Book 6


© Ben Robinson 2019


Abandoned by the wayside, 26
Actuality, 10
Ancient and wise, 9
Angels, 52
Anything will do, 32
Arrive, 27
At the turning of the night, 36
Boredom, 58
Calamity Jane, 34
Castle, 60
Categorised, 54
Come forwards, 54
Criticise, 26
Damned, 48
Deer, 62
Did you bury your soul, 48
Did you sit there for long, 22
Does love never end, 22
Don’t go near, 42
Empty, 23
Empty cup, 16
Entangled, 46
Erudite, 43
Fight for, 44
Fire, 56
Fire flies, 7
For all is possible, 47
For there is no chance, 48
For You, 53
Forever and a day, 53
From out of the history of time, 47
Future, 55
Get to me, 31
Going to bed, 12
Great, 29
Hard headed, 12
Have you, 16
Heard that, 19
Here, 9
Hey Mr, 59
Higher, 20
I awake, 33
I hold you, 52
I would not wish it, 30
If there was no, 20
In a cave, 33
In a minimal way, 41
In the cities, 63
In the crowd, 5
In the likeness, 6
In the little thought, 51
In this, 19
In your name, 7
Inquisitive, 42
It is almost over, 11
Lead me, 50
Life, 51
Macy Baggett, 8
Marooned, 14
Meeting no one in particular, 18
Moon, 5
Not me, 54
Nothing and something, 43
Plain insane, 24
Quietly and quickly, 57
Raindrops, 25
Renegade, 56
Schizophrenia, 15
She jumped, 29
She smoked, 19
Should I, 30
So goodbye, 50
Stop, 50
Such a taste, 11
Sunshine lack a day, 25
Thank you, 28
The car pulled up, 17
The roar, 42
The shadows, 62
The train, 24
There is, 40
There is no certainty, 10
There is no meter, 25
There Is no time, 5
This dance, 13
Through the window, 21
Time was, 61
Tom’s diner, 60
Trees, 6
Unified, 47
Unpredictable heart, 50
Until the end of time, 21
Victory, 49
Viola, 11
Walk with me, 44
We of infinite resource, 46
We take things for granted, 28
We walked, 8
What did you like, 23
What do I say, 4
What is an idea, 45
Whether we, 12
Yellow is the colour, 45
You favoured the brave, 59
You read a book once, 27
You were no plain Jane, 24
You were pious, 58
You were there, 49
Younger, 26
Your feelings, 4

Your feelings

Your flood of feelings are nothing new to me,
your emotions are well known sometimes they create a sea,
for with your tears,
there have been so many through the years,
but I try to be a good listener,
for I know you are ruled by your emotions,
and me,
well I guess I am a little more jaded and I try not to cry,
for there is enough rain,
enough rain in the sky,
but with your emotions they are a bigger part of you than I,
and your emotions are fine by me,
so please there is no need to worry,
you can say what you like,
and there is no need to be ashamed,
for crying to you is a natural thing to do,
for you are truthful in your emotions,
but I,
I am more reserved,
and I just watch the rain and the clouds in the sky.

What do I say

Well what do I say,
you came,
you came,
from thousands of miles away,
and I can see how weary you are,
for in your eyes there is tiredness,
but I understand you deeply I do,
for you bring me your broken heart,
and I will try to play a part in mending it,
for whoever tore it apart,
no more will you see them again I’m sure it will be true,
for love sometimes is a sickening thing,
and forgetting them is the best thing,
and I am here to listen my friend,
for you live on the other side of the world and I wish I could see you,
I wish I could see you more my friend,
and I am glad that you are here,
so let’s drink some wine and take our time,
and put an end to your misery my dear.

In the crowd

In the crowd,
in the voices that carry all around,
such contentment and such gentle sounds,
happiness in the air,
smiling faces abound,
faces without a care,
for how beautiful it is,
and how great,
for stress is nowhere to be seen anywhere around,
and for this I give thanks,
and in my memory the feeling is captured,
and on the darkest days I will visit it,
whenever I am feeling down,
for I am glad we are all here to speak on such things,
things such as society,
our lives,
and of the problems in the world,
and what better to cope with them and the world than jollity,
for it betters you and me,
and the world will be much better if everyone is jolly.

There Is no time

There is no time for not being educated,
there is only time for being educated,
and we learn something every day whether we like it or not,
there is no time for not being educated,
there is only time for being educated,
it only matters whether what we learn has value or not.


how barren you are amongst the stars,
and how long have you been there,
how long have you been there in that bit of space that you call home,
how long have you watched over the Earth,
how long ago were you alone or were you ever alone,
were you the first to arrive or was the Earth,
were you envious of it,
were you jealous of its blue oceans,
did you consider it to be worth more than you,
did you look at it and feel sorry for it,
and did you feel sorry for it carrying all that water that you do not do,
Moon were you surprised when humans landed on you,
did you feel their feet jumping up and down on you and did it annoy you,
did you wish to move somewhere else when the Earth didn’t talk to you?

In the stillness of trees if anyone had the cause to be,
the cause to be,
bored by the speed of their evolution it would be a tree,
for trees they are not known for their rapidity,
and a tree well it has no sense of humour,
but if I were a tree,
I would grow legs,
and go on holiday and dip my feet in the rivers,
the lakes and the Oceans and the seas,
but unfortunately trees they are not known for their rapidity,
so I will never know,
unless they suddenly run away and they surprise me.

In the likeness

In the likeness of you,
In the likeness of you I see your Mother,
In the likeness of you I see your Father,
in the likeness of you I see their lives,
In the likeness of you I see their spirit in you and I see their twinkle in your eyes,
and in your beauty when I look at you there is no time,
and when I look at you I am left,
I am left with a blank mind,
for you overwhelm my senses and I am lost for words for I admire you,
I admire your beauty as I would admire a work of art,
a beautiful work of art,
for in your beauty and in your heart,
I am left floating as if upon an ocean or a sea,
and I am left floating as if in zero gravity,
for in the likeness of you there is magic in you,
and in you my dreams came true,
and though it took me a while to believe it was true,
I was so glad it was and how quickly I fell for you,
I fell for you so rapidly that night under the stars,
for from that first moment you instantaneously you stole my heart,
and for you,
for you I thank my lucky stars,
for there is magic in you,
and you cast your spell upon me,
for how glorious thou art,
and how great are you for you took me in,
you took me into your heart,
and you cared for me and you loved me,
and you loved me like I have never been loved,
and I am happier today than I have ever been,
happier with you the one that I love,
for you love me like I have never been loved,
and I would never wish for no other upon the Earth,
and I would never wish for no other under the heavens and the stars above.

Fire flies

A camp fire,
Fire flies,
such a heavenly light,
fire flies,
mesmerise your eyes against the black of the night,
fire flies,
they take their time but I do not mind,
fire flies,
such beauty and elegance akin to stars in the sky,
fire flies,
such beauty,
such heaven in my eyes,
such wonderment hovering in the air,
going where,
light glorious light,
so warm and effervescent,
that in its spectacularity it makes you feel warm inside,
fire flies,
amongst the trees,
a magical sight,
a magical memory,
a beautiful night.

In your name

Your name,
your name,
it brings a thought to me,
it brings a tear,
it brings memories,
it brings happiness,
it brings cheer,
it brings loss,
it brings me pain,
your name,
your name,
It causes me to reflect and it gives me confidence again,
your name,
your name,
it gives me contentment when I say it,
it inspires me,
it lights up the night,
It gets me through the day,
it says to me,
it says to me,
everything will be okay,
your name,
your name.

We walked

We walked into the fire,
we walked into the flames,
we paid no mind,
no mind to the pain,
and we headed for the danger,
we headed for the danger,
but we would never wish to change,
for if you cannot face the pain how can you be brave,
if you cannot face the pain how can you be courageous,
if you cannot face the pain how can you take the pain away,
and if you cannot face the pain how can you ever change?

Macy Baggett

Macy Bagget,
she told you to stop,
she told you,
she told you to get off her hopscotch,
she told you off a lot,
Macy Bagget,
she told you to stop,
then she stole your lunch after giving you a punch,
and then later,
later she grabbed you,
and behind the bike sheds she got you a little drunk,
Macy Bagget,
with her pig tails and her dyed hair,
she smoked like a chimney,
and oh how she used to swear,
Macy Bagget,
she once locked the teacher in a cupboard after tying him up,
and then after she dragged you behind the bike sheds again,
and told you that she decided that she preferred girls to boys,
and she kissed you and grabbed your butt,
Macy Bagget,
first girl with who you ever fell in love.

Ancient and wise

Ancient and young and wise,
time meanders away before you realise,
time has gone a million miles,
and at the same time,
time has gone nowhere fast,
and time is stuck back in the past,
and time,
you wish you had its speed and its accuracy but It is not so kind,
for time it waits for no man or so they say,
and time passes you by always with no delay,
and time,
well if you can pay it no mind I suggest you bear that in mind,
for what is the point in worrying about time,
for time
time will kill you in the end,
and time it won’t mind,
not one bit anyway.


Where is here,
where are we,
where have we been,
what have we seen,
what will we be,
will we be alive,
will we be dead,
all these things,
all these things I ask of thee,
who are we,
who are we,
do you know me,
I’m a little confused you see,
and here I am,
but how did I get here,
I have no memory,
and what is this place,
what is it to you,
what is it to me,
I am not sure,
for I am lost,
lost in the fog at sea,
but here I am in the ghostly white of the night,
hoping to see,
for If I cannot see,
where will I be?
Will I be forever lost,
will I forget I am me?

There is no certainty

There is no certainty of what will be,
but you can try,
and you can make your choices,
and you can try to forge your own destiny,
and you can try to be certain,
but certainty can leave you high and dry,
and you can try to understand,
and you can try to plan,
and with good intentions and good choices and good luck,
your wishes and dreams are thrown to the wind,
and whether they will reach your destination you can never be certain,
but you can always try,
try again,
try again or cry.


