Book 4

Down to the sea

© Ben Robinson 2019

Dedicated to the Doctors and the nurses who help save lives on a daily basis.


Adjunct, 7
Amongst the dew drops, 4
Audacious, 41
Be still, 16, 61
Bird sitting on a tree, 40
Black outs, 46
Blessed, 45
Broken, 33
Burnt out, 34
By the fire, 56
Can you do this, 25
Carved, 13
Cobbled streets, 59
Come home, 57
Cruel to be kind, 17
Cut loose, 38
Dangerous ways, 25
Desert, 45
Did you know her, 38
Do you feel, 28
Down the street, 48
Down to the sea, 22
Dreams, 63
Drop in the ocean, 20
Echoes and shouts, 43
Empty glasses, 5
End of the road, 23
Far beyond the lights, 32
Far far far away, 24
Find the path, 43
Free, 13
From the greatest distance, 10
Go, go, go, 52
Gorgeous, 49
Grim faced, 11
Happy voices, 42
Hard but not unkind, 6
Have and haven’t, 17
He belittled her, 51
He thought he was Hieronymous Bosch, 14
He waited, 49
Hold me, 52
Home to nowhere, 26
Hoping for a miracle, 44
How great, 39
However and wherever, 57
I hear her voice, 32
I never knew you, 15
I sit on the beach, 60
If and when, 37
In society, 58
In the mists of time, 10
In the morning, 50
In the silhouette, 18
In the world, 26
In this room, 53
In your infatuation, 27
In your own world, 40
It grows on me, 23
Let me see, 44
Lightning, 30
Little bit of tenderness, 51
Little, big or small, 31
Long may be the day, 18
Menace to society, 13
Mind over matter, 54
Monstrosity of the times, 37
Never has there been a time, 36
Not made of stone, 29
Now, 10
On top of the world, 14
Open closed, 12
Positivity, 35
Quiet, 38
Rain upon the roof, 7
Satellites and meteorites, 5
Seek solace, 18
Smash this mirror, 4
Smile, 11
Strive to be the best, 30
Subway train, 29
Such a short life, 54
Sword of words, 17
Terraformed, 8
Testing the waters, 19
The fire, 15
The night, 47
The order of life, 61
The tale of you, 14
The time, 61
There is no mountain, 5
There is no way, 28
This letter, 4
This pleasure, 31
Through the hardest of times, 8
Time, 17
Undecided, 47
Vivacious and loquacious, 42
War, 20
We cannot always see, 51
We crossed the bridge, 43
We watch, 56
We, you, and you and I, 23
What a wicked life, 55
What does it look like, 42
What is destiny, 41
Winter, 8
Wreckage, 34
You are not a hero to me, 21
You never, 59
You see, 9

Amongst the dew drops

Amongst the dew drops in the grass,
there lays a leaf that has lived,
and in this moment,
after the fall from the tree,
it has lived its last,
amongst the dew drops in the grass,
how beautiful it’s colours look,
and how incredible the pattern of its form and shape,
a shape created at such a slow evolutionary pace in the past,
amongst the dew drops in the grass,
the time of its life is ending,
and it will go back to where it did at the start,

Smash this mirror

Smash this mirror
If you like,
break this heart,
but no matter what it will reflect upon you,
upon thine eyes it will give such distorted visions,
so smash this mirror if you like,
and It will reflect upon thine eyes,
inside your heart in a bitterness of the times,
and you will feel my pain if you have any shame,
for love is fragile I know it is true,
and I am not ready for heartbreak again,
So please treat me well,
and I will treat you well too.

This letter

This envelope,
this letter,
It carries me to you,
It carries my sentiment,
sentiments of a heart so true,
it carries my mind in the mood of the times,
and in each word that I use to describe it,
there is such emotion and feeling,
for in the power of love,
what a work of art is the heart,
for in my imaginings I picture your smile,
and you give me such strength and I am happy both day and night,
and I in this letter will bring you my heart,
and I hope delight.

There is no mountain

There is no mountain and there is nothing to see,
you can overcome anything if you just believe,
for there is no mountain and there is nothing to see,
for it is all in the mind if you have a strong mentality,
for there is no mountain and there is nothing to see,
for if you believe in you and in your own mind,
and you no matter what persevere you will conquer all that you see,
so do not give up,
for you are capable of such great things,
and nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and persevere,
and although failure comes to us all sometimes,
be fearless and try, try, try again,
for if you do,
there is nothing that you cannot accomplish my friend.

Empty glasses

Empty glasses on the table,
bottles on the floor,
drunken people unconscious,
still in their dreams wanting more,
more alcohol,
because they couldn’t remember the alcohol from before,
but they will know an empty glass when they see one,
when they wake up at the bar in heaven,
and hopefully God will have gone to the shop and bought some more,
for life on Earth was rough and tough,
but they do not worry in heaven,
because the alcohol cannot kill you any more.

Satellites and meteorites

Satellites and meteorites,
in the blackness of space,
how incredible they are,
and how incredible the speed,
for they fly away and here I sit watching on Earth jealously,
for how great it would be,
to travel so fast,
further than I have ever been,
and amongst the stars how glorious it would be,
to see new planets and new galaxies,
and how beautiful in the heavens are they and the light that travels from so far away,
it inspires your mind and heart,
for how wonderful the exploration of space in its complexity,
and how wonderful the beauty that fills the void that is without gravity,
for in its magic it captivates and it fascinates,
and maybe one day we will meet beings from another world,
but what will they say,
what will they say of their civilisation so far away who can say,
but I will wait for the day,
and If I am travelling amongst the stars through the Universe no matter how near or far,
I could wish for nothing more,
and though I will remember the Earth,
I will quite happily die whilst travelling amongst the stars and the planets,
that capture my heart and my mind,
for the future is in front of me,
and of the beauty of life I am lucky to say there is nothing finer,
and forevermore I will not care,
for I will be happy to be travelling through time and space,
to another place light years away.

Hard but not unkind

Hard but not unkind,
you are tough,
you are tough on humankind,
but you are soft,
for there is love in your eyes,
and you choose your words wisely,
and you brave the toughest of times,
and you walk the Earth with your brilliant mind,
trying to calm the fires and the explosions,
caused by misunderstanding,
that flare up from out of nowhere,
that always threatens to envelope and overshadow humanity,
for there is such insanity,
and it drives you mad to see that there are not people with calmer heads in these times,
but you with your diplomacy can soothe the fieriest of people,
who with their hot headed ways will start wars anyway,
and so many deaths will soon follow and so much sorrow,
but with your diplomatic ways,
I admire you and the lives that you will save,
for war takes more time than talking,
and talking is much better than war,
so why can there not be more common sense and decency and civility,
and you will I am sure save lives,
and of the likes of you,
I wish there were more.

Rain upon the roof

Rain upon the roof,
pelting down in the town,
where you told the truth,
but what good did it do,
for people seem to want people to suffer,
for what reason,
I wish I knew,
for you were you,
and what better could you do,
for in reality the problem was theirs it is true,
and they pervaded your thoughts with such negative retorts when you attempted to help,
in a buoyant swell of effervescent mood.
How rude, how rude, how rude.
and now you are happier indoors away from negativity,
and happier to be alone listening to the rain,
for blissful is nature’s symphony,
for it brings great beauty and no pain.


Adjunct and punctual,
I’ve got the marketers blues,
for they have come to sell me my soul and make me buy it back from them again it is true,
but what mutuality could be this superficial and lacking beneficiality,
for it tears at me this waste of time and this depravity,
this depravity that you come to me with, this inanity,
this inanity that you lead me through and ask me questions to fill your quota,
questions that are meaningless,
for what it means is not much but a list,
and I will not benefit by listening to you,
but I feel obliged in the time and pay you no mind,
for my mind is elsewhere,
and you,
you are being paid,
but still the world will be better off without your quango,
for it will solve nothing like it usually does,
and I need a quango to work out how to avoid you.


Winter brings me such sorrow,
snowflakes before my eyes,
counting on a better tomorrow,
for I have lost you,
and its true,
I was to blame and I am ashamed,
ashamed at how we parted,
for you came to me in an emotional mood,
and you came to me and I tried to understand the sentimentality,
for you were not over you,
and you were not over who you were with before,
so I couldn’t move forward with you,
and about you I was never sure,
so what else could I do,
but feel like I was banging my head against a brick wall,
so I ended it with you in a sorrowful truce,
and in the winter snows come and go,
forever vanishing and appearing,
and they are true,
but you I will never know and about your truthfulness I never really had a clue.

Through the hardest of times

Through the hardest of times,
never far from time,
you push the limits with your ebullient mind,
and you calculate and you cogitate and ruminate,
for in your thoughts are such antediluvian visions,
brought about by the difficulties which money can create,
but on the flip side,
there are such great possibilities that it may provide,
if you only had the money honey,
for the wealth is in the hands of the few,
and it isn’t funny when they cause more suffering than you,
for what great things you could do with it if you had it,
but if only it could come true,
you could solve the world’s problems,
and eradicate homelessness and famine and drought it is true,
but will there be a shift in the change of mentality,
we can hope and pray,
because what else can we do?
For through the hardest of times,
never far from time,
you push the limits with your ebullient mind,
and if anyone is to come up with a solution to the world’s problems it will be you.


so it transpired,
to bury the dead,
the dead that weren’t dead yet,
in an old photograph of the Earth,
and another of Jews waiting in line in Auschwitz,
breathing in the ash from the funeral pyre,
breathing in the ash as a pungent smell of sickening hell,
that rose up to the heavens,
in a place so far removed from humanity by Hitler’s inhumanity,
for he was the devil himself,
and he had such evil thoughts,
the despicable sickening despotic naer do well,
I hope he is rotting in hell,
not a sentiment shared lightly,
and you should not hate,
but sometimes it is too late,
and quite rightly,
for gassing the Jews,
Hitler I hope you are rotting in hell.

