to love you,
so you listened to your friends,
and you talked about what was cool,
you talked about what was fashionable,
you talked about how it could attract the opposite sex,
you tried to be you and you tried to feel good,
you wanted to look good,
you wanted to be admired,
you wanted to be seen as beautiful,
and you were spoilt for choices of products,
and everyone,
absolutely everyone was trying to advertise to you,
trying to advertise to you on the radio and on the televisions,
and on the chatshows and the beauty shows and the contests,
and inbetween the celebrities television shows and on the celebrities shows glamour was thrown at you,
you must have this,
you must have that,
you should look this way,
you should look that,
and you felt at first you should buy this and buy that because you wanted to look good,
and then your friends bought the same things,
and over and over again you paid the money and you felt the most beautiful that you had ever been,
and then with so many things to choose from you bought something your friends did not do and went to places your friends did not,
and then you were criticised and picked on and you felt stupid,
and felt that you weren’t quite fitting in,
but then you tried to rationalise it by thinking it was their fault,
then you had a change of heart,
and so you bowed to peer pressure,
and bought what they did and went where they did again,
and then at times you struggled with yourself and you wanted to dress like you again and you wanted to go where you wanted to go again,
and then they criticised you again and again,
they criticised you out loud all over town,
they criticised you online on the social networks,
and friends and ex friends they criticized you behind your back amongst their friends,
and they criticised your relationships,
and you began to self harm,
and you began to drink too much,
you began to take drugs,
and the criticisms continued,
and you couldn’t take anymore,
and in your own bedroom amongst the fashionable clothes that you had bought,
and amongst the beauty magazines and the beauty products,
the games consoles and the posters of celebrities,
you hung yourself,
you hung yourself,
and whilst you were dying,
you were glad you were dying because you would never face criticism again,
and just before dinner,
dinner with the family that you loved,
oh how sadly and how quickly your life came to a horrific end.

In the city

In the city the night couldn’t come too soon,
for the day was ragged,
and the day was full of fools and buffoons,
In the city,
the night couldn’t come too soon,
and sat at the table you relaxed your weary feet,
and you drank regretting the day,
for it was an abomination and you were sore and sick headed from the hours that you spent dealing with idiots with nothing to lose,
and In the city the night couldn’t come too soon for the day was written off by those morose imbicillic loons,
and you watched the light depart happily,
and welcomed the thought of werewolves,
werewolves to eviscerate those you had to deal with on a daily basis for they came at you unknown,
the wingers and the complainers,
the slightly deranged,
but at least you got paid,
and here in the city as the evening came,
you drank a little,
you ate a little,
you watched the smiles upon the faces,
you enjoyed the company,
and you appreciated the sanity,
and wondered why you had to deal with the insane people every day,
nothing to say,
nothing to say,
get away,
get away,
get away on holiday and let the werewolves roam,
let them take the lunatics away,
for I’m done in this city,
and I’m losing my brain,
and if I stay here much longer I will end up dead in the gutter,
and my family won’t appreciate that,
so get away,
appreciate the lights,
the sights,
the beauty with the blonde hair in front of you with the beautiful smile and the button nose,
the beauty with eyes as wide as heaven,
so stay here a little while,
and talk to her,
and maybe get lucky and while the night away and talk to her,
talk to her,
forget about the day,
go on buy her a drink,
go on, you know you want to,
for you could do with a little company and lonely and crazy is the day,
and much better Is the city at night for it makes more sense,
and there are no loons and it is a classier place anyway,
so go on buy her a drink,
she’s looking at you,
she’s smiling at you,
go on,
go on what have you got to lose for it has got to be better than the day,
and the way she looks at you,
fingers crossed,
here goes,
I’ll introduce myself,
I’ll buy her a drink and get to know her a little,
and if she falls in love with me,
well damn,
I’ll be lucky,
but it sure will be better than the loons and the buffoons,
those insane people that I’d rather forget,
and looking at her they are gone in an instant,
and there is beauty and life in her eyes,
and a beauty that I could never forget,
so here goes,
I get up from the table and walk towards her with a smile on my face and what will be who knows.


