Book 5

Salomina Valentine

© Ben Robinson 2019


After midnight, 39
And forever more, 27
Around here, 5
Arranged to rearrange, 3
Beyond the trees, 60
Cancer, 50
Cloud, 34
Clouds, 60
Come to me in your eloquence, 14
Creation, 18
Crucial, 19
Dangerous, 25
Despotic ways, 59
Disappointed one, 34
Distillation, 56
Do not go, 4
Echoes and calls, 52
Education for all, 43
Ergonomically speaking, 24
Finance, 28
Flowers by the bench, 7
Goodbye, 13
Gracious, 11
Grave, 45
Gravel, 36
Greatly you are missed, 17
Ground to a halt, 48
Guillotine, 14
Hungover, 47
I close my eyes, 62
I love you so., 43
I will say farewell, 15
In art, 12
In between moods, 35
In the black and the white, 41
In the Church, 31
In the dying light, 37
In the pursuit of happiness, 29
In these tired eyes, 21
In this air, 30
In this hurricane, 32
In this place, 19
In this wonderment, 10
Light, 58
Lodged in your memory, 55
Magnificence divine, 60
Man in the high street, 44
Mighty, 42
Never again, 59
Of the sky, 28
Of this, 40
Oh how much, 30
Open the cupboards, 26
Principle of life, 23
Quietly, 38
Religion and fear, 32
Rewind, 57
Romance is never dead, 9
Salomina Valentine, 10
Sanguine and morose, 34
Sardonic, 35
Sat in the chair, 20
Seems like nothing, 46
Shalome, 3
Shine a light, 48
Sitting at the table, 31
Such a blueness, 61
Sunlight in a babies eyes, 22
Sweet, 56
Telescope, 27
Thanks for the inspiration, 22
The limits of you, 62
The theatre of life, 39
The themes of life, 16
There is little, 13
There is no movement, 29
Through a window, 11
Understanding, 23
Viewed from afar, 49
Volcano, 53
Water, 35
We queue, 44
What is this, 58
What will come, 54
Where do wishes go, 51
Window up above, 40
Wretched vagabond, 21
You, 24
You exhumed an air, 4
You go forth, 26
You moved me, 6
You recollected, 12
You shut your mouth, 36
You turn into the wind, 53
Youth is nothing new, 15


shalom my childhood friend,
although it has been far too long,
I wish I had seen you in life again,
but circumstance caused us to be worlds apart,
worlds apart because of your family,
your family moving to the other side of the world,
and though I have not seen you since we were younger,
I hope you were happy in your life,
and I wonder did you come for a drink,
a drink at the end my friend,
and before the end did you walk the Earth and find such worth,
that filled your mind with inspiration and that did encourage your imagination,
and did you live in luxury or did you make and mend,
and did you spend your time learning something new every day,
and did you learn of nature and of the beauty of its ways,
and did you camp out under the stars at night and enjoy the quiet of the time with the love of your life,
and did you appreciate the weather no matter the season and no matter what it threw your way,
and did you work too much,
or too little,
or not enough and both night and day,
for you were intelligent and witty and quick and with such repartee,
and today,
in more recent times were you encouraging to the people that you met,
and did you always have something to say,
and did you always have a joke or two no matter the mood of the day,
and were you happy in life?
For when I look at you so peaceful in your casket,
your casket that is open to the day,
you look so peaceful and serene,
and in the brief moments with the people here and from what people have said,
I can imagine in life that was your nature and that cheerful was your way,
and upon that thought I will wish you farewell and shalom my friend,
and long may you spread cheer as you did at the beginning,
and long may you spread cheer as you did at the end,
and long may you spread cheer in heaven,
for I will think of you,
my long lost now sadly found childhood friend.

Arranged to rearrange

Arranged to rearrange,
you have your ways,
you have the ability to turn the blackest of nights into the best of nights,
for you are an angel and with your words how much more positive are they,
and where did your words come from,
and where were they fashioned,
for inside you how a well worded sentence or two from you can bring a smile to someone’s face,
despite them having the roughest of days,
and in the restaurant at night,
you delight in your conversation and with your theatrical ways,
for how great are they,
for you are always in such a mood,
and so you entertain and they pay you for company,
and just company and dinner at a table for two and nothing rude,
for you are an angel,
and I don’t blame you for the career that you chose and that you continue to choose,
for you make a living from it,
and conversation comes easy to you,
for in this world there are so many lonely people,
and so many broken hearted people,
and so many people with tragedies and misery,
but it is a pleasure to see you,
a pleasure to see you putting smiles on peoples faces across the table from where I sit with my family,
and though I barely know you and you are a stranger to me,
and though I know it is unusual to some,
you are an angel for what you do.

Do not go

Do not go into the night,
do not go into the day,
do not go without an open heart,
do not go without an open mind,
do not go without compassion and care,
and do not go without being prepared to listen to what people say,
for without those in your heart and in your mind,
how can the world have a good day?

You exhumed an air

You exhumed an air,
which you dug up from somewhere,
but where I am not sure where,
and I am not sure,
not sure that I really care,
for you today are arrogant in no uncertain way,
for you wear your heart on your sleeve but you epostulate in quite an aggressive way,
and you stand on the street,
espousing what you think in such a way,
that it terrifies the people passing by,
who have no wish to hear what you have to say,
for what you have to say verges on the fanatical,
and you have many words with which to make yourself heard,
but they mean nothing to me,
nothing much at all,
for they are full of nothing,
and they are racist and they are apocryphal,
and you claim that what you stand for will change politics today,
but all I see,
all I see is something that I have seen so many times before,
the fearmongering and the threats of war,
war against immigration,
war against religions in not so many words as most,
but you use veiled threats at immigrants,
immigrants who are much more educated than some,
and if you thought logically you would see the sense in it,
but you with your rage and your temper tantrums,
you do not appeal to me,
but you are not stupid and you have a decent vocabulary that is well used,
but I am not stupid too for I see through you,
the bigot,
the racist,
the hatred,
and though you try to look smart and dress in a nice suit,
racism is abhorrent no matter what you wear and for your politics I do not care,
for this is what politics has become so often,
with so many people trying to jump on any popular bandwagon just for popularities sake,
for they have no great minds and no great hearts and really apart from the wage,
about politics they do not much genuinely care,
so I will pass you on by as many others do,
for I would rather disappear than listen to you and be surrounded by your racist views,
your racist views with which such a dark mood you colour the air.

Around here

Around here,
what is there to cheer,
to cheer you up on a cold winters day,
well there is beauty and calm,
and not much to alarm,
and with the snowflakes in the air,
around here,
how far away seems the sun,
for in the snow how it reflects it,
but the visitation is far too quick in this place,
and so white is the day,
and so black is the night that does contrast it,
that does contrast the black in its equal way,
and in the white how calm it is,
and how beautiful are the stars at night that shine so bright,
for in the clear air how fresh it is upon the ice,
and how time seems to stand still,
for in this lonely place,
time means nothing except to the polar bear,
for timing means survival,
and in its exploration how hunger drives it almost everywhere,
and as I stand and survey the land,
how bleak it is but how much better it is without so much humanity,
for humanity would only spoil it through humanities over population and its lack of care,
and I am happy here for a short time,
and I am glad to leave barely a mark upon the land,
for how clean and pristine it is,
and its beauty is incredibly magical and incredibly grand,
and in the winter light it is a beautiful sight but I will be glad to leave,
for a short time here is good enough for me,
and as the polar bear goes on it’s way,
how powerful it is,
and how elegant it is in its movement,
and how far they can travel,
and what great eyes they have,
and this beauteous creature and this land,
this white white land,
it will stay with me in my mind,
for many many years,
and I will remember the coolness of the place and the snows upon a hot hot hot summers day.

You moved me

You moved me,
you moved me with your words,
you took your time,
you of a powerful mind,
you struck a chord,
and your voices they echo around my head and they echo around the world,
for your words and your speeches are well remembered,
and your voices they carry such gravitas,
and they carry such dignity and such passion,
for they are the most eloquent words that I have ever known,
and in your words and in your writing and in your speeches,
and with your pleadings to change the world,
and in your calls to eradicate poverty,
and hatred,
and war,
how great a vision in your mind did you create,
for with them and your call to arms and the call to take up a cause,
how you empowered people and made them believe that a better and a fairer and a safer world and an end to war was possible,
for you moved me,
and you moved and still do move millions of others with your words,
and you took your time,
you of a powerful mind,
you struck and continue to strike a chord,
and you lived and meant every word that you said,
for through your education and with your dedication,
what great imagination you had to stir up the hearts and the minds of others,
and how well you taught,
how well you taught people to be brave and bold and courageous,
and what great sacrifices you made,
for there was loss of life and suffering in so many ways,
but whilst you were alive you gave everything you could,
and you fought for what you believed in,
and you stood up for what you believed in every day,
and because of you,
Winston Churchill,
Nelson Mandela,
Mother Theresa,
and Malcolm X,
how much better the world is,
and how much more educated,
and how much more of a democratic place it is,
for you are remembered and revered and through the years your words are so powerfully moving,
for how skillfully you used them,
and how powerfully you used them to fight and conquer oppression and fear,
for from out of chaos and confusion,
you brought understanding and you fought for peace no matter how difficult it was,
and no matter the threats to your safety,
you gave of yourself all that you could give,
and you fought for others so that they could be free from oppression,
and so that they away from fear and in peace could live.

Flowers by the bench

Flowers by the bench as the river wends,
the river wends its way through the trees,
for in its beauty it is so wild and free,
and the river it calls to you,
and the river it calls to me,
and how gently,
how gently
as the flowers lay upon the bench the river wends,
the river wends its way through the trees,
and it flows past the Church under the sun and the bluest of skies,
as a light and a gentle breeze blows with such a delicate ease,
for in its elegance the river flows as the flowers sit in memory upon the bench,
in memory of those who once lived,
and who sat here in conversation about the beauty of the world,
and who in wonder looked at the beauty of the things that they could see,
for nature is eternal and incredible in its tenacity and in its beauty,
for in its beauty what finer a thing could there be,
a finer a thing to celebrate the loss of a loved one,
for how well nature it celebrates the life that was once lived by living in its many variations and in its spectacularity,
and how tenderly it honours thee,
for it honours the loved and the departed with these flowers,
that have been placed upon the bench to commemorate your memory,
and how many colours there are in the flowers elegance,
and how beautiful are the pleasures in them and the smell of the scents,
and how fresh are they and the memories of the loved and the departed,
and how great it is to celebrate a loved ones life amongst the nature that they loved,
as the river wends its way gently through the trees,
and as the river it flows past the Church,
under the sun and in the bluest of skies as a light and a gentle breeze blows with such a delicate ease,
it whispers,
it whispers to me,
as you the loved and the departed are remembered in this place,
remembered in this beauty that surrounds me,
for here where I now sit as you used to sit,
the river flows in its glorious nature,
for you are at peace amongst the Earth that buried you after death,
yet in death,
you are still celebrated by the living and by the Earth,
for the Earth with great passion celebrates you and your memory,
and it celebrates you through its creations of such elegance,
for in its delicacies how magical and how great are they,
and how beautiful the light of inspiration,
the light that lights the eyes with the splendrous visions of nature seen,
and what better to remember you than in the colours and in the fragrances of the world,
for from the Earth you came,
and here upon the bench as the flowers lay,
you will be remembered as the river flows,
and you will be remembered at the passing of the day,
and you will be remembered at the passing of the night,
and you will be remembered in nature and in words,
and you will be remembered under sunny skies and upon cloudy days,
and you will be remembered under the heavens as the stars give off such magnificent effervessence,
and you will be remembered as the stars that linger in your vision long after they have departed,
and so too will the memory of you in the minds of your loved ones stay,
and though I do not know you,
I will think of you as the river wends it’s way,
it wends it way through the trees,
and you will be remembered forever in the Earth,
amidst the nature and its glorious creations where you lay.
Romance is never dead