In actuality,
you do not seem to be anything,
you seem to be empty,
you seem to be hollow and you are plain,
and there seems to be nothing there at all,
and I don’t want to be confused,
but I cannot think straight straight,
and I don’t want to have struggle,
and I don’t want any trouble,
but that’s life some days,
for you sit there waiting,
you sit there waiting for me,
and you sit there taunting me,
and you sit there haunting me,
and I stare at you,
and you are empty,
and I,
I think of a word and then they begin to flood upon the page,
and I am relieved,
and I am happy,
for I cannot stand a blank page,
and it irritates me and it fills me with frustration,
and sometimes It runs my concentration,
so I just stare into space.

It is almost over

It is almost over and nearing the end,
but if I say goodbye and close my eyes,
will you be there at the start again,
because sometimes I think I am a hypochondriac,
and I worry about the sun rising again,
and I worry about the night fighting the day and winning,
and I worry about the sun never being seen again,
and I worry that there will be no more light,
and that only the darkness will want to be my friend.

Such a taste

Such a taste for bitterness,
such a mess,
such unwillingness to forget,
such a taste for bitterness,
such a mess,
such viciousness inside your head,
but don’t forget you aren’t the only one,
don’t forget,
for we are all bitter and broken and a mess sometimes,
and sometimes well,
it pays to be bitter,
because it makes people act better,
and it makes a lot more sense,
but if only people acted better in the first place,
there would be no arguments and less deaths.


Viola was your name,
a little unusual I thought,
but you tried to explain,
you told me that you were named after a musical instrument,
and you told me not to play you,
but I wasn’t in love with you anyway,
and in protest you poured your dinner over your head,
and I laughed out loud alot and my feelings changed,
it’s funny how one moment can rearrange your brain.

Whether we

Whether we,
whether we want to see,
whether we be what we want to be,
and whether I am with you,
or whether you are with me,
what shall it be,
for we are free to be,
indecisive you and me,
and we,
we conjure our own dreams,
amongst the palm trees,
whilst eating jelly beans and staring out to sea,
and we,
we look for the ships to rescue you and me,
for we,
we have all the time in world,
and the horizon is too far to walk to you see.

Hard headed

Hard headed and hot headed and cold of heart,
passionate are you in your feelings,
for you passionately don’t care,
and I for you I don’t care to start,
for you,
you have an indelicate heart,
and you,
you are so mean,
that you steal the flowers from the graves,
and you tell the dead,
that you are going to charge them for being parked.

Going to bed

I am going to bed,
I am going to bed sleepy head,
and I am going to dream,
and I am going to forget about me,
and I am going to be,
whatever surrealism turns me into,
and I am going to see whatever surrealism throws at me,
so I am going to bed sleepy head,
and I am not sure what I will see,
but I will be,
far away,
and far away I will be,
so I am going to bed to be spontaneous and imaginary,
and I will be in the heavens maybe,
polishing the stars,
creating a new planet,
a new planet in the shape of a heart,
and I will be,
floating on a neon sea wearing sun glasses,
and I will be Salvador Dali,
and I will be,
catching fish in my sleep with a piece of cheese,
watching a kangaroo,
watching a kangaroo cooking tea.

This dance

This dance,
this dance with you is one that I shall never forget,
and as you lean into me and I lean into you,
I feel your skin and I kiss your lips,
I kiss your lips under the twinkling lights above our head,
and the faerie lights,
they twinkle against the black ceiling under the chandelier above our head,
and I look at you and your eyes are filled with tears,
tears of joy,
for I am happy to be your husband and you are happy to be my wife,
and this,
this is the best,
the best decision of my life,
and the feelings inside as I look into your eyes,
I am overwhelmed and I am overjoyed,
for I cannot believe that this day has come,
yet here we are having the time of our lives,
and here you are in your white dress,
your white dress with sequins and diamonds no less,
with a ring on your finger and a veil on your head and me in a suit,
the music plays and we dance,
we dance so elegantly around the room,
for how beautiful it is,
how beautiful it is with me and you,
and I am happy and you are happy too,
and as we dance,
every one stands and watches and I am lost in you,
and I feel the luckiest man to have ever lived,
and I smile,
and I think back to when I proposed at the restaurant,
and as I do a tear rolls down my cheek,
and you smile and you kiss me again,
and you kiss me again,
and I kiss you,
and we dance a little while,
and we dance a little while,
and time slows,
time slows and my memories grow,
and I love you more than I could have ever have known,
and I kiss you and more tears flow,
and I look at you,
and I am in heaven,
for you are the most beautiful,
you are the most beautiful woman that I have ever known.


In the morning,
you saw a mountain,
you saw a problem,
you saw more than one or two,
and you wanted understanding but there was no one there,
and you were marooned at the start but you did not care,
you wanted the peace and the quiet and did not want to go anywhere,
for you were marooned at the start but you did not care,
and you had a few thoughts,
a few thoughts here and there,
and you were a little cold in the morning air,
so you dragged yourself out of the house,
and went to a mountain top,
and there you sat upon a rock,
and there you found some solace,
for you were marooned at the start but you did not care,
and as the sun rose it warmed you through and through,
and it dispelled the heaviness of thought in you,
and it lifted you far away from there,
and you were at one with the Earth and you felt all it’s worth,
for of all the beauty in nature,
how great its power to rejuvenate you,
and how great it is to ease the frustrations in you,
and how great it is for putting the you back in you,
and what a view,
and thought by thought,
with elucidated ways a path through all the problems became clear to you,
for you were over complicating things,
over analysing,
getting frustrated,
getting tired and weary,
and your judgement was cloudy,
and your friends,
well most of them didn’t understand you,
and you wanted to be you,
but the aches and the pains got in the way every day
and you in your mind had gone over everything,
and you had gone over everything for weeks,
and you got nowhere fast,
so you sat on a rock and enjoyed the view,
and you took your time to unwind,
and though you had no family,
you remembered the people who had been so kind to you,
and you prayed,
and you looked at the sky,
and you stood at the edge of the mountain,
and your problems were still a mountain,
so you fell off the edge of the mountain,
and for the rest of your time you became part of the mountain too.


Upon an underground train,
lady in a red dress,
sat talking and screaming at herself,
I tried to look away,
I tried to look away for I think it is rude,
but others do not think the same,
for evolution did not suit you and you evolved to be an uglier you,
and you couldn’t be true,
true to yourself,
for you quite possibly had a dislike of you,
so you took another part upon the stage,
and you were twice as vicious as you usually were,
which wasn’t a surprise it is true,
and I pity you though I am sure you do not want my pity it is only a natural reaction,
for schizophrenia must be an awful thing and you are not to blame,
and schizophrenia is harsh and will quite probably drive you insane,
and schizophrenia will fight the good in you and will mostly give you pain,
but people just can’t deal with you that way,
people don’t see you for you,
for who is you anyway,
you two,
you three,
you four,
maybe more,
and it is a terrible thing and it is a terrible shame,
but you were just born that way,
and the hurtful comments that come your way it is a shame and I feel your pain,
and I wish for you that it would go away,
but schizophrenia will probably never go away,
and unfortunately evolution did not suit you,
for you evolved to be an uglier you,
and genetics,
is an incredible thing and a beautiful thing sometimes,
but it is awful,
awful how they have discombobulated your mind.

Empty cup

There is an empty cup on the window with your lipstick marks,
and the weather outside is cold and dark,
and you are in a happy mood and sat on a chair,
and you are sat on my lap amidst the fairy lights with a book upon your lap,
and we are sat by the fire,
and listening to music that brightens your heart,
and that is good enough for you,
and that is good enough for me,
for there you are with your glasses on,
deep in thought,
deep in concentration,
deep in calm,
and I look at you and I smile,
how do you take it all in I wonder,
for you read two books a day,
and you can recite everything that is written,
now I don’t know how but you are funny that way,
and you will read and read all day,
and I am content to just be with you,
for I don’t read,
but well I do,
but I just read you,
I read you,
because I know your heart and I know it is true,
and when you take a look up from your book,
how gloriously beautiful you look,
and how beautiful your voice is when you talk to me,
for it is elegant and eloquent and silky,
and I could not be any happier than when I am with you,
and I could not be any happier than when we are relaxing by the fire,
and when we have a glass of wine or two,
and when you are sat in my lap and I kiss you,
when I kiss you so gently as I do,
the smell of your hair so intoxicating and I breathe it in,
then I kiss you again and I feel so happy
and you,
you kiss me so tenderly too,
and then you smile at me and I smile at you,
and time stands still,
and together in unison,
we say to each other I love you.

Have you

Have you ever wondered,
have you ever thought,
have you ever thought of where time does go,
where it literally goes,
is time in a physical state in another place,
is it held somewhere that we don’t know,
is it recycled,
is it somewhere on display,
is it somewhere on show,
somewhere in a cabinet or on a computer,
a place we do not know,
a place where you can sit and watch every piece of history ever created and every piece of history ever known,
and would you want to see it all,
would you watch the happy times,
would you watch all the bloodshed and the horror,
the kidnaps,
the rapes and the murder,
just to know everything that you could know,
not me,
now that would be boring,
for where is the surprise,
and why would you wish to watch people die,
now I’d rather watch lives being saved and people having the time of their lives,
but forgive me I’m just in a ponderous mood,
so where time does go,
where does time literally go,
is time in a physical state,
is it held somewhere that we don’t know,
is time recycled,
is it somewhere on display,
is it somewhere in a computer or in a cabinet on show,
somewhere in a place,
somewhere in a place that we do not know,
and if it was destroyed would the past and the future be permanently deleted,
every single thing,
from the creation of the universe,
the Earth,
humanity and everything that we have ever created,
will it just go,
will it just go in a flash of light,
in a puff of smoke,
will it vanish with no warning,
will we ever know?

The car pulled up

The car pulled up,
the Buddhists got out of the boot,
the Buddhists got out of the trunk,
well depending on where you live,
but the car pulled up,
the car pulled up outside the restaurant,
the car pulled up,
a secret visit by some Buddhist monks.
Well maybe they had enough of their diets and had decided to sneak out on a secret jaunt.
The car pulled up and the Buddhists got out of the boot,
the Buddhists got out of the trunk,
I thought I,
I thought I was drunk.