We have failed to be humane,
we the human race,
we have failed to be humane,
we have been cruel and uncaring and unkind for far too long,
and the deaths of innocents have plagued the world in incredible numbers,
and there have been countless wars,
and there have been people sent to their deaths far too many times,
and there has been poverty on a daily basis and homelessness,
and there have been countless famine and droughts and millions of lives lost and countless money wasted without solving anything,
and there have been countless outbreaks of disease with drug companies charging far too high a price,
and there have been shootings and stabbings and gun crimes,
and acid attacks,
and bomb attacks,
and terrorist attacks,
and there has been countless trauma,
and countless tears in humanities eyes,
countless tears,
but what will it take to eradicate these problems,
and how will we eradicate these problems if humanity has lost their compassion after seeing it happen so many times,
for is there such futility in the minds of society that the humanity from humanity has been erased?
And Is there hope for the human race?
Well I hope there is,
but we need leaders,
we need leaders who can inspire and reinvigorate the worlds compassion,
leaders that can make us see that what we are doing to each other is not the solution to peace and the advancement of our times,
for this uncaring, unkind, largely uncompassionate global society and the governments of global society have been not as uncompassionate as they should have been for far too long,
and we need new leaders with positivity,
who say what they mean and who mean what they say,
leaders who aren’t all talk and full of hot air,
leaders who actually accomplish what they say they are going to do,
leaders who stand up for what they believe in and don’t change like the wind to suit popularity,
we need more leaders like Ghandi and Nelson Mandela and John F Kennedy,
leaders who stood up for what they believed in and who put their lives on the line,
we need a change of mind the human race,
we need to take some to reflect on how horrifically wrong global society has gone,
we need to take some time,
for what the hell have we been thinking,
for we have destroyed whole species upon the Earth,
we have destroyed and damaged the environment countless times,
we have had countless financial corruption,
and corruption by politicians,
and corruption in governments and government departments worldwide,
and we have indoctrinated people with Ill thought out belief systems far too many times,
and people have been persecuted far too often,
there has far too much racism and hate and intolerance,
there has been far too much religious hatred,
and we have kidnapped people,
and we have raped people over and over and over again,
and we have tortured people in so many sickening ways,
and we have murdered people on a daily basis,
and we have started so many wars with well over a billion deaths caused in so many brutal ways,
and isn’t it time for the end of these days,
and isn’t it time for a change,
and isn’t it time for humanity to put more humanity back into humanity,
for if we do not,
that may very well be the final end of the human race.

In the mind

Close your eyes and take some time In the mind,
and unwind,
for the body lays on the floor still warm,
so take some time and pay it no mind,
blood everywhere yeah,
blood everywhere,
bits of the human brain,
and wallet with rolls of money in,
fella will never be the same,
so take some time,
because you made a lot of money today,
and smile a little because it’s over,
and there is no one around here for miles,
so take some time,
and think of the beer down at Suzys bar,
and think of her face and her smile,
and think of the smell of her perfume,
think of her in bed well,
it has been a while,
this job you know,
now breathe a little,
take some time,
fella went down real easy but I don’t mind because it is what I am paid for right?

Paid to kill,

paid to kill,
having the time of my life,
and you know how it is,
got kids and an ex wife,
and here I am sat covered in blood,
but a couple of beers later I’ll be alright,
so take some time,
throw the body into the incinerator and my clothes and then have a shower,
and then warm myself by the incinerator afterwards,
and pour petrol on the car and watch it burn,
drop it into the hole and pour some acid down there and watch it go,
watch it go,
then have a cigar,
a little smoke,
then fly outta here in the plane and blank my mind,
blank my mind,
get home kiss my kids goodnight and after go see Suzy,
Suzy she’s alright,
she’s nice,
and now what will she wearing,
well it don’t matter to me she always chooses well and she’s a real delight,
so that’s the plan,
buy her a meal after her shift and relax,
drink with her all night and give her a kiss,
you know how it is,
been a good days work at the office,
money in the bank and blank of mind,
a vision of Suzy infront of me,
and what could be better,
and Suzy the love of my life.