Romance is never dead,
for if you have no romance,
the thoughts of romance are somewhere in your head.
And romance it wanders here and there,
and never minds where it ends up,
for it matters not,
and the only place romance wants to be is in company,
for otherwise how could romance ever be,
and with fine looks and with fine words,
how it beguiles you and your emotions, emotions and feelings that are heaven sent.
For we are all In love with romance or so it is said,
and we fall in love and we fall out of love,
but we are always ideally mostly looking for romance to brighten our lives,
and oh how the aspect of love does bring such light to our eyes,
for the intensity of Romance it is always a pleasant surprise,
for it captures us unawares before we have even realised,
and romance it is such a great art,
for how it brings on such palpitations of the heart,
for my love my heart will beat for you so rapidly in the light,
and it will beat for you so rapidly in the dark,
and my heart will beat so rapidly for you under the moon and under the stars,
and it will beat for you so rapidly under the heavens,
for you are as beateous as the heavens art,
and in your arms,
how incredible and wondrous is romance,
for you I love,
and eros has fired its arrows so true and they have found their mark,
for you,
how great a love you are,
for in your compassion and in your caring,
and in your intellect and wit there is passion and there is daring,
and in your charms and in your arms I am safe,
I am safe from harm,
and in romances full blossom we two,
we cast the world aside when we are together and we bathe in romances elegance and in its delicacies,
for how great are they to thee,
great like light sparkling off the waters of the rivers,
great like the waters of the lakes,
great like the oceans and the seas,
great like the stars twinkling at night,
great like the beauty of nature,
great like the clouds in the skies and great like the breeze,
great like the seasons,
great like the sun, the rain and the snow.

Salomina Valentine

Salomina Valentine,
how thou art,
how thou art to me,
for you are so distant and lost in a happy memory,
Salomina Valentine,
Salomina Valentine you live in a dream but in your eyes there is a light and there is surprise,
and there is beauty in whatever it is that you are seeing,
for in your day dream Salomina Valentine,
what is it that you see,
what is it that makes you happy and will you tell me Salomina Valentine,
Salomina Valentine will you share your vision with me,
for I long to be lost in happiness too,
and I see it in your eyes and they sparkle with such mystery,
Salomina Valentine,
will you take me away,
will you take me away forever and a day to wherever you have been,
for by the smile on your face,
it must be the best place that you have ever been,
so please take me Salomina Valentine,
and let us dance a while there,
and let us dance under the stars,
and let us dance a while there without a care Salomina Valentine,
for I wish to be,
I wish to be in your day dreams,
Oh Salomina Valentine.

In this wonderment

In this wonderment,
in this moment,
in this kiss,
in this gentility,
in your caress,
in this bliss,
what more could I wish for,
and what more could I ask,
for the delicacy of your tenderness oh how it warms my heart,
and in this wonderment,
in this moment,
in this kiss,
how great it is,
for in the power of it,
I almost forget that the world exists,
and here I am a lucky man,
and how beautiful are the kisses from your lips,
for they are like silk,
and as smooth as you could ever wish,
for in this moment,
in this kiss,
in this gentility,
in your caress,
in this bliss,
I am so happy,
happier than I have ever been,
for with your charms how could I resist.


Grateful in your name,
gracious in the things that you say,
gracious in the things that you talk about,
grateful for the night and grateful to the day,
grateful of the stars in the heavens and the planets,
grateful of life,
grateful of the Earth,
grateful of nature where we got our birth,
grateful for the sun and for the rain,
grateful for the snows and the rivers,
grateful for the seas and for the oceans,
grateful for our feelings and our emotions,
grateful for the mountaintops and the forests that we walk in and climb upon at our own pace,
grateful for all the creatures upon the Earth,
grateful for the air that we breathe and for the clouds in the sky,
grateful for you,
grateful for I.

Through a window

He entered through a window,
he entered through a door,
he went around and around,
and he did not know where he was going anymore,
and he,
well he wasn’t sure,
for he with his drug habit and his rampaging ways did not care anymore,
for he thought burglary,
should be as quick as could be,
and he devastated someone’s life so rapidly,
and with practice so much faster than before,
for a fix was needed quick,
and how sick,
how sick it is that peoples lives are devastated so quickly,
and in such horrific ways,
for when in your home people invade and enter without asking and steal everything,
and then through mostly doing drugs suffer Ill health,
and are no better off and are still poor,
what is the point especially as the people whose houses are invaded face such upset and distress and loss,
and them and their families suffer with their memories and their traumas forevermore.

You recollected

You recollected where you had been,
you recollected what you had seen,
you recollected walking through the hollow in the mist beneath the branches of the trees,
you recollected a girl in a black coat and her smile and her face,
and you recollected the light In her eyes as she smiled at you as you passed on by,
and you walked through the glades and by the pools in the shadows and the shades,
that from the summer sun they kept you cool in such gentle and such delicate ways,
for how beautiful is a walk through the forest on a summers day,
and how beautiful the smell of the pine trees,
and the flowers that have such fragrant powers In every hour of the night and of every hour of the day,
for how glorious it is a walk in the forest to the sound of birdsong,
and in its beauty how meliferous it is,
for it soothes the mind and the heart,
and on your journey how it carries you and lifts you up in the birds gentle throng along such enchanted ways,
and how great it is by the fireside,
with weary feet remembering the memories of the day.

In art

In art,
in art,
in your glorious art,
you play,
you play such a part,
for as the world in its ways does need brightening these days,
what great colour you bring with such evocative and determined a task,
for the world needs cheering up,
and is it really too much too ask,
for it has been grim for far too long,
for humanity has done so many wrongs,
that cheering up the world is almost a thankless task,
so go on I dare you please do try,
please do try to raise a smile and a laugh,
for how lighter and brighter the world will be,
if you the clown stand on your head,
and you the clown turn your frown upside down,
for how much better the world will be if you do that you see,
for humour is key,
key to mending the world and to mending broken hearts.

There is little

There is little,
there is little on my mind,
for there is little to be refined and defined,
for in the history of my time,
I have been frustrated and agitated,
for the world has seemingly stopped,
and it seems to be going backwards in its calamitous ways for no reason that I can define,
for in the creation of bureaucracy progress is so slow,
for it is like a tortoise on a roundabout,
never getting anywhere,
never getting anywhere and never minding if it does,
for there is little incentive whilst everyone is being paid,
for these days,
money doesn’t seem to make the world go around,
and the world it gets crazier by the day,
and what is there left to say,
for everyone is talked out,
and worn out and tired out,
and keen to lay on their back and go to sleep,
and in their dreams make all their problems go away.


goodbye one and all,
he doffs his top hat,
and throws himself off a cliff,
and in a few seconds,
he smashes onto the rocks below,
goodbye one and all,
he doffs his top hat,
and throws himself off a cliff,
and his reason for not living well no one knew,
but his face not many could recall,
for he was another statistic in this life,
this tough life,
that ground him down and made his life insufferable,
goodbye one and all,
he doffs his top hat,
and throws himself off a cliff,
and flies for a few seconds and then dies,
but at least in flying he had a smile,
for life it never made him happy at all.


how could you be so mean,
for you with your verbal dexterity,
guillotine I will call you,
for you are verbose and intellectual,
but you are as vicious as can be,
and you hang around in bars,
and have little charm as far as I can see,
for you tried to talk to me once,
and I thought I was in a strange dream,
guillotine how could you be so mean,
for you make people cry,
with such vicious words that fly,
that fly from your savage mouth,
for you are uncouth and cantankerous and rip into everyone and tear everyone apart,
everyone that cannot talk as loudly as you do,
for you have such a black heart,
and you are definitely not the woman for me guillotine,
so if you please,
stay over the over the side of the bar from me,
for the conversation here is civil,
and you are as uncivilized as can be,
you with your fag ash mouth,
and your rude words and obsession with obscenities.

Come to me in your eloquence

Come to me in your eloquence,
for words in emptiness are not meaningful at all,
come to me open heartedly,
come to me prepared to put differences aside,
come to me with a smile,
come to me with humour and your wit,
and no prejudices and only yourself,
for in you and I we have the answers to it all,
for in this relationship who is at fault,
for in this romance it is a little of both,
but how can you repair love,
if you do not listen and you are not prepared to give of yourself at all,
for love requires hard work and kindness and compassion,
and caring,
and in your eyes despite the rocky roads, I see love and I see every emotion,
I see the shades and the colours of them all,
and there is hope for us,
for in my heart I love you still,
and you love me too,
and together we will find the right path to take,
for where there is a will there is a way no matter how rocky the road,
for if we try hard enough we will find a way out of the darkness,
and we will be better of loving,
for what good is arguing,
for arguing it destroys the soul,
and we should be in time happier,
happier by talking I know.

I will say farewell

I will say farewell,
I will say goodbye,
I will say how are you In the etiquette of the times,
I will shake your hand and I will converse with you,
for in life I wonder how many conversations we have,
and how many and how long they are each time,
for in our conversations how much of life is not spent alone,
and how many conversations are with ourselves out loud and in our minds,
for we are social beings mostly though not all,
but society teaches us to be mostly polite,
for if we are not polite how insufferable is humanity,
with a dark cloud hanging over one and all,
so I say farewell,
I say goodbye,
I say how are you In the etiquette of the times,
and I will shake your hand and I will converse with you,
for there really is no point in being rude at all,
for rude people I have no time at all,
and neither should we all.

Youth is nothing new

Youth is nothing new,
for you are born every day it is true,
but what can you do,
for you grow the way you do,
for you are a living organism that in organisation,
brings chaos into order in a pattern of such fascination,
and your body is always growing something new,
and in your skin how fresh it is,
and how old are you,
and do you worry about age,
now truly why should you,
for when you are being born every day,
why worry about age,
for it is all in the mind,
and not in the body it is true.

The themes of life

The themes of life they run through us all,
the emotions and the feelings,
the love,
the hurt,
the anger,
the rage,
the frustrations,
the temptations,
and in each,
how big,
how great,
how tiny and how small,
and how delicate,
and how incredible,
how wonderful,
and how beautiful are they one and all,
for upon this Earth they are all conquering,
and there is no escape from them,
for what has brought us into this shape and this form,
this complexity from simplicity,
this complexity into which we are brought,
I know not for it is a mystery,
but is the Earth of a sentience born,
or was it born by chance,
for chance has a role in so many things,
but has chance designed our fate from the beginnings of humanity,
upon the Earth and amongst the heavens and the stars in the light of the sun,
the light of the sun under which we grew up,
and from whence our lifes work was begun,
where we were given the choice to choose,
and the choice to exist and to be,
and to survive and to thrive,
and to find a home,
and to find a calling that you can be happy in,
and to find friendships and love,
now what greater things can there be,
for upon this Earth where we live and where we roam,
how beautiful life is with our feelings and our emotions that define us,
and that allow us to express ourselves with our feelings of love,
and temptations,
that we all come to well know,
for how great it is that inside us is imagination and fascination and desire,
and want and need,
and tenderness and compassion,
and memories,
and the ability to be educated and to educate and to grow,
and what a wonderful world this is,
and what an incredible thing life is,
and how great life can be,
in this body that from chance or sentience we are born into and that we live in,
upon this beautiful Earth,
this beautiful Earth that we are so lucky to call home.