Meeting no one in particular

Meeting no one in particular,
sat upon a bench,
pigeons around my feet,
the grass nice and green,
the sun shining brightly in the sky,
the clouds hanging in the air,
people laying on the grass,
people on bicycles passing by,
boats upon the lake,
boats upon the serpentine in London in the summertime,
something to drink,
a little time out,
a little time to think,
for time is precious,
and you have got to take time out or it will drive you to drink,
but I am fine,
sat here just thinking of my life,
just watching the world go by,
minding my own business,
not minding the time,
for time flies in the city and time flies anywhere,
but this is the time to appreciate what I have got,
and though I may not be rich,
and though I may not have a wife,
well at least I have peace of mind,
peace of mind and calm,
sat here minding my own business in Hyde Park,
taking time out from this busy life,
slowing it down,
safe from harm,
watching the world go by,
taking time out watching the boats on the serpentine,
watching the peoples happy faces as the sun shines down,
watching the world go by,
watching the world go by,
as the clouds float upon a light breeze,
in the city,
with a smile on my face in London town.

Heard that

Heard that you were coming today,
heard that you were going to take someone’s TV away,
heard that you were going to take it no matter what they say,
heard that you have a reputation about you,
but you don’t care anyway,
and you don’t care about the pain you cause,
yeah you with the fat head and the tattoos,
you will take everything you can,
for you are like a video,
a video with the control stuck on fast forward,
a man with a plan,
a man I cannot understand,
and your eyes are bulging,
your eyes are bulging,
and you must be on amphetamines,
for the veins in your neck look like they are about to burst,
and your knuckles,
they drag along the ground so,
and you pull out a baseball bat,
here we go,
here we go,
better remember your face,
for you remind me of that man,
that man,
the man that threw the man to his death through a window,
that psycho,
psycho down in Kokamo.

She smoked

She smoked marijuana,
she smoked crack,
she took speed,
she took heroin,
she sold her body for money in thirty seconds flat.

In this

A monosyllabic fat man sat a table with a slim blonde lady with blue eyes,,
upon the table a couple of glasses of wine.
Your leaving?
You what?
In this kinda state,
in this kinda state?
Do you take any pleasure from this,
getting me all riled up so,
riled up so late?
You’ve had a little to drink haven’t you.
You’ve had a little to drink.
Why don’t you calm down a little.
Do you not think.
Do you not think?
Do you not care how I feel?
I am paying the goddamn bills!
And he bangs his fist upon the table.
And she rolls her eyes and gets up.
I’m leaving you she says,
I’m leaving you.
And she goes to walk away,
Stop he says!
She stops.
She looks at him with daggers in her eyes,
she tips a drink over his head.
and she calls him a lousy no good for nothing gambling drunken son of a mother with a fat ass and massive thighs,
and though we shouldn’t take pleasure in peoples suffering,
well at least we got a discount,
Snapshot of our life.

If there was no

If there was no television,
if there was no internet,
if there was no radio,
if there was no technology,
if there were no books,
if there were no pubs,
if there was no news,
what would you do,
what would you do?


elevate your mind until it is on fire,
take your time or be as fast as you like,
but enjoy and don’t mind the time,
don’t mind,
take it higher,
take your mind to the highest heights,
take your mind higher,
take your mind higher through dedication,
through educated ways and imagination and desire,
take it higher,
elevate your mind,
educate your mind,
educate until it is on fire.

Through the window

Through the window I see nothing but clouds,
I wonder,
I wonder do they talk to themselves,
do they talk to themselves,
do they drive themselves crazy,
do they get dizzy,
do they get dizzy when they go around and around?

Until the end of time

Will you be my valentine,
will you give me your heart,
will you give me your heart until the end of time,
will you be mine,
will you be mine until the end of time,
will you drink with me in the summertime,
will you wade in the rivers with me and swim in the seas,
will you climb the mountains with me,
will you count the clouds,
will you explore this world with me,
will you tell me a joke,
will you care for me,
will you believe in me,
will you cheer me,
will you encourage me,
will you encourage me to be the best I can be,
will you stay with me at night intertwined,
intertwined in each others arms,
will you kiss me,
will you kiss me for all time,
will you keep me safe from harm,
will you walk along the coast with me,
will you tell me what is on your mind,
will you gaze at the planets with me,
will you count the shooting stars with me,
will you be my valentine.

Did you sit there for long

Did you sit there for long,
did you take it all in,
did you figure out where we had gone wrong,
did you figure out where we humanity had gone wrong,
did you sit there for long,
did you take it all in,
did you figure out where we had gone wrong early on,
and did you try and correct things God,
or were you tired of creating the Universe and the world where we belong,
were you in despair,
did we make you sick,
did we make you pull out your hair?
Did we make you put your head in your hands and wish you had not existed in your omnipotence everywhere,
God are you there?
Were you there all along?
were you there all along?
Or did we just imagine you,
did we do you wrong?

Does love never end

Does love never end,
for love is a universal thing,
yet you say you have no love and well I think you pretend,
for love is a universal thing,
and you have your family do you not,
so in that case what are you complaining about then,
for you will find love one day,
or the love of someone,
the love of a boyfriend or a girlfriend I am sure,
so never take love for granted whatever form it comes in,
for love is a universal thing,
and you can love you,
and you can love your friends,
and you can love what you do,
you can love where you live,
you can love where you go,
you can love God,
you can love those that you know,
you can love nature,
you can love the Earth,
you can love the sun,
and you can love the clouds above,
you can love the stars and the heavens,
you can love the universe,
for love is all around,
and something you will always love.

What did you like

What did you like,
was anything right,
and did you like anything at all,
because I’d like to like you.
No? No!
Well in that case your opinions I don’t like,
and of your reviews of my work I’ll have to write a complaint,
sorry I mean a review
but of your reviews stuff them all!


empty inside,
you got a cute but an empty mind,
and you are funny,
but you pay intellect no mind and I don’t mind,
for you are uncomplicated,
and you have a good nature and you are compassionate and kind,
and you have that smile and oh those eyes,
those hazel eyes,
they have such beauty in them that I could spend my life trying to describe,
and for you,
for you I’d go a million miles,
a million miles,
because for you I’ve got all the time in the world,
for you got a cute but an empty mind,
for you pay intellect no mind,
and you don’t like over intellectualising
but I don’t mind,
for you are real and more truthful and honest and you have a good heart,
much greater than anyone I have ever known in these times,
and those qualities,
those qualities cannot be denied,
for you are you,
and you got a cute but an empty mind,
but I don’t mind,
but I don’t mind,
for with you I feel alive,
and if I could live my life again after this,
If I could live my life again with you,
with you I’d live a billion lives.

You were no plain Jane

You were no plain Jane,
but you looked ugly,
you had a look of malcontent,
and you had strange ways,
and people were too scared too complain,
and you only cared for you,
and of that you made it plain,
for you were plain at night and plain in the day,
And you were just plain,
plain in a horrific way.

Plain insane

plain insane,
man with a large ego oppressing people again,
plain insane,
man with a large ego killing again,
plain insane,
man with a large ego brutally torturing people again,
plain insane,
a dictator with dictatorial ways,
the end of so many women,
children and men,
plain insane,
hard to comprehend.

The train

The train it left at half past ten,
I saw you get on it heading to somewhere that you didn’t know,
I saw you struggling to find a space,
I saw you not really knowing where you were going,
I saw the train leave,
I saw you leave,
I knew your fate,
I knew the horror,
I contemplated it,
I let it sink in,
I felt sick,
I watched you head to Auschwitz,
I watched you leave again and again,
I paused the video countless times,
I saw your faces in the still frames,
I watched the inhumanity in humanity,
I watched the women,
the children and the men,
the train it left at half past ten,
I saw you get on it heading to somewhere that you didn’t know,
I watched you head to Auschwitz,
I watched you head to Auschwitz,
never to be seen alive again.

Sunshine lack a day

lack a day,
never want the sun,
never want the sun to go away,
lack a day,
no way,
never want the sun,
never want the sun to go away,
lack a day,
no way,
but the night,
the night it ain’t light,
but when it is over,
when it is over everything will be okay.


I wish these raindrops were in reverse,
and this grey would go away into the universe,
I wish these raindrops were in reverse,
for it is making my mood rather worse,
but then again,
if it wasn’t for the rain,
how would I quench my thirst?

There is no meter

There is no meter on your mouth,
you keep on going no matter what,
there is no meter on your mouth,
you keep spewing words,
you keep spewing words and inanities out,
but there is no meter on your mouth,
and you think you have something valuable to say,
the gossip columnists and the talk show hosts,
but there is no meter on your mouth,
and there is no value in what you say,
there is only value,
value in the taxes that you pay.


I do not want to criticise you,
but you are not as old as you think,
yes time does go as fast as you can blink,
though I do not want to criticise you,
for you really are not as old as you think,
you are younger.


younger than you look,
for every day you live skin cells are being shed,
younger than you look,
standing there in the morning looking in the mirror,
looking bad,
looking good,
younger than you look,
standing there in the morning,
looking in the mirror,
looking happy,
looking sad,
feeling bad,
feeling good,
younger than you look,
slap another coat of war paint on and grab your coat of the hook,
grab your coat off the hook and head out into the day,
with you behind the mask,
whose taking a look,
whose taking a look.
Abandoned by the wayside

Abandoned by the wayside in the despair of the time,
a chevy 69,
abandoned by the wayside,
bullet holes in its sides,
blood stains upon its seats,
a few dollar bills,
a shattered windscreen,
an empty briefcase,
bits of brains inside,
bits of brains inside the car,
got a lotta miles on the clock,
chevy 69,
abandoned by the wayside in the despair of the time,
abandoned in the middle of nowhere,
people being shot but for what,
people fleeing for their lives,
abandoned by the wayside in the despair of the time,
a chevy,
a chevy 69.

You read a book once

You read a book once,
you claimed to be educated,
but you probably just stared at the pages,
and you probably just saw the aesthetic beauty and salivated,
you read a book once,
you read a book once,
you read the dictionary and claimed you were fascinated,
you read a book once,
and you gave up and then you threw it away into the fire,
said you were inspired,
and then you went out and brought yourself a whole new wardrobe,
and you learnt all the facts about the labels and the latest designers,
and then,
then you claimed you were educated.


feelings and emotions coming and going from my heart,
a beautiful thing,
a work of art,
mixed emotions,
a happy heart,
broken pieces of a heart,
a time for healing,
a time for feelings,
flowing as a river flows,
a sorrow shared,
a sorrow no one knows,
falling out of love,
falling into love,
go back to the start.

