Book 2

We were human once

© Ben Robinson 2019

Dedicated to all those who fight and continually struggle to solve the problems of the world. Thank you for your tireless efforts!


A dream within a dream, 49
Across the fields, 10
Agile, 59
Angle and poise, 39
Annotated and dislocated, 43
Be true to you, 12
Becalmed, 60
Begin at the beginning, 36
Beyond the river, 56
Bird, 4
Birds, 61
Bitter, 23
Blood money, 13
Bore, 18
Broken inside, 56
Broken minds, 38
Broken society, 44
Burning through the night, 61
Castle, 6
Celebrate, 19
Clings to the window, 20
Complex, 21
Conscious, 14
Cool breeze, 6
Corruption in the world, 16
Creation, 37
Damage, 17
Deep in the oceans, 61
Despatched, 27
Dichotomy, 38
Do not turn, 41
Drugs, 20
Elements, 21
Ethereal ways, 63
Far off place, 38
Fine, 7
Fire, 28
Florence Nightingale, 12
Form shape and function, 30
Fruits in a bowl, 7
Glory, 31
Gun control, 15
Hard Is the floor, 42
Heart in your hand, 16
Heavens, 19
Helpless help less, 43
Hold the page, 62
Horses, 15
Humans shoot bullets, 62
I resigned at the sun, 57
I saw you at the start, 5
I wake up with the sparrows, 46
In defence of the country, 47
In perpetuity, 63
In the American diner, 44
In the colour of the glass, 47
In the crowds, 47
In the forest, 30
In the park, 31
In the winter garden at night, 45
In the woods, 26
In this world, 36
Incendiary, 31
It amazes me, 39
It took time, 40
Laid your body down, 18
Letting off steam, 29
Life, 11
Life and death, 9
Life you lead, 26
Lightly as air, 8
Like a bullet, 41
Lone, 23
Look at the eyes, 48
Look I know her, but I do not, 46
Machine gun, 48
Made of fury, 48
Marilyn Monroe, 17
Mechanized, 19
Meteoric, 24
Mild and malcontent, 55
Misty morning, 34
Money, 29
Mr and Mrs MP, 50
Never lose faith, 48
No home, 6
Oblique, 9
Of a strong crowd, 40
Of such a radiant flower, 45
Of such a vacant fog, 49
Of the circle, 50
On the beach, 5
Once was the time, 50
Over the rooftops, 51
Over time, 35
Paranoid state, 9
Party, 13
Picture, 4
Racism and hate, 36
Raindrops in puddles, 51
Replace, 58
Reticence and recalcitrance, 5
Robbery, 12
Rugged and ragged, 4
Sacrifice, 20
Sadness, 25
Sanity, 21
Sat on the bench, 53
Scream, 41
Sensibilities, 39
She breaks a window, 37
She cries such tears, 52
She figured it out, 14
She lights the way, 52
She sings, 18
She walks the world, 35
She walks under a cloud, 57
So be it, 42
Softened, 25
Spark, 14
Such a time, 60
Suffragettes, 13
Sunshine, 53
Sunshine upon the skin, 43
Take it it’s yours, 7
Talk is cheap, 43
That life, 10
The climate of our times, 26
The clouds, 9
The darkness of the soul, 33
The disappeared, 29
The garden, 16
The health of the world, 8
The line, 40
The pictures in the gallery, 58
The rain, 55
Through our radio stations and on our televisions, 22
Through pain, 53
Throw away everything, 57
Tides, 38
To what has the world come?, 15
Transcended, 34
Twilight, 54
UC, 19
Unhappy, 13
Vocation, 11
Wage a war, 8
Walks, 18
Wary of the light, 55
We charge up, 32
We come to this like a rock to the face, 58
We construct, 33
We crash through, 33
We don’t need, 25
We fight the night, 32
We have it all, we have not enough, 27
We kick up a storm, 34
We say, 17
We were human once, 24
What was fallen, 7
Where are there morals today, 59
Wherefore, 26
Which one, 17
Work, 23
Your voice, 10


She was happy when she saw it in the first place,
the picture of her father caught his likeness in such spectacular ways,
and she smiled at the way he smiled and laughed,
and looked lovingly at the lines on his face,
and at the colour of his skin,
so rugged but soft,
and his nose so elegant in its pose,
and in his eyes his heart was captured,
and in her mind was his mind and all the conversations that had taken place,
and what a memory,
what a picture,
what skill used in the paints,
and what an evocation of his being that lit up her face for in her eyes he was alive,
and she was ever grateful as the tears of joy rolled down her face,
for what a work of art that captured her heart in the picture of her father that now takes his place.


Bird across the greyest sky off to somewhere new,
where the sun shines and I don’t blame you,
for attached to the Earth am I and though I wish I could fly and seemingly at such ease that you do,
your wings flap in glorious beauty,
for your efforts make it seem so easy,
and though I’m sure it is not in flights delicate beauty,
I watch amazed and In admiration at you,
for you are an expert,
but sadly not me,
for I am fixed upon the Earth,
and I have not the choice but I am not complaining at the wonder of nature,
and at your bird song and the wonder of you.

Rugged and ragged

Rugged and ragged and worn at the edges humanity is brought low,
brought low by words and pledges that never usually amount to anything,
for we aim for better societies,
but money eradicates many good intentions that people have when they begin to speak on such things ,
and disappointed by them instead we build up fences instead of tearing them down,
for money is the barrier that prevents the world problems from being solved,
and money unfortunately,
money makes the world go around.

On the beach

On the beach at night such stars do shine in thine eyes,
and so glorious and bright on the beach at night,
where the moon hangs so gently in the sky,
the boats do cross across the water towards the horizon in there gentle flow,
for on the beach at night next to the fire that lights our faces aglow,
we eat drink and be merry,
and rest our weary feet with happiness on the beach at night,
and we talk of the places that we still have to go,
and we talk of the experiences that we have had and of the bumps in the road,
for on the beach at night,
we enjoy such great company as the world has afforded us,
and we watch the sea as we rest and we are happy to be alive in life’s journey,
looking forward to the road forever onwards that we will know.

Reticence and recalcitrance

Reticence and recalcitrance,
two partners in belligerence that will not move and will not bend and do not make any sense,
for you may talk and talk,
but some people’s mentality and some people are stuck in a rut,
for how will things change if you cannot comprehend,
and how things will bring any understanding of such problems that the world may have today,
for some people are loath to listen and to understand but I baulk at them and I persevere,
for what is this rigidity that brings you out into such a fear?

I saw you at the start

Of drugs and into that world you fell,
for I knew you once but you’d changed,
from the person you were to an unpredictable person that I did not know very well at all,
for I saw you at the start on the path to destruction,
I saw the headlines that featured you,
in behaviour that was out of character to the person that I once knew,
with muggings, robberies,
you did what you did,
and I shed tears for you and we became distant,
and now I regret it but there would have been nothing that I could do,
for I saw you at the start and I read about you at the end,
for you gassed yourself to death in your car and when I think of you,
I think of you before all your problems and the great times we shared,
and of the times when you were in such a state after your problems began,
and my heart breaks in two over you,
it breaks in two,
for who you were and who you became I couldn’t fully comprehend or understand,
but I cared,
I really cared,
but I felt helpless and I wished I could’ve helped more than I could do,
but no matter how many times I go over it in my head it is too late and you are buried in the ground,
and saving you was more challenging than I ever knew.

No home

how lonely are the city streets in all weathers and in the rain,
and in the sun, the cold and the snow,
how lonely are the doorways where you shelter and how do you trust when you have such wariness that fills your soul,
and how do you survive on barely any food when it is a matter of survival,
and how do you live mostly without any family and how do you feel,
on the park benches, and in the parks and in the city streets where no one barely listens to you at all,
except the charity workers who do an excellent job,
but why should anyone be homeless with so many natural resources available and available to one and all,
for in humanity shouldn’t there be more humanity in humanity to solve problems,
and to help the vulnerable.


In the ruins of the castle I walk the grounds,
I look at the battlements and I imagine the battle sounds,
now it sounds romantic but it is not,
for in medieval ages past and in such destructive and brutal ways,
they spilled such blood as was the want,
for when thine enemies wanted you dead,
how little choice you had but to fight with all you’d got,
with trebuchets,
battering rams,
bows and arrows and swords,
death came quickly,
and every day the ruins of the castle still stand and are remembered once more,
and the names of the battles are remembered,
though the fallen and the dead,
by name are not remembered anymore.

Cool breeze

Cool breeze and rough waves which belies the ease,
with which you row your rowing boat and with the arms and limbs and the strength of the team,
there is beauty in motion that pounds the waves,
as you gently dip the oars in the sea,
and you cut such an elegant rhythm,
back and forth, back and forth that is forever beguiling in its simplicity.

Fruits in a bowl

Fruits in a bowl of every colour and type,
fruits of the Earth that nourish us and are much admired,
for it is a simple pleasure,
but the senses are heightened in such subtleties that fall upon us,
for as we smell and taste we savour every moment,
and are nourished inside as of a kiss of the sunshine,
on a summers day that does delight,
and so bright and dashing upon the senses it comes in its heavenly wake.


Fine, fine, fine,
you give in this time,
though you barely do,
but tonight you drink a little wine,
and I too,
and you are of intemperate mood,
and I have drawn you out of your solitude,
so tell me my friend what is it that’s bothering you,
for I can see it in your eyes and in your posture that something has riled you,
so drink a little wine and we will find time to relax you,
for I, hate to see you sad,
and I, hate to see you mad,
but whatever it is talk my friend and I will see what I can do.

What was fallen

What was fallen now shall rise,
for down is not up and can’t be wise,
so get up all of you of such sensitive minds,
break down the barriers and fight aided with the relaxation of the times,
and enjoy quiet,
for silence and soliloquoy does treat and heal such fragile minds,
and the intellect it needs to be fed in the quiet,
for concentration is not demanded in relaxation,
so forget the world,
and you will step by step recover,
in the wilderness and in the solitary pursuit of peace,
once more happiness you will find.