Greatly you are missed

Greatly you are missed,
greatly you are missed like a kiss,
greatly you are missed like a wish,
greatly you are missed like a shooting star and gone ever so quick,
for you burnt bright and you were never meant to last,
but in my eyes your memory lives on,
in visions of you and in visions of all the memories that you created,
and in which you belonged in a time so sadly gone,
for though life was short,
you had a full life in the short time that you were here,
and then so quickly,
so quickly you disappeared,
and I wish we had still more time to converse a while longer,
for I miss you,
I miss you more than I can say and I miss your smile,
for your heart was true and your compassion too,
and what I wouldn’t give to see you again,
but you are a fading light,
like a dying star in the universe,
for you are neither here nor there,
and coming and going in my thoughts both day and night,
only to live,
only to live in my mind so bright,
for in memory how ebullient you are and how great is the delight,
for you take me away to those days where you and I,
we lived,
we really lived,
and how much duller it is with you gone,
for life it can be so cruel and life in the blink of an eye can be so quickly gone,
and I wish to complain,
for your short life and the time you had,
although it wasn’t too bad,
it has stolen you far too soon and it was wrong,
so wrong,
and the tears that I have cried,
I wipe them from my eyes and I try my best to carry on,
for life is not the same and it is a shame,
a terrible shame,
for you are greatly missed,
missed like a kiss,
missed like an embrace so warm,
missed like the rain and the mist,
missed like the sun and the snow,
missed like only you could be missed,
for you were so incredible,
so compassionate and understanding,
for you had a great heart,
and with your wit you lit up the room,
and I will remember you all year long,
and no years will pass that I will not wish for you to be here,
but I know in my heart and in my mind the great sadness of your departing,
for wherever you are and whether near or far,
I will keep you in my memory,
for in my memory you burn bright like candle light,
you burn bright like a fire that warms my heart,
and in my memory you glow like the stars in the heavens where I am sure you play your part,
for In my mind and In my heart,
you will never be gone,
for you are captured in the moments that we had together,
and in me,
in me you will always live on.


There was probably no light,
there was probably nothing to be seen,
but what must’ve existed in the void is not known to me,
for if anything at all,
how powerful it is that the big bang could happen and could expand Into a space from seemingly nowhere at all,
and what is beyond the void that now holds the universe in,
for a wonder it is to have such strength and to be so powerful,
for in the void how long did it spend in its meditative state,
and how loud was the noise of creation,
and how far did the sound travel,
for what a sound it must have been,
for in its adventurous state
was it sentient the void,
the void the creator of the universe as we know it,
and if there was nothing,
from out of what could the big bang begin?


that is what you are to me,
Lawrence of Arabia,
and so many other inventors and writers and politicians and artists who have inspired me,
those talented individuals that have strode this world with their minds,
and with such dedication and their inventions and their intellectual capacity,
how powerful in them was their incredible talent,
for in their fortitude and in their dedication,
what strengths they had in their creations,
for in their determination to change the world,
and in their determination to save life,
there is and will forever be such admiration,
for how great the mind is that from out of nowhere creates an idea,
and that invents even the smallest thing that in some way benefits society,
and how great are the teachers of the world,
the teachers that inspire so many people to be themselves,
for what power they have in their hands and in their minds to shape and better humanity,
and what dedication and fortitude they did need to fight on despite the lack of funding,
and despite the conditions of war,
and the black dog,
for they drove on ever on with their ideas and ideals,
and in the history of humanity,
how great are they,
for they will live on in their achievements,
and they live in their ideas eternally.

In this place

In this place,
no more happy voices,
no more choices to be made,
in this place it is all but rubble,
laying there in a devastated state,
for in this place war has eradicated the lives of so many,
and it is an eerie haunting place,
for in this place,
the ghosts of people who have been raped, kidnapped and tortured they fill the mind,
and upon the blood stained walls,
what awful savagery has been inflicted upon human kind,
a savagery more vicious with each war,
more vicious with each torture,
more vicious with each rape,
more vicious with each killing,
for it in its horrific way,
it will shock you to the core each time you hear of it,
and each time you see it taking place,
for the reality of bodies blown to bits and torn apart,
does sicken you over and over again,
and it will haunt your mind in a never ending way,
but if it shocks so much,
why does it not shock so much the human race,
probably because it happens so often that they are used to it,
and having watched it second hand on the television,
and online,
and listening to it on the radio what seems like a million times,
nothing much shocks these days but it is a disgrace,
for we should not feel nothing,
we should feel everything,
for are we not human,
sometimes it is difficult to tell by the devastation and the countless deaths that have taken place,
and in the rubble how sombre it is,
and how powerful the permanent reminder of the loss of life,
for it should never have happened,
but through the inability to listen and understand,
and through greed and hate,
sadly for far too long death caused by war has far too often been humanities fate.

Sat in the chair

You sit in the chair with your hat over your face,
and you seem peaceful you with the alcoholic ways,
for you have surrendered to it for so many years,
so many years,
and despite people telling you to seek help you are set in your ways,
and you have good days and bad days and you rant and you rave,
and you slobber and you jibber jabber,
and you are hell bent on talking yourself into an early grave,
and people have done what they can,
but in all likelihood your life cannot be saved,
for you of your alcoholism are not ashamed,
and you enjoy yourself no matter what anyone says,
and you look at peace now in the chair with your hat pulled down upon your face,
and there is a smile upon it too,
and I am tinged with a sadness but what can I do that I haven’t already tried to do,
for you are you and you will not let anyone tell you what to do,
but I wish I could do more,
and despite whatever I say,
I will let you be so quietly,
as you sleep in a drunken haze.

In these tired eyes

In these tired eyes,
in these tired times,
in this busy frantic society there is no peace,
no peace of mind,
for life in this wretchedness does not good health prescribe,
and in these tired eyes how weary are you,
whose thoughts are so barely formed as to be unrecognisable,
unrecognisable as anything sensible at all,
for how wickedly tiredness affects them all,
and in this world what good is thinking if you are too tired too barely think at all,
for nowhere will you get,
and in this mire you will stay,
and in this mire and so so tired,
how will you achieve and how you will succeed,
for clear thinking in this state,
the state of the modern world that it does force upon you today,
force upon you with its sadistic ways,
it is not somewhere to be recommended that you stay,
for a second,
a minute,
an hour,
a week,
a month or a year,
but anyway,
this modern society it gives barely any peace of mind,
for the only place you will find it,
is far far away,
far far away in solitude and soliloquy,
for that is the only place to be free,
and even with tired eyes it seems logical and much more sensible to me.

Wretched vagabond

Gold digger,
wretched vagabond,
you steal and you take,
and you break,
you break everyone’s hearts that you come upon,
for you know no shame,
for in your game,
a stolen heart or two are good for you,
but it is a momentary lapse of reason for some,
and so you plot and so you will plan to get your own way if you can,
for you do not care about anyone who you can leave in thirty seconds flat,
for if that is what you want to do,
there is not much that they can do about that,
but you will do it no less for that is you all over,
for you are only after the money and to them when they are in tears of distress,
they will not find it so funny,
and they will be broken hearted,
and you will be callous and cold and pay no mind to their suffering,
and you will carry on regardless,
and I will not care for you when things go wrong,
for I have never understood the mentality of the likes of you all along,
for it is just wrong,
plain wrong,
terribly wrong,
and you have no morals,
but you will still spend their money for as long as the day and the night is long.

Sunlight in a babies eyes

There blinking in the sunlight you did arrive,
and you laid there wide eyed,
and you tried to make sense of the world,
for in the dawning of the times,
this visitation is an incredible thing,
this baby being born,
a baby comprising of the genetics of two human beings,
for such beauty there is and what an incredible thing,
for on arriving in this world what did you see,
and what did you make of the first things that you saw,
and did you understand anything,
and how overwhelming it must be,
to see your first vision of the outside world,
and those smiling faces that are smiling back at you,
for how magical is life,
and how great is creation when you look into a babies eyes and you see the light in them,
and they smile reflecting back at you as you reflect back at them,
for how beautiful it is,
so many smiles upon smiles,
smiles that never seem to end.

Thanks for the inspiration

Thanks for the inspiration,
for without inspiration how would I grow,
so thanks for the inspiration that you have given to me,
for you have empowered me with a visionary dream,
a dream to change the world,
a dream to change the world,
and for the inspiration that you gave me,
and for the love of you I can only thank you,
and for your time and understanding and listening and patience I thank you too,
for I loved you for you,
for you taught me everything that I knew and you have helped me grow more than you could possibly ever imagine,
for in you there was an innate calmness that so easily flowed,
for you explained things so well and your time was precious,
and you were precious to me,
for you were the best teacher that I had ever known,
and you still are,
for you taught me language so well and in these words,
I will thank you,
and I will thank you forever more,
forever more in the words and in the sentences that I will write wherever I may go.

Principle of life

Such is the principle of life,
for to exist and to replicate and to evolve this is it,
this how it is described,
for such is the principle of life,
and no more and no less,
for in evolution there is revolution,
and in revolution there is a constant struggle to grow and to survive,
for such is the principle of life,
for it was a simple thing,
and then sentience came along and we analysed and over analysed every little thing,
and then through analysation we complicated every little thing,
and the misunderstandings and the want for things did grow and grow,
and the want for land and property and belongings and jealousy did begin,
and then there was hell on Earth,
with war, death, torture, and suffering,
and are we any better off now than we were as a single organism,
a simple thing?


Understanding is an enlightening thing,
and listening and education is the sun around which humanity gathers in its ordered ways,
for it brings focus to the nights and it brings focus to the days,
for how far we have come since the early dawning of time,
from whence humanity rose up from the Earth and learnt to read and to write,
and through reading and writing learnt to expand our minds,
expand our minds from whichever educational tools that we could and can find,
for how great are the complexities of the languages of the world,
the languages that help describe humankind,
and how beautiful are the texts with their style and their form,
and the aesthetic beauty that beguiles the eyes,
for in a word or two,
language I love you,
for there is almost nothing upon this Earth that can tell you so much,
that can tell you so much apart from the senses and the intuition,
and powerfully describe the world and the emotions of the human condition,
for language sums it all up with flair and with evocative airs,
and through education and learning,
we can communicate and understand and create,
and describe whatever we feel and experience,
for with language there are no words too small and no words to big,
and no words that do not resonate with us all,
whether in voice, braille or text,
language is alive and through language how much better and more understandable is the world in which we live.

Ergonomically speaking

Ergonomically speaking there is no time to save,
for it is a matter of fact that the time is up,
for so rapidly time has passed away,
and the time today,
well it comes in a quick and in an abbreviated way,
and time does not care for you no matter what you say,
so stop prevaricating,
stop prevaricating in every way,
for you should just get on with it,
for you are known to be not that quick,
and not as decisive as you should be,
for your indecisiveness it holds you back and society is failed,
it is failed because of your deliberating and coginating over every little thing,
and your priorities are all wrong,
and what you think are your priorities well they take far too long,
but that is politics,
and it is the reality and unfortunately,
it is why the world is not as advanced as it should be,
so please get on with it,
because we believed in you,
and that is why,
that is why we voted you in.