Cheesecake on the table,
pie in the oven,
going somewhere,
going somewhere nice,
going on vacation and I won’t think twice,
bags packed and I will be leaving to the sound of mice,
I will be going to somewhere tropical,
somewhere with sandy beaches,
somewhere that makes me feel alive,
because I got my suntan lotion on and my sunglasses,
and i’m going to go swimming in the oceans,
i’m going to see all the little fishes,
i’m going to lay under the sun and the clouds,
i’m going to play a little roulette at the casino,
i’m going to drink,
i’m going to get real loud,
real loud under the neon lights,
i’m going to flirt with the hostesses,
and i’m going to stumble out into the street and look up at the stars in the sky,
i’m going to find my hotel room and feel like I am going to die,
and I’m going to lay there in my drunken stupor,
whilst the radio plays and the room it sways,
and away from the world and its frantic pace what a relief is relaxation these days,
for relief from modern stresses is far less than we wish,
so I am going to take my holiday now and as soon as I can,
because death comes to us all and far too soon,
and I’m really not ready for a permanent holiday,
I just want some time to myself,
I want to explore,
for in modern life,
life is often a bore and what for,
you got to live you know,
you have to enjoy yourself,
for what good is wealth if you all you get is stressed,
so I’m going to go on holiday a lot more,
because I will not live a short life if I can help that it is for sure,
for happinness In this chaotic mess that we know as the world is not for me,
and so I’m leaving permanently,
and I’m going to go and enjoy myself and be myself,
and do something I enjoy,
for what good is the point of living a life that is so full of stress and weary and dull,
for there is no reason,
no reason at all,
and I won’t remember the place that I have left,
I will not remember those nameless faces of people that I have worked with,
and whose names I have never remembered to remember before,
and I will not remember the town that I lived in,
for it means nothing to me and I will never think of it again,
for I want to be a new me,
free from the old me,
free from lifes daily grind and its misery,
so I’m going to go on holiday and go to the coast and the mediterranean sea,
I’m going to go to Rome,
and Scicily,
I am going to go wherever I can relax,
I am going to go and eat the local food and drink a little wine,
and learn some languages,
and take my time,
and visit the art galleries,
and listen to the traditional music,
and meet the people and talk as best as I can in their language,
and see their smiles and be welcomed into their homes,
and also cross the mediterranean on the ferries enjoying the views,
and maybe fall in love but we shall see,
but no matter what,
and no matter how far I roam,
and no matter how many miles I will walk it will not matter to me all,
for all that matters is that I am happy,
and to be far away from the stresses of my old life,
far away from a place that I didn’t enjoy living in,
and far away from those who I do not care for and closer to my family in the mediterranean,
for in the mediterranean how great it will be,
inspiration and happinness,
far away from the old me,
a new me I will be,
and I sit reflecting contentedly by the beautiful blue sea.

In the mystery

In the mystery of you and me,
we in ourselves,
we are never of water free,
and though a fish we cannot be,
we are never out of water,
and we are full of the streams,
the lakes,
the rivers,
the oceans and the seas,
and we in our tears,
we have cried many oceans I am sure,
and what is more,
though it is rather strange in a way,
strange in a way to think of it of course,
how many of peoples memories are contained in the water,
in the water of tears that live in us,
and I wonder about the water of life and how many times it is recycled,
for this magical water that flows in us,
and that has flowed upon the Earth of course,
it is all powerful,
the most powerful force,
and In the mystery of you and me,
how beautifully emotions are wrapped up in us in the tides of the water that inhabit us,
and that contribute to our emotional feelings and our thoughts,
and how far they travel is an incredible thing,
for from a tear,
a single tear,
how glorious and how short is its life as it falls to the Earth to be absorbed,
and how quickly it says hello,
and how quickly it says goodbye of course,
and how quickly raindrops fall and enter the seas,
and how quickly they are sent back into the air,
for in the mystery of you and me,
how could we be,
how could we be without water,
for without water how as humans could we exist of course,
and how could life exist of course without it,
and tears are by fine by me,
for there is a stream in me,
there is a river in me,
there is a lake in me,
there is a sea in me,
there is an ocean in me,
and it ebbs and it flows and it comes and it goes,
and with you my love,
there will be tears of sadness,
tears of joy,
and years of emotions,
and years of feelings that move me,
that move me as a lake with the surface moved by the breeze,
feelings that flow as a stream to a river,
that flow as a river to the sea,
that flow as a river to an ocean,
for the water of life it flows in my emotions and in my feelings,
and with you I know all my life it will flow,
for how strong it is,
and it will always flow because I love you with all my heart and my mind,
and I love you so,
for these feeling are as of all the lakes and the streams,
and the rivers,
the seas and the oceans combined,
because I love you,
and I will cry tears of sadness,
I will cry tears joy,
and I will be happy and sad,
but I will always be with you and always will treasure you and your love,
and treasure you in the smiles and in the happy times,
and I will treasure you in the tears of sadness and joy,
for they both equal to me and as true and as real and as beautiful and as precious,
as precious as the raindrops that fall from the heavens and the skies.

