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Belong – Writing and poetry



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I am longing to


and I have longed,
and I have felt empty for so long,
and for so long,
this heartbreak,
it has gone on, and this pain,
oh, how it has dragged on,
and this demonic devilry taunting me
and haunting me inside,
that has not yet allowed me to move on,
it has so cruelly torn at my heart and my mind,
shattering me into pieces,
and leaving me devoid of form,
and it has left me truly lost inside,
and not knowing where I truly belong,
yes, I am blank,
with a wasteland of ill content inside me,
where nothing is right,
and where everything is wrong,
and sadness it is like a lake,
that I am drowning in,
sadness yes,
filling me,
and I am a misery,
and I am not like me,
and how it went wrong,
Well, I left you,
I left you,
After disagreeing with you about what you wanted and what I did,
and I was wrong,
so very wrong,
and now, I am lost with no way back,
oh, what a stupid thing I have done,
what a stupid thing I have done.

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