You were seemingly innocuous,
you were seemingly unknown,
you were rarely nowhere to be seen as if in a momentary dream,
a dream that I did not know,
for you were a blank face to me and you wore no smile,
but they say you were the most generous person ever known,
and I admired that about you for apparently it was true,
and you were seemingly innocuous,
and you were seemingly unknown,
and in your time what a mind did you have,
I know it is peculiar,
but it is a peculiarity that I wish to know,
for you never dressed to attract attention,
but you carried yourself with style,
and while I stand here at your graveside,
I wonder what your life was like,
for you lived your life mostly on the road,
and you with your long legs,
you disappeared over the horizon more times than anyone that I have ever known,
and you had no ego,
and you went where I never knew,
and whatever the weather,
in the sun,
in the rain and in the snow,
what was your purpose,
and what did you do wherever you did go,
for your life is a mystery to me and I am intrigued,
so will you tell me a tale from your grave as I stand under the tree beside it,
as the wind through the leaves and the branches of the tree do blow.


Dangerous was the road,
dangerous was the time,
dangerous was the light,
for there was barely any light in Victorian times,
for in these London streets,
these streets they have seen Jack the ripper,
Jack the ripper come and go,
and they have seen Jack the ripper so viciously and brutally torturing and murdering helpless victims,
and his victims were found with deep throat slashes,
abdominal mutilation,
genital-area mutilation,
the removal of internal organs,
and progressive facial mutilations,
but what would drive this sickening lust,
this sickening lust to destroy human flesh in the most evil ways ever known,
and what twisted mind did Jack the Ripper have inside,
and what experiences formed his mentality,
this crazy insane madness that he felt was his right,
this madness that he had become so accustomed to,
for in the twighlight at night upon those Victorian streets,
where people feared to tread he pounced upon his hapless and helpless victims,
and tortured them,
and slashed at them and cut them to pieces,
and robbed them and sexually assaulted them,
and they screamed countless times,
and they bled and they bled,
until they were dead,
until they were dead,
until they were dead and then he fled into the night,
and he continued again,
until there were five of them,
five victims who were unluckily in the wrong place at the wrong time,
and they may not have been the only ones for there may have been more,
but where did he go,
and who was he,
this sickening man filled with such depravity,
maybe we will never know,
for the mind of a murderer is a maze,
and the cunning and the lack of remorse shown is a shadowy thing that still haunts humanity,
and still to this day the story sends a chill right through your bones.

Open the cupboards

Open the cupboards and bags on the streets and in the homes across the land and let us see what we can find,
for times are rough and times are tough,
for poverty how often it preys upon humanity,
and how often so many go hungry and though it need be,
poverty is everywhere in society and it is a blot on humankind,
for with so much land for growing food,
why does there have to be so many people hungry,
well there truly is no reason that I can see,
for poverty has decimated society yet so many people suffer quietly,
people too ashamed to ask for other peoples help,
and from the shame how they suffer for their health,
and how they with little or no wealth pay the price,
for death by malnutrition is a cruel and a sickening thing,
but in modern society it happens far too many times,
and I wish it wasn’t so,
but let us open the cupboards and the bags across the land,
and let us see what food we can find.

You go forth

You go forth lightly into the night,
and you hurry down the alleyways in the city where you stay,
for in your glorious coat of red and white,
your stealth is well known oh fox,
for you are faster than most,
and when it comes to survival you are not an easy prey,
and when you are looking for food there is nowhere safe from you,
but you have a charm about you,
and though you ravage whatever you find,
in the night you are barely seen and people pay you no mind,
but you have a charm about you really do,
for in the city lights there is not alot that frightens you,
and I admire you in your ways,
for you are calm and collected amongst the refuge and the stress and the chaos of society that humanity has built that way,
but I wonder oh fox,
do you miss the countryside and the fields and the hedgerows and the fresh air and the beauty where you used to live,
and will you ever go back there one day?


Through your telescope what do you see,
there in South America on a plateau in the desert on the clearest of nights,
in the heavens amongst the stars and the galaxies,
through your telescope what do you see and what have you discovered,
and has it been the fantasy of your dreams,
and how would you react if you found another life form,
another race,
a sentient race,
now would you be excited,
would you be scared,
and would you be happy,
for what a wonder it would be,
to be the first,
to find life,
to find the first habitable planet except for Earth,
now how incredible that would be,
for how much beauty and wonder there is still out there to see,
amongst the stars and the heavens and the galaxies,
for I am sure we are not alone,
and I’m sure with your incredible eyes and through your telescope we shall soon see.

And forever more

And forever more may you lay down your weary head in such comfort that you have not known before,
may you be safe from harm,
may you be out of the rain and the snow and the cold forever more,
may you be with your families and your loved ones
and may you be happy in the warmest of homes,
and may you never starve again,
and may you never suffer violence again,
and may you never be ostracized again from society my homeless friends,
for the world has the power in its hands,
and the money to solve homelessness forever more,
for in not solving homeless there truly is no point at all,
and what is more,
with a little effort homelessness has no need to exist,
and by solving homelessness,
this sickening inhumanity to humanity,
can so easily erased,
so there is no time like the present to erase homelessness forever more.


Your inventiveness is well known,
and your capability for genius is something not easily forgotten,
for in your stupidity and in your greed,
how uncompassionate are you,
the people and the companies who believe that money is everything,
especially the banks and the bankers who generate so much profit in the banks and through the banking systems of the world,
and who do barely anything to help eradicate poverty,
and who barely do anything to eradicate homelessness and famine and drought,
and who dine out on the finest things,
and who drive the most expensive cars,
and who live in the most expensive houses whilst people continue to struggle to get funding to start businesses,
and whilst people continue to live on the streets and are suffering,
and whilst homeless people die every year,
all you care about are the profits and it is truly sickening,
for the profits you make could be much better used,
but it is not exactly a new problem,
for it has been going on for thousands of years,
and you mostly only look out for yourselves and because of this poverty is never ending,
and because of this peoples lives are lost,
and finance is the cause,
for finance you have a passion,
but for compassion when it comes to the suffering of humanity you are truly lacking.

Of the sky

Of the sky,
the clouds float so gently,
they float so gently by,
and as they do there is the sound of an aircraft roaring overhead,
and it is the sound that brings a smile to my face and a light to my eyes,
and how powerful it is that sound,
that roar,
that thunderous roar from up on high,
and how incredible it is that we can fly,
we can fly anywhere in the world in under a day,
and we can travel so near and so far away,
for in an aeroplane it is such an incredible machine,
for we can go anywhere and we can see anything,
and we can meet people from all walks of life,
and we can explore new cultures and we can broaden our minds,
and we can go on holiday to the snows,
to the sun and the oceans and the seas,
and in an aeroplane wherever you wish to go in under a day,
or up to a day we can be near or far,
and we can be happy wherever we choose to be,
for in an aeroplane how incredible it is the technology,
the technology that allows us to fly,
and that allows us to be anywhere upon the Earth,
and that is in an incredible thing for humanity,
for it brings us closer together,
and it allows us to understand each other better,
for how much better is the world when we communicate more effectively,
for in an aeroplane what was mans great dream,
has because of Orville and Wilbur Wright become a reality,
and ever since flight has continually evolved,
and because of this dream in times of peace,
with more understanding and by being closer together,
what great chances there are for world peace and for global harmony.

In the pursuit of happiness

In the pursuit of happiness,
in the time spent chasing such a dream,
how much hope there is and how much great expectation,
for nothing more could be finer to me,
for in happiness it is the ideal that we so often seek,
for now what is the reality,
for it seems perchance but a dream,
for life has it’s way,
has it’s way of not becoming what it could be,
for life it carries so much disappointment,
and life is often far from happy,
and though you may wish upon a star,
and though you may look for luck and happinness,
if it ever crosses your path,
how lucky and how happy will the time be,
for I in the pursuit of happiness will never stop,
now will you the human race put aside such negativities that upon the Earth are far too numerous,
and will you join me,
for with a happy society how much better the world can be.

There is no movement

There is no movement in this shattered dream,
there is a vision,
there is a disturbing vision of a body of a human with an animals face laying in the gutter,
a body of no one I know,
there is a vision of people climbing the ceiling,
for how peculiar are dreams,
for there is such surrealism,
and much analysation of what they could mean,
for how they haunt you and intrigue you and with their vast variety and capacity,
and with their veracity to disappear so quickly from your memory,
how incredible are dreams,
for upon the waking hour,
what dreams may have come to delight the senses it remains to be seen,
it remains to be seen for but a brief moment,
and it remains to be found out how long they will exist in your mind,
for what a peculiar thing it is,
for memory and forgetfulness seem to go hand in hand with dreams,
and I wish I could remember them all,
yet it has never happened and has never come to be,
and I spend a third of my day asleep and how restful it is,
for how amazing is the brain,
for the brain it continues to work,
and continues to project it’s own movies inside you,
whilst you sleep so soundly recovering from the weariness of the day,
now what dreams may come,
who is to say,
for they have no time table and do not care for time,
but dreams will as they please keep the night company as they may.

Oh how much

Oh how much,
oh how little,
how much I have missed you and how little time it took,
for as words,
words upon the pages of a book,
how many ways there are to describe missing you,
and how much there is to say for you are so far away,
and I wish you were here but you are not,
for time goes by so rapidly,
and I keep you in my mind and in my heart,
for my love for you is stronger each day,
stronger each day that we are apart,
and I can’t wait for time and time will not wait for me,
for time never stops but time with you is precious,
and I long for you,
and I know I will see you soon,
and how quickly the time apart will be forgot.

In this air

In this air,
this delicate delightful air,
with your feet in the water of the sea that ebbs and flows back and forth eternally,
in this air,
this delicate air,
how great is the power that rejuvenates our hearts and our minds there,
for upon the beach as the seagulls fly out of reach and cross the sky so gently upon the breeze,
how peaceful it is and how easily it is to be peaceful and without a care,
for the sea it throws itself upon you and caresses you,
and how greatly it calms the mind,
and takes you so far away from your problems,
for in the beauty of nature,
and In the beauty of the sea,
what a wonder is this elemental force that is of course part of you,
and of course part of me,
for we rose out of the Earth and the Earth it defined our humanity,
and upon the beach with our feet in the sea,
how great it is to reconnect with the world and nature in such simplicity.

In the Church

In the Church sitting a while,
sitting upon the pews,
where so many over the years have taken their time to reflect a while,
in the Church sitting a while,
gazing at the stained glass windows,
and the beauty of the colour and of the figures that they depict of people,
people including Jesus who lived so long ago,
it is a peaceful time In the Church sitting a while,
for how beautiful it is with the light shining through the stained glass windows,
and how beautiful it is the architecture and the carving,
and the singing of the hymns,
but it is for me,
it is for me a conflicting thing considering the history of religion,
and the damages done throughout the world,
and as I sit here in the Church a while,
it is a beautiful thing,
and as I sit,
a person enters and takes me away from the dark history of religion by smiling at me with a beautiful smile,
and it is a wonderful thing sitting in the Church a little while,
for no matter what there is good company here,
and you don’t need to be religious,
to feel that calm and that peace,
and happy I will continue to sit in good company,
and with good conversation and compassion and caring,
how much lighter the weight of the world will be.