You see

You see what you want to see,
you with your blind mentality,
you be what you want to be,
you feel what you want to feel and I will feel what I feel,
but I will be far away across the sea,
yet I will think of you though I do not understand you,
and though we have never seen eye to eye lately,
I wish the best for you and I hope for you,
I hope that your dreams come true,
for you have known such hard times it is true,
yet you see what you want to see,
but I want you to see positivity,
for positivity will set you free,
and in the light,
in the bright bright light,
maybe you will see clearer than you thought was possible,
for low mood dost deprive you of opportunities,
and you see what you want to see,
you with your blind mentality,
you be what you want to be,
but what you want is not what I want to be,
for I like to see things in a positive light,
but you fight and fight,
and would pull the grey clouds out of the sky and wrap them around you if that was a possibility,
so you feel what you want to feel,
and I will try to encourage and inspire,
for in inspiration how great is creation,
and with inspiration what great magic comes out of the air from nowhere,
but do not despair,
for anything is possible and I hope you will change your mind,
for your mentality is derogatory,
derogatory to you and all that you could be,
for it may be fine for you,
but in reality,
it will probably get you,
knowhere it is true,
so prove me wrong and step away from the grey,
for you are better than that,
and positivity is so much better than dismay.

do not wait,
do not hesitate,
feel what you feel before it is too late and take your time and express your mind,
with the sensitivities of your feelings that the mood does dictate,
for the day is long and the night is long, and this moment will not wait,
for life is art and upon the stage you tread,
looking for love with your sensitive ways,
ways set by the mind and in an evolution of intuitive ways,
so your time is swayed,
swayed by the questioning of what will be and what could be,
for love is a chance and the chance of love is a miracle,
and a miracle is love,
but only if you hold your nerves and wait will you see how powerful it can be.

From the greatest distance

From the greatest distance,
from the greatest divides,
from those who oppose,
from those who deny people’s right to express,
from those who will criticise,
from those who don’t listen,
from those who do not understand and who do not take the time,
what great confusion there is that comes in the imbalances of the mind,
confusion caused by the disorder,
and the disparity of lack of civility,
for what great atrocities have been caused by the lack of thought,
in the history of mankind.

In the mists of time

In the mists of time I missed you,
in the mists of time,
I could never forget you,
for you meant everything to me and now missing you is a memory,
for in the time since time has eroded my feelings,
leaving me questioning what was really the reality,
life after seems so different to me,
and what once was of value to me it holds no value and I feel empty,
yet I am free though I do not want to be,
for your betrayal brought me low,
and you left me stranded,
and undecided about the future and not knowing which way to go,
and you left me questioning my sanity,
for I loved you with all my heart,
but you stabbed me countless times with daggers that you had fashioned so sharp,
and you cared not about me and the pain is such a torturous misery,
for with such passion your words they tore me apart,
and you gradually fell into the embrace of someone else,
leaving me with nothing more than memories,
memories of how things used to be when we were in love,
for time is a healer and I still haven’t healed,
for now all I remember is the pain,
and suffering in the heart and the mind,
and how shattered are the pieces of my broken heart.


A smile will take you a million miles,
a smile will take you to the moon,
and a happy face in its place cannot come much to soon,
for in a smile how happiness in the eyes does light up the room,
and how quickly,
for a smile it has such a style,
that it beguiles,
and it conveys more than words,
and is quicker than words and conveys more than words could ever do,
and a smile is fine by me from you.

Grim faced

Grim faced and ashen,
never more begotten by your negative experiences,
that through chance,
have slighted you and jaded you,
and come to rest so heavily in your mind and your heart,
for unfortunately it is sad but true,
that you,
will not soften,
and you will not get out of the rut that you have got stuck in,
for that is not your fashion,
for your passion,
your passion is to remain the same,
ground down in your ways through the long years,
ground down every second,
ground down every minute,
ground down every hour,
ground down every day,
for you will never change,
and your mentality will never be arranged,
for you are set In your ways,
and no matter what,
no matter what anyone says,
that is just the way you will always stay,
grim faced and ashen,
for there is a lack of positivity in you,
and I will quite happily forsake it,
for it is better that way,
better that I am happy to be me,
and better that you are happy to be you,
for everyone will be happier,
happier doing what they choose to do.

Open closed

the mind does and does not know,
emotions they come and go,
in the sun,
in the rain,
and in the snows,
for humanity in its purest form,
in the instance that it is born,
it strides through you determinedly,
like a person through a howling and a fearsome storm,
for in the day and in the night,
when it captures you in the time,
how light shines in thine eyes,
and stirs up the heart and the mind,
and how magical it is,
the feelings that exist,
for romance is more powerful than all the oceans and the seas,
and more beautiful than the stars in the heavens,
for these feelings they enlighten me and they are evocative of passion,
and they capture the essence of love,
and they leave you with no doubt that with love,
the world is a better place to be.


it rises high,
this lonely bird in the sky,
for with its view of you and I,
fixed upon the Earth,
I wonder do,
do you little bird,
when you survey the land,
wonder what of our human worth,
for are you just happy to be,
and we,
us humans we want to conquer the world,
but in simplicity,
you just want to be able to house and feed yourself and your family,
while we,
the human race we plunder everything and ravage the Earth,
for it is owned by us and it is mostly no longer free,
for most things have a value these days,
but I’m sure you little bird are much happier not weighed down with materialism,
and flying high in the sky so free.

Menace to society

You are a menace to society,
with your sobriety,
for you are so dull and boring with your inane ways you have little to say,
and I would prefer a drink instead of listening to you,
for it is more exciting that way,
for living on the edge in the spontaneity of life,
with a mind full of thoughts and an intellect of course,
is far better but you,
you have no life in you,
and it is a shame,
so I prefer the mind of a drunk,
than the mind of someone boring any day..


Carved in with a din the letters on a stone,
the Rosetta stone contains two languages from ancient history and it fascinates me,
for the evolution of language is incredible,
for anything can be covered with whichever letters of the alphabet you use,
and this expressiveness has for thousands of years brought us so many stories in the news,
but will we remember the technology today,
and the letters that may carry the modern equivalent,
but without electricity what good would technology be,
because if there are world disasters and billions of lives lost and our infrastructure destroyed,
without electricity and most of our educational tools,
will they just disappear for eternity.

He thought he was Hieronymous Bosch

He thought he was Hieronymous Bosch,
he painted with his mind and his words,
and scared away people with expressive haste,
for he had peculiar taste,
and there is no accounting for some,
for so it is that life is coloured in a detrimental way,
for he confused the people,
the people that he knew,
for he painted darkly his life upon the Earth,
but he lived in the light,
but the dark was an act in his play,
and no one trusted him,
for they thought he had machivellian ways,
for colour is better without such a limited palette,
and life is more colourful,
if you say what you mean and mean what you say.

The tale of you

The tale of you is never to be told,
for you have never evolved,
in the wasteland of a state,
a barren place,
you sold your mind in a time,
where you were conditioned by lies and faster realities,
that settled in you,
that came to dictate your life,
for previously you had no learning in you,
and they took you,
and taught you all you knew,
and they conditioned you,
for they told you religion was true,
and the only way that God could love you,
and you believed all they said and let them with their ideas fill your head,
and religiously guided you to a better place,
and filled you with God’s love,
when they sexually abused you.

On top of the world

You are on top of the world,
but no one knows you are there,
for you,
you ascend the greatest heights,
and no one cares for you,
for what good would that do,
for you in your ego,
and in your egotistical ways,
cannot be saved,
for there is no one else to save you,
but it doesn’t matter anyway,
for there is no one else to save,
for there is only you,
and you are the greatest with so much to prove,
but only to you.

I never knew you

I never knew you,
you never knew me,
but I am sure you had great potential,
but you were killed in a mugging and for so little,
and so miserably,
another statistic meaning not much to most people,
but meaning the most to your family,
I never knew you,
you never knew me,
but I wish I had for upon the news there are so many deaths,
so many countless deaths,
from guns and knives and brutality,
but I never knew you,
you never knew me,
I never knew your children or your family,
but I will remember you,
for your loss is a sad loss,
and any loss for no good reason at all,
well, it tears at the fabric of society and it destroys humanity,
but I never knew you,
and I never knew your children or your family,
and your loss,
a sad loss,
it brings tears to me.

The fire

A boat upon the water,
Petrol spilled,
fire burning upon the water,
and the debris it floats in the memory of the survivors and in a mind of the times,
the burns remind,
of the viciousness of chance,
for the fire it haunts with a wicked delight,
too bright,
too bright,
seared for life,
seared for life in its wickedness that scars people to its own delight,
and burns them so horrifically as it’s screams pierce the night,
for what warmth the light brings,
but what great pain,
for the flames they know no shame,
and they burn so bright,
burn so bright,
as bodies in the water they flail helplessly and cling to life,
cling to life,
in the panic and the disorder in the struggle to survive,
flames and flames,
water and pain,
heat and beauty,
screaming in the rain,
what a tragedy,
water and pain,
heat and beauty,
tragedy brought by flames,
flames that can keep you alive,
flames that can take your life away,
flames and flames,
water and pain,
heat and beauty and screaming in the rain,
a final goodbye to life,
people dying in the night,
flames and flames,
water and pain,
until there is no more,
but the sound of the water and a watery grave,
and visions of flames and flames,
to a silence,
to a silence,
the loss of life,
death in a never ending refrain,
a silence that will live in the memory of the families of those lost,
memories that will cause such pain,
such pain.

Be still

Be still, be calm,
try your best to stay away from harm,
live a little longer and grow stronger for with the education you receive,
we can teach and grow, and improve all humanity.

Sword of words

I will wield this sword of words around your head,
to decapitate you and your stupidity with which you treat humanity,
and try to supplicate it and try to put individuality to bed,
for you are empty of humanity and void of feeling,
and in your lack of education and passion and feeling,
your lack of humanity reveals such memories that are impossible to forget,
but I will never forget you,
and I will never forget what you have done,
when I decapitate you with this sword of words that I will wield around your head,
Whether you are,
the intolerant type,
the mentally abusive type,
the vindictive type,
the racist type,
I prefer words,
and they will be heard across the world, when I wield this sword of words around your head,
for your humanity is questionable,
and with these words I will set you straight,
and put your ignorance to rest,
when I wield this sword of words around your head,
and put your ignorance,
your intolerance,
your mental abusiveness,
your vindictiveness,
and your racism to bed.


In the moment when times are slow,
and time at times frustrates you,
throw a clock out of the window and watch time fly,
and it will go faster than you know.

Cruel to be kind

If you are cruel to be kind how is cruel being kind,
for whoever came up with that idea I do really question their minds,
and I hate to criticise but oh go on then,
you have to be cruel to be kind.

Have and haven’t

Have and haven’t and have not cause chaos alot,
for what it is to have and how tiresome it is to want,
when you have toiled and struggled how life is spoiled when you are caught up in the imaginary realities of humanity and in imaginary bubbles,
bubbles that seem to cocoon you no matter what you do,
for when the framework of humanity lies to you,
chaos seems a better option, and to provide peace of mind of a bombastic kind,
you need to burst the bubbles and create your own realities with common sense and logic,
for in your own mind and in your own world how much more peaceful will be the time,
If you reorder order in a more simple way,
how much better it will be for mankind.