We take things for granted

We take things for granted,
we take things for granted do we not,
we become used to things and we want more and we cannot stop,
we take things for granted,
we take things for granted do we not,
we shouldn’t take things for granted but like an addiction it is hard to stop,
we take things for granted,
and we underappreciate what we have got,
we take things for granted,
for we,
humanity are a greedy lot.

Thank you

Thank you,
thank you for your time,
thank you for the time we spent together,
thank you for the conversation,
thank you for the wine,
thank you for the dinner,
thank you for listening,
thank you for your understanding,
thank you for your compassion,
thank you,
thank you for giving me peace of mind.

She jumped

She jumped but no one told her how high,
she jumped,
and she tried to touch the sky,
and then she looked to the heavens,
and she jumped and let out a scream,
she let out a scream but did not say why,
and she jumped and she did it again,
and then she tried to catch the clouds passing by,
and as she flew through the air she felt the sun,
she felt the sun in her eyes,
for she was happy,
happy in the simplicity of the time,
and as she flew through the air light was her mind,
for she had no time for complexity,
and she had no time for humankind,
for as the day was long,
and as long was the night,
she felt the world was wrong,
so she left the Earth as often as she could,
by jumping up in the air all day long,
for the Earth was better off out of sight.


You can be great whether tall or small,
you can be great,
you can be great if you are tolerant,
you can be great if you are educated,
you can be great if you listen,
you can be great if you understand,
you can be great if you care,
you can be great if you are compassionate,
you can be great if you have an open mind,
you can be great if you give people your time,
you can be great if you smile a little more,
you can be great if you share a little more,
you can be great no matter what sex you are,
you can be great if you do not hate,
you can be great if you love,
you can be great if you are all those things,
and you can be great,
you can be great no matter whether you are tall or small.

Should I

Should I,
Should I not,
should I go out,
for the weather is inclement and I hate to be stuck indoors,
for being stuck indoors alot,
well it is not much fun,
but sometimes you have to drag your mentality from out of the rut,
so should I,
should I not,
why not,
I will go out though my mind says yes and my body does not,
and I will take my umbrella,
unless there’s lighting,
for I do not wish to die for the sake of fresh air,
and I do not wish to pay for a funeral of course,
for it is far too early for funerals,
and it is only 11.55am,
and like a rebel with a cause I shall rebel against the weather,
and I will go out,
and if I mind the roads and I don’t get frozen in the snows,
I will have a beautiful time wherever I spend my time,
for being outdoors,
being outdoors is far more enjoyable than staring at blank walls,
so should I,
or should I not,
should I go out,
of course and without a pause,
for life is there to be lived,
and what good is a life spent just staring at blank walls.

I would not wish it

I would not wish it,
I would not wish it upon you,
I would not wish for you to be so blue,
for I would wish to colour you happy in anyway that I can do,
for I hate to see,
I hate to see the sadness in you,
because I love you,
but you,
you seem to have a hard time loving you,
and I empathise,
and I wish for you to be happy,
and I will try to do what I can do,
for I would not wish,
I would not wish it upon you,
and I see it in your eyes,
even though you try to disguise it you cannot hide,
for I can clearly see the sadness in you,
and what are we to do,
and what would you like to do,
for I will try to arrange an outing,
and I will try to bring a smile to your face,
for what is better to enlighten the mood than good company,
travel and a joke or two,
and we can go anywhere,
and I will do anything to ease your cares,
and I will do anything to ease your despair,
for I wish to send it so far away from here,
for in my company,
life is better spent with friends I have found,
for whenever you are feeling down,
do not hesitate to call for I will be around,
for I could erase the sadness,
erase the sadness from a clown,
and as we sit why don’t we plan,
for fun can erase the darkness from humanity if you can take time out away from sadness if you can,
and fun can take your mind off the sadness,
and fun can take your mind off the worlds madness,
for I would not wish you to be unhappy eternally,
for life can be better,
life can be much better if we take a little time and we unwind,
and we have some peace and some lightness of mind,
for together whatever the weather,
let us be exploratory,
and let us explore the comedy of life,
and let us erase the sadness in you as fast as we can.

Get to me

Get to me,
get to me no matter how you can,
get to me as fast as you can,
get to me quickly for I have a plan,
get to me,
let us leave this please,
let us leave this rat race,
let us sail away to a better place for contentment is sadly lacking around here these days,
so get to me,
get to me as rapidly as you can,
and let us book our tickets and let us be far away,
so get to me,
get to me as quick as you can,
get to me as quick as you can and bring only yourself,
for we will travel light,
and we will travel through the day and through the night,
but wherever we end up this is place is far too tough,
and this place it is damned,
for there was a body in the gutter the other day and all he’d done was steal some food,
so get to me,
and let’s get out of here,
away from the violence and the crime,
and let’s go to a place where they will understand,
so get to me,
for around here there is only humanity,
so get to me,
for I have a plan.

Anything will do

Any thing will do,
any thing will do,
you look up at me,
and I look down at you,
I see the weariness in your eyes,
and the rugged lines across your face,
and you smile like you mean it,
and I would not wish to be in your place,
upon the streets,
these streets that are so mean these days,
and especially in all weathers,
for the sun is harsh sometimes and the rain,
and the snow always,
the snow is always the same,
and it can kill you if luck doesn’t go your way,
for in the night so many in their sleep drift off into hypothermia,
and death claims them easily,
and I at society am angry,
and I at society I am ashamed,
because seeing you on the street,
you deserve to be treated in a more humane way,
and yes at society I am ashamed,
for how cruel life is,
how cruel life is in our over materialistic ways,
and I talk with you a little while and I find out your name,
and you tell me you are called Peter,
and I tell you that you are brave,
and you tell me of your family who you lost contact with,
and I am happy to see you happy and happy to be in your company,
but I know,
it was a short conversation and sadly I have to go,
so I give you some money and a smile and my compassion,
and then I go,
and for you I can only hope for better days.

In a cave

In a cave in the mountains,
I shouted at the world,
I shouted out did you care,
did you care,
did you care I shouted,
and the sound of my voice it echoed around,
and reverberated whilst I stood under the mountain and then disappeared into the air,
did you care,
did you care I shouted,
and it reverberated around once more,
but the mountain was not moved,
and the problems of the world they remained,
so I continued to shout at the world,
and I continued to shout at the mountain,
did you care,
did you care,
in a metaphorical air.

I awake

I awake to the sound of a gun in the distance,
I awake to the sun upon my face,
I awake to the sound of sirens,
I awake to the sound of pigeons above the roof,
I awake to the sound of trains,
I awake to voices in the street,
I awake to the sounds of happy people,
I awake to the sounds of angry people,
I awake to the sounds of people shouting at each other,
I awake to the sound of a helicopter,
I awake to the sound of a plane,
and I awake in the city and in my house I get dressed,
and I head out onto the street where I struggle for clean air,
and then I jump on a train,
I head for the coast,
I head for the Channel tunnel,
I head for France,
I head for Spain,
I head for the Mediterranean beaches where no one knows my name,
I walk the coast,
I explore the coastal villages and the mountains,
and I explore the Islands,
from Majorca,
to Menorca,
and the Greek Islands,
and Sicily and Malta,
and many more,
and there in the sun I am happy and warm,
and I am glad to be away from the city,
and on these Islands where no one knows my name,
I am glad to meet the people there and share their company,
and drink the wine whilst talking and laughing and happily whiling the hours away,
for in these simple times,
and whilst crossing the beautiful blue Mediterranean sea,
I am happy,
I am happy as can be,
and with the wind blowing through my hair,
and the sunlight sparkling off the water,
it is a pleasure to watch the world go by upon the ferry and the ferries that cross the Mediterranean so frequently,
and under the most beautiful of blue skies and with so many sights to see why do I need the City,
and what does it do for me,
apart from give me stress and test my sanity,
so I think I will stay a while,
and relax a little more,
and give up my flat I am sure,
for the sun is much more my kind of thing than the chaos and the stress,
for what does it do apart from make you depressed,
so give me the sun any day,
for it let’s me be me and there really is no urgency,
and no frantic need to rush around,
for wherever I am in the Mediterranean,
this Mediterranean delight that I am travelling through,
how beautiful it is and what great views there,
for in the mediterranean and in the company of the people here,
what a great life it is in the Mediterrean,
the Mediterranean where I stand,
and whether on the sea or whether on the land,
and whether relaxing on a beach,
or exploring the culture,
how beautiful it is,
and how blessed,
for this mediterranean life,
I will take it any day,
any day over the city life and the stress.

Calamity Jane

To some,
you were calamitous calamity Jane,
you walked around with your head in the clouds and you did not know wish others to know your name,
and you never knew where you were going,
but you were happy and you never wished for change,
and any one could ask you a question and you would always reply the same,
It does not matter where I go,
and it does not matter that the sun shines,
or that the rain falls,
or that the snow falls,
or that the wind does blow,
what matters is that I am alone,
for in my head is a world,
a world that is much better than this world that we know,
and no matter the season,
no matter the spring and the summer,
no matter the autumn and the winter,
this is where I shall go,
I shall wander in my head,
no matter what is said,
for it is a beautiful place where I go,
and it is full of tropical breezes and sandy beaches,
and clear blue seas on another planet amongst the stars,
and with a gravity so you can float,
just a little,
and I like to fly there along the coast,
for human company means not much to me,
and humans are so mean,
for I would rather be alone in this world that I know,
and with a smile on her face she walked off alone,
and she in her day dreams,
she avoided everyone that she could see,
and she tripped over everything,
and she grazed her legs,
she grazed her knees,
she fell into holes,
and she scrambled down mountainsides,
and she jumped into the seas,
she wandered through the forests,
and she wandered through the jungles,
and she climbed trees,
and she never knew where she was going,
and when asked where she was going,
It does not matter where I go,
and it does not matter that the sun shines,
or that the rain falls,
or that the snow falls,
or that the wind does blow,
but what matters is that I am alone,
and then when asked if she remembered what she had seen in this world she said no,
for I do not care for it,
for with its war and its suffering,
and humans being so mean,
I shall wander in my head,
no matter what is said to me,
for it is a beautiful place where I go,
and it is full of tropical breezes and sandy beaches,
and there is no war and suffering,
and no religions,
and no peer pressure or stress,
and I always have a smile on my face,
for in my heart when I am there,
I have no worries and I have no cares,
and there is no one to judge me,
and there is no one to stare,
and I need no material things,
and I eat well whilst I am there,
and I am happy being me,
I am happy being me there,
and always I will be,
in my day dreams upon another planet floating above the seas,
and I will be enjoying my time there and enjoying my memories,
for I have seen far too much horror in this world,
and this world and me do not agree,
so It does not matter where I go upon the Earth,
and it does not matter that the sun shines,
or that the rain falls,
or that the snow falls,
or that the wind does blow,
what matters is that I am alone,
for in my head is a world,
a world that is much better than this world that we know,
and in my day dreams upon another planet,
I am more happy than you will ever know.

