Book 3

Cold day in October

© Ben Robinson 2019

Dedicated to

Mrs White my first brilliant English teacher. Thank you!


All the money in the world, 31
Assimilated, 25
Behold that star, 45
Belong, 35
Bemused, 22
Beware, 15
Capitalized, 19
Check please, 28
Cloak of your embrace, 4
Cold day in October, 16
Come here and see, 55
Counteract, 10
Creatures of habit, 32
Delicate balance, 48
Disingenuous, 34
Disparate, dramatic, bombastic, fantastic, 16
Disrobed of ignorance, 36
Dissipates, 27
Doctors and nurses, 59
Echoes and sounds, 17
Ego, 28
Far better, 33
Far worse, 6
Find what you need, 44
Fire, 30
For lack of love, 12
For the last time, 30
Freedom of choice, 58
Halcyon days, 13
Happinness, 36
Hello old friend, 27
He’s corrupt you know, 8
Hold your fist in anger to the sky, 53
Home, 8
I crossed the ocean, 34
I draw the line at midnight, 55
I sleep to dream, 37
I stay with her, 6
I wait, 29
I wait for the silence, 7
I wanted it all, 41
In evolution, 17
In its simplicity, 10
In our life, 14
In our lives, 58
In the arrogance of the times, 63
In the bonfire of your soul, 64
In the garden, 51
In the ground below, 56
In the solemnity of our times, 44
In the vastness of the place, 61
In the wilderness, 42
In Tokyo, 60
In your eyes, 57
In your industriousness, 50
Inhumanity to spare, 24
Life upon a tree, 38
Logic and common sense, 11
Love in the twenty first century, 11
Maintain your course, 60
Marches on, 32
Mountains, 42
Music, 29
Of little words, 6
Of such an air, 23
Of such talents, 44
Of what a time, 52
Of what do you aspire?, 26
On aching feet, 39
Over the edge, 45
Premonitions, 31
Psychology, 40
Push through, 13
Realm of your reality, 11
Ripped, 25
Sartorial, 41
Sending a message, 5
Separated, 20
She felt her way, 53
She finds whatever she finds, 55
She put you upon a pedestal, 14
So many shapes, 49
Society, 59
Soldier of thought, 52
Something is a miss, 26
Streams of consciousness, 50
Streams of feet, 52
Such stillness in the night, 63
Swift on ones feet, 24
Technology, 23
The boundaries of the human mind, 47
The dog barks loudly in the night, 47
The gathering storm, 10
The limitations of oneself, 62
The pool, 16
The wind, 46
Through the years, 9
Time, 46
To no avail, 13
Try to be kind, 57
Upon the ground, 56
Valiant hearts and minds, 51
Violins, 39
Void, 33
Waiting for heaven, 31
We all go to school, 62
We are alive, 62
We bear the scars, 19
We counted, 51
We go around, 14
We talked, 5
We the billions who are lost, 49
We woke the world, 54
Weather, 36
What happenstance, 18
What is that feeling, 40
What is this distraction?, 19
What?, 43
Where is the winter, 41
Where the soldier lays, 61
You are free to go, 38
You philosophize, 9
You took what you could, 58
Your perspective, 60

Cloak of your embrace

The cloak of your embrace,
it warmed me from the savagery of the winter’s day,
the cloak of your embrace,
was covered in your scent,
and it dispelled the smell of the street,
and filled my nostrils with the scent of flowers as if on a summers day,
and in the cloak of your embrace,
I drifted in my mind thousands of miles away,
for you gave me comfort,
and in your eyes there is trust,
and your heart is pure and good,
and always true are the words you say.

We talked

We talked and we talked,
but we have brought it to an end,
and we argued and we argued,
but we have brought it to an end,
this reconciliatory trend,
we have brought it to an end,
and we will go our separate ways,
and we will never see each other again,
for we have brought it to an end,
and there is nothing left to talk about,
but we leave as “friends”,
for we have been at odds for far too long,
and there is no time left to make amends,
for what is said is said,
and when the understanding and the patience runs out,
what good are words,
when we will both refuse to listen,
and we will end up discussing the same subjects over and over again,
so quite rightly we have brought it to an end,
and now there is peace for both of us,
and finally at last,
we can regain our sanity again.

Sending a message

Sending a message shouldn’t be that hard, but what if all the technology you had,
had been destroyed in an untechnalogical act,
now, what a question,
for if that happened,
and if chalk pens and paper were eradicated and computers too,
would you get frustrated,
and what would you do,
for sending a message shouldn’t be that hard,
but without technology and electricity,
we would have to talk,
and after years of being engrossed in technology,
and upon arriving in the 21st century,
maybe we will have become telepathic,
so it won’t be all that bad,
as bad as the untechnological act,
that deprived us temporarily of our technology and our sanity,
and I’m sure after learning telepathy,
we will be quite adept at that.

Far worse

It is far worse and worse than anything I have ever seen,
for you lay on the street,
with your eyes to the sky,
and with bullet holes in your chest,
and with your white shirt splattered with red,
It is far worse than anything I have ever seen,
and the blood on the street it runs into pools,
as you lay twitching in your death throes,
who killed you,
who killed you,
I want to know.
Not a question I thought I’d be asking on my way down such a street.
But here I am trying to avoid getting your blood on my feet.
And with the last flicker of your eyelids,
your life, will always be a bloody mystery to me.

Of little words

Your gymnastic eloquence is something I will forgive,
for you are of little words and are seldom heard,
so go ahead kid,
make your mark with a graffiti can where you live,
for I will not tell anyone,
for it is nice to see freedom of expression in your creativity and art,
for you are of little words,
but in your heart you bare your soul,
and you speak your mind,
and that is far better,
far better than selling drugs like the other kids.

I stay with her

I stay with her.
She stays with me,
and we concur that loneliness is not as fun as it used to be,
so I stay with her,
and she stays with me,
for in our likenesses we are of the same mind,
and I think of when we met across a crowded room,
as her eyes sparkled in the sunshine in the summertime,
we talked and talked and she told me what was on her mind,
and I liked her spontaneity,
for she is quick of wit and fast of mind,
and she likes reading Dostoyevsky,
HG Wells and Aldous Huxley by the fireside,
and together we read into the night,
and with her voice and mine combined,
we are happy in our hearts,
for the language of love in books and in the movies is a magical thing,
but what is better,
is all the kisses from her lips,
and the sensual looks she gives,
for all the knowledge in the world is never as good as being in her arms,
and in the years we’ve been together,
how could anything be better than her charms,
and wrapped in her arms,
Intertwined in love with so many experiences shared,
and with compassion tenderness and care,
I would never wish to be anywhere else,
for her beauty is beyond compare,
and I love her for her,
and she loves me for me,
so I stay with her and she stays with me,
but we are comfortable with each other in our perfect symmetry.
and we concur that being alone isn’t what it used to be,
for being together is much greater,
and happiness is such a wondrous thing,
and far greater than being alone could ever be.

I wait for the silence

I wait for the silence,
but it never comes.
I hold my arms outstretched.
I wait for the atomic bombs.
I wait for the silence,
but it never comes.
I wait for the end of days.
I wait for the explosion of the sun,
and in my nihilism I am alone,
but I have no time to run.
I wait for the silence,
but it never comes.
Oh, what is the point of life when humanity wages war continuously,
almost killing everyone.
I may as well end it all now,
oh, if only I had a gun,
I could be at peace,
for the world is a tortured place,
and I wait here for the end of days with my arms outstretched invitingly,
and I long to say goodbye to the world,
and whilst dying,
I will wish for a better one,
and as I wait I look to the sky,
and I await the atomic bombs,
and the explosion of the sun.

He’s corrupt you know

Apropos of nothing he said,
the man at the bar,
he’s corrupt you know,
he’s corrupt you know,
he lines his pockets whilst they stand waiting for bread in the snow,
he’s corrupt you know,
he censors the opposition,
he has them beaten up,
he has them tortured,
and sent to prison camps in places they do not know,
he’s corrupt you know,
he drinks champagne,
whilst others live in poverty,
and below poverty you know,
he’s corrupt you know,
he’s a murderer,
a genocidal maniac,
a dictator with a mind of hate and rage.
Well, I’ll have another pint I said,
and then we should come up with a plan,
for he’s corrupt you know,
and after a few more beers for Dutch courage,
we really should help the people have him overthrown.
And then the television is turned off,
and we talk about other things,
other things apart from a genocidal maniac,
a genocidal maniac from a country that to which we will probably never go.


Home is wherever you are,
and whether near or far,
it does not bother me,
for I like to be,
upon the open road,
and under sunny skies and clear starry nights,
when I am traveling far,
and with a lightness in my step and a happy mood,
I experience so many things that are new to me,
that I am happy wherever I go,
and whether in the blackest of nights,
or in the day so blue and in the sunshine that I love to know,
home is where the heart is,
and I am content,
to tread the world with jubilance and ebullience,
for what better can there be than life upon the road,
and the choices that are heaven sent.

Through the years

Through the years,
you have seen some tears,
and through the years,
how such emotions do form in the blink of an eye,
and oh how they arrive,
crashing around inside you,
and whilst you suffer,
they are having the time of their lives,
and whilst you are happy,
they are glad,
and so are you to be alive,
for they just want to exist,
and to be upon the stage,
and no matter the situation,
and no matter the mood,
how rapidly they come out to play,
for through the years,
you have seen some tears,
you have laughed and cried,
and faced death and heartbreak,
and had the time of your lives,
and through the years,
you have seen some tears,
and what powerful things they are,
a mood captured in tear drops,
that fall so rapidly from your eyes.

You philosophize

You philosophize,
whatever comes before your eyes,
you philosophize anything and everything,
and anything and everything you analyse.
You philosophize,
but did you achieve anything?
No, not really,
but I’ll give you this,
I philosophize that you could be the greatest thinker of our times,
and me,
oh, I’ll probably accomplish more than you,
as you sit there like that Rodin sculpture,
thinking the greatest thoughts that will never be written down,
as you are far too busy thinking all the time.


Counteract the waywardness of the world,
with delicate tact,
counteract for the world dances in its sensitivities,
and in misunderstanding life hangs in the balance,
and in the frustrations and in the rage of nations,
the nations are unable to hold themselves back,
back from war and disaster,
buying weapons,
buying weapons faster and faster,
and by doing so increasing the speed of death,
for in misunderstanding and greed,
civilizations are brought to their knees,
and with destruction it can come ever so quick,
and If we don’t learn soon,
maybe with nuclear weapons humanity will be erased,
by the explosions and from the radiation that will make us sick,
and if we don’t learn quick,
we will possibly never ever again,
as a human race exist.