Take it it’s yours

Take it it’s yours the man says,
then he walks,
he walks and he walks out the door,
and I follow him with my eyes,
and though I don’t know his face and I have never seen him before,
but take it, it’s yours he says,
and I wonder what he is on about,
and there is some money Infront of me on the counter,
and I think who’s is its and I’m not quite sure,
yet the waitress she smiles at my puzzled look and says it’s yours,
you dropped it on the floor,
and I smile and in the kindness of strangers,
it restores my faith a little in humanity once more.

The health of the world

The health of the world is in a chaotic mess,
with war and disease ridiculing humanity,
for in its inhumanity,
the world’s health suffers in its inequality of care,
and so destructively and with poverty all around us,
illness ravages us for all to see,
for with mental health and physical disabilities,
we are all human,
but why are there so many people who with money on their mind disagree.

Lightly as air

In the bower so you came,
as lightly as air,
and with a spring in your step upon the day to your marriage where I could have been,
but my dear we were like wood to a flame,
and we weren’t to be together for long to such eternal shame,
for you were a wonderful but we were not the same,
and yet time has passed so quickly,
and here I am enchanted by you again,
but in a more distant way for I am glad that you have found peace,
and someone with which you have more in common,
and I will be happy for you I truly will,
truly happy when you take his name.

Wage a war

Wage a war.
Build such machines that can kill faster than before,
wage a war,
destroy the cities and the countryside and the people quicker than before,
wage a war,
rebuild a country,
wage a war,
bring peace and happiness forever more?
wage a war,
disagree once more,
wage a war,
people get rich by selling weapons,
richer than before,
wage a war,
build such machines that can kill faster than before.

Life and death

Life is disputed by death,
death is disputed by life,
they fight and they fight,
but unfortunately until there is none of the body left.

Paranoid state

Arrive early,
leave late,
make sure no one sees you in this oppressive state,
for many are with cold war minds,
and so you will get to know the anxiety and the paranoia of the place,
for the leader who took charge has such Ill manners,
and will smash you into the ground if you criticise him with excessive haste,
for everything you do will be monitored,
and if you step out of line you will be arrested,
but I warn you my friend, for your troubles,
you will get a broken face.


Oblique and so bleak at times,
for from you it cuts such a vicious wedge,
and it leads you along,
it leads you along a razor’s edge,
and tis better to be wary,
for life is never guaranteed,
for time waits for no man and time is your enemy.

The clouds

The clouds gather on the horizon,
a recalcitrant lot,
for they bother the sun and it bothers them a lot,
and it is an unhappy marriage,
but both allow humans to live,
for from the elements that nurtured the Earth where life grew up,
and from up where it was brought in an eternal cycle upon the Earth,
it is a miracle they coexist,
for if the weather didn’t,
the Earth would be barren and void of form,
like the moon and I know where I’d rather live.

Your voice

Before I see you,
your voice it grates and it shatters the night,
and you sound disturbed and mentally unbalanced,
and nothing seems right,
then I spot you on the street,
and your eyes are bulging and they would give anyone a fright,
for you are on amphetamines and it is easy to tell as well,
for that is your pleasure,
but mine is crossing the street to somewhere quiet,
for from the look on your face,
somewhere quiet is far better for me than racing around out of your mind.

That life

That life was yours but now it has gone,
for your long years have brought you to another home,
and I no longer see your face,
but I remember you and your smile for in my heart it takes its place,
and in my memories of which are dear to me,
I wander in such elysian Fields and I remember our shared experiences,
that through the years are burned in my brain as if it was yesterday and what great memories,
for they make me smile and in my vision them I can clearly see,
for I do not feel alone now,
and in the photograph there is a little of you and I remember the time we spent together,
for I am glad that when we walked the Earth in each other company,
I took it all in into my heart,
and I never forgot a thing that we had experienced or seen,
and now my friend there is a little of you in me.

Across the fields

Across the fields when we walk,
in all weathers where we talk,
the light does shine down in its various shades,
and with the beauty of the light,
each colour colours your face and mine no matter what the mood portrays,
for light bends and weaves through time in its magnificence,
and we are affected by it in such ways,
such ways that affect such states of mind that life by circumstance has thrown our way,
for no matter what season,
spring, summer, autumn or winter,
we take it all in,
and through the sunshine and the rain and the snow and the grey’s,
we are captured in its variation,
for light from the sun and the sky and the clouds,
and the moon and the stars they portray the universe’s heart in its spectacular ways,
and we are taken to places of light and dark where our emotions play,
and we are captured in wonder where nature fill us with its glory,
and our minds are captured by the light,
that the universe does impart in its magical ways.


What a vocation is life.
To live and to breathe and to experience,
and to feel,
and to travel the world and explore and with the imagination,
the hearing,
the mind and the eyes.
for to experience things that you have never experienced before,
what a vocation is life,
and how incredible it is to meet and greet new people,
and to listen to them about their lives and to share such times as on the earth that in its wondrous variation it does prescribe.
For what a vocation is life,
and to learn and to grow with such strength in glorious fascination and curiosity that feeds the mind is a magnificent thing,
and so to be with family and experience the joys of the world.
for upon the Earth and to share the love and a common bond in humanity and human kind,
what wonders communication can bring,
for under the clouds, the sun and the sky and upon the Earth so blue,
and under the moon and the stars that shine so bright in the night,
and in the universe,
in the universe that created me and you,
how beautiful life is,
awaiting new experiences to be had,
with each day rendered fresh and new.


What time is it,
is it time,
for I’ve counted the seconds and the minutes,
the days, the hours and the months.
and waited most patiently for the birth of a life.
And probably so will you,
for time is how your life is defined,
and whatever you do with it.
Try to listen,
try to understand,
and, try to be compassionate and kind.

Be true to you

Be true to you for there is no other way,
be true to you for if not what will become of the day,
be true to you and do not listen to what others say,
be true to you for only then will you know you,
be true to you for only you, can change you,
be true to you and do not let other people mould you,
be true to you for with perseverance and desire too,
be true to you for you know what’s wrong,
and if you try there will be a better you.

Florence Nightingale

good enough?
Well Florence Nightingale,
the lady with the lamp it took you long enough,
for with such dedication and perseverance you rightly earned respect,
and you rightly earned greatness,
for with your ideas and innovations you changed the world and medicine and nursing,
and with your compassion you saved countless lives with your bedside manner,
and the world was truly blessed.


You act like you know the place.
But because of your balaclava I’ve never seen your face,
and you act calmly then you pull out a gun,
and there are people running and screaming all over the place.
And you act like you are owed a wage,
by the disgruntled way that you behave.
Now, I would pay for you to go,
but it would not be enough money anyway,
And I know you seek an easy way to make money,
and a retirement from little effort,
and with threats to the staff from behind the mask,
violence is your game,
and you put fear into people,
and you sowed such fear that in the people here will always remain,
and then you took all the money,
you took all the money,
but you of such evil mischief,
you never long remain,
but when someone tries to stop you,
you shoot them in the leg with your gun,
and then as another bullet whistles past as they lay in pain,
you leave and head for your car down the street,
but are shot dead by the police,
now what a shame.


She was unhappy but she played at being someone else.
For she did not like herself but I said to her you are only kidding yourself,
for you should look inside and at that she frowned and sighed,
but that is the trouble when people do not want to face themselves,
and they can’t help themselves,
and they will not take advice and they will not listen,
but you can’t teach everyone to be wise.


There is a party down the street.
There are the drunken and the unconscious.
There are the leery.
And there are the raucous and the obscene.
And I wish they’d shut up.
But then I remember that once I was the same and they were me,
and I smile and I’m glad that they are enjoying themselves,
Oh how opinions change it seems.


You were Beyond the pale or so they used to say,
you campaigned for change,
but others tried to derail you and slander your name,
and Emmeline Pankhurst, Emily Wilding Davison and many others,
you fought for equal rights and equality,
and bravely and courageously you stood strong you suffragettes,
and whilst many belittled your names you put your lives on the line,
and Emily Wilding Davison you threw yourself under a horse,
and died for your cause in a spectacular way,
but thanks to you the world has changed forever and for the better,
and we are more than grateful of the sacrifices that you made.

Blood money

Lipstick kisses,
the streets late at night,
holding hands in the city as money changes hands,
and bullets are loaded in a gun,
ready to administer a contract on a life.
Now what is it to be a killer?
And what is it that brings you to such a state of mind?
And of such wickedness and inhumanity,
earning money through greed and from depravity,
you with a coldness of heart and a dark minded mentality,
you walk the path of death and have forgotten the value of life and what it meant.
For you revel in the money and with blood on your hands you will want more when the money is spent.


Are you conscious of yourself?
And how is your ego today for I am worried for your health,
Worried for your health because you seem quiet and out of sorts,
which is unusual in a way,
for you normally bring such chaos to the table.
and you rip up the rule books and set fire to the world with revolution,
expressing your rage out loud,
and as the world tries to catch up with your master plan,
I smile to myself,
for of your master plan whatever it is I am always proud.
Yet today you seem different and I am not used to you being quiet and I would not wish to change you for the world,
for the world is bad enough,
and an advance through revolution and an improvement no matter how small is much better than going nowhere fast,
and having to live eternally with the damned and the insufferable.


She lit the spark that caught her heart a flame.
She said hello to a stranger and asked may I know your name,
but the stranger replied I’m just about to catch a plane.

She figured it out

She figured it out.
She figured out that you were wrong.
You with your wandering eye that caused her so much pandemonium.
She figured it out.
But she wished that she knew what you were like all along.
You of weak moral turpitude.
You treated her badly and you did her wrong.
You tried to take all her money.
And she kicked you out and cut up your clothes.
For you have no shame and only a face a mother could love.
And when you left she was grateful.
And away you ran into the setting sun with your reputation in ruins,
and every woman aware of a man who had no heart,
and who did not care except for himself,
and who only had an eye for your wealth,
so you are best left alone and feeling sorry for yourself.

To what has the world come?

To what has the world come?
When we waste countless money on nuclear weapons.
And there are millions of people starving and in poverty around the world.
Now It doesn’t make sense to me.
But what is it with the leaders and the politicians, I do not understand that mentality,
for they continue their proliferation of nuclear missiles and their silly plans,
when to actually launch a nuclear missile,
It would damage the world with the radiation and the contamination,
now why isn’t there an international ban,
for there really is no reason,
except stupid stupidity and the idiocy Of the global leaders,
who won’t listen for they are set in their ways and are only a button away,
from the destruction of the human race today,
and every child, every woman, and every man.