At the turning of the night

At the turning of the night
you went south,
you faced the winter without a sound for you had things things to do,
things to do in secret too by the looks of you,
and I wondered what it was all about,
and I saw you leave with that chiselled chin of yours and a spade over your shoulder,
and I had a feeling about you,
I thought I knew you,
but I didn’t have a clue,
and I thought well,
I thought maybe you would be back one day running your mouth as you usually used to do,
and I thought maybe you’d come back rich,
and I thought maybe you’d bring back a girl to marry you,
and I thought,
maybe I’d get to know you better,
but really I didn’t know what you had gone to do,
for at the turning of the night when you went south,
there was a hazy sky,
and in your eyes,
there was a determined look,
a determined look about you,
and I didn’t know what you had gone to do,
but I saw you smile before you turned away,
and I saw you get in your truck and head for the wilderness,
and that was all I knew,
and you drove away and I remember the day,
for you had such a way about you,
and you walked funny,
and you apparently didn’t care about money,
and when the postman he discovered you in the wilderness you had built yourself a palace,
a palace out of wood and you lived like a king,
and you dined out in nature where there was plenty of food to eat,
and you sat ontop of the battlements and you surveyed the view,
the view of the trees,
and the view of the lakes Infront of you,
and you were alone for a while,
and so many people had forgotten about you,
but not me,
for you had a determined look about you,
and I wondered how you were,
and I sent you a letter,
and I wrote how’s life,
how is life now you have flown,
and where did you go and do you care about what you own,
and I wrote a little more but not much,
for I always said I’d keep in touch,
and you wrote me back and said I’m fine,
don’t pay me any mind of a worry,
I’m just doing what I usually do,
and you sent me a picture of you in your castle,
and I admired the view,
and I was a little shocked,
and a little taken aback too,
and it looked beautiful out there,
and by the looks of things you had been hunting bears,
probably so they didn’t hunt you,
and so,
you were doing what you usually do,
minding your own business in the wilderness,
taking your time to find your own mind,
away from the clique of the town and the local city streets,
for they were good for nobody,
except the winter snows and the shops with food to eat,
and they were no good except for the bars,
where the women fluttered their eyelids and tried to steal your heart,
a place with the strongest liquor,
a place with gambling and hustling and people smoking like chimneys,
the kinda place that I try to stay away from as much as I can,
and I was glad to hear from you,
glad to hear you were away from this place,
for it brought you down,
and I was going to leave too anyway,
and I was going to leave anyway,
and you wrote me back again,
come and see me my friend,
and I set off,
hoping It wouldn’t be too long before we could drink a beer or two,
for it had been a while,
and I brought some smokes and when I got to you,
I pulled up in my car and I saw you sat with a bear,
and I saw you had dressed it in a dress,
and you were drinking beer with it,
and you sat there relaxed with your wild hair and with a mildly drunken stare,
and you called to me and said hey,
how about a beer with a bear,
sure why not I said,
as If it was something that I’d usually do,
and me and you and the bear we got a little drunk,
and we danced around the campfire and under the stars,
and we played some music and the bear it took the beer to its heart,
and how we laughed and laughed,
and we stumbled around the campfire,
and watched the shooting stars,
and the bear it fell asleep in the chair and it slept all night without a care,
and we watched the sun come up and then we fell asleep too,
and the bear well it ran away with your trousers but what could I do,
and we tried to look for them,
but they’d been eaten by half past ten,
and for breakfast we had eggs and ham in the frying pan,
and we had sausages and tomatoes too,
and with our heads a little sore,
we drank some more,
and then when the bear came back,
we tried to teach the bear how to drive,
for the shop was miles away,
and well you know what it is like out in the wilderness,
so much to do and explore and so much to say,
and life well it could be much improved,
much improved if you could teach a bear to drive to the shops for you,
and what a day,
what a day,
and how hot was the sun,
so hot it melted my mind away,
and it took my mind away too,
it took my mind away from the town that smelled like hell and that made me frown,
and I swore I’d never go back again,
and it was another beautiful day in paradise,
and well,
there was a little breeze,
so we chopped down some trees,
and we grazed our arms and we grazed our knees,
and we started to build an extension on the castle,
and after a lot of work and after being worn out,
we sat down and talked about the world,
and I asked do you,
do you miss the girls,
not really you said,
for all they did for me in that town was rattle my head,
and gave me a headache and brought me down,
and I smiled and nodded and knew what he meant and those girls well I couldn’t stand to be around,
I couldn’t stand to be around them either,
for they were no ladies and they were far too loud,
and they smoked cigarettes by the packet,
a whole packet I mean,
you know,
a whole packet,
yeah at the same time they put the whole ten cigarettes in their mouth,
in their mouth,
and I was glad,
glad to be away from there,
for they looked like clowns you know,
wearing far too much makeup,
and well anyway I am glad I am not seeing them today,
not with this hangover,
and you laughed out loud and said,
well at least we’ve got nature,
and we’ve got a castle,
and we’ve got beer,
and we’ve got great weather,
and we’ve got lunch,
and I taught the bear to fetch me salmon and he don’t mind to share,
and the bear it looked inquisitively at him,
and he put his hands together and made like a fish,
and the bear looked at him and understood and trotted off,
and while we waited we dozed in the grass,
and drank beer until it was coming out of our ears,
and after a couple of hours had passed we had lunch provided by the bear,
for it had caught us some salmon and the bear it didn’t mind to share,
and so we cooked it on the fire,
and in the castle we sat drinking beer with the bear,
and we were all without any cares,
and we had enough food to satiate our appetites
and with salmon on our plates and the sun upon our faces,
and with the music on after saying graces,
under the blue sky and the clouds we told a few jokes out loud,
and then fell into conversation about that town,
and I said,
what a place,
what a place,
I’m glad I’m here now,
and thanks,
thanks for inviting me around,
but goddamn,
how much better is this place than that goddamn awful town,
and you smiled and said here’s to that and we toasted nature,
and we toasted the air,
and we toasted the sun and the sky,
and we toasted the castle,
and we toasted the bear with a beer,
and you looked at me and said,
yeah hell,
hell forget about that town,
how about you sticking around here?

There is

It is late,
it is night,
there is a throbbing above my head and the sky is dark outside,
I’m a little tired,
tired from all the miles gone by,
so I drink a sip of gin to feel a little stupified,
and I survey the ashtray,
and the cigarettes in the ashtray they are old and piled incredibly high,
and then to myself I say don’t they clean these rooms,
don’t they clean these rooms?
Well, it doesn’t look like it anyway I say and then I look away,
for the tables are not much cleaner with coffee marks and dust all over the place,
and whoever is supposed to clean this, clean this mess it is a disgrace,
and then again there is another example,
for there on the table is an old magazine which looks like it has seen better days,
and so too the window of the room which is smashed and shattered,
and there is a plate with mould on it on the floor,
something I try to ignore,
and I drink another sip of gin and I feel slightly human again anyway,
slightly human as the fan on the ceiling it whirls around so fast and it chops at the flies and it is having the time of its life in a non sentient way,
and as it does there are voices outside,
and a man is arguing with his wife who says she wishes she hadn’t come here at all,
and what the hell is he goddamn wearing anyway,
and I try my best to ignore them,
and I go back to my gin for it is the only thing,
the only thing in this motel that makes sense anyway,
so with nothing to do I decide to drink myself to sleep where I will attempt to count multi coloured sheep,
and until then I will think of the rest of the journey,
for there are more miles to go than I can say,
for after leaving this road for a spell,
and finding this,
this motel is hell,
and I can’t wait to be far far away,
and by the way,
If I’m not found alive and not found between nine to five,
check in the freezer in the hotel here,
for they may have killed me and cut me up into little pieces for not paying the bill,
hell why would you want to pay anyway?

In a minimal way

You wanted to express yourself more than you could say,
more than you could say that day,
and I did not see it in your eyes,
for they were staring into the distance so still and steady with you in the middle of the rain,
and you looked in pain,
you looked in pain,
and what you were looking for I couldn’t say,
and you had no wish to be here,
and you were wishing on something,
wishing on what I couldn’t say,
and the rain it became torrential,
but you,
you stood there all day,
and in your eyes you were swept away,
swept away to who knows where,
swept away in your heart and in your mind,
for with your mind and your heart torn apart,
torn into little pieces and then discarded,
the rain captured your mood,
and in your solitude I swear you counted the raindrops,
for inside you was a flood of emotion but to me you just looked numb,
and after I left apparently you continued to stand there,
and in your numbness did time stand still for you,
did you count the time as the seconds, the minutes and the hours they passed away,
and in your solitude and despite your inner turmoil,
did a ghostly silence fall upon you,
for upon the waters there was calm but to me there was no calm in you that day,
for I did not know you and the tears in your eyes were nowhere to be seen,
and your heart was broken by only a few words that said,
“Goodbye, goodbye, I am going away. This life has been just a dream, just a dream”,
and it was written upon a single line on a piece of notepaper,
a piece of notepaper which you kept inside your pocket,
and as the thunder roared in the sky and the lighting it flashed,
you took it out and read it and it was in your own hand,
and you jumped into the ocean and you were never ever ever seen again.