The gathering storm

The gathering storm,
does arrive before the dawn,
in the early hours,
as the darkness hangs there,
the flashes of light appear,
and the thunder echoes loudly and the lightning bolts warn,
do not venture out for I am rather forlorn,
for I am here to shed my tears,
but do not fear,
for if you stay in bed the sun will soon come up,
and I will have moved on far from here,
for I am the storm that can take your life away,
so please stay in bed,
for I have no time to mourn today.
In its simplicity

In its simplicity your heart does not belong here,
in its simplicity,
your heart is open to such suffering,
for the men here are of such raffishness,
and do so openly leer,
and in its simplicity,
your heart does not belong here,
for you are a butterfly amongst brutes,
and those brutes will ravage you and savage you with groping hands,
and they will ravage you and savage you with uncouth words,
that you a lady will not wish to hear or understand,
and if I was you my dear,
I’d fly,
I’d fly,
I’d fly, far away from here.

Logic and common sense

Logic and common sense,
some people pretend to know,
some people know,
some people don’t make any sense,
some people make sense,
and it is a difference between the uneducated and the educated,
because to know the difference is to know how to be able to judge things correctly and truthfully,
and if you can do that,
then you’re truly blessed,
for lies should be despised,
and the truth,
well it is the truth and it is far better than lies,
and it is far better than any inaccurate guess,
well that is what I surmise.

Realm of your reality

The realm of your reality,
It leaves me confused,
for you live your life surreally,
and you seem easily amused,
for in the realm of your reality,
you are happy and oblivious,
and seemingly don’t have a clue,
and I envy you,
for my life is complicated,
and I wish I could live my life as simply as you do.

Love in the twenty first century

There were three people across the road,
a rowdy crew,
but it was mostly down to a combination of two.
Loud voices,
disagreements as the fists flew,
it was mostly a combination of the two,
a misunderstanding,
a miscomprehending of who wanted to be with who,
it was mostly a combination of the two.
It was jealousy,
it was love,
but no one could decide who wanted to be with who,
and it was mostly a combination of the two,
but then after such heated arguments,
all were unable to decide,
and they went their separate ways,
but that’s love these days,
and I am now alone on the street,
and it is much better,
and much easier to be alone,
and more peaceful it is true.

For lack of love

For lack of love,
you do what you do,
you dance with the danger that you are attracted to,
you do what you do,
you dance to the flames of hell that you seem to know so well,
and because of lack of love,
you dance with the devil,
and though you may be happy,
so pray tell,
will it end very well,
for lack of love it spurs you on to try such temptations,
that seem to make you happy,
the gossip, the drugs, the sex that you know all too well.
And because of lack of love,
your life is an exhilarating thrill.
But as your friend I have never seen anyone so close to death,
and I can’t love a corpse,
and I know tears will never be enough,
enough to dispel these thoughts away,
so, please take my hand and let’s put the afterlife aside,
for there are better things to do than commit suicide anyway,
but you have a pact with the devil,
and you will never change.
and because of lack of love you do what you do.

To no avail

To no avail did you travail,
in the wind and the rain and the snow that did prevail,
for you wanted to go here and there,
but the weather it didn’t play fair,
and you lost your way far from home,
for to seek company you did roam,
but to no avail you did travail,
and so tiredly you failed on your quest,
for the weather it knew best,
and to no avail you did travail the trails alone,
only to find shelter in defeat and far from friends,
friends that you know,
for the weather and its bitterness was determined,
determined to keep you from their happy home.

Halcyon days

Tell me,
in such halcyon days traveling the Earth, what memories stay,
the smiles of happiness,
a life of simplicity,
times of disasters and tragedy,
a kind act or two,
or the beauty of nature and its mysteries?
In such halcyon days,
how has it affected your heart and your mind,
and how have they been lifted up into the skies,
to dance so spontaneously inside you in so many ways.

Push through

Push through,
push through the pain,
for in tears there is no shame,
push through,
push through the pain,
and grin and bare it all,
and defiantly stand,
and fight it away,
push through,
push through the pain,
and never give in,
and fight it with all you have,
for your physical and mental strength,
belies such a gentle frame,
but I know you
and I know you never give in anyway,
for you encourage me,
and I will encourage you just the same,
push through,
push through the pain,
for emotions have such fickle ways,
but no matter the experience,
push through,
push through the pain,
for today you can take the first steps,
and recovery will come in time,
so persevere at all costs,
and do not be too hard on yourself about wasted days,
for any steps forwards towards recovery is a blessing,
and I will encourage you in every way,
so push through,
push through the pain,
and in time,
everything will be okay.

In our life

In our life,
and in the infiltration of time,
it ticks and it tocks,
and it far too rapidly passes by,
but what would you do with it,
If you could freeze it in the blink of an eye,
for it ticks and it tocks,
and we spend our lives in anxiety,
and in such a state of stress,
for time is the reason why.

We go around

We go around,
we go around,
we go around in silence,
we look left and right,
we look up and we look down,
for we have not much to say,
for we dreamers do survey the world,
with inquisitive eyes,
and we keep the words mostly to ourselves,
words that mostly describe what we have found,
we go around,
we go around in our own world,
for by aesthetics we are in enjoyment mostly bound.
She put you upon a pedestal

She put you upon a pedestal,
to watch you fall,
she put you upon a pedestal to feel better about herself,
but in the long run she never felt good about herself,
and she put you upon a pedestal to watch you fall,
for she was wicked, vindictive and cruel,
for in the inequality between the sexes,
she was determined to have her revenge, and in the vicious cycle,
she was trapped in a constant battle,
and she fought long and hard,
but death for her was the only way to escape and to rise above It all,
for she lived a long life and was bitter to the end,
and she made your life hell,
but what is the point of life when you are insecure,
and you have been treated badly and you learn nothing at all,
and what is the point of life when you are insecure and you have been treated badly,
and you are in such pain that you continue to throw such dark shadows around,
and cast such bitter and perpetual spells over one and all.


what goes there,
for in the darkness of the night,
a shadowy figure passes to who knows where,
beware its stare,
for it is said that its eyes can pierce your soul,
and steal your heart and cast it into the dark,
and take it to who knows where,
beware at midnight,
for the time is right for disappearances,
and devilish is the air,
beware what goes there upon the path through the forest,
for in the wilderness,
you had better pray you find your way home,
for it stalks the forest like a ghost,
and without a warning it can appear from anywhere,
for thou art an angel,
and the devil and his minions,
for you they do not care.

The pool

What else could be as fine as this could be,
and oh how great is the beauty of the pool by the waterfall,
the waterfall which flows with such force and so elegantly,
and what else could be as fine as this can be,
and oh how great is the beauty of the pool,
where she floats so happily,
what else could be as fine as this can be,
for where she swims she is so calm in the tropical climes,
and such gentility does set her mind forever free,
forever free to be what she wants to be,
in the pool by the waterfall revelling happily in nature’s revelry

Disparate, dramatic, bombastic, fantastic

Disparate and dramatic,
what a life,
what a life you lead,
and so bombastic and fantastic,
for as you bounce up and down and all around,
you smile at anything with a glorious grin,
and never let the world get to you for that would be a sin,
for your life is disparate and dramatic,
and what a life what a life you lead,
and so bombastic and fantastic,
for I applaud you for it amazes me,
for with your liveliness and your happiness,
It makes me see how great the world can be,
and with the way you see the world and with such joy,
I admire you,
for I wish that is how I could be,
for how disparate and dramatic and joyful and fantastic and bombastic you are,
and how much better the world is with the happiness you bring to it,
and with the happiness that you bring to me.

Cold day in October

You were drinking and I was sober,
it was a cold day,
a cold day in October,
and as we sat in a restaurant mulling things over,
you were drinking and I was sober.
For our relationship was on the rocks,
and we tried to be polite,
but the looks in our eyes were furtive,
for we had been traveling apart so often,
and we had grown distant in our hearts, and it was already over,
and there really were no words to make it any better,
and you were drinking and I was sober,
for it was a cold day,
a cold day in October,
and we both agreed things weren’t what they used to be,
so we ended it all and hugged each other goodbye,
feeling such numbness in our hearts and in our minds.
And as I watched you go,
in the sadness of the time,
and with tears in both our eyes,
it was a cold day,
It was a cold day in October,
and as you walked down the street,
you blew a goodbye kiss to me,
and I drank,
and I drank and I drank, I drank to forget it was all over.

Echoes and sounds

Echoes and sounds across the valleys,
through the mist calling out to see if anyone else exists,
for lost I wander through the whiteness that clings to me,
and I breathe in the freshness of the air that wraps itself around me,
and that sends shivers through me,
and reminds me that nature is in control of me,
and I feel its power when I am blind,
and I cannot clearly see,
echoes and sounds across the valley,
calling out to see if anyone exists,
but there is no reply to me.
And I will feel my way step by step,
for in my heart my emotions rise and fall with every summit I see,
but I am not where I should be,
but I continue in such happiness,
and in the beauty of the landscape,
I feel alive,
for in it I am free,
and so I persevere with tiredness,
creeping in here and there,
and as the mist over the valleys disappears,
a shepherds hut I see,
and a big smile appears upon my face,
for I appreciate nature and it’s elements,
but after hours of walking,
a roof over my head and a fire to warm myself by is more dear to me.

In evolution

In evolution how slow sometimes is revolution,
In evolution the world is revolting,
for how slowly comes solutions,
solutions to world problems,
for as the world turns,
humanity is slow to learn from history,
for in evolution,
how slow sometimes is revolution,
for humanity in its speed of problem solving is so slow,
that we will all be dead by the time you have come up with solutions,
for in evolution the Earth continues rotating slowly,
but not as slowly as humanity learns from history,
for in evolution time passes so slowly,
and in man and woman,
and in their capacity to improve,
we can only hope to evolve faster,
and to avoid further disasters,
but at such a slow evolutionary speed,
I feel nature and nature’s choices will be the only solution to our problems,
for it will choose our destiny for us,
and there will be no solution,
and no final absolution,
as far as I can see.