Cast the light

I cast the light,
I saw the shadows play,
I see her the lady I love sat on the chair in a pensive mood,
I see the look of ponderance upon her face,
I see the look of distance in her eyes and a look of soliloquy,
a look of fortitude,
and smile,
take it all in,
for she dreams,
for she dreams of you,
somewhere on the other side of the world,
and there she is in her mind,
thousands of miles away in another lifetime,
with flowers in the vase beside her,
all yellow and aglow,
and she has a bunch of flowers in her hands of many colours,
and she has her hair in ringlets,
and a lonely teardrop upon her cheek,
and more threatening to burst upon her delicate soul,
fix the aperture,
button down on the camera,
memories frozen in time,
the life of a photographer,
a smile from me to her,
and she smiles at me and breaks out of the temporary mood,
and then gets up and kisses me,
the love of my life,
my inspiration,
my muse,
and she kisses and she holds me close,
and the scent of her is so beautiful,
and I am lost in her,
and all thoughts of work they just go,
and she kisses me again and off to restaurant we go.

Houses upon the hill

Houses upon the hill,
beautiful views,
but looks could kill,
for the neighbours aren’t too friendly and are distrusting of those that they see,
houses upon the hill looking down to the sea,
fluffy clouds in the sky,
and small boats upon the beach,
fisherman fishing happily,
seagulls in the air without a care,
and I wish it was me,
but it is not for me for I am not so free,
and so here I am working in the coffee shop wishing I was heading overseas,
for these days they do drag so,
drag so much,
that I never feel alive from nine to five,
and misery is it’s own worst company,
and with only small tips misery is all you will get here at the coffee shop by the sea,
and the owner she is miserable too,
and that is why the wages are low,
and I would rather be somewhere else you see,
and maybe by the end of working here I will still be miserable and buy a house upon the hill,
but if that is the case God help me,
not that God appears willing today and is nowhere to be seen anyway,
and not much help it would have been with all these customers,
the angry and the irate
and the ones who have complained about every little thing upon their plate,
and the ones who spilt drinks,
and shouted and ranted and raged,
and the leery and the beery,
and the rude and the obnoxious,
the vociferous and the boisterous and the rupturous who tear apart the air with every thing that they have to say,
and so soon I will get on a plane forever,
and instead of being miserable I will be happy every day.

End of this

End of this thing that we call home,
and how much value do we put into it,
and how much it is really worth I will never know,
and am I sad to leave?
Not really no,
for bricks and mortar and a roof over your head,
aesthetically I do not give a damn,
and over the odds will be paid by everyone,
so it doesn’t matter and worrying about it isn’t a part of my plan.
So I will go and find another place,
and probably I will complain about the price,
for monetary value,
what is it in reality,
for a house now we pay far too much when building a house used to be free,
and what a shame it is that there are so many homeless people,
when the Earth is their home,
for everyone should have a home,
and everyone should have a roof over their head,
and be able to rest easy in their beds,
and be able to be warm and happy,
for life these days is not as it should be,
for people struggle all their lives,
and waste decades paying off such a necessity,
when to all,
really a house should be free.

The invective

The invective is defective,
and you have no directive to guide you in your invective,
for you are apoplectic and eccentric,
and no one pays you no mind,
and no matter what you say which is mostly rambling nothingness,
for it is always night when it is really day,
and when you wear a smile you are sad,
and when you are happy you are mad,
and every day you rue the day,
for it bears you angry malice or so you say,
and from happinness you walk away,
and you shake your fists at the stars in the sky and the heavens,
and you shout at them and laugh,
for this world has never made sense to you,
and success of your life it has never been a part and you play the fool for that is your best art,
but you are not light of heart and you scare away the dark,
and I see you staring at the sun,
taking the sun to task
but it doesn’t and I,
I just laugh.



head into the sky with your imagination,
and feed the mind with your fascination,
and take your place amongst the stars,
and do not worry about the destination,
for wherever you will travel,
such a mind as a creative mind as yours will find the time for education and creation,
and to pull such new thoughts to wrap around the basic ideas inside you,
for how beautiful it is,
these galaxies unexplored in the mind,
and what precious pearls are to be had,
and what a most wondrous way to expand your mind and spend your time,
so spend your time in the calm and the quiet as best you can,
and with whatever the time that you have,
and do not bend and shorten time if you can,
for how much better the hours of man,
for when you have all the time in the world,
use it wisely,
for nothing really is to be said about wasted time,
but everything is to be said about the creative times that burst forth from inspiration and inquisitiveness,
for in calm there is no cause for alarm,
and no cause for frustration,
so sit a while and close your eyes,
and let your mind levitate to pastures new,
and here’s to a spark or two that catches flame and that sets fire to your heart and mind no matter the subject,
for in inspiration there is happinness,
and in happinness there is inspiration,
and in inspiration there is creation,
and oh how much better the heart is,
for an inspired mind can change human kind,
and the world will be a better place with enlightened ways,
enlightened ways that will come no matter the night or the day,
and no day would be complete without inspiration.