The roar

The roar,
the roar,
the pounding of the waves upon the shore,
the rise,
the fall,
the white horses so beautiful at the top of the waves,
both large and small,
and the roar,
the roar,
as the waves crash down,
they crash down,
upon the sand and the shore,
I hope they do forevermore,
for how beautiful it is here amongst the sea weed,
and whilst breathing in the sea air,
in the light how bright is the sight that dances across your eyes,
for it inspires you and fills your imagination with such delight,
that I could quite happily be here until the end of time.


You went to school,
you went to college,
you went to university,
for you are Inquisitive by nature,
you are inquisitive by name,
you ask and ask and your curiosity is never satisfied,
for you repeat yourself again and again,
and no matter how times you ask you will never be satisfied,
and that is what I like about you,
you have education on the brain.

Don’t go near

Don’t go near it he said,
I asked what is it,
he said it was invisible,
and I asked could he describe it and he just nodded his head,
and that was it but I didn’t really understand,
then I stood still,
then I stood still beside the man,
and I understood how great it was,
and I understood the silence,
for silence is probably larger than you think,
and in silence we silently came up with a plan,
for silence is better that way and I prefer silence all day,
but I don’t know how big silence is,
so as silently as you can,
just ask the man.

Nothing and something

nothing and something,
something and nothing,
you want a bit of it all,
you want a bit of this,
you want a bit of that,
and you will take as much as you can,
and you will grab and grab and grab,
for a little bit of nothing is still something,
and something is better than nothing at all,
for you in your evening wear with something to sell,
you like a lot of attention,
and you like the publicity but It is not for me,
for what you sell is vanity,
and vanity vanishes rather quickly,
when it has no real qualities as far as I can tell.


You are erudite,
and not uptight,
but you are laying down and not upright,
and you fight getting up with all your might,
and you stay there all day and you while the time away,
dressed In your suit,
and wearing a hat and a cravat,
for you like the day to be easy,
and as you do you smoke your cigars with the window open,
and the smoke it blows this way and that,
for you are erudite,
and not uptight,
and you fight getting up with all your might,
for in the day you practice zen,
and then at night at the restaurant,
feng shui if the space is right.

Walk with me

Walk with me,
talk with me,
show me what there is to see,
tell me of where you live,
and spend a little time with me,
let me see how you see,
let me understand you,
and let us be us in the freedom of the countryside,
and let us walk around,
discussing nature and the world in gentility and civility,
and let us be us whatever the weather,
whatever the weather will be,
for we will not care,
and with a tale or two to share,
in the countryside,
over Stiles and hills we will walk far and wide and we will enjoy the air,
for how great it is this glorious place where we can wander,
where we can wander without a care,
and there happy in each others company,
over stiles and hills we will walk,
we will walk far and wide,
and wherever we go across the countryside and the land,
we will have smiles upon our faces and happiness in our eyes.

Fight for

Fight for education,
fight for equality,
fight racism,
fight intolerance,
fight hate,
fight war,
fight war before it is too late,
fight for your sanity,
fight for what is right,
stand up for what you believe in,
and struggle for it through the day and the night,
and listen more and understand more,
and educate yourself more,
and fight against the dark,
and fight to bring the light,
fight for who you care for,
fight for who you love,
fight for your family,
fight for your life,
fight to stay out of hell,
fight to stay out of heaven until the time is right.

What is an idea

What is an idea,
if it doesn’t come to fruition,
what is an idea if it is only wishing,
what is an idea if you do not toil and struggle over it to bring it into reality,
a reality fashioned by your strong mindedness and great fortitude,
fortitude with which you form it,
for you will only know the idea is a good idea,
after hours and months and years of effort,
and you are worn out from the struggle,
and then,
and then you have to persevere again,
and you have to share it and explain your beliefs,
and how you created it,
and you have to promote its qualities and its inner workings,
and you then will see,
you then will see whether your idea will actually be and exist as you wished it to be,
or whether it will be just a dream,
just a dream floating in the air,
with trillions of other dreams that no one will ever see.

Yellow is the colour

Yellow is the colour of your mind,
for bright like the sun you are for I can see the light shining in your eyes,
for you are warm to me and in your sensitivities you show that you are caring and kind,
and also too you have great compassion in you,
for you are so open and kind,
and you move me like the sea,
and with me you take your time,
and anytime I am with you,
anytime I am with you is fine by me,
and I am glad to be,
glad to be by your side,
for you inspire me and you guide me,
and you teach me how to be more relaxed in the chaos of the times,
for yellow is the colour of your mind,
and bright like the sun you are and ebullient and jubilant,
for your heart is strong and true,
and truly in you there is great good in you,
and with you,
you reflect goodness onto all that you do,
for it is a great pleasure to know you,
for before I knew you I was jaded about the world,
but now I am less jaded with you,
for you have taught me how to be,
and you have taught me how to make my dreams come true,
for yellow is the colour of your mind and bright like the sun you are,
and your kisses they are as light as the clouds passing by and as bright as the stars in the heavens,
but the stars in the heavens are not as bright as you,
for inside you there is heaven and yellow is the colour of your mind,
for bright like the sun you are,
and that is fine by me,
for with you there is only love and no time for time.

We of infinite resource

We of infinite resource,
we of the Earth,
we of it who are now alive in our sentience as we were possibly not before,
when we were born from it before,
why do we feel so needy,
and why do we feel the need to own everything to the detriment of humankind,
and why do we take more than we should,
for there is enough for all,
now it is a never ending question,
but it is answered continually,
yet we continue in as much the same way as before,
and people suffer and starve and are homeless,
much more than they ever used to be before and it is a terrible thing,
for how much space and resources do we actually need to live and to eat,
for democracy should be fair but it is not,
and people die because of it,
for when there is food, land and resources for all,
why should people be unable to survive,
and why should people die for no reason at all.


Entangled in the intricacies of delight,
how sensations do heal the mind and the body,
for the body so,
it does go,
it does go into the day and into the night,
gently at first,
and upon leaving such work as it may have done,
the work that will leave its mark upon it,
and after it has tired out the mind and the heart,
and at the dying of the sun,
what better is there than to be with someone you love,
and in the intricacies and in the delicacies so intertwined,
what could be better,
than a fire in your heart and you and your loved one,
alone together with passion on your minds.

From out of the history of time

From out of the history of time,
the variety in the chemical formulations of life,
how incredible are they and how great and how beautiful are they,
from the simplest forms to the greatest,
what a great work of art in the imaginations of the mind,
what a great work of art in the imaginations of the mind of those who we do not know,
except in the results and in the creations of the Universe,
most of the likes of which we have not seen barely at all,
and in their wonder how long did it take to create them all,
and how long would it take to see them all,
for in the history of time there has never been anything before so magical,
and so fearsome and so beautiful,
for in the heavens and in the stars and of the planets,
the variety of the chemical formulations of life will it ever be truly told,
and in them is there a sentience to behold,
for if Universe is not God,
by God what a God,
what a God that created it all.

For all is possible

For all is possible in the imaginations of those both large and small if you think in an educated way,
if you think in an educated way,
how many letters would it take to display all the thoughts ever written by your mind,
for in the history of your time,
your time upon the Earth,
how great it is that the Universe was created,
and how great that humanity was created,
and how great it is that language was created to describe it all,
for in the languages of the world,
and with our emotions and our feelings in the writings how powerfully we reveal them,
for in this flood of all the senses and the emotions that we have ever known,
we are truly blessed,
truly blessed by the Universe,
the Universe that gave rise to us all,
the Universe where we can describe our feelings in art and language and in sound,
what a wonderful thing it is,
and how powerful,
and wonder how many words it would take to describe them all.

how great it would be,
if we humanity,
we made an effort to talk a little more,
and we took the time to care a little more,
for humanity,
it ebbs and flows back and forth,
and forth and back,
and humanity it does this dance,
for it heads for peace then steps two steps back,
and what good are half measures,
and what good is it if we only give peace half a chance.

For there is no chance

For there is no chance if we throw luck to the wind,
and there is no chance if we do not believe in positivity,
for in chance the odds of negativity are easy to understand.

Did you bury your soul

Did you bury your soul in the hollow,
did you bury it deep in the Earth,
for your mind was so shallow,
and your heart it was as black as the night,
for you walked the valleys as death,
and you walked deliberately in the shadows and you avoided the light,
but you took your time,
you took your time,
and you seemingly enjoyed your time,
claiming the futility of the world,
with the rambling words that you said
and you were happy in unhappiness and nothing else would do,
for some people are just born that way born confused,
and they walk the Earth misunderstanding those that they meet,
and they walk the Earth without the capability to listen,
and are bitter in its place,
for in their heart and in their mind they do not have the time for others if they can help it,
for in their eyes they are dead,
and they do not care for it for it is better there,
better than in this world that they do not understand,
for they walk through the darkness and are content,
content In the valleys of the damned.


Damned if I do,
damned if I don’t,
damn you,
damn you and damn your goddamn heart,
for it is cruel and it is wicked,
and you were damned from the start,
but I loved you,
yet you only loved you,
so damn you,
for you don’t care for anything,
and you do not care for me,
so you are better off being eternally damned and left eternally in the dark.


Victory does not mean anything at all in reality,
for the losers suffer,
and humanity suffers,
no matter the winner of a war,
victory does not mean anything at all,
for loss is all around and it is plain to see,
plain to see in the blood stains,
and in the destruction,
and in the tortures,
the kidnaps and the murders,
for where is the Victory,
when there are bodies piled high on all sides and for all to see,
where is the victory,
when it takes time to rebuild peoples lives,
and it takes time to rebuild civilisations, and it takes time to rebuild societies,
for in inhumanity,
in inhumanity there is no victory.