What happenstance

What happenstance has brought you here,
amidst the cold and the wet,
waiting for the coach to take you far away from here,
what happenstance has brought you here?
For you look weary of the world,
and I see a little tear,
what happenstance has brought you hear,
for you look like you have seen a ghost,
and you look like you’re haunted by your memories,
and when I look in your eyes,
you look numb to me,
for what happenstance has brought you here?
For your loneliness is overwhelming.
And in the rain as we wait with you longing to be anywhere but here,
I sympathize,
and whatever happens,
please go before me my dear,
go before me and get on to the coach,
for I’m in no rush,
but I feel for you,
and may God speed you away so far away from your problems,
so far away to a better life,
and so far away from here.

What is this distraction?

What is this distraction?
What is its attraction?
What will it do for you that provides satisfaction,
for I do not see what you see in it,
but by the look on your face,
you are fixated in your ways,
and you are sold by it at first sight,
and you will spend all the money you have on it,
with no thought or hesitation,
but to me what is the point,
for every year a new one will arrive,
and will demand you purchase it immediately,
and presume that your money comes in a never-ending supply,
but will I do the same?
No, not I,
for I have never been materialistic,
but I’m glad you are happy,
and I am happy not wasting my life on material things,
for life goes far too quickly past and passes in the blink of an eye.


You capitalized in the capital,
you played the markets,
you gambled big and small,
you capitalized in the capital,
and friends lost everything,
and you, you kept it all,
you capitalized in the capital,
and you lived your life to the full,
you capitalized in the capital.
And with your cocaine habit and your fast ways,
you lived in a haze,
and with your addictions getting the better of you,
you gambled your life and lost,
but what a cost,
for what good is money when you’re dead anyway,
and you have left your family to suffer the pain and the loss.

We bear the scars

We bear the scars,
we whose politeness has been savaged by others remarks,
we bear the scars,
but we carry the light in our hearts.
We bear the scars,
but we are better off without your dark arts,
for in darkness there is no joyfulness,
and we are joyful and we wear our hearts on our sleeves,
and are more considerate in our parts,
for we walk the Earth with a lightness in our step,
and we walk the Earth with memories of you that we will never forget,
and we will remember you and your inconsiderate ways,
as we live out our days,
whilst we treat others respectfully,
and you,
you will suffer and dwell in your evil,
and in your malcontented ways,
ways of being of which you instil into your heart.
And we,
we will quite happily live without your disparaging remarks,
and you will if you don’t change be cursed for the rest of your days,
and whilst we live in the light of the truth,
we will not be so uncouth,
and you and of your part,
you, you should be alone,
alone with your black heart.


We separated in the night,
we sailed away from each other,
with broken hearts,
and broken minds,
we separated in the night,
we barely said goodbye,
I watched you go,
and you I,
and we watched each other,
in the gloomy winters night,
you, with tears in your eyes,
and me,
me with my feelings locked up inside,
we separated in the night,
we longed to ease the heartbreak,
but it was such agony from shore to shore,
and I, I never want to return,
but then again I’m sure I will pine for you,
and want to see your face once more,
we separated in the night,
and I regret the moment,
the heated moment,
that our relationship unravelled,
with such bitter words and such spite,
for such miscommunication is a terrible thing,
when you are in love but grow distant,
how misunderstanding,
can breed such distress over such little things,
for it happens so unexpectedly,
and oh how the heart is torn,
for in such brutal words that we use,
words that we shout at each other,
and with which we tread on each other’s feelings,
words that we say with such viciousness and Ill meaning,
and in our heart to heart and in such destructive times,
there was devastation as we separated in the night,
parting with such sad looks,
in what seemed like a heartbeat of time,
for it pains me now and probably always will,
for Ill is the wind that was bitter in that time,
for I had plans to leave you,
but you had plans to stay with me,
and I was conflicted and selfish,
and unhappy,
and you,
you thought,
you thought you wanted to be with me,
and I wanted to make you happy,
but it was not to be,
and so, we separated in the night,
but oh how dark it is now,
for I am beginning to realise,
that I miss you,
before you have hardly gone any miles,
and now,
I feel alone,
and then I think of the tears that you cried,
and I should be ashamed,
for I was selfish,
and in reality I am to blame,
for I was the one who ended it all,
when you wanted us together to remain,
and now the wind it cries loudly,
as we depart and cover such distances in time,
my feelings and emotions are shattered into pieces,
but for a long time I’m sure they will remain,
and yours too,
for how powerful is the heart,
but how tormenting are loves games,
and how tormenting when you can’t decide what you want,
but it was my fault,
and I feel for you,
for I know you are in pain,
and as we seperate in the night,
I look to the rain,
and as millions of tears from heaven fall,
you vanish in the distance,
and you and I will never be the same,
and as the stars and the moon shine down upon my face,
I contemplate what I have done and how I left you,
and I feel ashamed yet again,
for I wanted to please you,
I wanted to please you,
but I could not remain,
and though it was cruel of me to leave,
it would have been crueller to remain,
and as we separate in the night,
I wish our fate had been different,
but I will remember our good times,
for in my heart,
you no matter what will always remain,
and oh what must you think of me,
oh what you must think,
for I am the cause of so much pain,
and I, I am ashamed,
and I look to the skies and the stars and the moon,
and my tears begin to fall down my cheeks,
and mingle with the ocean,
and mingle with the rain,
and we depart in the night, forever changed.


and not amused,
you stare out to sea and are confused,
and not amused,
such destruction in your life,
and of the reason why,
because you told the truth,
and not amused,
what a world it is,
for it has taken its toll on you,
and not amused,
for no one thinks like you,
and not amused,
for why is the world such a fool,
in the way it fails continually,
to solve the problems that it should do,
and not amused,
such frustrations in the mind,
for you tried to make people listen,
but you have failed to continually do,
and not amused,
a stranger in the place you were born,
and you are prepared to wander,
wherever you may roam,
and not amused,
your eyes on the horizon,
your heart, not really at home.


Isn’t what it used to be,
when the electricity runs out,
and the technology,
isn’t useful,
as it used to be,
a marvel of the age,
that sets us free,
but when the electricity runs out,
what good is it to me?

Of such an air

She sauntered through the place,
of such an air,
she walked so elegantly,
and seemingly without a care,
she of good grace and savoir faire,
she sauntered through the place,
and like a hurricane she quickly left,
and headed up the stairs,
with a handbag and in a red dress,
and with such an intense look upon her face,
for her broken heart demanded she was there,
on her way to a room with a view,
she sauntered up the stairs,
and, when she got there,
she pushed the door open at the top,
and pulled out a gun,
and shot a man,
and In the heat of the moment he was gone,
but it was the wrong man,
of which she was quickly aware,
and he died rapidly in a pool of blood,
and as tears began to run down her cheek,
she shot herself dead in despair.
Teardrops and blood,
what is love,
when love is bitter and one-sided,
and love is no longer there.

Swift on ones feet

Swift on ones feet,
clambering over the rocks in front of the sea,
the sea with its glorious majesty.
So powerful,
it rages back and forth,
and crashes and smashes against a rock,
as you smile in your joyful way,
and in your contentedness,
your hair blows in the wind,
so wild and free,
swift on ones feet,
your elegance, it enamours me,
for your beauty is for my mind and my heart such a delicacy,
swift on ones feet,
you blow me a kiss,
and I am enraptured by you,
and my heart leaps,
for your love is as powerful as the sea.

Inhumanity to spare

racing everywhere,
with inhumanity to spare,
racing everywhere,
looking down their noses at the homeless on the streets,
for them they do not really care,
for it is not their problem,
and they will mostly stare,
racing everywhere,
in the rain and the wind and the snow,
quickly passing the homeless people,
as the homeless people they brave the cold and the heat,
with hunger in their bellies,
and barely anyone to care.


She wrote something angrily that she didn’t like,
then ripped the words in two,
for she didn’t like them and had regrets,
for they were bitter but true.
She ripped the words in two,
and rearranged them into something new,
then again she ripped the words in two,
for the language of love can be harsh and brutal,
for In the heat of the moment,
anger can lead to such discrepancy It’s true.
She ripped the words in two.
For love In the heat of the moment,
can give off such conflicting views.
She ripped the words in two,
for what was the point she was trying to make,
for the words she’d written had intensified her state,
but only for a moment or two.
She ripped the words in two,
and she was calmer.
but words were not enough,
for all she wanted was to be in his arms,
and to look into his eyes,
and to express her sorrowful love,
for so many tears she had cried,
but deep in her heart.
and no matter the momentary anger,
their love was true and could not be denied.


and displayed,
a simple method to make money in an easy way,
a way to cheat,
and to copy,
when you have no creativity of your own.
What a shame.
What a shame.
A shame that many can’t think for themselves anyway.
But this is the state of many businesses today.
and displayed,
a simple method to make money in an easy way.
What a shame.
What a shame,
that you can’t use your own brain.
Well creativity is not your strong point,
but you will probably never change.
and displayed,
a simple method to make money in an easy way.
But does it make you feel good,
the money probably does,
but about creativity you probably never cared anyway.

Of what do you aspire?

Of what great thoughts and schemes do you have from the learning of your times,
that can take you higher,
and of what do you aspire,
something simple,
something magnificent,
from whence to draw your hopes and dreams,
and from whence and of what drives you, and does inspire,
for the process of imagination catches my fascination,
and in dreams at night.
I linger in such creative observations,
for imagination,
It fills me with such desire.
a wondrous thing in the day or the night,
no matter what, in it I delight,
and it is no work to me but a joy,
for it comes to me like I’ve barely tried,
creation and contemplation,
in the language of vision,
so magical are the works and the possibilities that come,
in the creations of the human mind.
Something is amiss

Something is amiss,
I miss your lips,
I miss the way you kiss,
I miss you,
I miss you like the flowers in the spring,
I miss your smile,
I miss the way you used to sing,
I miss your eyes and the light from them that shines,
for on seeing them,
my heart it pounds so rapidly,
a million times,
I miss you,
for in your arms,
what an incredible feeling,
when I bathe in your charms,
I miss you,
and wish you were here, but you aren’t,
I miss you,
and so I wish upon a shooting star,
and, I keep you inside my heart.

