A scream

a scream

Amongst the trees,
there is a scream,
a scream that pierces the air,
a scream of frustration,
a scream of aggravation from somewhere,
a shattered dream,
an agony,
an agony revealed from the distance,
an agony apparently without anyone except me to care,
and how piercing it is as the wind it howls,
and the rain it falls,
and as I walk I feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up,
and that solitary scream from somewhere,
what was it caused by?
Sounds like wolves,
yes, wolves, but where?
Where are they?
I cannot say.
And I,
I better run,
run through the forest,
to see if anyone needs help,
for that scream was a seismic vocal shock that so powerfully shattered the air,
and in the pitch black night I must beware,
for the forest is of an impenetrable kind,
and even with a torch,
how spooky it is,
yes, how spooky,
and oh, how it haunts the eyes,
and the mind,
and the heart,
how the heart it palpitates in this race,
this race to save a life?
This race to try to scare the wolves away with a torch and a gun,
but what will I find,
what will I find,
deep in the impenetrable forest in the pitch black night,
will I find someone being attacked,
someone dying,
wolves with a lust for blood?
How my heart it races as I head towards where I heard the scream,
but what will I see,
what will I see?
Oh, the imagination it runs wild,
it runs wild and the possibilities are already haunting me,
and taunting me,
and in the impenetrable forest as I race,
how ashen is my face,
and how heavily I am breathing,
I am breathing from this frantic pace.
Now, will I get there in time?
Will I find anything at all,
will the wolves attack me or flee from this spooky place,
I will see,
I will see I say under my breath,
as I race,
as I race,
with a little fear in me,
and some concern about whoever it was that screamed,
and I picture the possibilities,
and it does no good for me,
it does no good,
and I hurry along and quicken my pace,
and my heart it beats so rapidly that I fear,
this could be the last of my days,
and the end of my life,
oh, the horror of that scream,
and the sound of the fright,
run through the trees,
and jump over the fallen logs,
and run through the piles of leaves,
another scream,
another scream,
life still to be saved,
and the sound of wolves,
a bit closer now,
so, hurry,
and yes, as I do,
I have visions of wolves with enormous fangs,
and immediately the thought of someone in distress,
run faster,
run faster,
and try to get there quicker,
because there may not be long in this impenetrable forest,
where no one is likely to find you,
when wolves have attacked you and torn you to shreds,
and eaten your flesh,
there is a life to be saved,
and my heart it still beats and I still breathe,
and I must get there at all costs,
prevent a death,
prevent a death,
death shall not come to you I swear,
and I swear to rescue you, yes,
running through the forest,
in the pitch black impenetrable forest,
where there is suffering ahead,
and possibly death!
No you shall not have them I swear,
so wolves, take away your evil fangs for I will evisceratw you from this darkened place and banish you from life,
if you do not flee to your lair,
flee to your lair,
wolves beware!!!

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