In the New Forest amongst the trees,
the horses run wild and free,
unencumbered by humanity,
free to be who they want to be,
whilst most humans are encumbered by all they hear and see.
And encumbered by all they want and need.
And encumbered by material things,
whilst their lives and their life spans are eroded more and more rapidly.
For time means nothing to a horse.
And I would rather be a horse.
Running wild and free.

Gun control

What a confusion is illusion and an evil work of art,
the magic that the warmongers spread.
For they say we need weapons to defend ourselves,
whilst being paid millions in lobbying,
and so we cling to the constitution and the right to bear arms,
and countless people with grudges shoot anyone for no reason at all,
except the illness in their head,
and though history is a wonderful thing,
and the Constitution to which we cling,
the USA with its Liberty continually sees the crying families and loved ones on TV,
and the countless loss of blood,
the protests,
and the never-ending body bags,
and the never-ending suffering that continually ruins the country.

Heart in your hand

You hold your heart in your hand and you are open to many,
but many do not understand,
and some see you as weak,
but I see strength in your willingness to listen,
and I see strength in your emotions and your compassion,
whilst others see you as a victim and you they cannot understand,
but do not change for the world is a bitter place,
and the world is better off with your light that you shine upon the world,
and you are better off as you stand.

Corruption in the world

There is corruption in the world.
There are lies In the psychology of the brands,
they tell you this and they tell you that.
And they try to sell you everything and to make you break the bank,
Break the bank with their marketing research and their marketing plans.
For they appeal to your better nature and they think that you are soft,
and they tell you it will make you feel better,
and it will make you happy,
and think of how much time you will save by looking fabulous faster today,
for our products will be of benefit to you,
they say with words that assuage,
and your money will be of more benefit to us than you so please don’t dismay,
for our product are fantastic,
and with their words they will part you from your money quicker than you think,
and if not they will keep trying anyway.

The garden

The walls of the garden enclose me now,
and I am surrounded by the flowers and enveloped in their scent,
for under the blue sky and the sun I stand and the fragrance it enamours me,
and I revel in it as from the Earth to the heavens and skywards it is sent.
And I delight at the flowers glorious colours,
and I am brought alive by nature.
For time stands still and I am in Bliss.
And I enjoy the moment with the bees,
the birds and the butterflies,
floating and flying amidst the trees and the daffodils where they live.
And I wonder at the creator of life.
And at the time they took to make it all,
For I am grateful to be here and to explore the colours of the rainbow and the spectacle,
with my mind and eyes so many beautiful incredible things that I have never seen before.

Which one

In the high street and the pubs,
in the community centres,
in the libraries,
in the restaurants and the bars,
in the community centres,
in the shops and the club’s,
for a partner which person would you like?
For we are spoiled for choice,
though it isn’t always right.
And with 6 billion people or so upon the Earth,
finding true love is never easy,
for we just cross our fingers and hope for the best and try to shake off the nervous fright.
Now for a partner which person would you like?
For of all the people here today and tonight.
What are the chances of a connection between two kindred spirits,
now who knows,
but isn’t love worth a roll of the dice?


The damage has been done consistently upon the world by the savagery of man,
for evil seems to be inbuilt with the iniquities of leaders,
that pied piper like lead their countries to war and destruction over wealth and greed and land,
for the damage has been done through poor decisions and through their nefarious plans,
for they are cowards and many will die for them,
but how many of the leaders will die for their countrymen,
whose lives they undervalue and about who they do not really give a damn.

We say

We say things we do not say.
We hold the words in our minds and mouths,
and we control ourselves,
whilst wanting to say everything that we shouldn’t say.
And we say it with our eyes.
And we calmly stay quiet,
for being quiet In front of the opinionated Is usually better,
and I’d rather be that way.

Marilyn Monroe

I went to meet her there at her house.
For I admired her style.
And I went there to show her I cared.
For Marilyn Monroe was a beauty of the age and I wished that I’d met her.
But I am at your house today.
And I feel you in the air and I feel you everywhere,
And I pay my respects because I care and though you are long gone.
The fragility of you hits home in the home movies,
and the movies that you made that now we the public share.
And I want to tell you that you are missed.
For the world remembers you fondly In life as in death and I am proud of you,
for life was never easy for you,
for you were such a delicate soul and I hope one day to thank you in heaven,
and I hope to see If you are happier there.

Laid your body down

What gives on the night that you laid your body down for the last time,
Were you tired of it or was your body tired of you?
Now I wish I knew for death comes to us all.
though I wish death would come for death, too.


The world sometimes is a frightful bore.
For it leaves us be mostly so we don’t leave it alone anymore.
And we try to organise it from the chaos It was in before.
For the world sometimes is a frightful bore.
But sometimes it has enough of us.
And with earthquakes and monsoons and hurricanes and typhoons.
It tells us to stop interfering,
and is a bit more exciting than before.

She sings

She sings with such content the bird upon the tree,
for to me it sounds beautiful but it does not make any sense to me,
but she sings with such content and it pleases me her magnificent voice.
For as she lifts up into the air,
and Into the sunshine of the day and the light,
what gloriousness there is in nature I think,
for she floats so elegantly upon the breeze,
and I rejoice at the sight of such a flight,
that always amazes me and fills me with delight.


We cross over style and fences.
We follow footpaths,
bridle paths,
and coastal paths,
and we go past fences,
we take our walks both long and far,
and we camp in the woods and on the beach,
and under the moon and stars,
and we forage for food,
and we eat our picnics that we have brought,
and we leave no mess,
for we care for nature and we wish it was something that we all were taught,
but a lot of the world seems to digress.


UC. IC. We C. Where we can B 🙂 4 we R free. & IC as 1 how gr8 2 can B. 4 I <3 u & u <3 me. Abbreviatedly.

Emails and letters

I receive a letter now and then,
but mostly emails from my friends,
and I bet the trees are pleased,
that the world is murdering less of them.


With our machines we are mechanized beyond belief.
We are the mechanics of malfunction,
we who try to speed up efficiency,
and with our machinations we try hard,
but what good is it when we run out of electricity.


Delicate and light such senses,
that the world brings to each of us,
from the myriad of the evolution of the times,
for from humanity in its complexity,
that rose from the Earth,
in every second, minute, hour, day, week and month and year,
for we are lucky to be alive.


The heavens are in all of us,
no matter which religion we belong to or don’t,
for we are all human,
and of such variation and the brain it is a wonder of creation,
for it holds the wonder of thought,
and the world that we see and the view is spectacular,
for we watch and listen and take it all in,
with a continual evaluation and refrain,
for what beauty there is in the world and us,
and long may it remain.


Bewildered and belittled,
and downtrodden and broken and many forgotten,
the indigenous tribes,
have often been trampled and extinguished in the progress of man,
and through the progress of human history,
they have been sacrificed far too often sacrificed by many who do not understand.


Shallow waters still is the night,
moon and stars and rocks and trees,
a sandy beach,
palm trees,
and music playing in the Carribbean night,
and talk and laughter,
a busy harbour,
a quiet beach,
a boat Laden with drugs headed for disaster,
for a storm is coming,
and though they know what many want,
they will not reach them and will be tortured,
and shot and murdered quickly after,
for it is what it is,
a regular occurrence,
when you involve yourself in such chaos and disorder,
for desperation drives the few at the bequest of the powerful,
and those with money who sell drugs in vast quantities seem greatly pleased,
whilst others feed their addictions whilst not thinking of the bodies piling up,
and the families and children of drug dealers left behind and distraught after,
for such a cost it is death,
that the pleasure of the world orders,
for the drug users are mostly high on ignorance,
while the bodies pile up of much loved sons and daughters.

Clings to the window

She clings to the window,
she clings to the edge,
she hangs there uneasily in-between life and death,
she hangs there uneasily,
with thoughts of her husband and children in her head,
she thinks of the debts she has,
she thinks of her father and mother then slips to her death,
seconds of thoughts and misjudgement,
and her heart over ruled by her mind,
and then she is quickly a statistic on the pavement and a bloody mess,
a disturbed vision of the world gone wrong,
carried in the eyes of onlookers forever more into their hearts,
and into their minds and their once happy homes that aren’t as happy anymore.


Complex by what does complex mean,
does it mean that you are too lazy,
to understand or try,
for it seems to me,
the world does not try hard enough to understand each other and each other points of view,
for complex it may be,
but if we do not listen and try to make more effort,
how will we ever see eye to eye,
and what will we ever achieve if we do not strive.


Elements of life,
fragmented and disturbed,
with people carrying inside them the false visions of the times,
a mirror of society,
shattered and fragmented,
the reflections of the human mind,
for society is Ill,
and the way it works is so hard to define,
for it kicks and it cuts and it smashes you up,
and it wears you down and it takes you around the houses and off the beaten track,
for with a lack of common sense and logic,
the world and its population live in absurdity,
failing to solve famine and drought,
and poverty,
and homelessness,
in their dystopian world where they lived unbalanced in their acts.


We seek to find sanity,
for we are disturbed by others lack of peace of mind,
we seek to find happinness,
but the colour of the days,
shadows the world with grey,
in the depression of our times,
and we seek to find clarity,
and humility when we can,
and we seek to find compassion but it is lacking in the world,
for it is of such brutality,
and frantic activity,
for what is the illness inside humans,
well I wish I knew and I wish I could understand,
for we seek to find the time to,
but life is immaterial to the materialism of life,
for the world has gone crazy,
and for materialism people die,
and people die to have the latest thing,
only for the next one to arrive,
in the blink of an eye.

Through our radio stations and on our televisions

Through our radio stations,
and on our televisions,
so we are pulled in,
to walk through the war zones with our eyes,
through our radio stations,
and on our televisions,
we are pulled in,
to see the suffering,
and the countless deaths time and time again,
through our radio stations,
and on our televisions,
we see the bombs explode and hear the bullets whizz past on their fatal missions,
we see the explosions and the bodies blown to bits,
we see the crying and the distraught relatives,
the shell shocked children,
and the children, the women and the men covered in dust and rubble,
and in little bits,
and where the doctors do their best,
not everyone can be fixed.
for through our radio stations,
and on our televisions,
we see the destruction,
the death,
the torture,
the brutality,
and the damage to humanity,
from the eternal war through which we live,
through our radio stations,
and on our televisions,
we are desensitised,
for it is such a regular thing,
the malady of war,
and the sickness in the human condition,
but our leaders do not listen,
and no one truly wins.