Seek solace

Seek solace in the comfort that you find,
for nothing is impossible if you relax and calm the mind,
and in such a state such as this thoughts flow from where no one truly knows,
but in quiet how much better can be the time,
for time and creativity go hand in hand with tranquillity,
and tranquillity it designs such things in simpleness or with such complexity and the education that is inside,
inside you and me,
for how powerful thinking and thought can be and how revolutionary,
for we learn to revolt by thinking for ourselves in the peace and quiet from the manner which we design,
and in designing ourselves by thought our choice will bring such happiness,
for happiness in amidst the chaos comes from tranquillity,
and from tranquillity comes calmness of mind,
and from calmness comes thought,
and from thoughts comes an educated mind.

Long may be the day

Long may be the day,
but in your mind,
after the verisimilitude of your vicissitudes,
the platitudes,
the inanities and the vanity,
the sickness and the depravity of want,
oh how people are bought for so little these days,
for the need to fit in they will turn all ways,
and become in materialism ensconced,
and become the same as everyone else because it makes them feel special,
or so it makes others say,
for they say that is how you should act,
because our products are the greatest thing,
and no matter what when you lose your individuality,
it will only cost a little to you but it is a very good price to us,
and if you stay loyal to us we will make you pay,
again, again and again,
but do not worry you will be happier that way.

In the silhouette

In the silhouette that you see,
you know not who they are but they await,
and in the black shape how do you define a person that is empty of humanity,
a simple thing that in its blackness brings a purity,
for they are unknown to you,
but humanity in its complexity brings misery,
unlike shadows and silhouettes,
for humanity it haunts and it taunts and disturbs your vision with its brutality and its mentality and it’s savagery,
but silhouettes and shadows they inspire me more than the depressives that humanity brings to me far too regularly,
and I regularly despair for humanity,
for humanity is not as intelligent and as educated as they would have you believe,
but shadows and silhouettes they inspire and please me more in nature’s revelry,
and I’d rather have shadows and silhouettes for in them,
their happiness is in the imaginings of what they may be,
and in the fantasy of the imaginings comes inspiration from out of the darkness,
but humans with their wars, and their torturing, their rapes and their murders and their greed,
their drugs and guns and their shootings on the streets,
their social disorders and their racism,
their intolerance,
and their inability to listen and understand,
and their sexual diseases,
their failure to solve homelessness,
famine and drought and poverty,
they live over and over again in the mind, in the newspapers, on the radio and online,
and repetition after repetition they make the same mistakes again and again,
but shadows and silhouettes they are what they should be,
pleasing on the eye but gone in a moment,
and unlike humans they bring me happiness and are not a misery to me.

Testing the waters

Testing the waters with you in my mind,
I wait for you and I do not know how I feel for I am in a state of in-between,
but I ponder and I think and I wonder what are the possibilities and contemplate are we meant to be?
maybe not,
but we will see,
for we haven’t met yet and I am anxious and nervous,
but I am excited and happy,
and this could be the day that life changes for me,
for love is the greatest thing,
and I want to be in love and In love I want to believe,
for we have talked to each other on the telephone and your voice is so soft and gentle and It works its wonders in my heart,
and though we are apart,
your beauty it carries to me in your heavenly voice,
and in the imaginings that fill my mind I am full of hope and waiting expectantly,
waiting for time,
wishing time was faster and kinder,
for time is a reminder that I am missing you,
And I hope that you are missing me,
and time will bring you to me as I sit in a romantic soliloquoy,
waiting in the restaurant sat at the table, watching the gentle flicker of the candlelight and what shall be shall be,
for time it does not wait and I want to fall in love and I want to believe,
for life is too short and I am glad to be sat here with fate dictating what my fate will be,
and so I will await,
I will await my fate and you eagerly,
hoping for the best,
hoping for the best,
for life is more meaningful and in your love if it comes to be,
I’d love to love you if you will love me,
for as I sit here in Venice testing the waters with you on my mind,
I am in a state of bliss hoping that love a many splendid thing will come to be,
and though we haven’t met yet I am anxious and nervous but still I am excited and happy,
and that is the way it should be,
for oh how great is love for if I was lucky in love,
I would never be under grey clouds,
and under grey skies ever seen,
for the mood of you in me would capture the light of the stars captured in the universe and in all the galaxies,
for how beautiful is love,
and in loving you how incredible the journey of love is,
and in love I hope us two will be.

Drop in the ocean

A drop in the ocean how little it seems,
for money flows here and there and everywhere,
and not to where it should truly be,
helping eradicate racism,
and famine and drought,
but it rarely gets spent fighting these problems,
and it infuriates me,
for the world is so wealthy and there are few with so much and so many with so little,
for it is a drop in the ocean,
and wealth and finance,
sadly they crucify humanity.


There is barely anything to eat but there is a war,
war once more,
and there is no time to die peacefully,
for death it comes so easily,
and life, people fight hard to keep it,
but often keeping life is impossible,
and there is little chance of holding onto life at all,
for in the struggle what priorities are actually given to ways to save life,
not much at all,
for in this fight,
in this struggle amidst the bullets the bombs and the explosions,
if you don’t kill you will be killed,
and if you lose you will die on a foreign field and not see your family ever again,
for in the inhumanity of humanity,
there is such brutal depravity,
and then you will lay in your grave forevermore,
for war is hell,
war is hell,
a hell that throughout the history of humanity never seems to end,
and death, it takes alot to comprehend,
for it doesn’t care how it takes you away to shuffle off this mortal coil,
but it will happily shuffle people off until the heavens fall into the bloodied soil,
for in the evil of men,
there is a loss of control and a lack of common sense,
for humanity repeats itself again and again,
and because of the lack of common sense and control,
there is a massive loss of life,
and humanity never seems to learn no matter how much people pray,
for bad decisions are continually made each and every day,
for in the evil of men how weak are they,
that they send people to their deaths without thinking things through again and again,
for on the battlefield everyone is forced into gambling with their own lives,
mostly through no choice of their own,
and in the evil of men how sick it is what the leaders often do unto all again and again,
for years later will the leaders have a conscience about sending people to their deaths,
most will have no conscience at all,
and the deaths of millions will rest with them,
as they the leaders will be there sitting pretty in their retirements,
paying no mind to the fallen,
and the loss of life that they have caused through poor thinking,
and through illogical ways,
illogical ways that will haunt the remainder of the days of loved ones lost and families over and over again.

You are not a hero to me

You are not a hero to me but you try to be to many,
you with your macho ways and your power and your money,
for you live like a king,
and line your pockets with your countryman’s money whilst your people are suffering,
whilst you dine on the finest things whatever your servants bring you gluttonous thing,
yet you want more, more, more,
you with your outdated mentality and ways,
and what I assume is a mental disorder,
for you have your countrymen beaten up and tortured,
and imprisoned and quite possibly slaughtered,
for your propaganda puts fear into the people and puts a smile on your face,
for you are sick of mind with your dictatorial ways,
and I view you from afar,
and your people unfortunately have to regularly see your face,
for you you should be ashamed,
for you to your people are a disgrace,
and I,
I wouldn’t be surprised,
if one day they decide that they have had enough,
and they overthrow you and you end up in your grave,
oh what a shame it would be,
what a shame,
but much better for global society and humanity.

Down to the sea

Descending these steps down to the sea,
my heart it rises when I see you,
and in your eyes I am captivated and alive,
for the power of you it comes from your compassion,
and your understanding and your heart and how you listen to me,
for you take the time to listen to me,
and by being you I am a better me,
for with your words,
you are wise and funny and witty,
and in your uniqueness there is an exquisite beauty that beguiles me,
and how time flies when I am looking in your eyes,
for you are so sublime to me,
and I am whole for you take your time to understand me,
and in your happiness,
your happiness it reflects upon me,
for with your graciousness and your kisses my heart it pounds so rapidly,
and with your touch I am transcended to the stars and the heavens,
and I am lost in you and there is nowhere else that I would rather be,
for with you beside me I float aloft in my spirits as if a butterfly upon the breeze,
for in every little feeling and in every emotion,
there is magic in you and there is magic in me,
and I have never been more happy,
for time by chance has brought me luck, and luckily brought you to me,
and time has no meaning when I am in your arms as we dance by the sea,
for the power of love is the most beautiful thing,
and I cannot think of anything more wonderful than love,
for with you the world is a better place,
and there is nothing more glorious,
for love conquers all and how inspiring it is,
and greater than the universe to me,
for in the imagining of one’s mind,
it would take a life time to describe the feeling of love,
but I would rather not waste time imagining,
for with your love and your kisses,
that is the only thing that matters to me.

We, you, and you and I

you and I,
in the simplicity of the moment and of the times,
you and I,
we can define the definition of what is to exist,
for the power we have,
will shape the world through the strength of the mind,
for through understanding how incredible are the feelings and the emotions that live inside us,
for within you and me lays human history,
and the development and the future of mankind,
for how powerful is creation,
and how powerful the creation of life,
for what a wonder are the feelings and the emotions and the sensations,
in we,
and you and I.

It grows on me

It grows on me this idea,
A moratorium and a ban on fear,
But how could this be accomplished?
Judging by humanities previous efforts,
I do not know how but I can hope,
For I hope humanity will see sense,
But judging by humanities previous efforts it coud be a long time I fear

End of the road

End of the road,
A city in the hills,
Tree lined streets,
Trees with parrots,
Whitewashed buildings,
Sunshine wherever you go,
Cafes where you can sit looking out to sea,
And a beautiful blue sky,
And you and I holding hands kissing tenderly,
and With your eyes gazing into mine,
time is nothing but a memory,
and When we kiss,
When we kiss,
Heaven is inside me.

Far far far away

Far, far far away Is close enough to me,
for I wish to distance myself from society,
and society it is not what I wish it to be,
for society it never achieves what I wish it to achieve,
and society it pains me and frustrates me and I am irritated by its countless illnesses and social disease,
yet I wish I could do more,
for life is a struggle,
but those in power and with money they do what they wish,
but no major world problems have been solved so far,
for they are sick and society too and society is on its knees,
with the gossip,
with the rapes,
the kidnappings,
the tortures,
the stabbings,
the shootings,
the torture,
the murder,
the hate,
the intolerance,
the racism,
the homelessness,
the wars,
the poverty and the sexual disease,
I wish I knew,
but what will it take for people to listen,
and what will it take to change the world for the better,
for the world is lost in the destructiveness of the century,
and humanity suffers for no reason but Ill thought and the inability to listen,
the inability to understand,
and the stupidity,
but why has it come to this,
the corruption and the conditioning of the minds,
for so many people are blind,
blind to being misled,
so what will it take to re-educate?
Time, effort, and dedication,
for the people of the world are mislead,
mislead by the celebrities and the religious leaders,
the politicians and the companies,
and through the lies with which the populations of nations for financial gain are often mislead,
mislead over and over again,
disrupting the mentality and the civility for financial reasons mostly,
for they have all the time in the world to be stupid,
but what will it take for humans to eradicate such stupidity from their heads?
Can you do this

Can you do this,
can you do that,
you ask and you ask,
but I am not an acrobat,
but you expect me to bend over backwards and break my back,
and there is no way it will happen,
for I am sick of your bureaucratic act,
for they help me not and get us nowhere fast,
for you ramble on and waffle on upon the page,
never advancing barely anything,
and I am sick of that,
but when are you going to listen,
for nothing has changed for years despite having many governments,
for they do not try hard enough,
and I wish there was a tax on bureaucratic acts,
for I have had it up to here,
and I have had it for years and years,
And I all I really want is some peace and quiet and to relax.