Hello old friend

Hello old friend,
I haven’t seen you for years,
time to stick the music on the jukebox again,
hello old friend,
here have a cigarette,
and take a seat,
the barman’s waiting,
I’ll get you a gin,
hello old friend,
how have you been,
words touched with meaning,
and emptiness and feeling,
words left hanging in the air,
as I look at where you would have been,
hello old friend,
such thoughts in the silence,
and the longing,
the longing to see,
a long departed and now imaginary friend,
hello my old friend,
I remember you well and with fondness,
for you are in my heart and my mind,
but oh how my heart aches to see you again.


The sound dissipates in the air,
and no matter outdoors and whether I am here or there,
the sound dissipates in the air,
for the wind it is everywhere,
and it is faster than me,
and I wonder,
where it goes and I wonder if it knows why,
and does it care,
the sound dissipates in the air,
and the rain begins to fall,
and I follow my heart to where there is silence,
and with my imagination I am a force of nature,
and creating Ideas out of nowhere,
for I work like the wind and my inspiration is all around,
and it comes to me so quick,
like thunder that echoes in the air,
and as fast as lightning bolts that flash before my eyes,
and inspiration is the same in my mind,
and I am happiest there.


Ego and the self are such a dangerous thing,
and ignorance is such a malevolent force,
and people are swept up by people with vicious tongues,
that set out to destroy logical thought,
for ignorance is such a malevolent force,
and people with machiavellian minds,
ply people with such sugar coated lies,
and spread such negativity that spews forth from such evil thought,
for ignorance is such a malevolent force,
and oppression beats the minds of people down,
and goads them into believing a person’s lies,
a person who will try to corrupt people’s minds,
and sway them with illogicality,
and feed it to them in the shape of apparent truths,
that victimises others,
and the oppressor holds forth with such angry rhetoric,
and belittling words time after time,
words that pervert people’s thoughts,
and send them down the road that leads to such destruction in society,
and that wreaks such havoc and bitterness,
and the best example is Hitler,
with his despotic and evil mind.

Check please

Check please, check for my family,
check please, check for my family,
bureaucratic happiness,
in simplicity,
check please,
check the future,
check the future pills,
check please,
the regulation of life,
stood at a desk,
unhappiness benefits,
in the shape of a suicide pill,
to balance the population and to cure the unhappiness disease,
check please,
check for my family,
check please,
and then I am free.


In every note,
in every little beat,
that join together,
and create such tempos,
that make you dance,
dance to the rhythm,
and make you get out of your seat,
In every note,
in every little beat,
what a wonder the sounds are,
of every instrument,
that through the body cause such joy to be felt,
from your head to your feet.

I wait

I wait and I wait,
but things never change,
I wait and I wait,
as the rain it streams down my window in a never ending refrain,
I wait and I wait,
and I am distant,
and in a world of my own,
reflecting on my memories,
that flow like the rivers of water down the window pane,
and that reawakens the visions in my mind,
as the feelings and the emotions rise up in such vivid ways,
I wait and I wait,
and I relive the best times of my life,
for thoughts of you dance through my brain,
and the clouds they hover about as I wait for the sun,
and as they do, my heart fills with the memories of you,
and so too the memories of you,
and the memory of the scent of you for it brings a smile to my face,
and I wait and I wait, expectantly,
as the seconds on the clock tick down,
happy knowing that later today, I will see you again,
I wait and I wait,
and I am happy watching the rain.


Fire has its way of warming your heart.
Fire has its way of causing such destruction from a tiny little spark.
Fire it burns so bright,
and it is so captivating as it dances in front of the eyes,
and it can captivate you and at the same time,
it can destroy the mind and the heart,
for in its place it is the saviour of the world,
from the cold and the wet,
in the day and the night,
and in the light and the dark,
for through the history of time,
It has kept us warm and alive,
and we sit by it and admire it,
and at other times,
we are scared of it,
for it wields such savagery in its ferocity,
and it destroys many lives.
And in its nature,
It is unpredictable,
both saving us and killing us,
with no rhyme or reason why,
much to be admired,
and much to be scared of,
when it lights up our lives.

For the last time

In Australia,
in the outback,
for the last time,
the tourists they climbed the rock,
for the last time,
the tourists they climbed the rock,
and they gazed at the beautiful earthly reds,
for the rock it meant not as much to them,
as to the aboriginals,
for the aboriginals with their creation stories,
and with its spiritual purpose in their lives, it meant everything
and it is something that the aboriginals have never forgot,
for the last time the tourists they climbed the rock,
with their cameras to take a snapshot of a second in their history,
as they stood at the top,
a history that for the aboriginals will never be forgotten,
for in the history of time and for all eternity,
they will carry the sacred story of it in their hearts and in their minds,
and as the tourists they climbed the rock,
they admired the view,
but the deeper meaning will probably quickly be forgot.

Waiting for heaven

I lay here on the floor,
I am waiting for heaven,
and I am at deaths door,
I lay here on the floor,
I stare at the ceiling,
and imagine a place,
so peaceful and tranquil,
but what is it like,
and before death how can you ever be sure,
I lay here on the floor,
waiting for death to take me,
and in the blink of my eyes,
with the question still on my lips,
I am gone forevermore.

All the money in the world

With all the money and the all the power in the world,
what good is it,
when the world’s happiness is unresolved,
with all the money in the world,
what good is it,
the majority of it,
in the hands of the few and in the hands of religion,
when morals are but lip service,
and for thousands of years it has been the same,
and greed, rape, torture and murder,
and the failure to solve world problems,
causes such misery and it continues,
and sadly throughout human history it has never changed.

Premonitions of a better time,
that comes to me,
from out of my wanton heart and mind,
premonition of a better time,
for this Earth I will not be sad to leave it behind,
premonitions of a better time,
amongst the stars,
and upon distant planets,
for I long for you,
for of war,
and man’s inhumanity to woman and man,
I will not be sad to see it disappear,
in the blink of an eye.

Creatures of habit

We are creatures of habit,
us human beings,
we are stuck in a rut,
we are destructive in our ways,
we are creatures of habit,
us human beings,
we are greedy,
and we wage war over and over again,
but what are wishing for?
For we create such destructive weapons,
that can eradicate us from the planet,
and we kill each other again and again,
and in so many ways,
we are creatures of habit,
us human beings,
for we do not learn and we are fixed in our ways,
we are creatures of habit,
us human beings,
for we persevere,
now what will save us from the vicious cycle,
possibly only the sun,
when it explodes I fear.

Marches on

This country it marches on,
through the thick and the thin,
in a world gone wrong,
this country it marches on,
in the history of our times,
improving and improving with education,
moving from out of the darkness into the light,
through disasters and tragedies,
and with our democracy,
and with good intent,
we try to improve and achieve success and happiness,
and to achieve it,
we will fight and we will fight,
and we will never surrender until our last breath,
and we will listen and we will learn,
and we are open to suggestions,
for we are free,
we are free to complain,
and we are free to choose,
and we are free to vote,
and we are free to live as we please,
for we live in a civilised society,
and we are lucky that democracy is given to us at birth,
for it is our right which is as it should be.


I stare out into the void,
now will anything ever be the same?
For such anguish has brought me low,
and tortured me,
and brought me such mental pain,
tears fill my eyes,
and I linger a while,
and ponder such thoughts,
of despair that remain,
for I have suffered such hurt,
that you cannot possibly imagine,
and have lost more than I can ever regain,
I stare into the void,
for I am in pieces,
at the loss of you,
and though I try to remember your smile,
and your happiness,
in pieces,
I will always remain.

Far better

It is far better for me to tell you nothing at all,
it is far better for me to let you think your own thoughts,
it is better for me to encourage you to be independent,
and to use your own mind,
for by your own will you will rise above it all,
it is better for me if I tell you nothing,
for if I tell you everything and how to think,
it may not be right for you,
and you will probably learn nothing at all,
it is better for me,
to encourage you to be an individual,
and by being an individual and by thinking for yourself,
you will solve your own problems,
and be of good heart and mind,
and by being happy you will and can accomplish anything you wish,
for any obstacle will never be unsurmountable,
and you will rise above the problems and conquer all you will.


Disingenuous you were,
for the smile on your face was fake,
disingenuous you were,
for you were not all there,
and you were in some other place,
and you didn’t listen and like a robot,
you did the least you could,
and there is a man now on the streets which is a disgrace,
for your bureaucracy meant more than solving his problem,
and you behind the counter are being paid,
and you, yes you, you should be ashamed,
ashamed that you did not try hard enough,
for you have become desensitised,
and have lost your humanity,
and you do not really care,
for the answers remain to solving homelessness,
and are beyond your organisation,
and the solution is never permanently finished,
and is left hanging in the air,
now what will it take to change the world,
for the world has been short changed by the materialism,
that has caused the homeless problem,
which would have been solved so easily if people actually cared.

I crossed the ocean

I crossed the ocean.
and I admired the blue of it,
I admired the blue of the sky.
I felt the warmth of the sun upon my skin,
and I surveyed the lands below,
and I surveyed the beauty and the elegance of creation,
and pondered of its being and of it’s wherefore and why,
I crossed the ocean so high above It in the air,
and I settled so gently in my thoughts,
and tried to capture the memories,
that for years to come will live in my imagination,
visions that I can recall,
in the blink of an eye and anywhere,
and as I crossed the ocean above the beautiful Earth,
I felt such a wonder in my heart,
for so glorious it is that it stands still in my mind,
and the colouring and the variations are so evocative,
that such magnificence transcends all,
and leaves you grateful for life wherever thou art,
for life has created such beauty that you can survey,
and that you can feel in its beauty,
and in the power of it,
and in your soul you are blessed,
for what a wonder it is the Earth,
upon which you play your part.


From what I saw she never knew where she belonged.
The girl with the earrings and with the sadness in her eyes.
And I felt for her.
For she was quirky and eccentric in her own way,
and by looking at her she looked dislocated,
and sat staring into space in a cafe all day,
and I wanted to talk to her and understand her,
but she was alone,
and you sensed by the way she stirred her coffee and evaded eye contact,
that the world had done her wrong.
And when she disappeared I feared for her, but I was wrong.
And then I received a letter,
addressed to me,
that described who I was,
a letter that she had sent through the post to the cafe and that read,
thank you for the kindness that you gave me in my solitude.
Thank you for the peace you gave me in the glimpses that you cast,
for you reassured me that you cared,
and though, I don’t speak much,
I value the silence you gave me,
and I carry it in my heart.
For I am me,
and I am always deep in thought,
and I live in the wilderness now,
by the streams that flow through the trees,
for I am inspired by nature and it has captured my heart,
and I am sat here on a rock in the sun admiring the view,
under the clouds in the sky,
for it is best for me,
and I am free,
and I will think of you as you thought of me,
for I wish you happiness,
in wherever you choose to be,
for in your eyes,
I sensed a sensitive soul, and that is me,
now why don’t you come and join me,
and spend a little time in the beauty of nature,
by the river that goes to the sea,
for the city is no place for the likes of you,
and maybe you will be happier,
than in the hustle and the bustle of the city.
And maybe you’ll be happier if you spend a little time with me,
for I was lost,
but now I’m found,
and maybe we both could be free.