No not I.
But I wish you well.
And I hope you treat others better,
for you treated me like hell,
and I wish you good riddance,
for your tongue is vicious,
and casts such bitter spells,
though I will not be sorry to see you go,
and I for one will cry no tears as well,
for I wish you a speedy journey,
with the devil on your tail.


What is work if it drives you berserk,
what is work if you lose decades,
paying off a mortgage and have a shortened life,
what good is work if you can’t spend time with your loved ones and family,
what good is having no time,
what good is work if you have no work life balance,
and it destroys your mind.


take the time to get far away from here,
for it will do you no good,
and it will only eat you up,
and chew at you,
and erode who you are and fill your world with cold,
for it is that kind of town,
so go, go before it is too late,
for there is much here that is wrong,
and it will kill your soul,
for it is a bitter place,
and the people pry and spy,
and dance to the tune of the devil,
while you the rebel,
are best far away from here,
for there is much ignorance and intolerance,
and happiness is not at home here,
in the quiet streets with the curtain twitchers,
In the town where everyone bitches,
and no one has any good things to say,
so go, go, go,
for it will only get you down,
so be free my friend,
and enjoy your travels on the road,
for with your heart and the inspiration of everywhere new that you go,
enjoy yourself,
for I fear if you stay,
this place with its intolerance and hate,
will destroy you,
and send you to an early grave in the ground below.


She was meteoric on the way up,
and she smashed the glass ceiling,
and she was spectacular in her fall,
for she wanted to be treated equally,
for women have had to fight hard for it,
and she gave the boys hell,
on the way up and on the way down,
she gave it all,
then she pulled herself together again,
and picked herself up,
then rose again with perseverance like a fighter,
in the battle of the sexes that we all know too well,
for the cream always rises to the top.

We were human once

We were human once said the man,
as he looked at the graves of the war dead,
and wiped away a tear,
we were human once but we lost our way,
and death is never far away,
but we were human once,
a long, long time away from here,
we were human once he cried,
as the thunder roared and crashed,
and the lightening flashed in the sky,
we were human once he said,
but I won’t be here long,
but remember this,
if we are the last humans, the world has gone wrong,
and heaven will take us,
for we were human once,
and God will make us again,
and I look at him but to me personally I fear not,
for God has been nowhere to be seen for far too long.

Sadness is not something I care for,
sadness is not something I wish for,
but it is there,
and it pervades each and every one of us,
and mostly out of nowhere,
and with rapid fashion too,
from emotional pain and suffering and loss,
but what would it be if we didn’t have emotions I ask,
then I shudder at the thought.

We don’t need

We don’t need your infatuation with the old. We don’t need your negativity.
For we are a new generation.
Who see things differently.
And we aren’t so jaded by the world.
And set in our ideas and ways.
And we are happier,
and we enjoy the world and its fascination.
For we explore afresh and create.
And we are different than you.
For in the freshness of mind there is inspiration.


Softened by the light,
of which he cast,
then he branded you in the furnace of his heart,
and your tears they now play like a symphony upon your cheeks,
for in your eyes he came to you of the light,
but he cut in to you viciously with the dark,
for he was black as the night inside,
and he with no humanity or dignity,
treated you disrespectfully,
and severed the strings of your heart,
what a coward,
what a cad,
I would advise you throw his memory away,
but it’s too late,
for there’s a fire raging inside you,
and a hurricane too,
and thoughts of revenge have landed upon you and are making their mark.


What is the wherefore,
and the why of life,
when you have no life at all,
what is life when you are in pain and you want to end it all.

Life you lead

Such is the life you lead,
for you go around in circles,
and you want this and you want that,
and something for free,
such is the life you lead,
for you do not want to work for it,
and you beg and you plead,
such is the life you lead.

In the woods

In the woods,
it is time to relax,
for the night is young and the fire is lit,
and we have stopped in our tracks,
for nothing could be finer,
than to rest thine eyes upon the stars and the moon,
and to unload the weight of the world from our backs,
for vicious is the world,
and with such stress it attacks,
and ideally I wish to be a hermit forevermore,
but if I never saw a human again,
my friends would disown me,
for there is joy in company,
and the stress disappears,
but through the years I wish it wasn’t so persistent,
and it didn’t keep coming back,
for it is a vicious soul,
and the world is a strange place,
where life is lived frantically,
so never take anything for granted,
except death and tax.

The climate of our times

The climate of our times,
breeds fear of the mind,
for life is controlled,
and cajoled,
and we suffer anxiety and frustrations of the mind,
the climate of our times,
pervades every part of our being,
and we struggle to cope,
for modern society enslaves us,
in such complexities,
and the financial world,
and the bureaucracy of which we suffer with suffocates us,
and the world is overcomplicated,
by any complexity that they seem happy to devise.

We have it all, we have not enough

We have it all, we have not enough,
we have vast wealth and resources,
we have people in poverty,
who regularly use food banks and who suffer for their health,
we have it all, we have not enough,
for society is not well ordered,
and we struggle to organise,
and throw food away,
as people with haunted looks,
struggle to get enough,
We have it all, we have not enough,
we have famine and drought,
and death too often,
whilst the majority have never suffered,
but have seen people suffer on TV often enough,
we have it all, we have not enough,
when will we get it right,
for there is food and water for all,
if we’re just better organised,
the world would be better off.


Despatched with a knife,
blood on the streets,
tears later in mothers and fathers, and siblings and relatives eyes,
stab, stab,
quick, quick,
run away, a coward flees,
someone dies,
despatched with a gun,
despatched with a knife,
shot and stabbed,
in the cities and the towns,
it’s the scourge of modern life,
despatched with a gun,
despatched with a knife,
people looking to make money quick,
societies assassin’s,
with no humanity,
writ large in their eyes.


The light blinks on, the light blinks off,
peace and quiet,
a shout, a loud scream,
there’s a smell of burning in the air,
and we see the smoke,
coming from a flat up above,
and the flat is aflame,
and the flames catch quickly,
and the sirens howl,
for there could be an accident,
or there could be arson and malignants,
and evil in the air,
and the sights and the sounds,
it haunts our vision and our ears,
as above the chemists shop,
the windows explode and shower the street,
in the winter’s night,
where the snow covers the ground,
and life is fought for,
we hope for the best,
for escape is on everyone’s mind,
as the fire engines arrive,
and we wonder what happened,
for devastation is quickly eradicating,
someone’s life,
and the words to describe the horror are not enough,
for losing everything is a terrible thing,
and the possibilities of losing the ones you love are high enough,
and we hope for the best as the fire spreads,
and the police arrive,
as the firefighters aim the water cannons at the buildings roof,
and bravely and courageously,
they enter the building,
putting their lives on the line,
as the onlookers look on in shock,
for some of them know who lives there,
a mother and a young daughter they say,
a nice family, and a contented lot,
but we do not have to wait for long,
as we see them being led out,
and we are greatful,
that death has been put on hold,
and the firefighters continue fighting the flames and are still at risk,
and life continues thankfully,
with more than a little shock.

Letting off steam

The steam rises in the morning
And you stand there with your suitcase. You with time on your hands.
And on a holiday to who knows where?
And I see you happy.
And I wish I was you and without any cares. For the day is long.
And work is tedious,
in a frantic world gone wrong.
For I wish I was you.
And I wish I could come along.
But I work too much and my back aches. And my mind does too.
And I wonder why is the working life so long?
For every hour of the day we spend in a year.
The work-life balance is wrong
For all we have is a month off in the year. And the odd bank holiday.
And the rest of the time we are asleep on our backs.
And it seems a shame.
That life and work
Cannot be arranged better.
And to give you more hours in the day,
to relax.


Money pervades everywhere,
money disturbs Society with impropriety, and with over inflated prices,
and the pressure Rises,
and with the stock exchanges falling and Rising,
and companies closing everywhere, materialism destroys many things,
and there are the homeless and the poverty-stricken and the suffering,
and not many care,
and people lose their houses,
and people aren’t able to educate their children,
and the world argues over money with their spouses,
and money hangs over society like a dark cloud.
Controlling all and not benefiting everyone. For money is never equally shared.

The disappeared

I awoke with the sunlight upon the lawn.
I awoke with a clear head.
to find that you had gone.
and I looked and I looked,
but you were not there.
For you had shuffled off your mortal coil before the dawn.
And you were found in the sea that you loved,
leaving me,
and now I am in shock,
for depression in you,
was not something that I’d thought of,
and you floated lifeless for a while,
whilst I was dreaming,
and then I awoke to the horrible news,
that left me heartbroken and reeling.
For we had been together a long time,
and I thought I new you,
and I thought you were happy,
but it wasn’t true,
for there was some darkness in you that I never knew,
and now I feel helpless,
for I was asleep,
when you gave your life to the sea,
and I couldn’t stop you.

Form shape and function

Form shape and function,
what is it that we need,
what is it that we are trying to achieve,
form shape and function,
complexity from simplicity, overcomplicating simple things and tasks, to save time,
for the world moves rapidly,
but we have less time these days,
although we can beg for more,
we never rarely get much of a chance,
for life is too complex,
and the future seems to move ever quicker into the past.

In the forest

In the forest it fades away.
The hustle and the bustle of the city.
And you are glad to get away.
Into the sunshine and the light.
Under the fluffy clouds that wander aimlessly both day and night.
And in being lost amidst nature,
tranquility is restored Amidst the trees,
the bushes,
the grasses and the leaves,
and the fresh air that rejuvenates you,
which is purer than in the city where you were before.
For the forest is a wonderous thing and you can lose yourself in your Mind and soul.
For we come from the Earth and it is the Earth that makes us whole.
In the park

In the park,
I fell for you,
under the dying Sun.
We woke from our slumber.
Awakened with hunger.
And we ate the night and the delights at the restaurant where our romance had begun. For the stars were shining bright on the moonlit night,
and we membered how we met.
Over a glass of wine.
Enraptured In our time together.
For fate awaited us that first day that we met,
For in your eyes,
I saw the light that shone upon me,
that could never be overcome,
for with your wit and intellect and humour and heart,
we are happy as one,
for love conquers all,
and I, I am glad it won.
And I fell for you.
And we are happy as one.
For love conquers all And I’m glad it won.