Dangerous ways

Dangerous ways,
You have dangerous ways,
And you are eccentric and erratic,
And it fascinates me,
For in fascination comes revelation,
For you rejuvanate me,
And I cannot predict what you will do or where you will be,
But when I see you life is never dull,
And excitement comes so easily,
For you do what you feel and think what you think,
And you stand up for what you believe in,
And look for pleasure wherever it may be,
For you have dangerous ways,
And an exciting taste,
And a wit as sharp as can be,
And I live more when I am with you,
For through you I live partly vicariously,
And my senses are heightened and my mind is brightened,
For in your dangerous ways and in your company,
We live on the edge,
And throw caution to the wind,
But I do not mind your dangerous ways are rubbing off on me,
For I like the thrill,
And you thrill me,
And I would not change a thing,
And though maybe our lives will be shorter than most,
I would rather burn brightly and be remembered,
Than be boring and have no one remembering me.

In the world

In the world,
how many problems do we face today,
how many problems have continued for far too long,
and how many problems go left unsolved despite all the talking,
I know not but to solve them we need to talk less,
for talk is cheap and means nothing when people are dying and suffering,
and continue to die and suffer every day,
for surely there are more logical ways of thinking,
ways of solving problems that in reality if we put our minds to it we could put in place today.

Home to nowhere

A future Nagasaki,
a future Hiroshima,
multiplied a thousand times,
country after country,
home to knowhere,
for the air everywhere it is breathed in uneasily,
and it will kill you if you dare,
and in the aftermath of the explosions,
how many will have died from incineration,
and how many will be burning in their skin,
set aflame amidst the rubble as the ash rains down and pollutes the ground,
and with the water no longer fit to drink,
and no food to eat anywhere,
there are suicides everywhere,
and there are people barely alive breathing their last,
killed by people with great minds,
killed by the paranoia of the times,
killed by lack of thought and great thoughts,
every one of them decimating billions of lives,
billions of lives and without a pause,
in this sickness of modernity and weaponry,
how costly is death,
far too plain too see for it is all around,
and the Earth,
the Earth ripped apart by flashes and inhuman sounds,
it will never be the same again,
for such is the shame of men,
and never will it be populated above its surface for tens of thousand of years,
for because of the horrors,
humanity will descend into the bowels of the Earth,
most likely never to be seen ever again,
for such fools are they,
who create such tools to bring the destruction of every species to a final end,
and fools are they that never learn from history,
for history will be forever gone,
and history will never be created by humanity ever again.

In your infatuation

In your infatuation,
in your love,
in your imagination there is no room for others,
except yourself of who you are rather proud of,
and you are not consumed by who you are with,
because everyone else is second best,
and this weakness,
this inadequacy it puts everyone else to the test,
for you are selfish and you are easily lead,
for you listen to the gossip columns and the chat shows far too often,
Chat shows that tell you how to live your life,
and bombard your mind and condition you far too often,
for your love of you,
everyone else suffers,
but you you take a different view,
for there is no you in I,
and I think very little of you,
you with your ego and your self centred ways,
I do not have the time for you,
but you you do,
and I am glad to see you disappear from view,
for in your infatuation and in your love for you,
you are blinded by yourself and I am telling you,
that in your insecurity there is no security,
and no true happiness,
for by living your life in such a way you will only be kidding you,
but that won’t matter to you,
for you are only in love with you,
and you don’t give a damn about others or the world,
for ego is everything,
and ego is the only thing that you have going for you.

There is no way

There is no way to understand what goes through someone’s mind,
there is no way to understand the heat of the moment and the thoughts of killing,
and no way to describe the insanity of modern times,
and there are not enough words to describe the lust for killing in the twenty first century,
and there is no reason for killers to be on the streets and to be able to murder people freely,
to be able to murder people freely for little reason at all with guns and knives,
and it begs the question what is society doing about it and the governments of the world,
for people continue to die endlessly and needlessly,
so isn’t it time we end the misery, because we have seen far too much violence,
and too much blood spilt upon our streets,
blood spilt by those with savage and vicious minds,
and isn’t it now really time,
the time to educate,
the time to take the guns and knives away,
the time to end the callous brutality,
this evil scourge upon humanity,
this wickedness,
this insanity,
caused by the mentality of a dystopian society,
lead by leaders who through bureaucracy never solve the problems,
and who seem more intent on staying in power,
than ending the murders caused by guns and knives.

Do you feel

Do you feel,
You with the cold cold eyes,
You with the cold cold eyes of steel,
Do you feel,
I think not,
But in this moment the brutality in you is revealed,
For I asked you for your opinion and all I got was a blank stare,
And the warmth in the air it disappeared and it left an icy chill everywhere,
Do you feel,
Do you feel,
For where is your compassion,
For you on your salary you do not share.,
And you do not care,
For your lack of emotion and feeling are not appealing,
And I am ashamed of you,
For the homeless people you give them abuse and it makes me sick,
And I wish for better but from you I would not expect anything less,
For you have been brought up to be spoiled,
and you are greedy and all you care about is money,
But if it was your Mother homeless on the streets,
Would you find it funny,
I think not,
But shouldn’t we wish people to be safe and happy,
I do but I wish you would feel the same way,
yet with your eyes of cold cold eyes of steel,
I think that never will be the day.

Not made of stone

We are not made of stone,
we are not made of glass,
we may not break in two,
and we may shatter in the crucible of life,
that can crush us and that can form us,
for how powerful are choice and chance,
and how powerful is destiny for it defines us,
and we can define it if we are of strong mind and heart,
for destiny is not always what you want it to be,
but with an educated mind you will find, that life is easier if you can understand failure,
for through understanding the path of your life and through choosing your own destiny,
it will be easier when you are guided by intellect,
for from coming out of the dark and into the light,
you will see how education is key,
for with education nothing is impossible,
and through education you will know yourself,
and through knowing yourself you will find yourself headed to your chosen destiny,
not the destiny that destiny has chosen for you,
but the destiny you chose,
for with choice and determination,
you will reach your chosen destination,
and be more happy than you have ever known it is true.

Subway train

Subway train,
man asleep,
mental health problems,
racing through his brain,
gun in his pocket,
and a little change,
hat on his head,
almost covering his eyes,
dreaming of the rain,
dreaming of the woman he could love,
if she even gave him the time of day,
subway train,
a newspaper on the seat,
carries a picture of his face,
it reads well but I can’t see it all,
for it is folded over,
but it could be positive or negative,
it does not matter to me,
subway train,
man asleep until a baby cries,
man wakes up and blinks his eyes,
pulls a gun from out of his pocket,
and shoots the baby between the eyes,
woman cries,
man blows his brains out,
kisses his love life goodbye.


Lightning, and thunder,
such a incredible force that flashes so bright disturbing the vision and the eyes,
For how loud the sound is that echoes in the skies,
And how glorious the beauty that inspires and shakes the heavens that resonates through your body and mind.

Strive to be the best

We strive to be the best,
we take our time,
we think things through me and you,
we weigh things up,
we analyse,
we talk things through and we strive to be the best me and you,
because I love you and you love me too,
and I want you to be a better you,
for we encourage each other,
for love is inspirational and so it should be too,
and love is not always easy,
and you have to work at it and it is worth it but it is not always perfect,
but we strive to be the best,
me and you,
for being in love how great it is,
and how great it is to be with you.

This pleasure

To what do I owe this pleasure,
for to see you walk in from out of the rain so grim,
it is a welcome thing,
so come sit a while by the fire,
and let me take your coat and warm yourself,
and gather your thoughts,
and let us drink a beer,
and let us toast your health,
for how long have you been away my friend,
a year?
And have you travelled far,
and what have you seen,
for you look weary but are bright eyed,
and to see you I am happy,
and I see you are happy too,
and by the looks of you,
you are the happiest that you have ever been,
so by the fire,
let us talk of the roads that you have travelled and the people that you have met,
in the many countries under the sun and the heavens that you have been,
for I am pining for the road myself,
and I cannot stay indoors all my life,
and travelling and exploring is a wonderful thing,
and the journey is as good as the arrival to me,
so let us sit a while and take me down the roads that you have been,
and talk to me my friend and drink this beer,
and I will live your experiences vicariously,
for you have a way with words,
and through every journey that you describe as I look into your eyes,
how glorious the visions you describe will be,
for there is nothing better than sitting by the fire,
feeling inspired by the things that you have seen,
so how about a toast to them,
and next time I go travelling how about you come along with me,
for with you and me,
there will be twice as much to see,
and a journey shared is much better and twice as happy we will be.

Little, big or small

Little, big or small,
we all have our own weaknesses to which we are all susceptible,
but if we weren’t we would learn nothing at all,
and in failing you have never failed at all,
you have only tried to find a better way to do things,
and by doing things differently,
eventually any problems caused by any weaknesses you may have had will be solved,
and any problems you have if you try, try, try again,
and you will conquer them with resolve.

I hear her voice

I hear her voice above my head,
I hear her voice and she calls to me,
I wish she was here,
for my heart it holds out hope to see her, and I think of her and I picture her face, and I think of the memories of her in my head,
and her voice it echoes inside my mind,
and I find myself imagining how she would feel in my arms under the heavens and the stars,
for what a wonder it is her voice,
for she enchantingly,
she enchantingly calls to me,
and so soothingly that it is like honey to me,
and I picture her smile happily as I lay down my weary head,
and as I do I think of her the woman that I love so far away,
but who knows where she is,
I know not and I cannot say,
yet I love her still and I will always will,
for she dances across my memory like a ballerina in a dream,
and my heart it beats for her as I lay down to sleep alone in this soliloquoy,
under the heavens and the stars I am wrapped in her memory,
and I hear her voice above my head,
I hear her voice and she calls to me,
and even though I am alone,
I am not really alone,
for she is in my heart and in my imaginings,
and I love her for her and she will always be with me,
and no matter where I am,
no matter where on the Earth,
I hope to see her and be in her arms,
for there really,
there really could be nothing finer to me.