So complex in its ways the weather,
in its variety.
and In its mood it shapes the day.
For It plays in the air and the sky with its mood,
fluctuating in so many ways,
it entices us sometimes with the sun,
and with the rain sometimes it scares us away,
for the weather brings great happiness,
the weather brings great dismay,
but whatever the weather it shapes our lives,
and we are subject to it through all our days,
and if it wasn’t for the sun and the rain,
how would the Earth be filled,
with such great variety that the world does contain.


The sound of peoples voices carry up from below.
The sound of happiness,
and I am happy for them,
for happiness reflects upon us all and upon the soul,
and how much better is the world when we bathe in its glow,
the sound of people’s voices carry up from below,
people I do not know,
the sound of laughter it dissipates the dark,
and the world is a better place,
for warmth and joy of any kind,
creates such wonderment that dispels negativity and darkness that is sown.

Disrobed of ignorance

In the moment you were caught,
disrobed of ignorance,
by intellectual thought,
In the moment you opened your mouth,
you tried to speak but no words came out,
and as realization spread across your face,
that the system was a failure and should never have been put in place,
you were shaken,
for you for far too long had been told who to follow,
and which ways to do things,
and that now is destroyed and consigned to the bin of history,
where it should have been all along,
and I’m sure when you think of it,
you will realise for years you could not think for yourself,
for you were helpless and conditioned,
and fed untruths,
but after the shell shock has gone,
educate yourself better,
and you will understand why the world suffered,
because of ignorance and lack of clarity of thought,
and you will understand why people were mistreated,
and why people mistreated each other,
and problems were left unsolved,
for you were misguided and lead by peer pressure,
and by people with silver tongues,
people who accomplished nothing,
now isn’t it time to right the wrongs?

I sleep to dream

I sleep to dream,
I dream to wake,
such visions of the future that I wish to create.
I sleep to dream,
I dream to wake,
and what a world it is inside my mind, amongst the stars that shine so bright,
when I lay down my head and give my soul to take,
I sleep to dream,
I dream to wake,
for you come to me,
and I am at peace with the words you say,
for such is the brightness that you carry inside,
I am enthralled by you,
and I care for you,
this beauteous vision that enlightens me with such a gentleness of mind,
I sleep to dream,
I dream to wake,
for so colourful you are to me,
this fantasy,
that in such a dream I would quite happily stay,
for on this Earth there is nothing quite the same,
but take me into the night and lead me through the stars,
and let us float a while in each other’s arms,
for such tranquillity has infinite charms,
and when I hold you amidst the black,
your bright colours permeate my soul,
and I understand you when I look in your eyes,
for every word in the language of woman and man,
radiates the complexities of you,
and the beauty of such depth,
does not need explanation of any kind,
for you are magnificent to me,
and I am so happy,
for this dance,
this love,
this wonder defies expectation,
and I am glad to be with you,
and to taste your kisses upon my lips,
and to caress you gently as your voice soothes me,
and as gently and as smoothly as honey drips,
and in this bliss,
such strength of feelings overcome me, and I am at peace,
and I am complete,
and then, I awake so suddenly,
and unfortunately you are gone,
for never again will I see your face,
and you are nothing more than a mystery,
that I cannot place.

You are free to go

You are free to go.
you are free to go where you will,
but I do not want you to go,
for my heart is breaking and I am sad that we are on this road,
you are free to go,
but my heartstrings are breaking,
and my tears are ready to flow.
You are free to go.
But I wish we understood each other more,
and I wish we could unsay all the bitter words that we threw at each other so viciously before.
You are free to go though it pains me greatly,
I know it is the only way,
for distance and time is the only healer that I know,
you are free to go and though I wish it wasn’t so,
you are free to go.
Life upon a tree

Life upon a tree,
the eternal rising to infinity,
life upon a tree,
wondering in its variation in shape and patterns that repeat endlessly,
life upon a tree.
New growth ever outwards to the sky,
life upon a tree,
breathing and living,
and growing in its complexity.
Life upon a tree,
the leaves burst forth taking in the sun,
in all seasons and then in winter they fall,
from the twigs and the branches and are free.
Free to kiss the ground with their death.
And with their death,
they nourish the earth that will feed the trees growth,
in an eternal cycle upwards and onwards,
that shall forever be.


The violins do in sympathy play for thee,
for your tears reflect the sadness and the failures of the world,
and you carry the worlds problems upon your shoulders with gravitas and openly,
the violins do play for thee,
for you are of such a heart,
and your passion is clear for all to see.
The violins do play for thee,
for you fight and you fight for what you believe in,
and you never surrender,
and your words are a call to arms,
that stir the soul as beautifully as a symphony.

On aching feet

On aching feet I survey the land,
I take in the scenery,
I take in the trees,
and the rivers and the streams,
and the air that envelopes me where I stand,
and on aching feet such visions in my eyes do fill my mind,
for I have ambled and rambled across the fields,
and gently trod the earth,
the glorious Earth,
for so beautiful it is,
a creator of nature,
the creator of man,
and of all worth and time,
for I am bombarded with magical vision and my senses are overloaded,
and filled with such lightness of mood,
that creates such sparks in the mind.
For on aching feet to explore,
and to feel and to sense,
there really is no struggle,
for it is a joy to be upon the earth and to exist,
in every precious second, minute, hour, day week, month and year that we are alive,
and it is a wonder and on aching feet I’m grateful to be here in all weathers,
and both day and night,
and in all weathers,
and under the clouds and the skies,
how great life is with such inspiration that thrills us,
and that captures our hearts,
and bring smiles and tears to our eyes.

What is that feeling

What is that feeling?
Betwixt such a place,
what is the feeling of the chemical reaction,
where decisions are to be made.
What is that feeling of indecisive ways,
that consumes the mind that torments the brains,
of even the wisest of the wise in its nefarious ways,
and how do you define it,
for overwhelming it is and oh how it does cloud the mind,
for the thoughts are dispelled by the storms of the disposition,
that it casts in such negative ways upon humankind.


The man sits at the table with his hands on his head,
and with tired eyes and a vacant stare,
for he’s listened to everyone’s problems and he fights the tide,
but every day he faces the same questions,
will they listen and will they care,
the man sits at the table for he has good intentions,
but psychology and self-help is not always applied when in denial,
no matter how good the words,
the man can try and try to help people,
but most of it will be wasted,
but people can talk all they want,
but in reality psychology is only any good when listened to and applied,
and many people aren’t ready and do not wish to change,
and cannot find the strength inside,
and I admire the man and anyone who has tried to save life,
and who tries and tries,
for one person saved in a lifetimes work,
I will praise them to the end of my days,
for saving someone takes such suffering away from the individual and their family,
that such a feat is the most wondrous thing,
for precious is life and saving it is a miracle,
for it is a blessing upon humankind.

I wanted it all

I wanted it all but it was never enough,
I wanted it all and I gave all I had but at such a cost,
I wanted it all,
but greed is never-ending and with it comes such frustration and lust,
for it goads and destroys your soul,
and you turn into the devil and find yourself ever so easily trapped,
and wrapped up in materialism with its despicable cost,
for it grabs you and if you are not careful, you can find yourself for ever lost.

Where is the winter

Where is the winter?
Where is the winter for it cools the mind?
Where is the summer that heats you up,
that slows the pace down,
that allows such genteel thought that clarifies life.
Where is the destination and what is its reason and rhyme,
do not overthink it,
just be in the here and the now,
for it will come to you,
and all in good time.


Such sartorial elegance is rarely seen,
In such hell as this weather,
where the rain and the snow disturbs my vision,
I see you and in magic I believe,
for in your slender frame and under your hat,
you keep the languages of the world contained,
and you, you call to me with your beautiful eyes,
and you reach out your arm to me,
and I walk with you.
a vision of another world and time,
and the birds they sing as through the forest we go,
with you like an angel,
as the snow on the ground melts in the rain so rapidly,
and we talk of the journey and we talk of the things to be,
you with a rose on your white coat and me in black,
as the words from your tongue burst forth,
and your hot breath spews such an elegant evocation of white,
that displays upon the air so wonderfully to me,
and you tell me that you love me for the first time unexpectedly,
and I am taken aback,
and for the first time my heart pounds of a butterflies wings upon its rounds,
to wherever its chooses to be,
for before to me you were of little words, but slowly in my eyes,
and in my heart and in my vision,
your love has crept in as warm as the glow of the fire,
for I met you a long time ago and in my mind and in the glances that you gave,
they encouraged me,
for your beauty at first filled me with lust,
but you were so knowledgeable and caring and gentle and beguiled me,
and then enveloped me,
and I felt transcended from my body with my eyes burning bright in the happiness,
as I began to understand you and you began to understand me,
for your pure heart has captured me like the snow,
so fresh and invigorating it is inside me,
and as burning and as passionate as fire and as raging as the sea.
And when we walk on in our joyous mood, that broke our previous solitude,
what a wonder this world is,
and what a wonder you are to me.

In the wilderness

In the wilderness of such a heart,
you shine bright in thine eyes,
for they are lit up by the thoughts that take you beyond distant shores,
that the imagination does inspire,
for how powerful is the mind,
and how powerful is the stirring of the heart,
when you are looking for inspiration, and seeking the actual spark that captures your imagination,
for what great light suddenly fills the mind, that works its way on in from out of nowhere,
with a burst of vision and light,
and what great works of description can write the feelings,
and the experiences upon the page of your times and of your life,
for bounteous is imagination, and in endless fascination,
what greatness is creation that grows from such little things,
as captured by the sound and the visions in one’s mind.