Sitting at the table

Sitting at the table with friends,
eating a meal and discussing the world,
oh what emotions and moods and feelings there are,
for they are so buoyant and light and jubilant,
for life is darker than we’d like,
and life is often hard to comprehend,
and as we sit here and we talk,
and we while away the time trying to mend our hearts,
so much better it is,
for our hearts have been broken again and again and again because society has so many problems,
problems that never seem to end,
for in the world there is chaos,
but sitting at the table with friends there is an end,
there is an end to the chaos,
and how great it is when you can put it out of your mind,
with a good meal and a little wine,
and with the smiles and with the laughter of friends,
there is light and how beautiful it is,
for with such company the worlds problems disappear when you put the world to rights,
and with such delight over a meal and with a little wine,
how great are the memories and how great is the time,
for with good company and wit and intellect and humour,
how much better could humanity be,
if we only spent more time in each others company.

Religion and fear

What is it with religion and fear,
and what is it and what good does it do,
putting the fear of God into people,
when no one has ever proved that God exists,
for there has been more misunderstandings over invisible Gods,
than over anything else it is true,
and belief is a wonderful thing,
but after thousands of years of religiously praying,
are we any closer to knowing God and proving that God exists,
for which ever God you believe in,
so we far we do not have any proof,
and how long will this go on,
who knows,
but wherever you are God,
I’m sure it would be a pleasure knowing you.

In this hurricane

In this world,
In this hurricane,
in this storm,
how your mind,
how your mind is torn,
for Indecisive,
indecisive seems to be the norm,
for there are so many choices in life with which we are born,
there are so many choices and paths to take,
there are so many things to want,
and there are so many choices to choose,
that sit in our heads over which we salivate from night until dawn,
and we will pick them,
and we will tear them apart and anxiously discard them,
for there is mostly little time to define and a lot of time for regrets,
and we can be overwhelmed with them,
for in the eyes of humanity,
and in this framework in which we live how difficult it is,
for Indecisiveness brings divisiveness,
again and again and again,
and although we can be happy we mostly pretend,
for the choices,
the choices they never end,
for in this world,
in this storm,
into the advancement of society,
and the advancement of technology,
and comfort we are born,
but how would we cope if it was all gone,
the choices,
and the convenience,
and the comfort,
and how would be cope upon the dying of an age,
and how would we cope in the destruction of its ways,
for we would have to start anew in simplicity,
and to most people no doubt it would be a shock,
a shock to which we may take some time to adapt,
for in our choices we would be very limited and there is nothing more humbling than that,
and for humanity to be humbled it would not be such a bad thing,
for we may regain our humanity,
for it has been sadly lacking for thousands of years and the history if humanity has been filled with such brutality,
and if humanity was humbled by a massive catastrophe and our civilisations fell,
hopefully there would be less wars,
and hopefully we could achieve peace upon the Earth,
for in humility,
maybe we would finally learn from history,
for death has haunted humanity for far too long,
and countless deaths have been caused by our own stupidity and for far too long,
for in our own inhumanity to humanity,
in simplicity we can only hope and hope that maybe inhumanity will be forever gone.

Disappointed one

It is true that you went above and beyond,
you tried your best,
you aimed for success,
you tried your best to carry on,
for you wanted everything under the sun,
yet you in your imagination had high hopes,
but now you are sadly the disappointed one,
for you with tears in your eyes and with access to a gun,
you are despondent and more despondent than some,
for society it leads you to believe that everything has such a value,
but when In reality its value is so over inflated,
and materialism it haunts and it taunts you with desire and want and it drives you out of your mind,
for life is spent trying to acquire and mostly wanting more than you need,
for it is modern society’s disease,
and here you are with tears in your eyes,
for you cannot take it anymore,
and here you are with your trembling hand on a gun,
and here you are with a gun to your head,
the disappointed one.


The cloud In the sky I imagine what it could be,
but in the clouds of your mind you are you,
and you I sometimes cannot fathom what you could be,
for your mind it knows me not and you are a mystery,
and I imagine peace,
but you imagine war more often than most,
and peace it is far easier for me,
for what is it about your mentality and your destructive ways,
are you going through a phase?
Well I will stay out of your way,
for I have no wish for war to start,
for all I wish for is for a pleasant summers day,
and you are looking for victims in your disgruntled way,
and no I do not wish to know you and I probably couldn’t prevent you starting war anyway,
for your mood is as foul as the night,
and your mind I pay no mind to it,
and though I do not mean to be rude it is better that way,
and before long no doubt,
if you start wars deliberately you are likely to kill yourself in some stupid way.

Sanguine and morose

Sanguine and morose,
now what good are those,
for it takes a lot to see,
yet what will be will be,
but if you actually listen how great life can be,
maybe you can change if you just let things be,
but you are morose,
you are morose and as black as the night in such a mood,
a mood that no one understands or knows,
but what will it take to listen more clearly,
now I wish I knew,
but society has twisted your mind,
twisted your mind until it is comatose,
and what good is it to society if you are so easily lead,
and what good is it if you follow so blindly,
for if you cannot think for yourself,
how can that be good for your health,
it doesn’t make any sense to me.


Sardonic was your way,
for you had the humour,
the darkest humour that took your breath away,
and you were incapacitated by anything that you wished to say,
but you paid no mind to others and you said what you had to say,
for you were you,
and in your political opinions you were firm,
and I,
I stood against you by voting the other way,
for your words were meaningless,
but that is not a surprise to me,
for that is mostly a politicians way.

In between moods

I am in between moods said the man,
by what do you mean I asked,
and he smiled and he laughed and then I asked how can I be sure?
Cannot you see by the smile on my face he said,
or will I have to take you to task?
Then I took one look,
and I thought,
well there’s no need to hide behind the mask.


The water is nowhere to be seen,
the trees lay dying in the breeze,
and the heavens have fallen and society is on its knees,
and the sun it is a dying thing who awaits its fate in the galaxy,
for it is ready to explode,
whilst humanity tries it’s best to carry on whilst starving and dying endlessly,
for it is a vision of the future,
it is a vision of the future of society,
and where humanity cares there is little of it,
and little of it anywhere,
for humanity is it’s own worst enemy,
and piles of bodies lay in pits,
killed by diseases and malnutrition,
and they smell like hell,
for death is everywhere and humanity dies out in bursts and fits,
and in this vision that I had in a dream,
no trees,
no trees,
no trees to be seen,
and very little oxygen,
and very little time left,
a reality that haunts me,
a reality that could be,
and I am glad to wake up,
for this reality could become real,
if humanity doesn’t change it’s ways,
the time of the end will come,
and from the end of time humanity cannot run if humanity fails.


sprawling on the floor with your eyes rolling in your head,
out of your mind on drugs with a medic by your side,
whilst they try to revive you and what a thankless task it is sometimes I am sure,
for saving the life of those who are so careless,
well there must come a time sometimes when you snap and you cannot take it anymore,
for what will it take for people to actually listen,
and for people to not be so irresponsible,
people who continually put their own lives on the line,
and who expect people to be ready to save them at a moments notice forevermore,
without realising the trauma inflicted upon their families,
and the stresses put upon the Doctors and the Nurses,
for how inconsiderate it is when people deliberately and continually put themselves at deaths door.

You shut your mouth

you shut your mouth whilst they talked,
but you were not interested in what they said for you wished to be far away,
you wished to be far far away,
for in your eyes the light has gone out,
and there is not a you in you that I remember,
for it has run away,
and where It has run I cannot say,
but I wish for you to be happy,
and as you are handed your ticket to another place,
what a relief it is,
for you are ready to escape,
the cliques, the peer pressure and the drug dealing kids,
and you wish to be away from the stabbings and the shootings,
you wish to be away,
you wish to be away from the poverty where you lived,
and I do not blame you,
for what reason is there to stay?
None at all and quite frankly,
well I would do the same,
for society round here is a depressive that is all I can say,
and I envy your ticket out of here,
and I wish you well with a smile,
and when you are gone I will grin and bear society for a while,
for duty calls and soon I will be done with it,
and I too in some peaceful place will be far away.

In the dying light

In the dying light I watched you,
I watched you fade away,
in the dying of the night I see your face and I see you take your last breath,
and I see you pass away,
In the dying light in the night in the month of May,
we buried you under the cedar trees,
we buried you in the heat of the day,
and yet you are no more for this world we each mourn in our own way,
and we buried you under the cedar trees and we gave a few words each,
but they seemed inconsequential and paler was the day,
for what defined you,
what defined you has slipped away,
and you slipped quietly out of your shell and you have gone far away,
far away to a better place,
a place in heaven I pray,
a place where there is no pain,
a place where there is no hatred,
or intolerance,
rape and torture,
and killing,
a place where I hope you will be happier,
for on this Earth,
the brutal realities of life are far too many,
and you with your heart and mind are better off in another place and time,
for the inhumanity to humanity continues while you are gone,
and you are better off laying gently in the Earth,
whilst your spirit is elsewhere we will remember you both day and night,
as under the cedar trees and the sun and the rain and the snow,
and under the stars in the heavens you quietly stay,
for it is never peaceful upon the Earth,
and I hope life is better in the afterlife,
for death is not the best way of saying goodbye,
and I wish death hadn’t been so painful for you,
so whilst the leaves and the branches of the trees they sway,
may you rest in peace,
and may you find a better world wherever it is you choose to stay.


Quietly things are slowing down,
and though I did not see you,
I did not see you before I left town,
I wish you were here,
for this peace,
this peace is the best thing around,
and we could be happy here together in the sound of silence for joyous is the sound,
joyous upon the beach,
joyous under the palm trees by the beautiful blue ocean,
where one day I hope that you will be,
so will you come,
will you come to see me,
for this beautiful place,
as beautiful as it is it would be much better with your company,
and In your company how much better the world is,
and how much more relaxing away from civilisation it is,
for on this island there is no frantic rushing around and no frantic activity,
and every food you can ever need can be found so easily,
and now what could be better than this Island in the ocean,
where I wish for you to arrive some day from distant shores,
to appear over the horizon with a smile on your face and so excitedly,
because here you can live a life so much better than before,
for this place I am sure that you would adore,
so why don’t you come and join me,
upon this island in the ocean,
upon this island in the ocean so far from home,
but a most pleasant beautiful tranquil island,
an Island that has no cities,
and that has barely any towns and that has no frantic activity,
an Island that has a peaceful life,
and it is but a beautiful dream to me,
for what is the point of modern life without being able to relax,
there is really is no point to me,
and so I am here,
and I am happy on this beautiful Island in the ocean,
and I hope that you will come soon,
and if you do I hope that you,
will be happy too with me.

The theatre of life

The theatre of life it is such an act,
you wait for someone,
you wait for someone to understand you or for them to not,
and they await for you to understand them back,
they await for you to understand them not,
and you feel what you feel,
and you try to fit in to society,
and you try to conform with the man made realities,
and with your emotions and your feelings you try your best to be sensitive and caring and kind,
and you try to tread the boards with tact,
for the theatre of life it is such an act,
and life is based upon how you react,
so take your time,
and be sensitive and caring and kind,
and if you are gentle and peaceful,
how much better the play will be,
and how much better the world will be if you just be yourself,
for by being yourself,
how much better the memories will be, when you leave the stage in lifes final act.