Far beyond the lights

Far beyond the lights,
far beyond the shore,
in the darkest of nights,
in the anxiety of the times,
headed for war,
headed for war,
with eyes on the horizon and on a moonlit night,
with trepidation and hearts beating fast,
and with men and women headed towards the end of their lives,
headed for destruction,
far away from their relatives,
relatives who will never get the chance to say goodbye,
to the men and women who will never get to laugh or cry forever more,
far beyond the lights,
far beyond the shore,
the grim reaper awaits to dispense the brutality,
caused by such vicious mentality,
from which there is no return,
only a return to the Earth to lay in all seasons,
and in the cold and the heat of the day,
in all weathers and in the sun, the rain and the snow,
far across the Earth they will go,
to fight the enemy and no matter what and seemingly endlessly,
to kill and to bleed,
and to die in a foreign land so far away,
for what is war but caused by the thoughtlessness of a handful of people,
people who think they know better,
better than the men and the women they are sending to their deaths thousands of miles away,
whilst the leaders, they sit mostly behind their desks,
and with such certainty make the decision to needlessly throw so many lives away countless times,
for far beyond the lights,
far beyond the shore,
so it continues for more sacrifices are needed,
and the blood lust continues with the bullets,
the bombs and the guns,
and so too with the weapons manufacturers calling out for more,
more death,
more blood,
more money,
and better weapons than before,
for how soon is the end,
how soon is the end,
who knows,
but there will be protests and protests which will usually fall on deaf ears,
but with improved weaponry,
how soon is the end,
how soon is the end,
probably much sooner than before.


Are you shattered,
broken into pieces,
are you weak,
or are you strong,
are you waiting for someone to save you,
are you waiting to reform yourself,
are you awaiting a reformation to transform you from the person you were to the person you want to become,
for there is nothing wrong with being weak,
and there is nothing wrong with being strong,
because you can always improve yourself and change yourself,
and re-evaluate life,
and the re-evaluation of life is never wrong,
because even if you are weak and the tears are flowing,
with your emotions and your heart and your mind,
you will find that in time life will get better,
and in acknowledging your weaknesses you can never be truly weak,
for in acknowledging weaknessess,
you really are strong,
for a what a wonder it is the power of the mind,
For it gives the strength to carry on.

Burnt out

Burnt out from the inside,
worn out from the frustration of the times,
unable to think clearly,
unable to see the path ahead,
unable to concentrate,
because of failures and the frailties of the mind,
for in the imaginings of so many things that lead nowhere,
the decimation and the destruction of the mind is a terrible thing,
and so too the pacification through tiredness,
in the calamity of over work that kills the spirit and the creativity,
for in these times,
what good are you if you are falling apart and are an empty shell inside,
and what good are you when you are worn out and exhausted,
for nothing will come from such exhaustion except frustration,
and then vexation,
for from vexation comes the destruction of relationships,
destruction that divides human kind,
for you will solve nothing,
and get nowhere fast when your mind is shattered and tired,
and because of it you will only be burnt out from the Inside,
and worn out from the frustration of the times,
so take a little time,
take a little time to yourself and relax,
and bit by bit you will gradually ease back,
back into yourself,
and feel more human again inside.


Wreckage everywhere,
despairing voices hanging heavy in the air,
wreckage everywhere,
dazed and confused people everywhere,
mentally abused for their views,
beaten down by bullies who like to belittle them,
bullies who like to belittle them and please themselves,
and who use the sickest and most evil and twisted words that they could ever use,
and in the aftermath as they leer and laugh,
at the people crying and damaged through the mental abuse,
these clowns they do not hesitate to kick them when they are down,
for there is wreckage,
wreckage everywhere,
wreckage in the minds of those cruel cowards,
those sickening cowards who mentally abuse,
and there is wreckage and damage everywhere,
there is wreckage in the minds of society,
a society that doesn’t teach civility and respect well enough,
despite in society there being enough money and resources to spare,
and there are guns and knives,
rape, kidnap, torture and murder everywhere,
and despite it being the twenty first century there is mental abuse and damage everywhere,
and there are suicides,
suicides from drug overdoses and alcohol,
suicides from guns and knives but they do not really care.


A faerytale,
a dream,
it should not be,
happinness and positivity,
it can change the world,
it can make a better you and me,
so give your all to those you can,
and encourage them and inspire them and listen,
and fill them with knowledge,
and advise those in need,
and educate them and help them understand,
and give them more choices,
and give them the choice to choose their own paths,
and enable them with educated minds to form their own well thought out plans,
for with intellect,
nothing is impossible and no plans are too grand,
for with education,
step by step you can build a nation,
a nation of intellect,
a nation of intellect and a caring world,
a world full of understanding and of love and of compassion,
that will shine bright and will help dispel the darkness in the world,
for with education comes the betterment of man.

Never has there been a time

Never has there been a time,
a time In this world,
that the fragility of human life hasn’t been on my mind,
and never has there been a time,
even far away from humankind,
a time that in my heart I do not feel the pain and the suffering,
for with every thought,
oh how the visions come to me from throughout my life,
of the hatred,
the racism,
the intolerance,
the violence,
the brutality,
the torture,
the wars,
the greed,
and the death and the destruction,
caused by leaders leading their people into such destructive times,
leaders leading their people blindly through poor decisions,
leaders leading them into such chaos and disorder with their greed and their mistrust,
and the inability to listen and to understand other countries points of view far too many times,
for how sickening it is to see it over and over again,
in the newspapers and on the television and on the radio,
and even when you are alone,
how is it possible to stop these visions,
these visions that haunt thine eyes,
for never has there been a time that they have not been there,
for since birth and the creation of mankind,
mankind has been so destructive,
and we have continually failed to learn from it,
and mankind’s destructiveness hangs over humanity,
a foul mood that hangs pervasively in the air,
and it is a sad sight to see,
the ravaging and the savagery of humanity,
and how horrific it is such viciousness,
for it is more inhuman than human to me,
and this is not what I wish it to be,
and probably billions of others,
but I despair and I hope for better things,
and for better leaders and better minds,
and more educated and civil times,
to take us far away from this viciousness,
far away from the viciousness and the fear,
far away from this brutality that we are subject to year after year,
for humanity in this insanity cannot surely continue to be,
and cannot surely continue to act in such destructive ways,
for humanity will otherwise cease to be, and humanity will be consigned sadly to history,
a forgotten race,
a race once capable of such great creativity and feelings,
a race, the human race,
now possibly set to be,
forever onwards,
nothing more to the universe but a memory.

Monstrosity of the times

In the monstrosity of the times,
how little compassion there seems to be and so much criticism of people’s lives,
for money it is true will sell a story or too,
but how would the writers feel who work for the newspapers,
the television stations and the radio stations and on the internet too,
if their families were inflicted with the same brutal attacks and criticisms,
and their families suffered the same way so many people in the public eye do,
for they are human beings trying to make a living,
and could do without the emotional abuse,
and how would you,
the writers feel if they continually mentally abused your family and you?

If and when

If and when war would cease,
what would the world be like,
and how would we spend our time and would we be carefree,
would we be happier,
would we have more time for materialism,
and would we be more selfish than we used to be,
for if and when war would cease,
would the world be able to cope with the the increase in the populations of every country,
and would we have enough food to eat,
would we be more tolerant with our neighbours,
would we listen more or would we argue more,
and would we once again resort to war,
most probably,
but this is not what I would wish it to be,
and I wish I could figure out what is wrong,
wrong with the world’s mentality,
for this is nothing new to the world,
and certainly it is nothing new to me,
but we can but hope,
yet maybe we will have to wait for a meteorite,
a meteorite to destroy most of humanity,
and maybe this will be the only thing to make us see,
that the extermination of humanity is a very real possibility,
and after all the death maybe we will see,
that getting along is much better than the total annihilation of human history.

Cut loose

Cut loose from the ties,
the ties that bind your hands behind your back,
for with less bureaucracy how would you feel so free in the mind,
and free to do what you wanted to do,
and happier for the freedom,
now what would you choose to do with your life and your spare time,
for society so many times wraps itself so tightly around you and confines you,
that you suffocate and struggle to find your own space,
the space to be an individual,
the space to think,
the space to be yourself,
for with an open mind you can find the balance that you need,
and with an open mind society would be more advanced,
and how much more could be accomplished,
and how much better would it be for human kind,
far away,
far away from the needless eradication of time,
and now what a better world it would be and a happier world with a less destructive mentality,
for with more time to think for yourself and more time to be happy,
how great life would be,
and how much could humanity achieve,
and oh how great could be humankind.

Did you know her

Did you know her,
did you know her well,
a body is being carried in a body bag by the roadside as the traffic swells,
did you know her,
did you know her well,
says the woman to another woman with tears in her eyes,
shocked and surprised and traumatised,
traumatised to see someone killed and run over In front of her eyes,
someone she didn’t know very well,
but death is death,
and numbness and shock descends upon you so quickly,
and we all have our own tales to tell,
and how much of the world I wonder is going through the same thing at any one time,
going through hell,
for how we all wish we could prolong death,
but it isn’t going very well.


Quiet is neither here nor there,
for in the midst of despair,
in silence and quiet you may sit and try not to think too much,
but despair and quiet and grief they do not care,
for in quiet they will just sit there upon the brain,
a mood,
a dark mood,
that no matter how quiet you are,
will pierce you right through and play the devil with you,
and tear your heart to pieces,
oh despair,
I wish there was a way to eradicate you but despair doesn’t care,
and in the quiet there is no quiet,
for how black it is and what I wouldn’t give,
to have a spell and cast it and magically erase despair,
for in quiet and grief,
and in despair,
what a bitter thing it is,
and how hard it is to move on,
for in that moment,
despair and grief can be omnipotent and overwhelming,
but in time,
time is the only healer,
and in time how great it is to be far far away from despair,
for I wish for a happy life and a positive mood,
for in positivity and in quiet how much better it is,
and how much better the world is there,
for there is nothing to take you away from you,
and you can be yourself and enjoy yourself,
for quiet is better and positive thoughts flow more freely,
and with no darkness you can accomplish more and be yourself,
and be well in your health,
and in the light of a happy mood,
how much better it is for the heart and the mind and the emotions,
and more creative too,
and how it strengthens your resiliance,
and is far removed from the sombre gloom of despair,
oh despair,
more fool you for being so glum,
more fool you for the misery you bring,
more fool you for you I do not care,
for I would rather be happy,
happy in positivity,
for in it I feel alive and there is no better place to be,
no better place than in happinness,
for in happinness is the only place I wish to be,
and nowhere else will you find me,
but as far away from despair as I can be and without a care.