You were there

You were there in the morning,
you were there as the day was dawning,
you were there at night as I was yawning,
you were there when I was sad,
you there were when I was happy,
you were there when I was unhappy,
you were there when I was angry,
you were there when I was frustrated,
you were when I couldn’t be placated,
you were there when I couldn’t face the world,
and you were there when I had the blues,
you were there when I was down and depressed and confused,
you were there when nothing made sense,
and you were there when I was heartbroken,
and you were there when I couldn’t shake it,
and you were there Mum and Dad,
and I am glad,
and I thank you for the life you gave me and the life that you created.

Lead me

Lead me like you mean it,
do not cower in the dark,
say what you mean and mean what you say,
and do what you say you are going to do,
and do not attempt the things that you say you are going to do with half a heart,
and do not shy away from doing what you say you are going to do,
and do not use false words to soften people,
just to line your pockets a touch,
but lead me like you mean it,
and lead me with a passion and a fire in your mind and in your heart.

Unpredictable heart

Welcome to the beginning,
and welcome to the end,
for you have left and I have begun to comprehend,
comprehend that me and you are back to the start,
yes you,
you with your unpredictable heart,
how could you leave,
for I had barely begun to explain the pain,
and then you went away,
and you never gave me another chance,
and you skipped out the door,
you skipped out the door with a little dance,
and as quick as lighting you were gone,
gone so quickly after ravaging my heart,
and I waved you goodbye hoping that we could have another try,
another try at romance,
but it wasn’t to be,
and our romance tragically was a thing of the past.

So goodbye

So goodbye,
I will not cry,
I will not cry.
but I will carry on,
I will carry on to a sigh.

No more.
No more war.
What are we.
What are we fighting for.
For Humanity is better alive than dead.
No more.
No more war.
What are we.
What are we fighting for?

In the little thought

In the little thought that you gave,
in the little time that you saved,
you cut costs,
and in the end it cost a lot,
and there was money wasted,
and still lives were never saved,
for in your efficiency,
why did you fail to see the reality,
the reality that the world you could have changed,
for In the little thought that you gave,
if you would have taken more time,
you would have had the chance to be more humane,
but you were too quick to judge,
and you came up with a financial fudge,
and you threw less money at the problems of the world than you should have,
and you wasted more money by being lackadaisical,
and still so many lives were never saved.


Your emotions were piled high to sky,
your tears were numerous and there were countless sighs,
for life it did frustrate you,
and life it did break you,
and how you shouted and screamed and wanted to die,
and in your despair,
you waved your fists angrily at the air,
and you were angry at God,
God who never seemed to be there,
and you were angry at society,
a society that never seemed to care,
a society that did too little,
and now you are gone,
you are gone somewhere else,
and all I have are my memories of you,
and your shoes under a chair.


Angels in the night,
Angels in the day,
there at the hospital,
Angels who save,
Angels who have trained forever and a day,
Angels inside the Doctors and the nurses and the Surgeons I say,
for they work all night and they work all day,
and they are brave and courageous,
for saving life is such a delicate thing,
for life so often hangs by a thread,
and in the dedication and the tireless effort that goes into saving life,
how much skill there is to save people,
for life is brutal and death is far worse,
and death gambles with the patients’ lives in every way,
and of the surgeons with their knives,
how fine a line it is between life and death,
and how much care and compassion and education and intellect goes into saving a life,
Angels inside the Doctors and the nurses and the Surgeons I say.

I hold you

I hold you,
I hold you for longer than seems fair,
for how long I have wanted you to be here,
and of that I made you aware,
for it seemed to me,
that we had a lot in common and we connected so easily,
and in thinking I pondered what are the odds of you feeling something too,
for I had a feeling that I cared about you,
and over a few days alone,
I realised when I visualized you,
that I had fallen for you when we fell into a conversation,
a conversation early on,
a conversation after only a couple of meetings,
and after a little time getting to know you,
and after a little conversation which was heightened and brightened by the more I knew,
and after a little conversation or two on music,
and art and literature,
a little conversation from out of the blue,
oh how I fell for you and how I drowned In your beautiful eyes,
and how you made me happy with your beautiful smile,
and how I contemplated these things and I,
I wondered what the chances were,
the chances were that what I felt was real,
and I pondered the moment when I felt the first feelings of love,
for we had talked and we had talked for months,
and we enjoyed each other’s company a great deal,
and you with your wit and your intellect and your sense of humour and charm,
how I felt alive and safe and happy in your company,
for the world was a much better place with you in it,
and my heart oh how it pounds in your presence in such a romantic state,
and now I am thankful to be here,
for love is always a gamble,
and when you have your anxieties about whether it is real,
you do tend to worry so much,
but now I am here in your arms and in love with you,
there is nothing finer,
and this I would not forsake for anything in the world,
and I am forever thankful and I am truly greatful for fate,
for fate brought us together,
and forever In love may we always be blessed,
and long may we always stay.

Forever and a day

For what has brought me here upon the Earth I cannot say,
but I am happy to be here,
and In nature I am happy,
and in life,
and under the blue of the sky and the fluffiest of clouds too,
I roam upon the seas and the oceans and I travel the world,
for how beautiful life is,
and how incredible it is to be in your company,
for who ever created the universe I am thankful to you,
and there you sit beside me with a smile on your face,
and now what gave me these feelings,
these deep feelings of love,
this incredible connection,
this beauty,
and these memories together,
was it the universe,
was it God,
no it was you.

For You

For you are you,
and you continue to be you.
And though I disagree sometimes,
I catagorised you as you.
And in your category I only saw you.


You categorised everything that you did see,
you over labelled every little thing,
every little thing in sight,
but what good did it do,
for it did not do much for the worlds efficiency,
and it did not make the world a better place to be,
it just bred division and tore apart society,
and now we have not as much time as we would like due to bureaucracy,
but bureaucracy in all its categories is labelled very nicely and very confusingly,
and it is not as clear as it should be,
for the world has gone crazy in its complication of such simple things,
for with bureaucracy these days barely nothing gets accomplished,
but lots of people are paid,
and lots of people are with bureaucracy, very happy,
but not me.

Not me

Not me but I could be,
for I am currently in the dark,
so enlighten me?

Come forwards

For Is that you my friend,
is that you?
Come forwards into the light,
so I can see your face,
for I had lost you for such a long time,
and my heart had been ripped apart by the loss of you,
a loss that should never have taken place,
so come forwards into the light my friend so I can see your face,
for there is nothing more meaningful to me than to hold you close once again,
for in these years how time has flown and oh how my heart has ached,
for you to me were the sun that could never be replaced,
so come forwards into the light my friend so I can see your face,
for I have counted down this time since you left,
and I have left so many words in my diary in the blackest of inks,
that it looks like a wake has taken place,
so come forwards into the light my friend so I can see your face,
and let us be together my friend in such a warm embrace,
for the time apart has been cold as cold as the winter snows,
but now you are here I am filled with cheer,
and there is no sorrow in me,
and I hope that there will never ever be again my friend,
for these years without you they dragged on so,
and In my despair I never thought it would end,
for I fear I am near the end my friend,
and you have been travelling for so long,
for I can see by the smile on your face that travelling made you happy,
and I am glad for you so please don’t get me wrong in any case,
for I fear I may be travelling far away soon one day,
so my friend,
please come forwards into the light so I can see your face.


When you went away on your spiritual quest,
what did you see,
what did you see in those times,
a vision of the future in the function of the mind?
Did you have visions when you were far removed from society,
were you oblivious and were you as hopeful as can be,
and were you,
were you free,
and did you feel at ease,
did you feel powerful,
did you feel as powerful as the sea,
did you trust what you saw,
and did you believe in it,
did it make logical sense,
did you believe in it religiously,
did you believe it could come true your vision,
did it fill you with ideology,
did you make a wish upon the visions that you saw,
was the world in your vision a better place,
a better place than before,
were there happy people everywhere,
were there happier people than before,
and were you enlightened,
more enlightened and more educated because of the vision that you saw,
or was the vision hazy,
and did you think that you were going crazy,
or were you calm and assured,
and because of the vision that you saw,
did you wish for more,
could you put into place what you saw,
could you save the human race,
could you put the pieces of the world shattered by war back into place,
and do you,
do you in your vision believe anymore,
for a vision is a vision and reality is reality,
but do you believe in the vision,
or did it leave your memory,
or do you still have the convictions of the vision that you saw,,
and was the vision to change the world,
and was the vision to prevent war,
was the vision to save human life,
was the vision to eradicate inhumanity from humanity,
and if you remember your vision will you make it a reality,
or will you leave it be,
a vision only for you,
a vision that no one else will see.


You were a renegade,
and you knew how to rouse my heart,
for you stole it away and carried it across the barricades,
to where you wanted to rebel,
for behind the lines romance was dead in so many peoples eyes and no one in this world according to you wanted to take part,
for they were more interested in war you said,
and how you abhorred it you said,
but you with your beautiful words,
you formed them into such a form,
as of eros’s bow and arrow,
and you shot them at my heart,
and you with your love you dispelled the shadows and the dark,
and I succumbed so easily,
and we kissed in the battlefields of the world,
and we tried to change the world with such an art,
for teaching people how to love,
with so much hatred in the world is never an easy task,
but forget the allegories of the battlefields,
for love if it isn’t inside you how can society care,
and how can the loss of life be prevented,
and how can we stop inflammotary words and rhetoric sparking war,
for without love and understanding and compassion and listening,
how will you find the first step upon the road to peace if you have no love at the start.


the fire in your heart,
it burns so bright,
it threatens to burn down my house,
it threatens to burn down my house both day and night,
the fire in your heart it burns so bright,
it threatens to burn down my house with your sparks of delight,
but really I do not mind,
so kiss me,
kiss me and set my mind and my hesrt alight,
kiss me in the morning,
kiss me In the afternoon,
kiss me in the evening,
kiss me in the sunshine,
kiss me in the snow and in the rain,
kiss me,
kiss me again and again and again,
kiss me all year long,
kiss me for as long as you wish,
for it won’t be wrong,
kiss me,
for there is nothing to better a kiss except another kiss,
and if it leads to anywhere else I wouldn’t be surprised,
and you and I wouldn’t be remiss,
and what could be better than a kiss,
ah yes,
that is twice as nice as a kiss,
but let us start with a kiss if you do not mind,
for I do not wish to go too fast,
so kiss me in the spring,
kiss me in the summer,
kiss me in the autumn,
kiss me in the winter,
and kiss me in the morning,
kiss me in the afternoon and in the evening time,
and kiss me at the end of the year on new years eve,
and then kiss me again all year round,
because your kisses make me so happy,
and how could I ever mind,
for what is life if there are no kisses to be found.