After midnight

After midnight,
I count the stars and I,
I wait for the dawn,
I sit by the fire as the embers rise,
and inside is, well I’m not sure,
is it a feeling,
is it uncertainty,
is it intuitiveness,
I don’t know but I feel empty,
for these nights are lonelier,
lonelier than before,
and these nights they don’t feel right without you in my life anymore,
and I wish you were here,
for what is life without you,
well I wish I knew,
for I am missing you more than you ever could possibly imagine,
and I am missing you and it is harder than I could ever have thought,
and I wish I could hear your voice and the soft words from your lips,
words that fall upon my ears like silk,
for your smile it beams at me,
and the sound of your voice is so beautiful,
it reminds me of nature and of the flowers of summer,
and the crashing of the sea upon the shore,
for after midnight,
sometimes solitude is not always what you want,
when your memories of your ex love are the only things that you have,
when your ex love has walked out the door.

Of this

Of this violence,
of these wars,
of this pain,
of rapes,
of murders,
of tortures,
of killings,
again and again and again,
how great is the shame,
the shame upon the human race,
for what a fate has mankind brought to devastate,
brought to devastate anyone with feelings and sentience upon this beautiful place,
this beautiful Earth that in heaven amongst the stars does rightly take its place,
for in heaven there is such beauty,
but upon the Earth there is hell on Earth,
made by man and caused at such a sickening pace,
and how sad it is that upon war we seem to fixate,
for why cannot we fixate upon peace,
for it is not too late,
not too late,
for if we collaborate in a more effective way,
we could change the world for the better,
but humans are so used to tragedy that we think there is glory in bravery,
we think that there is permanent glory in a glorious death,
but there is more glory in saving human life,
now shouldn’t we begin to save it whilst we still have some human life upon the Earth left.

Window up above

There is a window up above,
a window where a woman is stood holding a cigarette,
a woman with a distant look in her eyes,
a look that you cannot forget,
and she looks out to sea but she doesn’t see me,
and she slowly sheds a tear,
a single tear,
a tear that slowly rolls down her face as she remembers the life of the loved one that could not be saved,
that could not be saved on that fateful day from the sea,
and she always remembers the words that he used to say,
but she wishes it wasn’t that way,
and she remembers the memories as fresh as they were the day,
and she tries and she tries,
and she to tries to drink herself into an early grave,
and how sad it is to see,
and how painful it must be,
for a haunting look is written upon her face,
for in the pain is the anger and the rage and the bitterness,
for how horrific are her memories and how cruel is the sea,
for In her tears is the water that took her loved ones life,
and the water that contains his last memories.

In the black and the white

In the black and the white,
how much elegance there is in you,
such elegance as of the stars at night,
for the colours of you they are so powerfull that they do give such incredible delight,
for in your eyes they carry my imagination and my mind,
and I,
I want you to be alive,
I want you to be real,
for your eyes they are so powerfully defined,
that my emotions are swept up in the contrast between both day and night,
for you fill me with desire,
a desire to be in your shadow and a desire to be in your light,
for as I look at your photograph,
what a wonderful world in vision is described through my eyes,
for you are a goddess to me,
and in black and white you come alive,
for your eyes are so beautiful and delicate and gentle,
that you entice me and I see how you could’ve been,
you with a smile so wide and glorious,
that If I could I would,
step into your world and find out what might have been,
for the vision of you it is but a dream,
but a dream,
a dream of a memory but it feels so current to me,
and it feels like a look of love,
a look of love in your eyes that could have been,
for in the photograph that I hold in my hand,
and despite the decades that may have passed,
I wish you could dance with me,
I wish you could dance with me the way you used to dance,
the way you used to dance in the ballroom by the sea,
for in the black and white of the photograph that I hold in my hand,
when I look into your eyes how I wish I could have been a part of your memories.

Mighty are the clouds that dance so gently in the sky,
mighty is the rain,
mighty is the rain that falls from up so high,
mighty are you, the wind that takes me off my feet in the fields under the stormiest of skies,
mighty are you the sun,
the sun who shines such beautiful light into my eyes,
mighty are you the snow,
the snow that blesses the Earth with its purest white flakes and that falls around me wherever I may go,
mighty are you the rivers and the seas and the oceans upon which I float,
mighty are you,
you who love me and understand me,
you are more mighty than most,
for you are more mighty with your compassion,
and with your caring and your ability to listen,
for you brighten my day every day,
and you make every night a glorious night,
for with a such a light,
such a glorious light sparkling in your eyes,
your eyes,
your eyes,
they bedazzle me every time,
for mighty are you,
for you make me feel such emotions and feelings,
feelings and emotions,
more mighty and more powerful than any seas or oceans that I know,
more mighty and more powerful than the rain and the snow,
and more powerful and more mighty than the wind that does blow,
for though they all may have their beauty, you are more mighty though,
and you are more mighty and more powerful than most,
for your love it is such a wondrous thing,
for it lifts my spirits as cheerfully as the birds do sing,
and your love it brings me to such heights and to such magnificent delight,
that tears do fall from my eyes my darling valentine,
for my heart my darling for you,
for you it beats a million times,
and I love you for you and I am lost in you,
and my heart it beats for you,
it beats so true,
for I love you more than all the words and all the languages in the world could ever describe and show,
for I am happy in your arms,
and your embrace is as warm as the sun,
and in it I am contented more contended than I have ever known
because my darling valentine,
my darling valentine,
I love you,
I love you so.

There is a fire

There is a fire in the hearts of those who have come ashore,
for they have travelled over the seas with their lives on the line,
looking for new lives far away from war,
and they have survived the bombs,
the bullets and the guns,
they have crossed deserts,
they have starved and they have had no water,
and they have paid all their money to people that they have never met before,
and also, they have lost loved ones in the deserts of Africa and overboard,
and there is a sadness but there is a fire in the hearts of those who have come ashore,
those who want better lives,
those who want to be educated,
and those who want to grow up in democracy,
and those who with such horrors in their eyes are still recovering from shock and who aren’t quite sure.
There is a fire in the hearts of those who have come ashore,
but what will the welcome be after all the long journeys and will they be welcomed at all?
Or will there be hostility for the refugee,
and will there be ignorance and intolerance and hate and fear,
quite possibly,
but to the refugee it matters not,
for what is it compared to the horrors of war,
nothing at all judging by the smiles on their faces,
for being safe is far more important and being happy in safety.
For by being educated and far away how much better life will be in a new land,
in a new land with new opportunities,
For how great is the smile that says that despite our struggles we made it,
and we are free,
we are free,
we are free,
we are free to be forever whoever we want to be.

Education for all

If there was education for all,
education freely available online,
no matter the poverty you may be in,
how would it affect society and peoples mentality and minds,
and how much would it decrease poverty and violence,
and how much better would society be,
for in good education there is civility,
and with good education society would be a happier and a safer place to be.

Man in the high street

Man in the high street attacks,
attacks with knives and stabs,
a man filled with hatred and ideology and immoral morals,
who with his savage mind and his thoughts of intent to kill is happy in his ideas and who thinks he is brave but he is far from that,
for he is inhuman in his thoughts and is corrupted by an ideology that is failed,
for with a little planning it doesn’t take much for him to dream up extremely sickening acts,
for he was the despicable barbaric kind,
and in his evil shell he had barely any humanity as far as I could tell,
for he sought his victims and of course there was no remorse,
and he thought probably he was going to heaven,
going to heaven in Streatham,
and he thought it probably would be quite pleasant,
but he wounded and he stabbed,
and he wounded and he stabbed innocent passers by,
passers by who with fear in their eyes they did their best to protect their lives, protect their lives from the sickening beast,
the terrorist with a twisted mind,
but this time the passers-by they were lucky to escape,
for in so many other terrorist attacks such as at London Bridge,
far too many people have been injured, and maimed and traumatised and have died,
but in Streatham with his fake bomb vest,
the terrorist thought he probably was going to heaven,
but the security forces and the police,
heroically protected everyone and luck was not on the terrorists side,
for the terrorist was shot dead around 2pm on Monday the third of February 2019,
and what was going through his mind,
his corrupted mind,
his twisted mind,
his evil mind,
who knows,
but his mother with tears in her eyes,
said that he was radicalised in prison and online,
but why should we care about him,
because for those injured life never will be the same,
and for the terrorists mother there is, confusion and shame,
confusion and shame,
and if the terrorist ends up in hell,
he in his stupidity,
will only have himself to blame.

We queue

We queue,
we queue,
we queue to take the pain away,
we wait,
we wait,
we wait,
we wait to satiate ourselves and forget ourselves and forget the struggles of the day,
and in our inebriated ways how much better is the state,
that numbness of being,
the numbness of being that drowns your sorrows in its addictive ways,
for in its addiction it kills you inside but no matter what and no matter what may come,
many do not care,
for in alcoholism and drinking how much better is the day,
and in alcoholism and drinking life for many is vastly improved that way,
so pass me a drink barman,
pass me a goddamn drink,
for I have had enough of the world and its state and its craziness and of it’s depressive ways,
but why,
why should it be,
why should it be that way,
and why is the world so belittling and tough,
that it makes you drink any goddamn way.


Did you dance in the grave when you were liberated from life,
did you celebrate being at one with the Earth that created you in the first place,
did you feel saved,
did you feel saved without the worries of the days,
were you tormented by the things you hadn’t done,
were you numb and weary and set in that state in a permanent way,
or were you cheerful and were you dead,
and were you really dead back in the Earth
going from one living organism to a larger one,
a more omnipotent and a more powerful one,
more powerful than a single human being,
a human being that previously you had been born as,
and that you had departed and seperated from,
for what is life when you are dead and what is life when you are alive,
for you are being continually born and dying at the same time,
but our sentience,
our sentience when we are dead does it live on?
And do you think more than you used to?
And with more sentience than before are you enlightened and do you talk to the universe,
do you talk of the state of the world,
and do you feel the pain and the horrors of the world,
or are you comfortably,
comfortably numb?

Seems like nothing

Seems like,
seems like nothing,
seems like nothing I know this feeling inside of me,
this feeling of romance,
for someone that I’ve never known,
and a spark,
a bright spark,
a sensation,
an emotion pouring out of nowhere,
from where it came I do not know,
for it came upon me so quickly,
one look,
one quick look was all it took,
and how quickly I was wrapped up in you,
you with the long flowing hair and eyes so beautiful,
eyes of blue,
and how incredible they are,
and oh how they pulled me towards you,
and oh how I could drown in them,
and how my heart it feels in this instant,
for from the start I knew,
I knew It could be you,
the one I could fall in love with,
the one I could love,
the one I could give my heart too,
oh in your eyes,
in your eyes so blue,
I could swim a thousand miles or two in your eyes so blue,
your eyes so blue,
so blue like a tropical ocean and as warm too,
and I know it is rather quick,
but I could love you If you could love me too,
and though I do not wish to be presumptuous,
the future could be so bright with you,
for your smile and your radiance it invigorates me already,
and in your eyes there is a gentle truth,
and I will hope for the best,
and I will hope we get a chance to spend some time together just me and you,
for that would be an incredible thing,
for how easily I could fall in love with you,
in love with you,
you with those eyes so blue.


eyes weary and weary,
I lay down to rest,
I lay down to rest my departed friend,
and I remember you,
for remembering you,
remembering you will never end,
for we had good times and bad and happy and sad,
and we drove each other crazy with jokes,
and laughed ourselves silly over any silly little thing,
and we travelled the world together,
and stumbled through it drunkenly sometimes,
and inquisitively together we explored the breadths and the depths of human kind,
and what a conversationalist you were,
able to eloquently describe any place you had ever been,
and any person you had met,
in the history of us,
in the history of our lifetime,
and you were fine,
a fine friend,
a loyal and a courageous and a brave and witty friend,
with such repartee through thick and thin until the end,
and I remember you my friend in my weary state as I contemplate you in my hungover way,
what a day,
what a day,
what a memory,
what a pleasant way,
a pleasant way to remember you,
and what a wonderful way,
for you are in my heart and on my mind,
and I think of you,
and I picture your eyes,
for you were sincere and you were kind,
and you were compassionate and witty and funny and articulate,
and I was always there for you,
and you were always there for me,
and for me you always had the time,
and I will keep you in my memory,
for in my memory I keep you alive,
and I,
I miss you more than I ever thought I’d miss you,
and I will remember you in my dreams,
and I will remember you in my life,
and I will live for you,
and I will live twice,
and I will do all the things that we never got to do,
and I will remember you,
I will remember you by having the time of my life,
the time of my life for you.