How great

How great,
how big,
how small,
the footsteps towards progress,
well it doesn’t really matter at all,
for all that matters is that we advance at all,
and step by step through education and listening and understanding
we can improve so many things,
so have a little patience and step forwards,
and no matter how great the footsteps,
and no matter how big or small,
step forwards with a smile on your face and with your desire to change the world for the better,
for in doing so you are courageous and brave and of a good heart,
so step forwards and no matter how great,
no matter how big,
and no matter how small the footsteps towards the betterment of the world,
take pride in yourself,
and hold your head high and walk tall.

In your own world

In your own world,
in your own place you may contemplate,
you may think to yourself how much better could be the day,
but it is done,
and here you sit in-between the present and the past in such a variety of states,
for thoughts they may come and thoughts they may go and they may fluctuate,
but are you happy or sad,
and did you enjoy yourself and what did you learn today,
something good,
something bad,
I hope it was something good,
and who did you meet,
did they inspire you,
I hope so,
for inspiration and learning is always worth the effort,
no matter the tiredness or the weariness at the end of the day,
so challenge yourself to learn something new,
and challenge yourself to meet new people too,
for how lucky we are to be alive upon the Earth under the heavens and the stars,
with our emotions and our feelings and our minds and our hearts,
for how wondrous is inspiration,
and how glorious are sensations when they work their glorious art.

Bird sitting on a tree

Bird sitting on a tree,
what do you desire,
some food,
a home,
a partner,
for that probably is all in your simplicity,
and me and us and we,
what do we want the human race,
some food,
a home,
a partner,
a car,
a television,
every entertainment and useful appliance that we could ever wish to have and see?
For every minute there is a new product to lust and want over,
products that we are told are the latest and the greatest things that we will ever need,
things that cause us to want, want, want,
and cause such stress in the world and in the worlds society,
and personally sometimes I think to myself,
where is the happiness in human lives these days,
for happiness has been curtailed by so many things that we are told that we need,
but I would rather be a bird sitting on a tree,
for it has no restrictions on its time as do we humans,
for it is free to fly wherever it wishes,
and free in its simplicity.

What is destiny

What is destiny,
if you cannot see what is to be,
if you could what are the chances of you wishing it to be something different,
well now that would spoil the surprise for me.


as audacious as can be,
oh the audacity of time,
for how it sneaks up on me,
and how fleeting it is,
and not how I wish it to be,
as audacious as can be,
for it never hesitates and it disappears into the air,
leaving you wondering how it has gone so rapidly,
as audacious as can be.
I wish I could hold you still,
but you are faster than me.

What does it look like

What does it look like to you,
you with your superior view,
I wish I knew,
so I could understand you,
but I am striving for simplicity in this culture,
this world of culture that I love,
but you the critic with your hauty view,
you look down your nose at me,
but I believe in your right to be you,
and I am happy in my own work,
for we are all artists in this world,
and our own creations sometimes hold value to only ourselves,
and I would never criticise your words and your cultural reviews,
and I would never criticise you,
but I, would rearrange your words if I were you.

Happy voices

Happy voices outside,
oh how they bring a smile to your face,
and a light to your eyes,
for how happy voices make the spirit rise,
for in the sound there is beauty and how inspiring it is for the mind,
happy voices outside,
filling the imagination,
no matter what or the state of mind,
happy voices outside,
blessing the world,
conveying the happiness with the evocativeness of the happinness of the times.

Vivacious and loquacious

You are vivacious and loquacious with your airs and graces,
for in your eyes there is a light and in your smile,
there is a tenderness and it is a beautiful thing,
for your warmth it welcomes me so gently and soothingly and as finely as you sing,
but from whence you came I do not know but I will not complain,
for you are like the summer sun and your mind is as bright,
and you are as refreshing as the rain,
for you have such strength in your heart and you are so caring and compassionate,
that with your gentle words I am easily overcome,
and how easily you stormed the battlements of my heart and tore them apart,
but I do not care for they were ravaged and damaged by another someone,
someone I’d forgotten about but not the damage done,
yet I welcome you with open arms and surrender to your charms,
for with you there is hope,
and I hope beyond all hope that you will stay with me,
and together we will be happy together as one,
for how glorious is this day,
sat whiling the time away,
enjoying your company and talking so openly in the summer sun.

We crossed the bridge

We crossed the bridge,
and left the old and dived into the shock of the new,
and oh how refreshing it was,
and how clear it was to me that before I was jaded,
so jaded that I couldn’t see,
for there were so many opinions and so many schools of thought,
that a different way of thinking was needed to redefine history,
for history holds us back sometimes,
and we are better off letting individuality guide us to help us think outside the box,
for in our uniqueness humanity can get stuck in a rut,
and humanity will never learn from its mistakes,
if we do not throw caution to the wind and think differently,
and put outdated ideas in their place,
and clear the mind and the vision of them,
to get a clearer view,
For with a clearer view how much better it will be.

Echoes and shouts

Echoes and shouts,
calling from the beach towards the sea,
and screams and shouts and cries,
and a swimmer in trouble,
and upon the beach frantic activity,
frantic activity,
and people racing towards the sea,
for out there in the waves,
there is a swimmer caught unawares by how powerful is the sea,
and knowledge is a wonderful thing,
and how quickly they race as their hearts beat so rapidly,
for just a second or two too late means life or death,
and for the families of the people lost and drowned there is a lifetimes misery,
and of these people who risk their own lives,
on foot and in rescue boats,
who give their all to save life,
they are great heroes to me.

Find the path

Find the path to wherever you may wish to be,
and guide yourself by knowing yourself as best you can,
for knowing yourself is better than people forcefully telling you what to think,
and them telling you what to think and how you should live your life,
and them trying to mold you with their own plans,
so find the path to wherever you may wish to be,
and listen to them of course and their advice,
but don’t let it define you totally,
for you can only be you,
and you should never to try to be anyone else,
for to you it will be a detriment and your health will only suffer,
so be yourself and think for yourself.,
For it will bring much brighter and greater possibilities.

Let me see

Let me see,
for I wish and I wait for heaven expectantly,
but what will be will be,
and I await at the gates,
waiting for them to open,
and I’ve built up all my hopes,
but will I be disappointed,
and will there be heaven,
I do not know yet,
but maybe I will be sent back to the Earth to be a tree,
so let me see,
let me see,
what is through there through those gates,
and will it be new to me,
we shall see, we shall see,
but until then I shall wait here impatiently,
for I am still human and not quite so heavenly,
but what is through the gates, please do satisfy my curiosity,
for it has taken me quite a while to get here,
and I have believed in heaven for so long,
that there is something better after death you see,
and I will stand in line like the rest,
and what will be will be.

Hoping for a miracle

What are you hoping for,
are your hoping for a miracle of the times,
are you hoping for peace upon the Earth,
are you wishing for humans to stop and think a bit more often,
and for them to stop being so easily lead by the blind,
well it would be nice,
but what are the chances,
for humans seem unable to stop gambling with other humans lives,
and we can all hope and pray,
and no matter what who is to say what will be,
for what will be will be,
but in their stupidity humanity continues to keep rolling the dice,
and the results are always the same,
and there is raping and raping and raping,
and torturing and torturing and torturing,
and murdering and murdering and murdering,
for life is immaterial to the acquiring of land,
and life is immaterial to material gain,
what a shame,
what a shame,
and how sickening and depraved,
do we really,
really have to keep going through it again and again and again?


Please, kindly bring me some water,
for I am a little parched,
for the world is in a desert, and I am all cried out,
but how long will this desert,
this desert of Ill thought and hatred and wastage last,
please, kindly bring me some water,
for I am a little parched,
please, kindly bring me some water and sit a while with me,
and tell me a story from your heart,
for I am a little jaded by the world,
so please enlighten me,
and brighten me my friend,
and let us sit by the campfire under the stars,
for there is a magic in your eyes,
and there is a sadness in my heart,
so talk to me my friend and tell me a story,
and enliven me and inspire me,
and help me cast away this desert and give me hope,
upon this stage where we play our part,
for you have magic in your eyes my friend,
so lets spend a while together and make me smile and let us put the world to rights,
and upon the world cast upon it a brighter and a more positive light,
and on this night,
this glorious night, by the campfire under the stars,
I am a little weary and jaded by the world my friend,
and you have magic in your eyes,
so please, tell me a story,
for I cannot wait for you to start.


In your finery,
and in your dress,
by the riverside with the sunlight upon your face I gaze into your eyes and I am truly blessed,
for you came to me in the winter,
and you melted my heart like the sun upon the snows,
and you kissed me with a jubilance,
a jubilance that I had never known,
and time stood still as the wind through your hair did blow,
and you smiled at me and as you did in your eyes was a wisdom,
a wisdom that I had never known,
and I revelled in it,
and in your eyes,
in your eyes I felt at home,
for you enveloped me in your arms and filled me with your charms,
for you are as warm as the summer sun,
and you talked to me so delicately,
for so compassionate and understanding and loving you are to me,
and how much better is life together as one,
for you are intuitive,
and inquisitive,
and sensitive, and you have a sense of fun,
and you overwhelm me with your kindness and the kisses from your lips,
for how powerful they are to me,
as powerful as the sea,
and as wonderful and as gentle as can be,
for you are you and I wouldn’t change you,
for in your dress and in your finery,
and with us two sat together with a glass of wine and happy in each others company,
life is everything I could wish it to be,
for your beauty lies in your heart and in your mind and in your eyes,
and that is worth more than all the money in the world to me.

Black outs

Black outs,
drunkenness and revelry,
smiles everywhere,
money spent wisely one day,
and looking back the next day,
money spent regretfully,
but what will be will be,
for none of us round here can cope with life,
and escapism happens far too often in this town from drinking and drugs,
and escapism in this town from life happens far too often permanently,
for the work life balance is all wrong,
and we try to cheer ourselves up with material things,
but we are just kidding ourselves,
for where is the happiness in reality,
nowhere in this town,
for we are all in a rut working ourselves to the bone,
and we moan and we moan in this town this town that I will not name,
and though It could be anywhere I call it misery,
for it is a misery to you and it is a misery to me,
and it has no shame,
no shame in taking our money constantly,
and with black outs,
drunkenness and revelry,
that’s life around here,
and what will be will be,
but If I do not see you later I’m being put into a coffin,
and in that case buy yourself a pint and remember me.