I stand before them,
but they can see further than me.
They with their lofty heights that lie above the horizon,
looking to distant places and hailing the clouds, the sky and the sea,
and me I stand here obscured by their view,
as I look at the white snow that lays at such great great heights,
that sparkle so beckoningly,
and that captivate me,
and now what I wouldn’t give to climb to such heights,
and to touch such pristine beauty,
for it inspires me,
but I leave it be,
for I am in a hurry,
but the mountains they continue to stand on guard,
protecting themselves from nature’s works, in the rain and the monsoon,
that scatters all wherever they may be,
but the mountain sends its water so far away to the valley,
where it torments humanity,
for the mountain is proud,
and it says you may come,
but no one will truly conquer me.


What do you want?
I want nothing from you,
for you call at the door without asking,
you with wares to flaunt,
you with your cheery smile,
but I am not interested,
not interested in the words that you speak,
not interested in the cold calling and the hard sell,
that you attempt to inflict upon me week after week,
and whenever I walk down the street,
I do my best to avoid you,
and in all weathers you try to sell, sell, sell,
and though I try to buy nothing from you,
or sign up to anything,
I cross the road and I try to avoid defeat, and you,
you try to approach me so eagerly,
and though I know you have to earn a wage,
the inanity of your products and services that you sell,
and with the hard luck stories you pedal, you will never tempt me,
though I think maybe sometimes you mean well,
but you are too pushy and you despite your funny smile,
no matter the product or the charity,
when I see you,
I don’t want to be rude and mean to be unfriendly,
but I am carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders,
and I am in a hurry and too busy for the split-second decision to give you the cash of which you seek,
for cold callers they leave me hot and bothered,
for the problems they are apparently trying to solve continue,
and for human kind no major problems are permanently solved,
and they achieve very little,
and in my opinion they just prey on the weak.

In the solemnity of our times

In the solemnity of the times,
with death all around us,
what strength it takes not to break and shatter in the wake,
of the moments where dark shadows are cast over humankind,
in the solemnity of the times,
what tears are cried,
in the solemnity of the times,
what great hardships are faced,
and what emotional states do shake us and break us in the lives we live,
where death has redefined our lives,
in the solemnity of the times,
oh how we battle with our emotions and the memories and the loss,
in the solemnity of the times,
for death it cuts at us and belittles us,
as we wave goodbye to our loved ones,
and we try to repair shattered and fragmented hearts and minds.

Find what you need

Find what you need,
amongst the books upon the dusty shelves,
of the many subjects in the languages that reveal the world in its complexities,
find what you need in the guides and the travel books,
and the maps that inspire you,
and that encourage you to meet and greet the many people across the world of all nationalities,
find what you need and feed yourself and your mind,
for with your inspiration what better a time than now can there be,
find what you need,
for learning is love and learning to love the world where we live,
will lead to a more compassionate and caring society.

Of such talents

Of such talents you are made,
you twist the words of such bitter feelings, into a subtlety that suits the mood of your day.
You yes you with your Machiavellian Crusade,
you turn everything into such a destructive force,
for you are filled with such malcontent that utters fourth from your mouth,
for your words are as futile as the charging of the Light Brigade.
yes you on your Machiavellian Crusade,
you are doomed to failure and are hell-bent on warping whoever comes your way.
And you, yes you,
you are doomed to talk such utter rubbish,
that spews forth from your unhappiness,
and that belittles and traumatizes in every way,
for the cause of your unhappiness is formed in the crucible of your mind,
from the failures of your choices in life that eat away at you,
for malcontent leaves you bitter and blind,
for you are as dark as the night on the sunniest of days,
and I have no wish to have a conversation with you,
for you of such machiavellian ways,
I will not walk in your footsteps along paths where you may lead me astray,
for in the words that you speak I see no charm,
and your attempts to lead I dismiss so easily,
for it is an evil quality in you,
and you,
you with your Machiavellian ways,
you should be ashamed.

Behold that star

Behold that star,
behold that light,
what great distance it carries into your eyes,
behold that star,
behold that light,
the light that fills your heart and that inspires the mind,
behold that star,
behold that light,
let it envelop you as it pushes away the night,
behold that star,
behold that light,
for from light we are made and we grow in its heavenly beauty,
and we look to it,
and are filled and nurtured in our jubilant and ebullient hearts and minds,
behold that star,
behold that light,
for what works of art and thought,
and improvements in the world by such inspiration can be brought,
and from such a bounty of wonder and warmth,
what great things it inspires and flows out of the heavens in the wonder of our times.

Over the edge

Over the edge to the rocks below and into the sea,
where history will erase you,
If you are of such a mind to disappear from humanity,
but over the edge where many fear to tread,
and do not wish to take their chances from such great heights,
that do encourage such insanity,
they choose life,
but not those of such desperate needs,
for to escape life and the pressure of unhappy lives and society,
over the edge upon the ledge,
where life is in the balance,
a fraction from death,
with dull eyes and fading hearts,
and traumatized so they jump and smash upon the rocks and leave humanity,
and so too leave their families and loved ones,
forever to remember such a suicide,
and with their loved ones often unable to comprehend why their relatives died,
bitter is a taste of the blood that spills into the sea.


City skyline lights tall and bright,
city skyscrapers under the moon and the stars,
where the nocturnal people live and work through the night.
Sat behind their desks,
with copious amounts of coffee to keep their eyes awake,
staring at the screens,
and their computers that burn their retinas and their minds,
but it is not for me,
and I am asleep in the office,
in the office of my mind.
and I dream of things to be,
and I have visions of the future and the stories I create,
I hope to remember them and for them to become reality,
but there is as much chance of that as monkeys typing the works of Shakespeare,
and when I awake as much chance of them handing them to me.
For I dream to live and I live to dream,
for time it slips away as grains of sand in the palm of one’s hand,
but we seize what we can,
for time it shapes us and time it sails away,
and we race to define us and our lives as we wish them to be,
for against the clock and the hours of the day,
I live to dream and I dream to live,
and I will never surrender to time,
for my mind will not let it be,
and I stop the clock and I look away,
and I do not bother time,
and time does not bother me.

The wind

The wind whips through me,
as cold as ice,
as cold as the sea.
The wind it travels so viciously.
Seeking destruction and urging on the raging sea,
the wind, it tries to knock me off my feet,
as I stand upon the hill between the trees,
but it pays barely no mind to me in its urgency,
and it winds its way through the hills to the villages the towns and the cities,
and dances through the streets in its rapidity.
The wind, it knows not where it goes,
but in its course such movement beguiles the eyes,
and amongst nature,
it shakes the world with an elemental force,
for no one will capture it and it plays upon the earth,
so wild and free as a child can be.

The boundaries of the human mind

The boundaries of the human mind,
are pushed further with each second that we are alive,
the boundaries of the human mind are pushed further in leaps and bounds with each moment of clear thought,
and tranquillity and inspiration that we find,
the boundaries of the human mind,
expand continually as we analyse and seek and we learn,
and we rise out of the darkness into the light,
the boundaries of the human mind are pushed further with the illumination that comes from hard work and effort and mental struggle,
for from the illumination of education,
comes compassion and understanding,
and the betterment of humankind.

The dog barks loudly in the night

The dog barks loudly in the night,
the city streets echo as a sound of the wind,
it carries along the corridors of the mazes built by human minds,
and as the stars they shine down and the moon,
It casts its glances as a quickening feet of humans,
hurry and scurry along in such rapidity,
searching for their desires,
the dog barks loudly in the night,
as the lights of the high street succumb to the drunks,
and the happy and the violent and the criminals they sell drugs,
and rob people blind.
The dog barks loudly in the night,
as the windows of the shop are smashed,
and the contents are stolen and some are left in the trash,
a dog barks loudly in the night,
as the sirens of the police car wail,
and the students vomit in the gutter,
the ambulance crews fight their way through the traffic,
but in the smog and the slow lane they stutter,
the dog barks loudly in the night,
as at the petrol station a car speeds away without paying,
and the petrol station cashier chases it,
but gives up fearing for his life,
the dog barks loudly in the night,
as a woman cries on a street outside a pub,
somewhere else a man is stabbed and beaten,
and is airlifted to hospital across the neon and the illuminated sky,
the dog barks loudly in the night.
As rubbish is blown down the city streets,
and the rain begins to fall heavily upon those heading for shelter,
in the restaurant and the bars and a cinema where they will spend the night,
the dog barks loudly in the night,
as its owner travels in the underground,
drifting off into sleep and nearly missing his stop,
he dreams of home as his dog lays down to sleep,
and the dog he dreams of the park in the day and the warmth of the sun shine.

Delicate balance

It is a delicate balance of what attracts,
it is a skill of the heart,
and the mind,
and the emotions and thoughts and speeches that gather us up,
in such beguilement that works our heart into romantic acts,
it is a delicate balancing act,
for we look and we hope and we try to entice a spark,
to set aflame the hearts of those we meet,
and to capture them in a companionship of feelings,
that will balance us,
and give us meaning,
in a world that is sometimes cold and dark,
and in a world that makes you wonder what of life,
and what is life,
if there is no feeling at that,
it is a delicate balancing act,
but we try and are filled with hope and wonder,
and in the joys of love that are never ending,
and in the ways that we can describe our feelings and sensations,
in the magnificence of love,
what a great work is love and how beautiful it is,
two people in love,
for love plays upon the heart,
in such a wondrous act,
it is a delicate balancing act,
but what better than to be together as one,
in each other’s arms,
and in each other’s charms,
for the world in love with the beauty of such tenderness,
brings tears to the eyes and joy to the mind and heart,
for with every touch and emotion,
sparks catch a flame,
and burn so bright to dispel the dark.

We the billions who are lost

We the billions who are lost,
who are buried in the Earth,
do you think of us and wonder what of the cost?
For we died for you and we fought for you, and our lives were cut short,
but it was all for naught.
For Humanity continues to wage war,
and to slaughter,
and to brutalise and torture,
those of opposing wants and thoughts.
We the billions who are lost,
we turn in our graves with the memories of our days,
as you learn nothing,
except how to be more greedy than before,
and except how to kill more efficiently than before,
for your education is filled with a library of war,
and you revisit the horrors in pictures and videos,
and in the photographs and on the television,
but still you persevere,
determined to kill your enemy’s year after bloody year,
and forever more.