Glory for glory’s sake,
some want it all and for frivolous things, glory they make,
and from their vacuos opinions,
many celebrate as they get rich quick, whilst there are doctors and nurses saving lives,
and soldiers fighting battles
and losing their lives countless times,
now they are the real heroes,
and the soldiers in their glory,
have rightly earned their place In the history of time.


Incendiary you are,
and of such ideas,
that tear everything apart,
for you wield words like knives,
and you cut at the heart,
for you are a vicious soul,
and I pity you,
for degrading the language of which you were taught is a shame,
for it does not deserve to lay in your mouth,
upon your tongue,
and for such vicious fire and fury to come out,
for I believe, you knowing of the world is a danger,
for your opinions are so insular to you,
that all you care about is you,
and to the world it means nothing,
but the bitter ramblings,
of someone alone,
who was hurt by the world,
and who is on a permanently destructive path,
but I cannot criticize you,
for it only makes you worse,
and it also sadly breaks my heart,
to see the freedom of speech brought into the gutter by you,
with your anger,
and your determination to smash the world apart.

We fight the night

We fight the night to seize the day,
for we will overcome the darkness in the world,
and we will go forth in strength together,
and shine a light on the world,
and we will with courage and bravery cast the dark shadows away,
for we fight the night to seize the day,
to secure freedom and peace and democracy,
and ensure there is tolerance instead of intolerance and hate,
for we fight the night to seize the day,
to eradicate those of Ill intent,
who spew vicious words of hate,
and who inflame with their inflammatory rhetoric,
that they Inflict upon the hearts and the minds of the people today,
and upon the foolish who are often uneducated,
and disgruntled and easily lead,
by the corruptions of religious texts and hateful speeches,
that threatens the stability of the world,
speeches that try to control the way people think,
but we will never give in to terrorists,
so we fight the night to seize the day,
and we fight with all our might to eradicate terrorists from the world today.

We charge up

We charge up,
we charge down,
we walk the Earth,
we run around,
we talk and are busy,
and we slow it down,
for in this body we are of such an evolution,
that it does astound,
and in it’s glorious work of art may I ask,
how many millions of years has it taken,
to reach such a complexity that can achieve any task,
for it amazes me,
that molecules and the chemical elements of the Earth have given us such a form,
and what a wonder it is to have a life and to live it,
with the freedom of choice of which we are born.

We construct

We construct and deconstruct,
we ruminate and cogitate,
we reminisce and we ponder,
and we wander such paths as the mind creates,
we evaluate anything and everything,
even the most subliminal of things,
for the world is a minefield of information,
and it overloads us and bombards us,
and confuses us so many times,
for over complexity it damages the world,
and we are unable to see clearly,
unable to think clearly,
for the world was more understandable before our modern technology,
and now we are lost in a maze,
for it tries to tell us how to think,
in every aspect of life today.

We crash through

We crash through the barriers of pain,
we suffer no fools,
and we suffer no terrorists of the brain,
we ignore their words and we will not be tortured,
for with education we shall as individuals remain,
sound in our minds and sure in our ways,
for you belittle and cajole,
and try to humiliate with your ignorant ways,
and we will be human,
whilst the devil you remain.

The darkness of the soul

The darkness of the soul,
when you live in a world so cold,
you try to drag yourself up from the blackness,
for it enters you like the devil,
and oh, how you wish it would go,
the darkness of the soul,
for in the city streets,
in the poverty,
in the gangs,
and the drugs,
and the violence,
such crushing blows,
for they eat at society,
and spread death and disease,
and of what use are these,
and of what use is failing to do nothing and to solve nothing permanently,
for humanity is lost,
and the cost,
the darkness of the soul that brings us to our knees.


You transcended to a place of which I do not know,
for I stand here and wonder,
do you look back at your old life,
and do you look down from the heavens upon those below,
do you miss people,
do you miss people that you used to know,
do you have a new life,
do you have new relationships,
do you have memories from Earth,
or are the old ones fresh and clean and as white as snow.

Misty morning

It’s a lovely misty morning,
as the day is dawning,
and you disappear into the air,
for the mist hangs like a ghost around you,
Ethereal and magical,
and of such grey,
but the beauty of the mist it transcends the world and envelopes it like a blanket,
with you on your way to who knows where.

We kick up a storm

We kick up a storm,
we of individuality and form,
for we were born,
to fight against ignorance,
and to set fire to the incalcitrant,
and the belligerent,
we of education,
and the courage and determination to uproot,
those who do not care,
the uncivilised and the vacuous,
and those of Ill fascination,
we strike out,
against the vitriolic,
the bucolic,
those with fixed minds,
that try to control and dominate with sublimation,
we storm the barricades,
and break down the barriers with fierce determination,
for we fly the flag of freedom,
we kick up a storm,
we rebels,
and we will march on,
to end your Ill thought and oppressive domination.

Over time

She waits.
She finds.
She captures photographs and remembers them all in her photographic mind.
Over time.
She captures the language and the nature,
and the beauty of the Earth in her eyes and in her mind,
over time,
she waits with patience and measures the light
with the skills that nature has given her,
and with incredible eyes,
she takes the photograph,
and in the still frames,
so does play out the movie of the visions of her life,
and a wonder of the times.

She walks the world

She walks the world,
a shadow of herself,
a silhouette even and I am concerned for her health,
I look at her,
and the sorrow in her eyes,
and it brings a tear to mine,
and I in my emotions am conscious of my self,
for I wish to bring her no further pain,
but I have no happy news,
and the world as it is it turns and it burns,
with war, famine and drought,
the ravages of disease remain the same,
oh, what can be done for two broken hearts are no better together as one,
and we cry more tears,
for the work of the devil upon the world is never idle,
and the work of the devil is never done,
and we are forever trying to fix ourselves,
through the devastation of the days and the nights,
and through the rising and the setting of the sun.

In this world

In this world
So rises the feelings of annoyance in me,
for I am not able to be who I want to be,
for I am tired and stressed and I am filled with anxiety,
so rises the feelings in me,
for I am irritated and frustrated,
and the world is discombobulated,
and I struggle and fight with all my might,
for the world is frenetic and bombastic and manic,
and it depresses me,
for I try to advance and progress,
but in trying it often seems as pointless a task,
as trying to hold back the sea.

Racism and hate

Upon the Earth,
Stem the tide of racism and intolerance and hate,
break down the barricades and communicate,
understand it all,
and listen,
for with education and patience,
bitterness, anger and rage you can eradicate,
for it is simple if you play your part and you take your part in its place,
So, stem the tide of hate,
for with it,
destruction is the only destiny of the human race.

Begin at the beginning

Begin at the beginning,
but where is its end,
and where is its middle,
for how long is time,
but continual my friend,
for I am continually beginning,
and I am continually beginning to end.


Creation is such a wonder,
for through the big bang,
through the elements,
through the dark and the light,
through such times,
where the world was created and formed,
through reformation,
and apropos of nothing was it born,
for it came from the void,
in such colours and shapes,
and magnificent form,
awakened in the darkness with the power of creation,
awakened with life,
of simplicity and complexity,
that evolved from such chaos,
and from such great explosion,
that ripped darkness apart,
and into that light being and existence was brought.

She breaks a window

She breaks a window of a house,
and she enters in the night,
she rummages through drawers,
and she takes what she needs and the things that she likes,
she goes to the shops,
and avoids the security guards and the cops,
and doesn’t think twice,
for on heroin her mind has gone and deleted the person she used to be,
and the family to who she used to be so nice,
on heroin,
with vacant eyes and a wicked grin,
the days pass quickly,
and her body is thin,
for on heroin she is desperate,
and as it ravages her body,
her mind becomes more warped for such is the disease that has set in,
and she mugs an old lady or two,
and sells her body for money,
which was something that she thought she would never do,
but on heroin,
she makes a lot of money and spends it,
and looks like death,
and soon I’m sure,
will shuffle off this mortal coil for her sins.


Such a dichotomy of design,
Bombs bring war and death,
and peace so it is said,
but I fail to see,
why everything should be destroyed to bring peace,
when talking is better surely instead.


The tides march back and forth,
towards an eternal shore,
the land it kisses it,
and it begs for more,
the tide it eats at the land,
and the land gives of itself,
but the tide teases you will not have me forever more.

Broken minds

Of broken minds,
of tragedies,
of life and of life’s stress and anxieties,
of intolerance and hate,
of frustration and rage and stabbings and murders,
and the wars that we wage,
who is to blame but society,
for there is not enough understanding and listening,
for in a world that is ever demanding,
no regulation has ever solved the problems of the world,
for the world’s failures,
the world needs reprimanding.

Far off place

From a far-off place,
from books, languages, articles, movies and art,
from diseases, famine,
from wars and deaths,
from intolerance, racism,
riots and hate,
from a far-off place,
history calls to us,
from civilisations nearly destroyed,
from the angry,
the frustrated and the annoyed,
and from learning,
now what is learning if learning is to be unemployed?

In the Sistine chapel and the characters about the place,
and in the characters eyes that in wonder drew you to it,
and then the clothing and then the face,
In its sensibilities,
that were captured in the paint,
the detail took your breath away,
Oh Michelangelo,
you really must have had the patience of a saint.

Angle and poise

Angle and poise
casts the shadow upon the model,
upon which you train your eyes,
Light casts the shadow,
for you to capture in paint,
a picture upon the canvas,
for which the model is employed,
angle and poise,
light casts the shadow,
and the model draws you in,
and you anoint her with colour,
as she stands still with calmness in her eyes,
patience is a virtue,
for with every brush stroke,
you outline the detail and lay the base colours,
and paint it in with thousands of brush strokes,
that are flattering and kind,
the hours fly by and the days,
Where you create the art with the skill and the learning with which your brushes you employ,
where the art comes from the heart,
and pours from the mind,
Angle and poise,
The art that you will frame in a gallery,
and if the lights are right,
hope others will like and buy.