and do not stop dreaming,
dream no matter the circumstances,
dream with all that you have got,
for though times may be dark,
and though you may not have alot,
dream and take time to dream,
for dreams can take you from out of the blackness of moods,
blackness of moods that may haunt you, for because of the harshness of the world,
and because of the struggles and the stresses and the strains of day to day living,
such despair may inhabit you,
for how hard is life upon the mind,
and how hard is this world and how tough this world is upon humankind,
for life it is like a crucible that crushes you so many times,
and in this pressured world,
what a relief it is to take time out,
to sit still,
to just be,
to just exist,
to be calm,
to think and to feel,
to be you without any external stresses and strains,
to be able to relax and to ease the worries of the days,
so dream,
for if you have no dreams and if you have no goals,
how can things improve and how can things ever change,
for dreams and hopes and aspirations will encourage you,
and they will give you a focus,
for the harshness of the world upon you it is such a destructive thing,
so dream,
and create your goals and be desirous of improvement,
and be passionate and persevere,
for you will step by step journey on towards your goals and your aspirations,
so persevere and persevere and continue to persevere,
for along this road,
and on this journey never surrender,
never surrender to fear,
and never give in,
never give in and never surrender despite the mental pressure,
the stresses and the strains,
and push yourself to the limits,
push yourself to the limits again and again and again,
and no matter how long it takes,
and no matter the challenges,
continue to find inspiration,
continue to challenge yourself and continue to encourage yourself,
continue to be inspired,
and continue to persevere and never give in,
and never surrender,
never surrender to doubts and fears,
but keep a healthy dose of realism in your mind,
and carry on no matter what,
and no matter the length of the journey,
you will only get there step by step,
because for dreams to come true you will always need perseverance,
you will always need inspiration,
you will always need the ability to adapt,
you will always need patience and a lot of time,
so dream and never stop dreaming,
and keep inside of you all of those things,
for by doing so you can accomplish anything.

Halfway down the road to nowhere

Halfway down the road to nowhere,
to somewhere further than I had ever been around here,
halfway to you,
halfway to you feeling as if I was in a dream,
halfway down the road to nowhere with voices in the air upon the breeze,
halfway to nowhere,
my emotions a torrent inside of me,
halfway to nowhere with my mind in a haze,
and with my eyes looking straight ahead,
wanting you but not knowing how long it would take to get to you through the heavy rain,
so tired and weary from lifes stresses and strains,
so tired for in my head all I felt was pain,
mental and physical pain from the day and from day to day living,
and such rain,
such rain and pain,
and there halfway down the road to nowhere you never seemed to get closer no matter how far I walked and it seemed a million miles to me,
it seemed as if in slow motion,
and I felt so worn out and as if not me,
for life and daily living it rips out your heart sometimes,
and you only need nothing to make you feel better,
and no materialism just simplicity,
and me well I want you,
for your love has always been so good to me,
and it has always lifted me up and brought me out of any misery,
any misery that I had on any day,
for you are so special to me and I am so lucky,
because you in your beauty and in your intensity and in your vivacity,
you with your good heart and mind,
you grace me with your presence upon a winter’s day and in life with your love you grace me always,
and you grace me with those incredibly dark eyes,
and you grace me with your heart,
and you grace me with your mind,
and you grace me with the kind and the loving words that you say,
and your voice is soft and light and as smooth as honey,
and you when you kiss me I am lost In bliss,
and my mind floats upon a cloud,
and the thoughts of you in my head are as if sunbeams inside me upon a summers day,
and in your warmth how great and how ebullient you make me feel,
for powerful is your love,
and how wondrous it is when you share it with me,
and how delicate like a flower that opens up in the sunshine reaching for higher heights in the hottest part of the day,
and halfway down the road to nowhere that I have ever been,
the thought of you it comforts me,
and it drives me,
and quicker in my step and with the thoughts of you in my mind,
no distance in this world will keep me,
keep me from being in your arms again.