Undecided about this road,
my emotions overwhelm me and they colour my heart,
though I know I should go,
undecided about this road,
the quietness,
the loneliness in which I will travel,
what will it be like and feel like?
I do not know,
for I am torn apart by those I am leaving,
and by the trepidation of places I do not know,
for my heart is broken,
and though my mind is open,
there is a darkness inside,
and the time maybe is not right,
and my mind is shattered by the loss of love and I hope to eviscerate the pain,
but how far,
how far must I travel to feel happy again?
I know not,
but with the kisses of loved ones upon my cheeks,
put one foot in front of the other my friend,
and go into the sun and the heat,
and the snow and the rain,
and eviscerate the pain,
eviscerate the pain,
and walk on though my heart may be forever changed,
walk on,
and maybe I will somewhere in this world,
somewhere in this world love again.

The night

The night descends upon the day,
and the day it runs,
it runs away,
and I of such weariness do lay down,
from the sweat and the toil of the day,
for I have accomplished very little working for another person in a company,
that really does not care about me anyway,
and I feel trapped by the wages that I am paid,
for what is a life worth,
and the hours that we lose working,
for I am told this and I am told that,
and I am mixed up and confused,
and I have the blues,
time for pastures new?
Maybe one or two,
for I can bear it no more,
and with more education I have the desire,
and I have something to prove,
and god willing I will be better off,
but I cannot guarantee it with inflation,
and the financial status of this and every nation,
and probably I will cross my fingers,
and also be frustrated too,
for nothing is certain,
and currency fluctuates so rapidly,
and I will probably have to be dead to find stability,
for money will mean nothing then but I will be less stressed it’s true.

Down the street

Passing down the street where I used to live,
so many things have changed,
there is countless rubbish in the gutter,
there are kids swearing almost,
almost every other word they utter,
and there are arguments in the street over money owed,
and the buildings are in a state of degentrification,
through the poverty in this part of the nation,
and there are people glued to their televisions watching the talk show hosts,
cheap entertainment,
but what sickness it feeds the people with,
and causes such zombie like fascination,
and the dumbing down of a nation,
and the depression and the depravity,
that goes hand in hand with the financial reality,
a reality in these brexit days caused by intolerance and racism,
that through impatience was whipped up from hatred and such great vexation,
and then,
further down the street from where I stand,
Mr Singh repairs the smashed window of his newsagents shop,
and cleans away the racist graffiti,
with a sad look on his face and a look of forlorn resignation as best as he can,
and it is an awful shame,
the suffering and the pain,
for in the street where I used to live,
how things have changed,
how things have changed,
but will things improve,
and will things ever be the same?
Who knows,
but in reality these things happen everywhere in the world,
and capitalism is to blame.

He waited

He waited at the lights,
he looked right,
he looked left,
he carried drugs inside his pockets,
then from out of nowhere he got a bullet in the head,
and he fell to the floor,
and he bled and he bled and he bled,
for from starting smoking marijuana,
he quickly began to deal drugs and it was a rapid descent,
for some people are so easily lead,
and as he lay dying his life flashed before his eyes,
and he had thoughts of his mother and his father and his family,
and then his life was over in the blink of an eye,
what a big man selling drugs,
damaging people right and left,
but at his funeral,
respect bruv,
made a bit of money,
got a bullet in the head.


She was gorgeous,
or so she thought,
she had the latest makeup,
she had the coolest clothes,
she had self confidence,
she was popular amongst her peers,
and her admirers that she had come to know,
and she was sold every beauty product that she could ever wish to own,
and to make money she started as a waitress,
and then began to dance in a strip club at night,
and then the money went to her head,
for she hoped to emulate the celebrities that made more money than her,
and in the day she watched all the chat shows amongst the bling,
in the home where she lived,
and she set up social networking channels,
and talked about fashion,
and tried to seduce rich men,
by exposing her breasts and fluttering her eyelids,
and as she did,
she kept up the social commentary,
and received many pleasantries,
and then came the negativity,
and more negativity,
from jealous girls and trolls,
and then she began to do drugs and slit her wrists,
but in a vicious cycle,
the vicious comments about her looks kept coming,
and the comments she could never forgive,
and she ate less and less and less,
and became an anorexic kid,
and now she only lives on Facebook,
because she died,
and her looks that were they live on there,
but to the beauty companies who made so much money from her,
they will quickly forget she existed,
and they will never know of the hopes and the dreams that she had,
for vanity takes no prisoners,
and so she lies on her bedroom floor another dead anorexic kid,
amongst the beauty products and the makeup products,
waiting for her mother and her father to find her,
waiting for her mother and fathers tears to flow,
over a life far too shortly lived.

In the morning

In the morning I awake to clouds of grey,
and I lay here and wish for colour,
for how so is it I cannot say,
but the universe has designed it so,
and it knows much more about the creation of life than me anyway,
and so I will lay a little while longer in bed and I will ignore the grey,
for it affects my moods in such a way,
and I would rather go back to sleep,
and dream of the sunshine of a summers day,
for without warmth how would we grow anyway?

He belittled her

He belittled her,
he ranted and screamed,
he shattered her mind like a mirror,
oh the obscenities and the vulgarity piled and piled upon a fellow human being,
and now she is dead,
and he still walks the Earth,
having sent her to an early grave,
such a horrific pointless loss and such a waste of a life,
a death caused by malcontent,
a death caused by misery,
how cruel he was,
and how cruel life can be.
Little bit of tenderness

This little bit of tenderness,
now what does it mean,
for I have grown so used to you being cold,
unable to make up your own mind,
about whether you want to be with me,
and I have grown so used to it,
it has become normal to me,
this little bit of tenderness,
now what does it mean?
For I am caught unawares by it,
and it doesn’t seem real to me,
this little bit of tenderness,
how fleeting will it be?
I do not know,
for my heart is of ice and snow,
and maybe it would be better if you leave,
but go on, just one more time,
cuddle me,
for I can’t make up my mind either,
about whether I want to be with you,
oh how torturous love can be.

We cannot always see

We cannot always see,
how powerful words can be,
we cannot always see,
how powerful words can be until they make history,
for words are much better than violence to me,
and in anyone’s vocabulary,
education is key,
for word by word you can build understanding and knowledge,
and from impatience and intolerance,
and hatred and racism,
with words and language,
from them you can be set forever free.

Go, go, go

Go, go, go,
go once more for me,
for I am dying,
and as I lay here in my bed,
touch the Earth,
touch the Earth with your hands,
and please, bring me some of it,
the Earth that put a smile upon my face,
the Earth that meant so much to me,
and though I will never see it again whilst alive,
please bury me in it overlooking the sea,
for I am of the Earth,
and when I am dead,
take me home,
take me home to where I should be,
in the Earth,
in the Earth forever more where I will sleep for eternity,
to the sound of the waves,
to the crashing of the sea.

Hold me

Hold me a while,
hold me a while,
for I am numb and weary and lost and I have lost a child,
hold me a while,
hold me a while,
for sorrow upon my face does show,
and sorrow knows the depths of such bitterness,
bitterness as cold and as icy as the winter snows,
and what tomorrow brings, I do not know,
for I am here through no choice of my own,
and though sorrow is not my style,
I have no choice but to wear it,
for I am only human broken upon the rocks of misfortune,
and the grim reaper he does not care, and the grim reaper he wears such an evil smile,
so hold me a while,
hold me a while,
for in the depths of hell I may be some time,
for inside there is so much suffering, hurt and pain,
that I am lost,
so lost,
that I run through the loss in my brain,
again, again and again,
and I do not know where to go,
and my tears will not put out the flames,
but will you listen,
and will you hold me a while,
for it may be some time,
some time before I can begin to explain,
that the pain I feel,
is so so real,
and I will never be the same again,
so hold me a while,
hold me a while in your arms,
and listen to me so gently and compassionately,
for sorrow has frozen my heart,
and sorrow has torn me apart,
and my child I will never see ever again,
so will you hold me a while,
hold me a while,
and will you carry me,
and will you share my burden with me,
for time it seems to have stopped,
and I am heartbroken like I have never been,
for reflected in my tears,
is my child who has shuffled off forever more from this mortal coil,
my child,
my child,
who I will never see again,
Who will never more give me pleasure from their smile.

In this room

In this room,
in this place,
such is the end,
the end of the beginning,
the beginning of the end,
the whispers,
the arranging of protests,
the secret meetings amongst friends,
in this place such is the end,
holding discussions of the reprucussions of a brutal dictatorship,
that has broken so many people’s spirits,
and that has killed so many people,
in so many violent ways again and again,
and in this place such is the beginning of the end,
in a poorly lit room,
away from prying eyes,
and hopefully spies,
talking and talking,
of plots to overthrow a dictatorship,
and from the dictatorship the nation defend,
for in this place such is the end,
the final moments,
staring anxiously into the eyes of friends,
friends who you may never see again,
and sat there counting the minutes,
waiting to run into the flames of hell,
with guns loaded,
and with your life on the line and your relatives unaware that they may never see you again,
I salute you all for how strong, brave and courageous are the minds of women and men,
who are willing to sacrifice their lives to overthrow a brutal dictatorship,
and who are prepared to give all they have to give knowing that they may never live again.

Mind over matter

Mind over matter,
matter over mind,
how valuable is materialism when it causes the majority of stress throughout human kind,
mind over matter,
matter over mind,
how so many are easily lead by false values placed upon so many things,
I do not know why,
for it is a detriment to mankind,
mind over matter,
matter over mind,
Is it ego?
Are we so easily lead,
and desperate to have things and to have a status,
and does fitting in mean more than the people in society,
and more than solving the world’s problems,
I wish things were more simple,
but why, oh why, oh why,
is materialism of more value than happiness and human life?
Now isn’t it the time now to change people’s minds?
Look at the homelessness problem and the famine and the drought problem worldwide,
and you decide.

Such a short life

Such a short life,
but there could have been so much more to give,
and how much sadness there is,
and far too many tears over such a short life,
the life of someone who had so much to give,
oh such a short life,
such a short life you lived,
and I,
I think of how history may have been changed by you,
for such great potential you had to give,
and when I think of you and your eyes so blue,
there is an emptiness inside,
and a cold and a warmth too,
and happy and sad memories,
and my mind is mixed up and confused and I feel the pain of losing you,
for you had such a short life,
and how I wish it wasn’t true,
for I loved you,
I loved you for you,
and I will remember you with tears in my eyes,
and I will always remember you,
for the world was a better place with you,
a better place with you in it and so many others too,
so many others who have gone far too soon,
and oh how history may have been changed and improved by you,
and how sad is the loss of life,
but death comes to us all,
and how unfair it is an early death and how despicable,
oh, the cruelty of it all,
it makes you realise how precious life is,
and I think myself I am lucky to be here at all,
and when I remember you,
I will think of you as a star in the heavens shining brightly,
holding heaven together,
preventing heavens fall,
and when I look at the night sky,
I will give thanks for your lives,
and I will remember you all.