It amazes me

It amazes me,
this feeling of peace and inner calm,
It amazes me,
and I drift,
I drift away so far away from harm,
For It amazes me the stillness that I need,
It amazes me this soliloquy,
It amazes me for in being calm,
I am happy and floating upon a sea,
And It amazes me that being is not as easy as it should be,
for in soliloquy I am me,
And with my vision,
I create a quiet place,
Away from the world,
and inside me I am flying free.

It took time

Revolutions and evolutions of the mind,
It took time,
It took sense,
It took intellect,
It took patience,
It took bravery,
It took courage,
It took the lot,
It took me several years and a day,
for I was carried away,
In a revolution in a hall of mirrors that I couldn’t stop.

Of a strong crowd

Of a strong crowd,
Such chaos amidst the arguments,
full of vitriol as tempers and alcohol allow,
of strong minds,
and of strong hearts that rage,
as the eyes frown,
of fists and punches,
of savagery,
of inhumanity,
and blood,
that soaks the town,
of a strong crowd,
some with stronger opinions than others allow.

The line

The line does not shape or bend my friend,
the time and death does not end,
the gun you are holding and the bullets inside may end my life,
but you will live with murder for a long time,
is that something you really want,
now think of your family and how they’d feel,
and you decide.

Do not turn

Do not turn I beg for there is nowhere else to go,
for there is only the cliff edge and the rocks below,
do not turn I beg, for life can get better,
so come take my hand,
and let me take you back to those that you love and know.


You broke the peace with a scream,
you shattered the night,
and turned on the light,
and awoke from a terrible dream,
you looked at the stars and the moon,
you rubbed your eyes and realised you had woken too soon,
and the mind was not of your control,
so, you pointed at the sky,
and angrily asked what it was doing and why,
but it gave no answer,
and you swear it was to blame for whispering to you,
oh, how inconsiderate and rude,
now what will you do,
Whisper at the moon when it is asleep,
and tell it the Earth is much better and give it nightmares too?

Like a bullet

Like a bullet from a gun you run,
you head towards the chaos,
you like the danger,
you like the pandemonium,
for it excites you,
and you like the destruction,
but unfortunately, you aren’t the only one,
like a bullet from a gun you run,
you head towards chaos,
you wage war with your fists,
you wage war with knives,
you wage war with bombs,
you wage war with Guns,
for there is evil in you,
and you prefer death to life,
for you head towards chaos like a bullet from a gun,
for what has become of you,
for humanity has lost someone,
and what has become of others like you,
for many lay in graves,
though there is no humanity in killing someone,
but war is hell and you give it all you’ve got,
until your blood soaks the Earth and you are killed,
and the Earth is no better off.

So be it

So be it, so be it,
our commanders have made their choices,
and we have nothing left to give,
we have fought and fought,
until the candles are lit,
where exhausted in our bunkers we try to rest,
but the problems continue to exist,
for evil walks the Earth,
and we are fired upon and bombed by dictators, their troops and fascists,
we who behind the wire,
dig in, dig in,
amongst the mud,
the slaughter,
the brutality,
the explosions,
the shellshock,
the bullets,
the limbs ripped off and the blood,
numb. cold. wet.
We do what we are told,
we listen to our commanders,
and if we desert, we are shot,
for we behind the barbed wire,
what else is there to do,
for the future is sombre and bleak,
and we have little choice,
and we have little good news,
yet we enjoy our rations,
and the odd letter home,
the camaraderie and the odd drink or two,
but we fight on,
we dig in, we dig in,
we lose friends,
and count ourselves lucky,
if death doesn’t come to us too.

Hard Is the floor

Hard is the floor,
Hard are the city streets,
where you have slept many times before,
in the wind and the rain and the snow,
hard you have become, and jaded and bitter,
for many people walk past you,
and you they callously just ignore.

Sunshine upon the skin

Sunshine upon the skin,
tis better than the cold and the snow,
And where the rain gets in.

Talk is cheap

Talk is cheap,
you can buy it from the magazine sellers in the street,
In newspapers and gossip columnists,
And read every writer savaging everyone they meet,
For talk is cheap,
And what are words worth,
except to belittle,
for there is no skill in poor language skills,
and poorly worded,
and hateful criticisms.

Helpless help less

You help too often,
You tire yourself out endlessly,
You bend over backwards,
You do too much for others that I can see,
Encourage people to do things for themselves,
For helping them too much only encourages reliance,
and ungratefulness,
Help less,
For when they have used you and bled you dry,
You will only be forgotten no less.

Annotated and dislocated

Annotated and dislocated,
the librarian is distraught,
for as the books are burnt and the Jews are sent to the gas chambers to be eradicated,
the librarian filled with knowledge and emotion cries at the thought,
for a nation has been swept up for far too long in rhetoric and Adolf Hitler’s lies,
and the librarian on the Crystal Nacht is lost for words,
and though the pen is mightier than the sword,
there are not enough words to describe truly the horror of the many who have died,
for knowledge in the hands of those with Charisma and ego,
and who with fixed convictions,
easily lead those who can’t think for themselves,
and easily lead the blind,
and the librarian despairing of weakened heart from having lost friends,
and wearing a scarf with the words upon it of Arbeit Macht Frei,
attaches a rope with a noose to a beam above,
and gets a chair to stand upon,
and puts the noose around his neck,
and hangs himself and commits suicide.

In the American diner

Lonely people with tired eyes,
coffee pumpkin and pies,
a chef in the kitchen swears loudly and swats at the flies,
a couple kiss over amorously for all to see,
a man reads a Bible with passion in his eyes,
a homeless man sits drinking coffee,
and eating the free food the waitress supplies,
a drunken man flicks his cigarette into an ashtray not caring for the world,
for he can’t be bothered to try,
drugs are dealt by those with no morals,
just cash on their mind,
a prostitute meets her client,
and takes the money for her time,
two men with guns loaded head out into the night,
a woman in a miniskirt wearing lots of makeup cries,
In the American diner at night,
the jukebox plays the tune, you’ve got Betty Davis eyes.

Broken society

Broken society
Frustration and rage,
Drug dealings,
And marijuana smoking at age 8,
Racism and hate,
Domestic abuse,
Chat show hosts,
Selling peoples souls,
And heroin users making more money than many,
many who struggle to earn the minimum wage,
Religions with morals,
But with many followers who murder and rape,
and famine and drought,
and terrorists who blow themselves up,
unlikely to see the seven virgins for which they wait,
Broken society,
If there were gods, why is the world in such a state?

Of such a radiant flower

Of such a radiant flower is this,
for it fills me with aroma,
and awakens me with a kiss,
and in its delicate beauty,
I am lost in its nature,
for I cherish it and so wild and free it is,
and in its petals, I wish to lay,
and be carried in my thoughts and my senses away,
for under the sun and the blue sky,
where the butterflies fly,
I ascend to the highest heights in my mind and I ponder everything, and I wonder why,
there can not be more days like this,
for it is glorious and magnificent and it colours me in its effervescence,
and touches me like a kiss.

In the winter garden at night

In the winter garden at night,
as the stars shine down,
and the moon glows bright,
what luck is this and what a sight,
as the meteors fly across the sky,
and the snowflakes are crisp and white,
what a beauty you are,
with your ebullient smile and eyes,
that awakens my senses and fill me with delight,
for you dance like an angel,
amidst the roses that add fragrance to the night,
for your elegance and style is without question,
and I revel in it and in your company,
as the music serenades us,
and we with rhythm,
move gently through the night,
For you balletic in movement and I,
practicing to get it right,
under the stars amongst the snowflakes,
under the lights and in the candlelight,
in the winter garden,
we two romantics are ever intertwined,
In each other hearts,
and bodies and minds,
and ever romantic in the winter garden at night,
underneath the lights,
we kiss and dance,
as the stars shine down and the moon glows bright,
for you complete me and I am grateful for life.

Look I know her, but I do not

Look I know her, but I do not,
she regularly takes a long walk down the pier,
she of blonde hair and raging mind and heart,
she beckons the waves with her charms,
and tries to send them far away from here,
for she has desires to swamp them all,
for they abandoned her in a country far away when she was small,
now she wonders of her parents and of how they could be so unloving and callous,
as to abandon her and disappear,
look, again, she mutters their names,
look a tear,
look and see how it drops and mingles with the waves,
look as she wipes it away on another lonely day on another lonely year,
look as she gently caresses her pregnant stomach,
look as the wind begins to howl through her hair,
she’s climbing over the edge,
too late,
she’s disappeared far from here.

I wake up with the sparrows

I wake up with the sparrows,
I wake up with the lark,
I arise in the sunlight,
at the departing of the dark,
I Iook to you forever,
and there I wonder at your contented charms,
for with each moment in such wondrous connection,
I feel such delight in your eyes,
for you dazzle me with warmth,
and no words are needed just feelings,
for so they race in my beating heart,
and where they reach such lofty heights,
I am forever grateful,
and am happy of the time that we spend,
for as I hold onto you and kiss you gently upon the lips,
I am happy wandering in your eyes,
for such love they do Impart.

In defence of the country

In defence of the country I stand,
I partake of thought and of many plans,
I ponder this and I ponder that,
and I try to understand,
what it is that will erase stupidity from humanity,
and advance us to a better world,
that is simpler and easier to understand,
for sadly there is never a day,
where positivity is not eradicated,
by the stupidity of man.

In the colour of the glass

In the colour of the glass,
so much time has passed,
for it is of the beauty of the age,
in the church,
of the medieval age past,
for what craftsmanship,
and time it is taken,
and of those who have had such skills,
and who have rightly earned such great reputations,
in the hours that they worked and in such exquisite ways,
and of such a rare occupation,
the magnificence born stands above all the years,
and the building and the stonework,
weather the weather,
which is almost as strong as the day it was built,
for it cannot be outdone by any modern creation,
for it stands alone as the services are held,
and the gargoyles outside scare away the evils from the nation.

In the crowds

In the crowds and in the street,
and in the people that you meet,
oh, what a colourful world it is,
full of all nationalities who do exist,
and who partake of their place upon the earth,
for in racial harmony there is beauty,
and in beauty there is colour,
and harmony upon the earth.

Look at the eyes

Look at the eyes,
when you are in a moment of rage,
and imagine your family in the same place,
look at the eyes when you are about to cause physical pain,
look at the eyes,
and picture your family who if it happened to them,
would never be the same.