So many shapes

So many shapes amongst the clouds,
that do pass on by,
so many moods that take us and envelope our hearts and our minds.
So many as can be glimpsed at and peered at,
and formed into things that we recognize,
so many shapes amongst the clouds that my mind wanders so loftily as they fly on by,
so many shapes amongst the clouds that beguile the eyes,
so many shapes amongst the clouds that take me around the world,
for their parts, they are part of me and I am part of them,
no matter whether we part company,
so many shapes amongst the clouds that do pass on by,
I follow in my vision and in my heart,
and I’m lifted upon such lightness of mood, that when they greet me I rise in spirit,
and at the touch of them in my sight,
such a glorious thing of many shades they are that nature does espouse,
upon the breeze of ever-shifting time.

Streams of consciousness

Streams of Consciousness,
streams of thought,
ways of thinking moulded by the world,
lessened by oppression,
and by the wrong paths down which humanity is lead and taken off course,
streams of consciousness,
streams of thought,
like butterflies upon the air,
so colourful and bright,
before the conditioning of human minds,
down by which they are brought,
streams of consciousness,
streams of thought,
such fragmented things in the modern societies where we live,
that shatter from the pressure from bureaucracy and materialism,
that eats away at our lives with such viciousness where we live,
and yet without it,
we would otherwise so unencumbered be,
with more time to be ourselves,
and with more clarity of thought and the ability to properly see,
how much more could be accomplished,
and how much more easy and free would our lives upon this beautiful Earth be?
For we could change the world with less stress,
and the rigidity,
and the over-planning of such suffocating modern bureaucracy.

In your industriousness

In your industriousness you have devised and arrived in a bureaucratic mess.
You said you would improve things no less, but in your industriousness,
you have devised and arrived at a bureaucratic mess,
and you gave us choices but not much of a choice,
choices that you thought would be best,
but in your industriousness,
you have devised and arrived in a bureaucratic mess,
but still your time will come,
when you are to be replaced in your job,
and the cycle will continue with the next person,
and we will still be in a bureaucratic mess, for in your industriousness,
you offer us all such great hope and temptation in your words,
and such belief that you have some solutions to our problems,
and you will fix the mess.
But we are more than a little jaded,
for in politics It drags on with its showmanship,
and we watch the promises get watered down,
and nothing at all is really achieved,
and still after all these years we are in a bureaucratic mess.
We counted

We counted and counted everything that we own,
we counted and counted its material value,
for we’ve been told it was of value by those in the know,
we counted and counted but the cost of it to us was over inflated,
and the price we were given when we we’re trying to sell left us deflated,
for the value was worthless,
according to those in the know,
for materialism is subjective and we want a good price,
but others they will deny all knowledge of value,
for materialism means more to them than apparently to us,
for they will short change us to get everything that we own.

In the garden

In the garden what do you like,
and what flowers and plants and what scents,
under the clouds in the sky where you dream away in the sunshine of the day,
what colours are your favourites?
And what emotions do you feel looking at the bright shades that are on display?
And what do you like and what is your favourite time of day?
For me It is the afternoon,
while I sit upon the lawn and enjoy the view,
as butterflies fly across the sky and I relax on a summer’s day,
whilst the sun shines down upon the plants,
my mind is rejuvenated in the freshness of the air,
and of such variety of wonderment.
I wonder at the world,
and I wonder at the world without a care.

Valiant hearts and minds

We of valiant hearts and minds,
we do not suffer fools for life is far too short,
to deal with their hypocrisy and the immorality that comes from their discombobulated minds.
We of valiant hearts and minds,
we can only listen and are compassionate,
unlike those fools,
who try to mislead the blind,
we of valiant hearts and minds,
we persevere,
and we achieve great things,
while the fools,
they only waste their time.

Soldier of thought

I am a soldier of thought,
in the battlefield of the mind,
I am a soldier of thought,
for I walk the Earth,
with the visions in my mind,
I am a soldier of thought,
in the battlefield of the mind,
and I float as if rising out of my body,
with such visions and imaginations that I conjure in my time,
for I am a soldier of thought,
with my head in the clouds and in the heavens and in the skies,
for no place else would I rather be,
than in such creativity that comes from the battlefield of the mind,
for I am a soldier of thought,
and in my thoughts I am truly alive.

Of what a time

Of what a time it is,
to spend by the river Thames,
under the blue sky and the clouds,
as the boats pass on by,
and the ferries ply their way up and along it,
where it rises and falls in its tides to its mercurial end,
Of what a time it is,
to spend by the river Thames,
to admire the view,
amongst the people,
and to walk its path from end to end,
Of what a time it is,
to spend by the river Thames,
for it relaxes me in the heart of the city,
for life is so frantic,
and I am glad for a slower pace,
for the river it beguiles me,
and it is my mercurial friend.

Streams of feet

Streams of feet in streams of ways,
but where they go,
I do not look with my tired eyes,
and I cannot say,
for I try to sleep,
and in self unconscious ways,
upon the seat,
the rigid seat that they supply,
whilst waiting for the coach,
where upon it I will sit in comfort,
and travel home to more relaxing times,
for I wonder where I was happiest,
and of the journey and of where and why,
for what comes in-between slumbers,
no matter what the mind does espouse,
home is where the heart is,
and once there I’m always glad I’ve arrived.

Hold your fist in anger to the sky

Hold your fist in anger to the sky,
ask why oh why,
ask why oh God,
have you not solved the problems of the world,
for apparently you took your time to create the universe,
and we have asked where you are,
and we have asked if you are there,
but you have never replied,
so hold your fist in anger to the sky,
for God has never arrived in our times,
and I for one do not know why,
and I wish he would,
for I care about the Earth and surely if he cared,
he would arrive quickly,
to solve the worlds problems in the blink of an eye.

She felt her way

She felt her way in the dark,
her with the broken heart.
She felt her way in the dark,
blinded by the love that she used to feel,
and blinded by the emotions that she continued to hold that tore her apart,
for her tears fell from her eyes at such a rapid pace,
and she was bled dry by her emotions,
that left her in such a devastated state,
and as she felt her way in the dark,
her with the broken heart,
she ranted and she raged,
and she screamed at the night and the day,
and she cursed his name,
as she walked down the path,
and feeling so alone she felt her way uneasily in the dark,
for she was in such pain,
for it had worked its way on in,
like a knife that quickly stabs at the heart,
for he had left her for another with no warning,
and what a wicked thing is such jealousy,
but she was wronged,
and in her mind she was planning revenge,
revenge upon the world of men,
who were solely responsible,
for being so evil and breaking her heart,
for of their lack of gallantry and chivalry,
soon they would curse their part,
for so bitter is betrayal,
that the ending of love,
can result in the loss of life and in blood,
for in the ending of love,
she walks in the shadows,
and knows not where she goes,
but she knows she will have her revenge,
for her heart is shattered and black,
and men will fear her,
for she was savaged by them through their cruel emotions,
and oh how she will savage them back.

We woke the world

We woke the world,
we shook it up,
we the ones so tired,
so tired of so little change.
We woke the world,
and we shook it up,
and we broke down the barriers and burnt them to the ground with such a rage.
We woke the world,
we shook it up.
But in such a short time and,
with intellect and mind,
we felt the aftershocks in the night and the day.
And oh how we revelled in the change,
for what a world it is with the problems that never seem to go away,
and how terrible it is for people continue to profit from the weapons of war,
weapons that they continue to produce every day.
We woke the world and we shook it up.
We broke the rules,
we woke the world,
and we tore down the barriers with such a rage,
we woke the world,
and we marched for peace,
and we tried to fix all of societies diseases,
then we woke from our dream,
and reality was much the same.

I draw the line at midnight

I draw the line at midnight.
I draw the line at the end of the day.
I draw the line at the end of time.
And in wonder I see out the night and the day.
I draw the line at midnight.
I draw the line at the end of the day.
And I exist in the moment,
for precious is the time upon the earth,
and I try not to take it for granted,
for I am gifted by it and life is far too often cruelly taken away.
I draw the line at midnight.
I draw the line at midday.
I treasure every second,
for I am lucky to be alive,
and life is filled with chances.
and life it gambles with my life every day.

Come here and see

Come here and see what the world has done to me,
come here and see what the world has done to me,
for oh woe is me,
oh woe is me,
for my problems are many,
and my self-pity and my hurt and my pain are so great,
I want all to see,
come and see me,
on the chat show baring my soul on TV for a fee.
Come here and see what the world has done to me.
Come here and see.
Me, me, me.

She finds whatever she finds

She finds whatever she finds,
she combs the beach,
to the crashing of the waves,
and in her silence she crosses the pebbles loudly,
but she is lost in her own mind,
and she finds whatever she finds,
and in her thoughts,
she whiles away the time,
passing the seconds and minutes and the hours,
whilst gathering her thoughts,
she has a vision of the future of her life to define,
and she finds whatever she finds.
For the search externally,
does not matter,
but her inner feelings,
they mean so much more,
and they shape the way she is in the world,
for in her emotions,
they define her more than anything else,
for she is a sensitive kind,
and she walks the beach under the gathering clouds,
dispelling the negativity from her mind,
and she finds whatever she finds,
and in the grey she finds her way forwards in a daze,
and colours her future self in such brightness,
and in it and on her path,
it is clearer because of it,
for from the thoughts she has In these precious times,
and in the future she will find what she will find,
for she lives in the moment,
and she will see what she will see,
for the past it sets her free,
and she will be as happy as she can be.

Upon the ground

Upon the ground there lays a special mark,
where your romance did start,
upon the ground,
there lays a special mark that marked the night that you met under the stars,
upon the ground there lays a special mark,
where you stood in anticipation with such nerves,
and the fluttering of your heart,
upon the ground there lays a special mark,
where your eyes met and the sparks did start,
upon the ground there lays a special mark,
where by chance did seize you and deliver you,
to the arms of love,
and love it worked it’s magic upon you,
with such looks and attraction and words,
that enraptured you in its magnificent works of art.

In the ground below

In the ground below my sleeping friend,
you lay,
you lay as my sorrow flows,
for it has not been that long,
and I am in pain that you had to go,
and I wish it wasn’t so,
and as my tears they fall to the Earth,
my heart aches and I am broken by the loss of you,
for the shock is still palpable to me,
and intense and as difficult to deal with as anything that I know,
and as you lay my sleeping friend in the ground below,
my sorrow flows,
and it always will and it always will I know,
for I can never replace you,
and in my heart and in my mind,
you will be remembered forever more,
for you meant more to me than you will ever know,
so rest well my sleeping friend,
I’ll keep a candle lit for you burn bright inside me,
and I will never forget you and I will never let you go.