Quietly and quickly

Quietly and quickly,
quickly and quietly,
how quickly does quiet go,
I do not know,
for into the world so cold I go,
and I head outside and I walk into the snow,
and I look to find my peace,
and I look to find my release,
my release from this world,
this frantic world that I know,
and as I go,
I look for no directions at all,
and I head far from well trodden roads,
but only almost quietly and quickly,
quickly and quietly do I go,
for in my footsteps there is barely any quiet anymore,
so I stand still and I watch the snowflakes quietly fall,
and slowly I quickly realise,
that in my mind and in my eyes,
how beautiful is the quiet,
the quiet that I am unaccustomed to at home,
and in this beautiful place,
I will carry the quiet inside me when times are chaotic and noisy,
I will, to find piece of mind,
I will remember it quickly and quietly wherever I go.


This boredom,
it was not meant for me,
for God I think you gave me someone else’s delivery,
and I would give it back,
but I am too bored of it,
and I would rather not be bored you see,
for boredom is such a misery,
and really why does boredom have to be,
now I wish I knew but I have no time for it,
for death will be boring enough,
and only then will I be bored,
so please God if you are not too bored,
please kindly redeliver this boredom somewhere else for me.

You were pious

You were pious,
you were pie eyed,
and your love of drink could not be denied,
for you liked a little wine,
you liked a little wine in the summertime,
and you,
you took your time,
and you drank all day and you drank all night,
and you thought and you talked,
and you argued and you fought,
you fought anyone who got too close no matter the time,
and you were certainly verbatose,
more verbatose than most,
and you were drunk as skunk,
and you started many a fight,
and you were bruised and you were battered,
but you sang out loud and shouted at the top of your lungs as if it really mattered,
but no listened to you,
and no one gave you any of their time,
and you,
you were pious and you were pie eyed,
and your love of drink could not be denied,
for you liked a little wine,
you liked a little wine in the summertime,
and you whilst laying in the gutter,
in a slurred voice shouted “I’m alive, I’m alive!”,
and I’m inclined to believe you,
for I have never seen someone so inebriated,
someone so inebriated survive so many times.

You favoured the brave

In world war one,
you favoured the brave then often they ran away,
and you criticised them before listening to what they had to say,
you favoured the brave,
but they were educated,
and you couldn’t understand them for being conscientious objectors,
for it was cowardice to you,
but them saving their own lives in the face of such great adversity was never strange,
never strange just sensible,
and you favoured the brave,
you favoured the brave but they often ran away,
and when you sat behind the lines giving the orders,
you were more protected than most,
but you favoured the brave,
you favoured the brave to do your dirty work,
and you sent them over the top and into the fray,
and you admired them,
and you admired them from far away,
and when they became conscientious objectors and ran away fearing for their lives,
you caught them and shot them for being cowards,
and you became a murderer,
and they were still in their deaths braver than brave.

Hey Mr

Hey Mr can you spare me some change,
hey Mr,
can you pull me down the heavens,
so I can use them to polish my shoes and see my face,
hey Mr,
why don’t you rearrange that smile,
for you seem a little sad and you look a little out of place,
hey Mr,
have you read the news today for it is a disgrace,
for it is just a blank page and you have to make it up or so they so,
hey Mr,
can you spare me some change,
for I could really do with some lemonade,
because an elephant,
an elephant it stole mine today,
hey Mr,
will you buy me dinner because mine ran away,
hey Mr,
can I have a date with your sister,
hey Mr,
and then the dream ended,
and I had no change which was a little strange.


You built a castle in your mind,
you manned the battlements,
you kept out humankind,
and you walled yourself in but you didn’t mind,
for how heartbreaks had pacified and had crucified your mind,
for love was never meant for you you said,
and you hid yourself away and you cried,
and you cried,
for how tough is love,
for it assailed you in the most unpredictable ways,
and you suffered the slings and the arrows of its misfortune far too many times,
so you built a castle in your mind,
and you manned the settlements and you swore blind,
you swore blind that you would never suffer for love again,
and you swore blind that for the rest of your life,
you never wanted to be in love again for love was so cruel and so unkind,
and after the pain and the hurt and the suffering,
you built a castle in your mind,
but do you feel empty now and do you care with love to be seen nowhere,
and do you feel better inside,
better inside in the castle in your mind,
or are you bitter still and do you not care,
for love you have no time you say and you are fine you say,
behind the walls and the battlements of the castle in your mind,
hiding from love,
of about which you say,
never again,
never again will I care.

Tom’s diner

In Tom’s diner,
sat waiting idly,
not much satisfaction,
for around here the waiters are slow,
for you wait all day for your food and you think it is coming,
but they pass you by without blinking an eye,
and they seem busy but they pay you no mind,
and coffee after coffee and after another for the road,
the hunger inside you grows,
and a man cracks open some walnuts as in the corner a lazy lizard sits waiting for flies,
and in the rest of the restaurant the customers they roll their eyes,
they roll their eyes after asking where are their drinks and their food,
and the waiter,
the waiter is surly and rude,
for in toms diner,
where cooking is clearly not their strong point,
and efficiency well,
for that they do not have the fortitude,
so I smoke a cigarette as an alcoholic takes a swig from a flask,
and I look out the window and I watch the cars roll past,
for they are the only thing that is fast around here,
and how times goes so slowly in Tom’s diner,
for in all likelihood you will be dead by the time you get your dinner here,
and if it does arrive,
you will probably die from food poisoning,
so after thinking about it,
I’ll have another coffee for the road,
and then I’m definitely outta here.

Time was

Time was never yours to own,
and though you may grasp it in both hands you know it will always go,
and though time it does its best how quickly time will go,
for there is never enough time in the world,
and you will truly never know,
and you will never truly know why time disappears the way it does,
but It won’t be sad to say goodbye,
and although you will be sad as time, time disappears in the blink of an eye,
time will surround you in the past and in the future,
and you will do what you can in it and with it,
but how much you can accomplish in a space of time it remains to be seen,
for time will not care,
and time will not stop and stand and stare,
and time will quickly go before you really have gotten anywhere,
for with all your plans and goals and timetables they will be up in the air,
up in the air because of a shortage of time,
for time is your own worst enemy sometimes,
and if you could stop a clock,
what would time be like without it disappearing into the air,
and would you be frozen and unable to move,
and would you be greatful for some time out from the world,
and would you enjoy no time in no time at all,
and would you care for time,
for time to you has never paid you no mind,
for it disappears so quickly before you are even aware.


I ran down the dewy lane,
I saw your footprints in the mud,
I saw the dew drops in the grass that quenched your thirst,
and I watched the sun move through the trees that poured through in such a flood,
and then I saw you fleetingly,
a deer so quick on your feet,
so quick that for barely one second you were there and then you weren’t,
but magnificent in your tan and white spotted coat you were in the early evening summertime heat,
and how timid you were,
and how glad I was to see you,
but you in your eyes you thought differently,
and you vanished into the trees and were never seen again,
but forever you will be in my memory my four legged friend.

The shadows

The shadows move across the ground upon this glorious Earth,
and the sunlight shines upon the fields,
for under the clouds and in the blue skies,
how great is the day,
for you in its omnipotence in the fields you survey it’s worth,
and how great it is,
for there is nothing more liberating than being amongst nature and in these fields,
for how green and fresh are they,
for in its glory the rain has watered it and the Earth to new life has given birth,
and the sun has nurtured it,
and the river it crosses the fields,
as you in your vision are happy in being and are happy just to be,
happy just to be you in the fields alone contemplating,
such thoughts as you may see fit,
for with them comes relaxation and imagination,
and in the breeze you sit meditating,
for how easy life is in these times with no stresses upon the mind as the river flows,
as the river flows so fast and quick,
the birds above they fly on there way,
to look for food and to make their homes amongst the trees,
amongst the trees where the sunlight,
the sunlight dapples the leaves,
and the birds they come and go as they please,
for in these times there is calm in the mind,
and on the Earth there are the mole hills,
the home to those tunneling folk who like to hide,
and in your solace and in your solitude,
you sit with a picnic and breath the fresh air and it gives you such fortitude,
and beyond the river are the hills,
so spectacular and covered in glorious daffodils,
daffodils of both yellow and white,
that fill the eyes with such wonderful views and that do delight,
and in your time alone,
time passes so slowly and you embrace it in the wonder of nature,
that nurtures your mind and that helps you grow,
that helps you grow in spirit,
like water that waters the Earth,
and as the shadows move across the ground,
and the sun shines upon your skin,
it warms you so tenderly,
for how great it makes you feel,
and how great do you feel in this slow pace of the day,
for it charms you and it beguiles you and under the sun,
in such soliloquy you wish that you could always stay.

In the cities

In the cities light,
in the cities shades,
in the minds so bright,
and in the less educated minds
and at night and in the day,
there are people everywhere,
there are people going here and there,
and there are people going everywhere at such a frantic pace,
for modern life disturbs minds and stresses people and pushes people to their limits,
and in the inanities and the insanity of the times,
in the homeless on the streets,
and from the stabbings and from the shootings,
and amongst the litter and the pigeons, distress it finds a home in them,
and depression sets in,
for it works it’s way on in,
it works it’s way on in from depression and crime,
and in the daily grind and the grime,
for the mentality of poverty is there for all to see,
and it is a horrific and a humbling and a humiliating thing that is seen far too many times,
and in the homeless it expresses their pain in such wicked ways,
through drug usage,
through knife crime,
through shootings,
and thefts,
and through looting,
for it really is a shame to see vast numbers in society brought down by this inequality,
and by the inability of people to use their heads,
and the inability to think more clearly,
for by thinking more clearly and by helping more often,
when you think about it,
if you tried hard enough it really is not difficult at all,
for with effort,
homelessness and knife crime and gun crime are solvable,
and together as humanity,
if we all agreed more often,
no mountain no matter how great is unconquerable.