Machine gun

Machine gun,
rat a tat,
you speak words like a violent acrobat,
you savage the language and you scare the cat,
you try to express yourself,
but you are as subtle at making a point,
and as blunt as a head beaten by a cricket bat.

Made of fury

Made of fury,
made of hate,
such a fire rages in you,
that I dare not contemplate,
for you of bitter tongue,
you tear the world to shreds,
and you give them something to remember,
that they only wish to forget,
for you are of such Ill mind,
and poorly educated at best,
for you win no friends with such Ill composition,
you stride the world with anger in your mind,
and with a verbal barrage spilling, bombastically and ripping out the hearts and emotions of those who know better than you,
but still you think you know best.

Never lose faith

Never lose faith,
for it would seem,
that no matter the struggle that would render dreams wayward,
and render wayward dreams,
keep up the perseverance and do believe,
for you must if love is to be found,
for it is the only choice around,
and so, you must keep looking,
for being alone isn’t as pleasant as being found,
and it seems that in every look and in every glance,
there may be the start of an introductory conversation,
that leads to further encounters of the heart,
and maybe you’ll be introduced with a smile or a shared passion,
for meeting is such an art,
so never lose faith,
for in your mind and in your eyes,
be optimistic,
go on I dare you,
take a chance.

A dream within a dream

A dream within a dream,
a picture within a picture,
billions of words floating together as one upon the air,
the combined thoughts of billions of human beings,
in the other a picture of the grim reaper,
nearly out of a job,
for we are all nearly reincarnated in our children,
and so, the work is less,
and for the grim reaper rebirth is the cost,
for if death was re-educated,
would we be bored with the choices that we were given,
and would we tire of things to do,
and to find a way out of eternal life would we be at a loss.

Of such a vacant fog

Of such a vacant fog is the mind,
for it plays tricks on thee,
and it is a frustrating bind,
for your moods and emotions may go up,
and may come down,
no matter the matter time,
or wherever you may be,
for flashbacks of pain and suffering,
and anger and rage occur daily,
when you have CPTSD,
and your concentration is wilfully little,
and it will decimate your life,
shattering it into pieces and with such regularity,
when you have CPTSD,
for it will interfere in your relationships,
and it will damage you continually,
when you have CPTSD,
though you may be triggered by many things,
and struggle to cope with life,
of such vacant fog is the mind,
that it damages the heart,
when you have CPTSD.

Of the circle

Of the circle in the middle is there anything that exists,
I ponder it,
and I see through you,
the ring I wear to show my wedded bliss,
of the circle in the middle,
everything in life is down to this,
and the zeros and the ones,
upon which the on and off of life is switched.

Mr and Mrs MP

Oh, Mr and Mrs MP,
you have such small minds,
and so, it is fixed,
for you will not move and you will not learn,
for it is your permanent state of bliss,
and I wish I could knock some sense into you,
but there is air between your ears,
and the knowledge would not stay there,
and would rapidly cease to exist,
for you are like a dinosaur,
outdated and angry at anyone who disagrees,
for you slowly walk upon the Earth,
and your views are shaped by dim wittedness and prudity,
and you are on the wrong path,
the same path,
that has failed to solve world problems,
for all recent history,
and though you will not listen,
you continue with rigid ways,
which appeals to no one these days that I can see,
and alas how much better the world would be,
if you would re-educate yourself,
for with your posh schooling
for you are incapable of changing,
and the solutions to world problems are left upon the shelf,
for all to see.

Once was the time

Once was the time,
where the daylight crept upon thine eyes,
for you are now cloaked in your tomb,
under the greyest of skies,
and where the tree grows now and overshadows you,
the grass grows wild,
and upon your gravestone your name has disappeared,
and I wonder who you were,
and what visions you had seen with your eyes,
for it seems a shame not to be remembered,
and I try to imagine you,
and I wish I could bring the dead to life,
for we could’ve talked for hours,
and I could have admired your mind,
but in your grey tomb,
you are long gone,
and the earth has reclaimed you,
along with the history of time,
and so, I stand before you none the wiser,
but I pay my respects for your part in the world,
for here alone now I stand,
but will I be remembered,
and will we all,
once the sun has exploded and died.

Over the rooftops

Over the rooftops and far away,
I see you cloud,
but I am going the other way,
for you look dark and glum,
and I want the sun,
so please come back when you have changed your clothes,
and you are fluffy and white,
for I do not care for grey.

Raindrops in puddles

Raindrops in puddles,
reflections of the time,
a vision of the world in my imagination and in my mind,
a vision of the future,
a vision of more cultured climes,
washing the earth,
reinvigorating the time,
raindrops in puddles,
where I see the future,
I look forward to peace being brought upon the earth,
helped by those with robotic minds.

She cries such tears

She cries such tears broken beauty for she lies in discontent,
amidst the flowers and the rain and the wind,
and of those who slumber eternally,
and who are not remembered in any sense,
for she is oblivious to them,
and her head hangs down,
so tired of such loneliness,
for solitude brings little comfort,
and in her mind what is the point when there is no one left,
for the wind it howls and the rain it blows,
and she recollects the memories of the dead living inside her head,
for they are broken into pieces like a mirror,
and she walks the earth a fractured soul,
in her black dress and in her shoes of red.

She lights the way

She lights the way for me to see,
and I walk with her through the trees,
amidst the lights and the summer breeze,
for she in her red dress,
she takes my hand,
and leads me to a glade where the waterfall plays and we can swim for free,
for of the day we forget it all,
and in our individual ways what shall be shall be,
for she is a wonder and a miracle to me,
and in her heart,
and in her humour and her emotions and smiles she sets me free,
and when upon my way I can be what I can be,
and in her touch,
she lights my soul,
and awakens me to life,
and of its many great possibilities,
for she works magic in my heart,
and I am open to the world,
and learned of all her feminine ways in which I bathe,
and which carry me through many troubles,
and with such vision and such clarity,
for she is of delicate sensitivity,
and she walks on air,
with no airs and graces that I can see,
and when we hold each other close,
I feel the power of her warmth,
for we are as one,
and content and in each others love we are free.


upon a cloudy day,
now what but darkness could come with the disposition upon your face,
for you and your alcoholism,
and you with your rambling ways,
you stagger here and stagger there,
ranting and raving and bent upon such destructive ways,
and I wish I could help you,
but I have tried for years,
and for years and years you have done the same,
and you wake up in the morning,
and head down the street to buy beer to block out your pain,
and what a life,
for I knew you when you were employed and well kempt,
but a relationship came along,
all tumultuous and rocky and destructive and emotionally wrong,
but you took your part,
and in your eyes that were once full of life,
there is something missing today,
for you stand before me in your alcoholic haze,
and I wish I could save your life,
and I have tried many times,
but to my dismay I have given all I could give,
but here you are,
repeating the same mistake again and again.

Sat on the bench

Sat on the bench in the sunshine,
amidst the flowers,
amidst the graves,
and the history of time,
what beauty there is,
in the grass,
in the trees and in the flowers,
and what content there you can find,
for such fragrance there is in life,
whilst paying respects to the dead beside the church in the summertime.

Through pain

Through pain,
through hurt,
rise up like a revolution,
and in your individuality,
rise up like an evolution from the Earth,
forget bitterness,
forget hate,
forget jealousy,
fight it with truth,
and fight it for all your worth,
for with perseverance,
and despite many being afraid of the light,
never give in despite the suffering and the hurt,
for with truth,
you will conquer the lies upon the Earth.


Twilight brings colours of so many shades,
for of such a beauty it is that nature creates,
and where in it’s work and it’s nuance,
do so many subtleties play,
And the wonder of life and warmth can be seen,
transcending the evening light under which where we lay,
for where we look up in contentment,
and of heaven in its place,
it strikes us in our hearts,
and we fall in love with its movement,
and the colours that rise above the day,
for of such spectacular vision it is,
that we ponder it and we wonder at the effort it took to create,
for of the time that filters through our eyes,
what unimaginable changes there must have been,
for such an enchantment it is that dances its way across the skies in billions of coloured dreams,
and I would not forsake it for anything,
for in poetry,
in writing and art and with heaven as our palette,
oh, how lucky we are for such elegance to bedazzle our minds,
and oh, how lucky we are for it to light our hearts,
and oh, how lucky we are to capture the times,
and I am forever thankful,
we are capable of expressing so many feelings and emotions,
and we are graced with the beauty of life and capable of so many things,
for we are the light and we are the dark,
and we are the heavens,
and we are ever entwined,
for with nature and heaven inside us,
our hearts are stirred to such great heights,
that there can be nothing finer than to create,
and nothing finer than to spring forth such wonders from the mind,
for I will rest my head in the twilight, and I will dream of the day,
and I will look up at the stars and the moon at night,
and I will look at nature in amazement and wonder,
and from being born of nature I will be me,
and in being me,
so, I will reflect the events and the times of the day.

The rain

The rain runs down the window,
the tears of billions from years of pain,
mixed with joy and happiness never forgotten,
of which some keep to themselves in quiet refrain,
and oh, what a wonder it is,
the water of life,
and the emotions that they contain.

Wary of the light

Wary of the light,
she comes to me,
on nimble feet,
a deer beneath the trees,
a creature so wild,
and so carefree,
beauteous in her colouring,
and exquisite symmetry,
for in her eyes is a gentleness and a timidity,
and so, I step forward,
and approach her in the moonlight,
yet I expect nothing for she is free,
but I am happy,
to delight in her company,
and with her gentle gait and rapidity,
it is but a fleeting moment,
of interconnection between her and me,
and I sense her nature is gentle and calm,
yet with a rustle in the trees she is gone,
spooked by a shadow that has her startled,
and I am truly sad to see her leave,
and the image of her stays in my eyes,
a great beauty to wonder upon.

Mild and malcontent

With mild malcontent he stares out to sea,
he fixes his gaze upon the horizon,
and imagines a foe,
that he hopes he will not see,
for he has a suspicious mind,
having lived through war,
and with such vicious visions playing in his eyes,
he finds it hard to define a friend from an enemy,
and what a horrific life it is,
to be so brutalised and tormented,
that in his nightmare death is all around,
and plain to see,
and if he could change the world he would,
but he is left with the visions of the bodies on the ground,
and the blood upon the soil and on his hands,
for life is precious now,
and although he wishes he wasn’t so misunderstood,
a haunted look is in his eyes,
and the heaviness of war hangs upon his brow.