Shine a light

Come let me shine a light,
let me shine a light into your eyes,
let me see if there is anything inside your head,
let me check not once but twice,
for I am sure you had something on your mind,
and I’m not quite sure what you are trying to say but don’t go away,
I promise I will be gentle and quite nice,
for I do not mean to offend you,
but let me get my torch,
and then will you recommend me to where I can find your brain,
for the words you are saying do not seem to tally with the expressions on your face,
and you confuse me,
and your words seem meaningless and I could be here all day,
so could you please learn the alphabet properly,
for your language is new to me,
and I fail to see what you are trying to express to me,
for this is a literal abomination,
so will you let me look inside your mind and If a light shines out the other side,
I will know and understand your lack of language skills and capability,
and in that case I will have to train a monkey to talk to me,
unless they are rewriting the works of Shakespear obviously.

Ground to a halt

Ground to a halt,
far from where I wish I could be,
ground to a halt and stuck upon choices upon choices deliberating but uselessly,
for I cannot decide,
I cannot decide what or who to be,
and I have so many choices in modern society that I am spoiled rotten,
and this many choices is debilitating me,
and I wish it was easier,
for I am sure it used to be,
but I need clarity,
so is there anyone else who could help me,
but then who would I choose,
for I have the choiciest of blues,
and If I wasn’t so blue and tired of choices too I could choose so easily,
for choosing to be complicated and overcomplicated,
seems to come so easily in modern society,
for we have fashion, and passion,
and art and attraction,
and the news and the magazines that fill us with ideas and things to do,
we have nature and travel,
and people to meet,
and ideas to create
and places to be,
but I prevaricate,
I prevaricate into my tea,
and my mind is bombarded and saturated and discombobulated,
and I am tied up in knots with my decisions,
and then finally I decide to choose,
I choose to roll a dice,
and what will be will be,
and how could I lose.

Viewed from afar

Viewed from afar,
you seem like no one else could seem,
in the mists of time in my memory,
viewed from afar,
you seem like no one else could seem,
an elegance best viewed from far off,
for that beauty could entrap me forever in my dreams,
and I wish it not to be,
and though I’ve admired your beauty before,
I have seen it as many times as I wish but it keeps coming back to me,
tempting me,
a vision of you,
with your gorgeous black hair and your incredible eyes,
disturbing me and pulling me into another reality,
for you ask to be loved,
and you love to be asked,
and I loved you once,
but I left you by the sea,
and I left with tears in my eyes,
for you did not truly understand me,
and I,
in my dreams have reoccurring visions of you and they will not let me be,
for in my dreams at night I see your beautiful eyes,
your beautiful eyes glistening in the sunlight and in the candlelight at night,
and the desire for you it builds and it builds though I fight and I fight,
and I wish,
I wish I was in your arms again,
and I wish I could be filled by your charms again,
and I wish,
I wish I could feel your kisses upon my lips again but It is just a dream,
and I,
and I do not know where you are except in my memory,
but I am beginning to pine for you,
and yes I admit it I do miss you,
and I really shouldn’t have left you,
I really shouldn’t have left you by the sea,
and I should have tried harder with us,
but the only one I have to blame for missing you is me.


This sickening thing,
this cancer,
that deprives you of life so slowly and quickly is such a vicious thing,
this cancer,
appearing from out of nowhere as if a mystery,
a surprise but not much of a surprise, cancer,
for it inflicts itself upon a large number of society,
such an unwelcome thing,
cancer that invades you,
and pervades your being with the sickness that it brings,
cancer you despicable thing,
arriving with such shock and horror,
and fragility and tragedy,
and devastation after diagnosis,
a diagnosis that leaves families left reeling from the illness that lives inside a loved one,
a fellow human being,
a human being whose life was previously fully lived,
and lived to the full,
and whose life is so suddenly on the edge,
never knowing when will be the end,
how it sickens you and it rips apart your family,
and though you get all the treatment you can from the best doctors and nurses there are,
it is what it is,
and life could end who knows when,
and life could end so suddenly and rapidly,
though we can hope for longer,
we are probably kidding ourselves though we can pretend,
for in all likelihood life it will probably be shorter,
a shorter life than anyone could have ever wished,
such a draining thing,
and with such destruction all around,
you try to hope for the best,
and there is therapy,
radiotherapy and chemotherapy,
and so much sickness and weakness that the pain never ends,
and with so many tears,
tears in the eyes of families,
tears in the eyes of mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers,
and nieces and nephews,
and uncles and aunts and grandparents, and great grandparents and friends,
a traumatising evil inside,
that clings to life with all it has to cling,
and though we invest in new medicine,
cancer shifts and changes and bends,
and it fights for its survival,
cancer it truly knows how to defend,
and it is a sickening feeling when people are first diagnosed,
and the shock and the pain it drags on and on until the end,
when will it end,
when will it cease to be,
when will it be eradicated by humanity,
I really wish I knew,
but cancer has no time,
and no timetable,
and cancer will never make amends,
and cancer,
cancer definitely is not your friend.

Where do wishes go

Where do wishes go,
I wish I knew,
but I know not why where wishes go,
do they go up into the sky,
do they mix with the rain drops,
and the sun and the snow,
where do wishes go,
do they go up,
or do they go down below,
are they written through the clouds in words,
or do they play as voices,
voices that call out to those below,
where do wishes go,
I wish I knew because I’ve had one or two,
and they were never answered,
so I would like to get them back,
if whoever deals with them is out there, and it is ok with you,
for what use are they to you,
you must have more than enough that is true,
and well I’d really like to rewrite them and send them somewhere else,
but I am really sorry for bothering you.
Echoes and calls

Echoes and calls,
across the valley they rise and fall,
distant voices barely recognisable,
echoes and calls,
to who and to who knows what in the grey of the day,
to someone seemingly miles away,
where they lift into the air and carry everywhere,
echoes and calls,
some happy,
some sad,
in a dream I had of a dystopian air,
echoes and calls,
meaningless but meaning everything, these voices that haunt,
these voices that taunt,
these voices that disturb me and chill me and that plague my mind,
casting shadows upon the times,
and evocations of shadowy figures in my dreams,
that pluck the stars out of the heavens and fill my mind,
fill my mind with floods of antedeluvian thoughts and in a very short time,
religious imagery flashes before my eyes,
and God is sat in a corner watching the world and the people upon the Earth and he cries,
and I,
I offer him a tissue and he let’s out a massive sigh,
why oh why he asks do they not realise,
that human beings were only a joke to me,
and I added them to the Earth at the last minute and now I wish I hadn’t,
for they only make me cry,
why oh why oh why he asks,
and I wish I knew,
for now sat watching God I understand, why there so many Oceans and seas upon the Earth and across the many lands,
so many Oceans and seas that multiply,
created by the tears that he has cried,
cried so many times,
and then in the blink of an eye,
I awake and I find myself upon a lake and no other humans upon the Earth,
and I cry and I cry and I cry,
why God,
why, oh why, oh why,
why don’t you come down here and join me I shout,
but all I hear back is a sigh,
and his tear drops begin to fall again and I feel his loneliness inside,
and I cry,
and I cry,
and I cry,
but surprisingly after all that he said about humans,
he kindly drops me a tissue from the sky.
You turn into the wind

You turn into the wind and you head into it,
the fiercest it has ever been,
you turn into the wind and you take a delight in it,
the struggle,
the momentary suffering,
and as you turn into the wind,
you fight and fight with all your might,
and you attempt to take on nature with your glorious grin,
for you enjoy the power,
and you admire it the minute it begins,
and you with your umbrella you put up a brave fight,
and how quickly you lose and get blown over,
and smile and laugh and get up again,
and turn once more into the wind,
for your nature is to never surrender,
and your tenacity,
well it may see you home,
or blown away to fields unknown,
but at least you are happy,
for in nature you thrive and feel alive,
wherever you roam.


A little trash,
a volcano blowing lava and ash,
now I don’t know what is worse,
you blowing your top when you couldn’t stop,
or a volcano blowing lava and ash,
for there is anger in your voice,
and you are an easy angry choice,
for people like to annoy you when you open your mouth,
and you create so much noise and spew so much venom from you,
for you are so easily annoyed,
and your mouth is over gainfully employed,
for you are a hurricane,
a tornado,
a fire burning through,
burning through everyone you don’t know and everyone you do,
and so you this is what you do,
you spit fire and call everyone liars,
and decimate those who have the tenacity to talk to you,
and those who express opposing views,
and I would rather watch a volcano go off than watch you,
for it is more beautiful and more elegant and less dramatic than you,
and a volcano erupting,
well it makes for a much better view.
What will come

What will come no matter what and despite everyone, what will come will come.
Lonely town
Come down,
come down to the lonely town,
come down to where there is no one else around,
come down,
for there are only ghosts here but they will show you around,
and in the emptiness how joyous is the sound,
if that is what you are looking for come join the crowd,
and maybe you will die of boredom,
but the ghosts they like some company around,
so come down and don’t wear a frown,
for in solitude it is good for you,
and peace and quiet it likes not to be disturbed,
now how about you,
do you like loneliness too?
Have you had enough of the world,
does this world get to you,
if it does come down,
come down to the lonely town,
and forget about the world,
and let the world forget about you,
for solitude will bring you fortitude,
and peace of mind will come from what you will find,
absolutely nothing in this lonely town,
so how,
how does it sound,
with the tumbleweed and a little breeze,
amidst the greenery and the beauty of the trees,
and with the birds in the sky and with only ghosts for company,
now how much more peaceful could it be,
I can’t imagine anything more peaceful,
for in this lonely town peace comes easily with only ghosts around,
and the sound of your breathing and the whispering through the trees,
now what could be better than to rest a while,
away from the rest of the frantic world in this lonely town,
so come down,
come down,
for peace is yours to be had in a world gone mad,
so come down,
come down to this lonely town,
for it is the best solitude around,
so don’t wear a frown,
wear a smile and come down.