In your eyes

In your eyes,
your eyes,
such a glimpse of the happiest of times,
such wide awakedness and alertness,
that springs from your mind,
a mind so beautiful and so intellectual,
for with your wit you make me smile so many times,
and in your eyes,
your eyes,
I could happily drown a thousand times,
In your eyes

Try to be kind

Try to be kind,
you try to be kind,
but in the face of such brutal words,
placating someone so angry is a hard task any time,
you try to be kind,
you try to set them straight,
but they will talk until they are blue in the face,
for you are constantly checking your watch,
whilst they give you a piece of their mind, you try to be kind,
you try to be kind,
but it is not easy,
and the seasons will pass,
and they will still be unchanged and stuck in their ways,
yet you are willing to listen and are open to the world,
and you walk the earth with a clearer mind.

Freedom of choice

Were I given the freedom of choice,
I would forever listen to your voice,
were I given the freedom of choice,
I would gladly listen all year round,
for it has such qualities that to my ears it brings such a silky and smooth sound,
and given the freedom of choice,
I would be right next to you,
and listening intently as you sang,
for your words they melt me,
and I feel alive in the brightness of your eyes,
for you sing like an angel,
and there is such beauty in your voice that it is hard to describe,
but it fills me with wonder that is as magnificent as waterfalls,
and as the twinkling stars in the heavens,
and as magical as the most beautiful blue oceans,
and as incredible as the most beautiful blue skies.

In our lives

In our lives,
on each stepping stone,
how many choices there are to take,
and how many directions we can turn,
for in this world It is such a complex place,
and our choices if displayed in mathematics are beyond us,
and are not something that we will ever learn,
for we are not so cold in our emotions,
that we try to live our lives by numbers,
for as humans we feel in our hearts and search our minds,
and we weigh up the options,
and of our destiny,
we are the masters of our own concerns and our own designs.

You took what you could

You took what you could,
you took what you needed,
when you left you disappeared over the horizon,
and I was left bereft,
but I did not know why you’d gone,
for there are so many questions unanswered,
and they are as long as the day is long,
and I wish I’d known that something was wrong,
but you never showed it upon your face and in your eyes,
for nothing seemed amiss,
but now I am alone,
and wondering what I’d done wrong,
for I loved you like the sun,
for you brought such warmth to me,
and then without warning you vanished,
and now I feel cold in this winter,
for snows have so badly frozen my heart,
and I pine for you like I have never done,
and with my shattered heart so brittle and filled with icicles,
I try my best to carry on,
for with such tears in my eyes how cruel love is sometimes,
for you vanished without a warning over the horizon,
and now my world is shattered,
and now your love is gone.


Moving around town,
I see the people with such different expressions,
but there is no consensus,
for everyone seems distant in their own worlds,
and are mostly unhappy,
and why oh why has society gone so wrong,
and why have our leaders not truly listened,
and why oh why did they carry on regardless leading us down the wrong path for so long,
but now it is not logical,
and now everyone mostly in the streets is looking logically glum.

Doctors and nurses

In the doctors and the nurses I see the worry,
I see the tiredness in their eyes,
for the system is stretched and overloaded and I sympathize,
and in the nurses and the doctors,
I see the dedication and the skill,
and I see the determination to persevere at all costs,
for saving life is incredibly challenging,
and with their years of training,
and with their iron will,
so they battle on with weary eyes,
and they fight the diseases that malevolently destroy people’s lives and that can kill,
and in the doctors and the nurses I admire the hours they put in,
and I admire their strong hearts and minds,
for what great achievements they achieve and so regularly,
for in their passion and compassion,
and of the lives they have saved,
it is amazing and in them I truly believe every day,
for they are worth more than the celebrities on far higher salaries,
for without them where would we be?

Your perspective

Your perspective on things is not what it should be,
you with your jaded ways,
you fail to see clearly through your hurt,
and through being so jaded you are in captivity,
for your perspective on things is skewed by your choices,
and through the tragedy of your history,
for you used to be happy,
but now you are as bitter as an icy wind,
and you cut right through the heart of me, and I will try my best to leave you be,
for how you are now is no good to me.

Maintain your course

Maintain your course and do not fear. Maintain your course and persevere,
for there can be no progress,
if you are afraid of challenging anything,
it will never change anything my dear,
for walking away from the problem will not solve anything,
so maintain your course and be brave and courageous,
and do not fear,
for you must persevere,
so maintain your course and do not fear,
for forwards is the only way to achieve anything,
but you can only move forwards by looking at the past and learning from history,
so maintain your course and be courageous and brave and you will eventually get there my dear.

In Tokyo

In Tokyo,
a businessman lays on the street,
tired but happy after a long day at work,
and asleep,
and for him there is peace,
and in Tokyo and on the street,
for no one will disturb him,
except possibly his wife in the morning,
for so gentle and civilised is society,
that in Tokyo on the street,
there is peace and quiet and order,
and people treat each other most respectfully,
and why can’t it be the same in the rest of the world,
now I really don’t know and it rather confuses me.

In the vastness of the place

In the vastness of the place,
the voices echo and carry so loudly in the air,
In the vastness of the place,
there is such animation and frantic waving,
and gesticulating in the market square,
in the vastness of the place,
the market traders get up at dawn,
and in all weathers,
and I admire them as they sell their wares,
for it is a tough life,
and in the days economics,
the roof over their heads hangs precariously in the balance,
depending on the money they make,
for they could be homeless soon,
but they grin and bare it all and persevere,
seemingly as if without a care,
for the market traders are a hardy lot and always with smiles on their faces,
and I admire their cheerfulness and their good graces,
for they work hard in the sun and the rain and the snow,
and with such fortitude,
they roll the dice,
never knowing what the day will bring,
but they will nearly always be there in the market square,
and nearly every day of their working life, and I for one,
will always support them,
for what a bland place it would be without that colour and their voices in the air,
and what a bland place it would be,
without their finery,
and the wares that they sell with such banter and frivolity,
for the world is a better place with them there.

Where the soldier lays

On the beach where the soldier lays,
as the waves come gently in his life ebbs away,
where the soldier lays,
he thinks of his mother and his father and his sister and his brother,
and as the blood flows from his wounds,
he sees the vision of the man who has killed him,
and wonders if when he gets to heaven,
and if the man who’s killed him gets to heaven,
of what the man will say on the beach where the soldier lays,
he takes a look at the clouds and the sky,
and questions the choices in life that he has made,
and without an answer as the gunfire continues,
into the eternal night he does permanently slip away.

The limitations of oneself

The limitations of oneself,
they can frustrate,
when the peer pressure of the world gets to you,
and it damages your health,
the limitations of oneself,
they cast a shadow over you and shackle your soul,
for want is want,
and want is magnified by the peer pressure that does taunt,
the limitations of oneself,
the thoughts of them can crush you in an instant,
and oh how many fall,
for the temptation of material things,
they promote such benefits that they do flaunt,
the limitations of oneself are driven into the ground,
by the materialism of the world,
for it throws your heart away,
and does not care for your health,
the limitations of oneself,
are best considered deeply,
so forget what you cannot achieve instantly,
and do not get frustrated and do not listen to anyone else.
The limitations of the self,
if you want to achieve anything don’t lie,
and just be true to yourself.

We are alive

We are alive,
in the awakening of the conscious mind and in the deep thought that fills time,
the meditation and the analyzation is a constant process,
in the passing of the days that fill the human life,
for reflection and collection,
and the gathering of thoughts are so varied in the variations,
that lead us through and along the pathways of our life.
And sentience is filled with such effervescence,
for what a wonder it is,
where we wonder in our thoughts,
and wherever and whatever the course,
there is such magnificence in intelligence and in education,
and I am glad to be capable of the awakening of my mind and of such thoughts no matter the time.

We all go to school

We all go to school.
For we all learn something every day,
but is it useful at all,
for learning we have so many tools,
from the libraries to the books,
and with the television and the newspapers,
and the gossip in the street,
we all go to school,
but is it useful at all,
for there is so much information in the world,
for it fills us with fascination,
but what good is education,
if it is of a vacuous subject,
for it is no good at all,
but still we go to school.

In the arrogance of the times

In the arrogance of the times,
what is better than yours but mine,
in the arrogance of the times,
how people belittle each other with their one-upmanship and their ego,
but me, I stay away from it,
and tonight I pay it no mind,
in the arrogance of the times,
at some point,
you will be hoisted by your own petard,
and I will not over it be one to cry,
for it is good to be brought down to Earth and humbled,
for manners cannot be bought with wealth,
and there are no manners,
without manners being taught well,
and in the arrogance of the times,
I will wish you well,
for you can buy buy buy,
and I will carry nothing and travel far away, but I will wish you well.

Such stillness in the night

Such stillness in the night,
a delicate light,
the moon in the sky,
shining so bright,
and the stars hanging there in the heavens, twinkling in the eyes,
such stillness in the night,
and a cool breeze that brings such refreshment,
as you look up and wonder how distant they are,
and how many there are,
but oh how great is the light,
that travels in time,
such stillness in the night,
elegant and effervescent and colourful,
and in their billions how magical,
and powerful are they in the universe,
for from nothingness they were thrust into being to enchant our eyes,
such stillness in the night,
with magic on our minds,
and in the fresh air,
how incredible the shooting stars are as they pass on by,
such stillness in the night,
and a night to remember in our dreams,
and in our minds,
a night to remember of such creation,
and oh what a wondrous work of art in its spectacularity so fine,
spectacularity that the universe has created and revealed,
in the uniqueness of nature,
in the uniqueness of time.

In the bonfire of your soul

In the bonfire of your soul,
you cast out the memories that you used to hold,
the memories that you had grown tired of,
the unhappy times,
the memories of people that you used to love.
Memories and the experiences that were only causing distress,
for the relationships you had had,
had been broken and shattered upon such jagged rocks,
that had cut up your heart and thrown the pieces into a black hole.
In the bonfire of your soul,
amidst the flames,
gather your thoughts and strengthen your mind and move forward,
move forwards with a freshness in your step,
and rise, rise, and rise again.
For though life has been tough,
and caused such anxiety in your head,
move forwards with a smile,
and come out fighting,
and create new memories that you never wish to forget ever again.