Beyond the river

Beyond the river,
beyond the trees,
in the bluest of skies do float the leaves,
for where they go,
it does not matter,
for only them it does please,
and so too we are free,
in natures revelry,
and in wonder at the world and its splendour,
it does so gently tease,
we have been here longer than you,
but we do not care,
for beautiful and timeless it is,
and we are happy in its company,
as we stand and stare.

Broken inside

Broken inside and crying in the night,
another lover gone,
a bottle of alcohol in your hand,
that you hope will make everything alright,
but you are wrong,
for on this lonely path,
you will never make amends,
or yourself happy for very long,
and although you can pretend,
with a bottle in hand,
through drunken eyes your problems will be magnified,
and the time of your death,
will probably be soon to come.

She walks under a cloud

She walks under a cloud,
in the finest clothes,
for she is all dressed up with nowhere real to go,
she lives alone,
but she doesn’t know how to relate in the real world,
for her reality is the catwalk and the chat show,
but maybe she’ll learn one day,
that vanity is not all that there is to know,
for from an early age,
she has lived in a false world,
and it pays well though,
but what is money earnt,
and spent when you live in a bubble,
that will one day surely burst,
for in a moment she will be forgotten,
and will anyone care or want to know,
because to most people she is vanity,
with nothing to give,
and just a vacuous woman,
who will be judged by her looks eternally,
and from that feeding her insecurities as she grows.

I resigned at the sun

I resigned at the sun,
and I laid down and I took it all in,
oh, for the wonder of the world,
for in its glorious rays,
it could never be undone,
for such a pleasure does fill the heart,
and upon the beach,
and in the ever-flowing water,
that ebbs so gently at my feet,
oh, what a wondrous feeling of the sounds,
that do echo so beautifully and do repeat.

Throw away everything

Throw away everything and clear the mind,
live life materialistically,
and you will find,
such clarity,
such clarity of vision it is true,
for we seem able to over complicate everything that we do,
and so, it does not always bring happiness,
of that it is true,
but what would you give to be so unencumbered,
and what is materialism,
without you?

We come to this like a rock to the face

We come to this like a rock to the face,
for we are governed by a dictator,
and we will face bullets,
tear gas,
oppression and arrest,
we will be beaten and tortured,
and we will fight,
we will fight with our lives,
and we will march in the streets,
we will march for freedom,
and we will march for democracy,
for we come to this like a rock to the face,
and amidst the damage,
and amidst the bloody and the battered,
and the hungry with nothing to eat,
amidst the baton blows,
and under every kick and punch,
we will endure,
and we will rise,
up from the ashes of brutality,
and though many will lose their lives,
we will no matter what,
replace dictatorship with democracy.


Replace, erase, take it away, bring me something new today, for impatience is me and I am designed to frustrate in so many ways.

The pictures in the gallery

The pictures in the gallery,
you will not understand them all,
though long may you ponder,
at what they mean,
and though the time may pass,
in the house of the living and the dead,
amongst the artists one and all,
so sublime is the skill that they have and had,
now what a world it would be and so bland,
with no art at all.


Agile for so the night does come,
and with a weary head,
let the stars fill your eyes and your mind,
and let the universe and you be as one,
for it is awakened in its creation,
and the light and the dark are of such a glorious spread,
for the stars they flicker in and out of existence,
and the moon hangs gently above your head,
for what magic holds it there in all its glory,
and so loftily upon an invisible bed,
I do not know but I know this,
that the stars are so bright,
and the light it filters into my eyes,
such an incredible host of yellow,
and of various colours and shades,
that colour me with beauty in my eyes,
and fill me with awe and inspiration in my mind,
for I call them the Angels of the dark,
and I stand listening to the breeze,
and the wind it shows its appreciation in sighs,
for what a work of art are the galaxies,
the stars, the moon and the light that travels so far,
and what spectacularity has been created from all of nature’s firmament,
so magnificent in its bounteousness amidst the void,
amidst the blackness,
that beguiles you betwixt and between the dark and the light,
for where there is life and death and creation and of such complexity and simplicity,
I could spend a lifetime staring into space,
and be happy and forever lost in its history and in the history of the human race.

Where are there morals today

Where are their morals today,
of those who cannot control themselves,
and who force themselves upon their hapless prey,
who year after year and who for thousands of years,
have continued to rip emotions and lives apart every day,
people who continue their crimes with brutality,
and so disturbingly with little thought and little conscience,
who show no compassion or humanity,
and the bruises and the trauma and the emotional damage done by them,
lays with their victim and their families and will never go away ever again.

Such a time

Such a time
As once was such a time,
for a time,
such was the magnificence of the mind,
and such was the civilisation,
for in learning and education,
so down the path to enlightenment,
did cast away the shadows,
and take the blindness from people’s eyes,
for in the language and the arts,
and in the conversations of human minds,
what incredible wonders were created,
with civility and listening,
for it is a wonder the alphabet,
and the languages that are instilled in the mind,
and how incredible life is,
for without the alphabet,
and without sign language and language,
how could we describe feelings,
and emotions in a world inhabited by humankind.


Becalmed on an island in the sea,
becalmed watching the waves,
with a mind of simplicity,
becalmed sat upon the beach,
becalmed under a tree,
becalmed in a pool by a waterfall,
becalmed reading a book,
becalmed in nature,
becalmed in each others company,
becalmed under the moon and the stars,
becalmed out for a walk,
becalmed on a boat on a river,
becalmed in conversation,
becalmed in education,
becalmed in the elements,
becalmed of the rain, the snow and the sun that does please,
becalmed of them and their fascination,
becalmed in the night and the day,
becalmed in thought and of its machinations,
becalmed in silence,
solitude and tranquillity,
becalmed in the slow lane of life,
becalmed in existence,
becalmed in being free.

Birds on the telegraph pole,
where have you flown over the world so old,
and how many miles and through how many sunsets did you go,
for upon your wings,
and through the night did you sing as the sun rose,
for as you flew to warmer climes,
warmer climes that you know,
I thought of you,
and what I wouldn’t give to go where you go,
for little bird your strength is greater than most know,
and I admire you,
and I will hope for a safe journey for you,
wherever you will go,
and I too will look for you in the summer,
when through the sun you return from wherever you roam,
and be sure of this my feathered friend,
you are always welcome to feed,
at the seeds,
on the bird table at my home.

Burning through the night

Burning through the night,
no matter the time,
and with each letter and sentence and inspiration,
across the languages of the world so the world is defined,
and to understand and to explore everything,
the intellect and education is King,
and the Queen is the coordination of hand, pen, and mind.

Deep in the oceans

Deep in the oceans of the world,
and in the wreckage of ships lays the world’s history,
deep in the oceans of the world lies ancient civilizations,
who have been swallowed by the oceans and lost from history,
for what is out there waiting to be found,
and explored and wondered at,
who knows,
for currently it is a mystery,
and in excitement we shall explore,
and find probably that we are older than we thought we were before,
and more technologically advanced I’m sure,
for in our times,
we have ebbed and flowed in our minds,
and we have been clever and stupid,
and logical and illogical,
and peaceful and hateful,
in the climate of our times,
for under the oceans what will inspire today’s minds,
for from the old, will we will learn from the past,
and will we discard knowledge that is incomprehensible to us,
and will we mind,
I hope not,
for nothing should be discounted in the library of humankind.

Hold the page

Hold the page,
look at the blank space,
think of the words,
think of the thoughts that define the news of the day,
think of a fiction,
that will carry people far away,
think of a true story,
think of tales of tragedy,
and romance and war,
think of the solutions to the world’s problems today,
but whatever you write,
with education,
and vocabulary,
and the alphabet,
you can explain the world,
and educate,
and invigorate,
and inspire,
and fascinate,
and captivate,
so be at peace,
be at peace in your creation,
for enjoyable it is,
as it works its art upon the heart and the mind,
and so too on the people of the world come what may,
for we write to please those that read,
we write to please those in need,
we write to excite,
we write to liberate,
and we write to free the minds of those who have been captured by lies,
and who have been deceived.

Humans shoot bullets

Humans shoot bullets,
humans get stabbed,
humans use acid to attack,
humans sell drugs,
gangs rob and steal goods and money,
society is ravaged by the acts,
people are tempted by easy cash,
gangs prowl the streets in packs,
victims of crime,
damaged and physically injured,
who in their emotions,
can never recover by constantly looking back,
peer pressure and greed,
societies disease,
pushing people into ever desperate acts.

In perpetuity

In perpetuity the endless sea,
It calls,
It calls to me,
in perpetuity the endless sea,
it smashes against the rocks,
and it rages and it dances,
and by the moon it is set free.
In perpetuity,
the endless sea,
oh how it carries me,
with beauteous and wild abandon,
to wherever I wish to be,
in perpetuity the endless sea,
it rises and it falls,
and in it what treasures are waiting to be seen and to be set free.
In perpetuity the endless sea,
it has power like no other,
and it carries us,
and carries up into the clouds,
where it is released to water the Earth,
spurring on nature in its finery,
and at the seashore it calls,
it calls to me,
for in perpetuity the endless sea,
will have no human to control it in its entirety,
for in perpetuity from humanity It is free.

Ethereal ways

You float in and out on such ethereal ways, you with your devilish smile and your guile,
that carries you through the days,
you float in and out on such ethereal ways,
for your mind is a butterfly and it touches lightly on certain subjects,
for such a short time that how much you get from them I cannot say,
you float in and out on such ethereal ways,
and I watch you think,
and I see in your eyes the depths of your soul,
for your heart is solid and true and the intensity of those eyes so blue,
what a wonder oh butterfly for me they pierce right through,
like a light through the night and like the sun through the sky so blue,
but what you think when you think I cannot say it’s true,
but when you speak you are so elegant and I am wrapped up in your words,
for from seemingly such little thought,
you cavort with such evocative language,
and of such a books worth,
that elucidates every second of your thoughts,
thoughts that run so fast without a pause,
thoughts that make you smile,
thoughts that light up your eyes and thoughts that ease my cares away,
for in them I am educated,
and with you I, fall deeper in love every day.