Lodged in your memory

Lodged in your memory is the man that you used to be,
for you are a shell of yourself and in your mind,
the heavens have fallen and the stars have fallen into the sea,
for loves labours these days are lost on thee,
and love has cost you dearly,
for it has blinded you with unhappy experiences,
and misunderstandings,
misunderstandings that have jaded you,
and you are these days a misery,
for you were hurt by a few words,
a few words said in an angry tone,
from the miscomprehension and misunderstanding of the woman that you loved,
the woman that you had come to love and know,
and the misunderstanding, it grew and grew,
and you grew slowly apart,
and you knew each other less than you used to,
and she cheated on you,
and you cheated on her,
and there was hurt and there was pain,
and acriminiousness and bitterness did reign,
and jealousy,
a vicious cycle which repeated itself again and again,
and then,
you split up and you both went your separate ways,
your worlds torn apart,
your minds in a haze,
a battlefield full of damage and scars and broken hearts,
a mountain so unconquerable no repair was possible,
and now loves labours are lost on thee,
and it is shame to see you in pain,
for how dark it is,
how dark it is to see the suffering in you,
for the world is a darker place with love gone away,
and I wish it wasn’t so,
and I hope love comes back to you one day,
for I hate to see you in misery and I hate to see your tears,
for they are as numerous as rain,
and for days and months and years you have been the same and it is a terrible shame,
but I hope soon that some light will come,
and with courage you will find love again,
for what is a life without love,
but a bland emptiness,
a numbness and a weariness,
that far too often torments the heart and the mind again and again,
so give me love,
give me love over that any day,
and I wish for you the same.

You have distilled yourself into a form,
you have been reborn into a simpler form,
for life is far too complicated,
and such sacrifice to give it up it bears little thought,
for the stress of the world has annihilated the normal states of the norm,
for normality in most of modern society’s reality,
is so pressurised that all you will do is find yourself looking for the door,
and a way to be that was less pressured than before,
and this fracturing of society,
leads you to question the world’s sanity,
and the systems that are in place,
systems where people work themselves to death and into an early grave,
what really is the point of them,
for materialism drives debt and suicides sky high,
and this crazy world will do it’s best to drive you out of your mind,
for life under these conditions is not worthwhile,
and time to yourself you will rarely find in this modern crucible of the times,
for there is no life,
barely any life,
just stress and strife,
and all the troubles you could ever want and more,
and so you have distilled yourself into a form,
a simpler form,
and upon a tropical desert island you sit away from it all,
and I can’t say I blame you,
for in modern life where is the magic,
mostly vanished because of the materialism that encompasses it all.


Sweet is the delight,
sweet is the night,
a homecoming to a fire so bright,
sweet is the delight upon weary feet,
where welcome faces with such smiles await,
faces that you have flown thousands of miles to see,
faces of people that you care about,
people who have waited so patiently,
and in the tenderness of seeing them again,
how glorious is the warmth in the arms of loved ones and friends,
for you have longed for them,
you have longed for them,
longed for them in the letters and the videos that you did send,
longed for them in the phone conversations from one corner of the world to another,
conversations with loved ones whose gentle reassuring voices upon who you can depend,
and how sweet is the delight,
to see them again at your journeys end,
and how powerful your emotions and your feelings as you lay down your bags,
and you relive your journeys and your memories with them,
and what emotion there is in the eyes and in the joyous tears that you cry,
and what a sigh,
a relief to be at peace,
and at the end of a journey,
a journey to a welcome home that was long coming,
a glorious embrace in the arms of friends,
and kisses upon your lips and cheeks,
a joyous conversation,
with memories of travel covering months and months that you never wanted to come to an end,
a journey as great as any as you have ever known,
such glorious memories,
such wonderful people met,
such beautiful places seen,
all ready to be imparted,
memories from the heart and the mind and experiences,
in their glorious colours and visions,
a dream,
a dream,
dreams upon dreams,
and who better to share them with,
but loved ones that for quite a while you haven’t seen,
for sweet is the delight,
and sweet is the night,
when your footsteps upon the road come to an end,
and sweet is the night,
and sweet is the delight,
when you are finally home,
and you are welcomed into the open arms of loved ones and friends.


cast your mind,
cast your mind back,
remember your first love,
and what of them,
what of them do you remember in the hazy distance that is so far back,
such simplicity and gentility,
such tender kisses under the cherry tree,
there in the summer sun a heart beating so rapidly in the embrace of a young love,
a new experience that you had never felt before,
a feeling of magic as if heaven had fallen from up above,
and what a wonder it was,
what a wonder,
and such bliss,
and so invigorating and captivating,
a million emotions and feelings whirling around the mind,
as your arms were wrapped around anothers,
how great were the delicate waves of sensations,
and how beautiful the fireworks bursting upon the mind as time passed so rapidly,
but you had no time for time and you paid it no mind,
for love is such a beautiful act,
and how easily caught up in it you were, and in it how easily you were wrapped,
ah the memories,
the memories of first love,
so distant and so far back,
how great it was,
and how great were the feelings and those emotions that you felt then,
emotions that now still bring a big smile to your face as memories of your first love come flooding back.


Moths around a light,
candle flickering bright,
the fire lit,
a book upon your lap,
a smile on your face,
a glimmer in the eyes,
now what could be better than that?
Reading by the fireside at night,
such delight,
such delight in the words that dance through your mind,
bringing visions of places that you have never seen,
conjuring up peoples faces from far away,
visions in an evening dream,
dreaming whilst awake,
conjuring up things to be and things that have been,
oh what an incredible fascination in language there is,
sat by the fireside and so gloriously taking it all in,
for in words and memories and in creation,
there is heaven and hell and everything in between,
and what more could you wish for on a rainy night,
than to be sat by the fireside,
as the moths fly around the light,
and the candle flickers bright,
and with the fire lit and a book upon your lap,
a smile upon your face,
a glimmer in your eyes,
and your imagination running wild,
now what could be better than that?

What is this

What is this I see before me,
rain again, now where is your GPS and can’t you avoid me?

Despotic ways

As a boss,
you have such despotic ways,
you drive people crazy every day,
I know not why but who is to say,
why you drive people crazy every day,
maybe it is your drive,
maybe it is your goal,
maybe it is your passion,
but why I cannot say,
for only you know you,
and I know you and I know that your mind Is crazy,
and you are a slave driver it is true,
and no I really would not wish to work for you,
but you do what you do and somehow make money too,
for as a boss you have such despotic ways,
and you drive people crazy every day,
and I know not why but who is to say,
but you take pleasure in your sadistic ways,
sadistic ways that you use upon your staff every day,
but you seem happy,
and only you would employ you,
and come to think of it you are the only one crazy enough to.

Never again

Never again in the eyes of humanity,
never again,
for we all wish for it’s end,
we all wish for war,
we all wish for it to never happen again,
but in our idealism what is the realism,
and what is the reality my friend,
for we all want peace,
just some of us seem to have a different timetable,
and I wish we could all work together,
and bring about a harmonious scheduling that would finally bring war to a permanent end,
for how many more billions of people do we have to lose,
before we wake up and see that killing and its stupidity never advances humanity,
and how times do we have to be told in the newspapers,
and on the televisions,
and on the radio and on the internet about countless more deaths,
for what will it take to make humanity realise that no one wins,
and what will it take to make humanity realise that in wars insanity there is only instability,
and in instability we all advance nowhere,
and without civility and in barbarity, humanity can only suffer and lose.



they come hither and thither across the sky,
where they have come from I do not always know why,
and they do not seem to care as they float on by,
but they are always beautiful and always make me sigh,
for how I wish I could travel as they do so lightly upon the air and without a care,
for what magical abilities they have to hover so lightly there,
and in all weathers they have such variation and colour that gives us their mood,
and in their size what gentility, strength and fortitude,
and whether their pleasure or displeasure,
how glorious it is their movement that in our emotions and feelings for we treasure them and are moved.

Magnificence divine

Magnificence divine,
such beauty,
such tenderness that delicately lights the eyes,
with a million dreams in them,
a million feelings and emotions captured in time,
a vision of happiness only disturbed by a blink of the eyes,
and oh how easily I can drown in them,
for I am lost in them and in the heavenly sight that sits before me so effervescently,
and that so effortlessly does make my spirits rise,
for in your beauty I am at home,
and upon your angels wings you lift me to the heavens,
and with such gentleness you touch my soul and make me whole,
for heaven is you,
and how heavenly and how powerful your love is that stirs up my heart and my mind,
magnificence divine.

Beyond the trees

There is beyond the trees,
beyond the seas,
there is a woman who calls to you and who calls to me,
and beneath our feet,
there is she too,
the creator of us all,
the Earth,
the Earth so blue,
for what knowledge holds she in her memory,
for so many things she has created,
we will never know them all it is true,
for she works her magic so beautifully amongst the stars,
and she gives us life and we feel the wonder of life through our emotions and in our feelings,
and in our minds and our hearts,
for how glorious it is to be,
how glorious it is to exist,
for such wonders we will see in this life,
such wonders thanks to you the Earth so blue,
who brought us up from the heart of you, and who gave us our sentience,
and humanity,
and yes humanity should be more respectful to you,
for we have not been the best children that we could be,
probably not as good as we should be,
but you the Earth will love us in your own way the way mothers do,
but no matter what calamitous things we do,
you will still be here,
and we humanity,
maybe we won’t be it is true,
but held up so high in the heavens amongst the stars and under the skies,
you will still be you,
the Earth so blue.

Such a blueness

Such a blueness,
such a blueness in you,
you have the blues but what can I do,
so I will think on it for a moment or two,
for you are as blue as the sky,
and though you are I will try to make you feel better with a joke or two,
and though you are blue through and through,
I want you to be happy I truly do,
for you have had a rough time in this world,
a rough time in this world it is true,
and It shows in your eyes,
and it is clear to see the sadness in you,
and I wish I could take all those tears away and your sadness,
your sadness from you,
for your tears are enough to flood the world,
and I am worried about you because I care for you,
and I will care for you no matter how blue and I will do what I need to do,
and I will stand by your side and fight and fight for you,
for no one should be alone when you are down,
and the world has ground you down to the bone it is true,
for despair should never be anywhere,
but keeping it away is harder than most realise,
but I will be by your side and I will fight and fight,
and I will listen to you and do my best to understand you because I care for you,
and it is the right thing to do,
and it is what humans should do,
and so I will fight and I will fight by your side,
until in your eyes there is a sparkling light and you are no longer blue.
The limits of you

The limits of you,
I have never seen,
for you are strong of mind,
yet intelligent and delicate at times,
but I appreciate you for you,
for you are considerate and listen over and over again and are as driven as the rain,
yet you bear no grudges,
despite having to repeat yourself to people again and again,
and you do not complain,
for you are patient and kind,
and of good heart and mind,
and how you could be pushed to the limits I find it hard to see,
for your tolerance and good nature I admire you and I wish that it is how I could be,
and with your intellect you consider everything thoroughly,
and you are happier in your own mind,
and others could learn alot from you,
and your patience is well known,
for patience is a virtue,
and I wish society was more like you my friend,
for there would be less anger and hate in this world and the world would be less violent,
and that would be the greatest thing that could ever be,
for humanity seems used to violence and though it shouldn’t be,
it seems to pay no heed to peace most of the time,
for the world is filled with brutality,
and you bring such hope to me,
such hope that I wish the world could see,
for how much better it could be,
for it has a long way to go to reach peace in our times,
but listening to you,
I am more hopeful of peace than I used to be.

I close my eyes

I close my eyes,
and there is heaven in my mind,
and the sound of silence,
that often I do not find,
I close my eyes,
and I see clearer despite being blind,
for thoughts and visions together sometimes,
complicate the mind,
so I close my eyes and I see clearer,
for in the pitch black simplicity,
silence refines clarity,
and my heart is calmer without the clutter from the outside,
and I close my eyes and there is heaven in my mind,
and I think in this silence that I feel your presence and I feel better for it,
and I go through my thoughts to decide where my path lies,
for my life in this modern society is as complicated as could be,
and in this blackness whiling away the time,
more simplicity is needed and quiet,
and with my eyes closed there is heaven in my eyes.