What a wicked life

What a wicked life,
to oppress someone,
what a wicked life,
to kill someone innocent with a gun,
what a wicked life,
to beat up and torture someone,
what a wicked life,
and what an awful mind,
that leads someone to become a dictator,
and who oppresses and slaughters anyone who opposes them,
and has them killed in such vicious ways,
and then who watches just for fun,
and what a wicked life,
this pure evil,
this sickening mentality,
through lack of education and greed it was begun,
and oh I wish it wasn’t,
and I wish it would change,
but human frailty repeats itself again and again,
and we need a change of mind,
by the populations of the world,
for millions of people suffer far too much and for far too long,
and the slaughter and the blood runs far too frequently upon the Earth,
for the Earth has blessed us with life,
and isn’t life more precious,
and shouldn’t we do more to save life,
for evil begets evil,
and we are better off,
oppressing the oppressors,
as soon as they begin treading upon their wicked path and their evil has begun.
We watch

We watch,
but do we learn anything,
we watch,
we think,
we vegetate in a state,
a state that television does bring,
and with millions of inanities,
mind numbing things that sedate us,
and placate us,
these days relaxation is so often a sedentary thing,
and when the mind is filled with such vacuosness,
what good to the world can it bring?

By the fire

By the fire in this place,
as the time does pass,
and the ghosts of the past they float about the place,
by the fire in this place,
memories flicker here and there,
and light the eyes with expressive haste,
for sat here whilst time does fly,
ebullient of mind,
as gentle reminiscences do while away the time,
sentiment and sentimentality fly free,
with visions of the past,
and hopes of things to be,
bringing such effervescence in feelings,
as the world passes,
and out the window,
my train of thoughts flow like the sea,
for neither here nor there,
what will be will be,
for how precious the time,
that distances you from the stress of living in modern society,
for division and inequality,
breed such destruction,
and create such poverty,
and ground down by the world,
I hope for better things to come,
but I am happy,
sat here by the fire,
unencumbered by the world,
thinking of other things,
with my thoughts,
flowing like the sea,
glad to relax,
glad to be me.

However and wherever

However and wherever you wish to be,
come rain or shine or the winter snows,
I wish for you,
I wish for you to carry on and forget about me,
for I,
I am but a memory,
so please do not pine for me,
for I will be across the sea,
and although we have drifted apart,
do not hold bitterness inside you,
for what good is being frozen in time,
thinking of a love that was never meant to be.

Come home

Come home,
come home,
I see them in your eyes,
the tears,
but you are not alone,
come home,
come to me from wherever you roam,
for there is no need to be lost,
and there is no need to be alone,
come home,
for I am here for you,
and you may share your burden,
for I am here to listen,
and I have the patience of a saint,
so come into my arms,
and I will hold you as the sun rises,
for there is nothing I will not try to understand,
and I will talk to you and care for you until the cows come home,
for to make you feel better is my plan,
for a broken heart,
a shattered mind,
destroyed by loss of love,
destroyed by vindictiveness,
destroyed by bitterness,
oh such suffering,
caused by Ill thought,
and such vicious minds,
such vicious minds,
put them to one side,
for I am here for you,
so sit a while and take your time,
for I have all the time in the world,
and I will listen and I will care,
to help soothe and calm your worries,
and cast them far away from here,
for with a gentleness and a compassion,
upon this road,
through the maze of the human mind,
with a little kindness may you be happy,
and may the tears disappear from your eyes,
for in humanity what better is love,
to help understand and to chase away any fears,
so, come home,
come home my dear,
for you do not need to be alone,
and I am here for you and my heart is yours wherever we may go,
for loneliness need not be,
and I am here to talk to you,
no matter when or where,
no matter the rain or the snow.

In society

In societies veracity for harm,
such financial worries do capacitate,
and facilitate such Ill thoughts,
that drive people out of their minds,
for greed and peer pressure it clouds people’s judgement,
and sows the seeds of so much alarm,
and in the streets,
there are countless drugs and knives and guns,
that destroy lives in moments of madness,
driven by the need to have and the need to belong,
for life is lost cheaply,
and living is expensive,
and in the minds of the greedy,
how little time is given to think before taking a life,
for in this modern society,
it is sad to see that materialism is more valuable than human life,
now what I wouldn’t give to prevent the loss of life,
in this modern world that has gone so so wrong.

You never

You never err on the side of caution,
but does anyone care,
you sit unmoved and resolute,
and gesticulate,
and epostulate,
and wave your hands in the air,
for you have your opinions,
and mine they are as of as much value as yours and, yet you,
you pretend to listen,
and I listen to you,
and I pretend to care,
yet you never err on the side of caution,
and I listen and we talk,
but we go around and around and around and never get anywhere,
yet I believe in your right to a freedom of speech,
yet you, you could talk for the world,
and never accomplish anything,
and never get anywhere,
and I know where I would rather be,
listening and open to anything,
and any ideas that you wish to share,
for people who may listen may change the world,
yet you never listen and you never care,
but I give you the chance,
and I give you the time of day,
to express your opinions but you will never change,
and you will always sit unmoved and resolute,
whilst I am free in my mind and I will listen,
and learn more than you will ever wish to,
for education is a wonderful thing,
and talking should never be a one sided affair.

Cobbled streets

In the little cobbled streets by the sea,
in the window a reflection of you,
a reflection of me,
a display of desire,
a display of affordability,
a display of materialism,
a display of things of more value than they should be,
in the little cobbled streets by the sea,
how many things do you need,
me, I want for little,
and have not much need of things,
for I would rather have you beside me,
and you mean much more to me,
and there is such a coldness of things,
that the warmth of you it delights me,
more than materialism,
for love has no price,
and you are much more precious to me.

I sit on the beach

I sit on the beach,
staring out to sea,
in a pensive mood,
as the waves rise high and they crash down,
and my thoughts,
they float and fly,
here and there and are not always so free,
sometimes captured by a moment of pain,
a moment of indecisiveness,
a moment of me,
and as I sit on the beach staring out to sea,
I wish I could make up my mind,
and decipher the problems that lie within me,
but maybe I need a little more time,
maybe I need someone else to listen to me,
for the heart and the mind as I sit are as raging as the sea,
and despite all other things,
in my mind there is a reflection of you in me,
and it fills me up with tears,
tears and feelings that for years have never left me,
yet I still love you,
for my love for you is as raging as the sea,
and my love for you will inspire me,
and no matter what,
the thought of you will carry me through any problems,
for your love is echoed in my memories,
and the feelings of your love conquers all else,
as I sit on the beach staring out to sea,
for in a moment of me,
you are with me always and the world is a better place,
for as my heart pounds my feelings are as powerful as the sea,
and I could never forget you,
for without you in my thoughts,
life would not be the same to me.

The time

What is this but the time,
the time to make amends,
the time to mourn the loss of so many human lives,
for throughout human history,
we have walked on through the bloodied fields and the bloodied streets far too many times,
and because of the lack of thought,
and being unable to listen as well as we should,
oh what a pity,
and oh the disgust,
of countless deaths and slaughter that winds its way through the human mind,
deaths caused by any little misunderstanding,
and through every little miscomprehension,
and at every loss of patience,
and through greed and hatred that fans the flames and burns human kind,
for what is this but the time,
the time to change things for the better,
and the time to come together in peace to unify human kind.

The order of life

In the order of life,
such chaos permeates the air,
and with no rhyme or reason why,
except the false realities created by humanity,
with which we cage ourselves in and hinder progress and advance nowhere,
the order of life it is far too complex,
and if we simplified things,
how much finer would life be with less complexity,
and how many more smiles upon the faces of humanity would there be,
for if we were to simplify things that govern us,
how much better would we fare, and how much better life would be,
and so much easier and with far less worry,
and with more time to spend together,
there will be time and more happier times for you and me to share.

Be still

Be still,
be calm,
pay no mind to the stories of the world,
that so often cause you dismay,
and cause so much alarm,
be still,
be calm,
sit where you like,
take a walk,
explore the world,
enjoy yourself,
far away from the stories of human frailty that destroy society,
and assuage upon the world,
such repetitive visions that depress you,
and damage one’s mind,
and cause the heart to palpitate in frustration at problems unsolved,
so take yourself away,
as fast as you can,
for what good can those stories do,
to see them over and over again,
the ravages of inhumanity,
and every single person upon the Earth,
stories caused by such devilish plans,
so be still,
be calm,
far away from the news,
far away as you can,
for what good will it do,
except cause you distress,
so try in your own way,
and by using your own mind,
and with the power of your own mind,
fix the world if you can,
for it is better news,
than the usual news,
for positivity and education and the willingness to do,
can lead to less death and destruction,
and what could be more welcome,
than fixes and solutions to the world’s problems,
that you and others can take part in for the benefit of human kind,
for what is life without understanding,
and what is life without listening,
for with both,
how grand can be the betterment of us all,
for we if we all work together,
we can advance humanity,
and lives will be saved,
and happiness will be upon the Earth,
and now what could be better than harmony
for life is there to be lived,
and we all can be happy upon the Earth if we try harder,
for no problem is unconquerable if we all work together,
for how great is community and the spirit of us all,
under the stars and the heavens,
where from which life began,
in the universe that created everything and that created us all,
How glorious it is,
And how beautiful.


In the beginning there was a seed,
a thought,
a number of thoughts that lead me to you,
for time meant nothing,
and all was peaceful and calm as I pulled you towards me in my dream,
for in my dream,
you stood there holding out your hand to me,
and as you did upon your finger was a ring and a smile upon your face and you were so happy,
and me,
well I was too looking at you,
you with your black hair and your beautiful dark eyes,
and oh how pretty you were in your beautiful dress
and how intense was the look in your eyes,
and how they were filled with light as you looked into mine and so deep like the oceans,
into which I could drop into and float upon,
and sail into your heart for eternity,
for in your eyes there is no time,
for time stands still but anyway for time I pay it no mind,
for I am with you until I awake,
and I wish I could stay with you forever,
but maybe one day,
one day it will come true,
but until then,
in my dreams,
in my dreams I have married you until the night is through,
and when I awake in the morning with a smile on my face,
I spend the whole day wishing for it to come true.