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Hello everyone,

Thank you for visiting my website, which contains my writing and poetry.

I have been interested in writing and poetry since an early age, but have only recently come back to it as means to combat CPTSD. I find it very therapeutic and relaxing.

The great thing about writing and poetry is that it can be written anywhere, because there is inspiration everywhere, out in the fields, in town, in the sunshine, the snow and the rain, and anywhere on the planet.

Writing a novel is far harder than writing poetry but I am soon to attempt it.

The writing of poetry is a fantastic experience, it helps you grow the more you do it, you improve your language skills and you learn how to evocate feelings and emotions, and make them understandable to all. The reading out loud of poetry helps you realise whether it works or not. I like to read it out loud and see whether it works rhythmically or not, and I like to see whether it is evocative or not.

After two years of hard work on my writing and my poetry I now have 25 books of poetry that are free for download. There are 20 original books and five compilations, and I am still writing and greatly enjoying writing and poetry!

Writing and language skills are thoroughly enjoyable, and you can take them anywhere in the world!

There are many styles of writing and poetry in this world, there are no incorrect ways, but learning to spell correctly and the constant learning of language definitely helps.

Writing and poetry, how can I sum up writing and poetry?

Writing and poetry, the process it helps you grow intellectually, and helps you develop language skills that are of use in the wider world. It is great escapism from stress, and there is far too much of that in the modern world.

Thank you for visiting writing and poetry, I hope you enjoy the writing and the poetry on my website.

Warmest regards and best wishes



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