Containing diseases

My worldwide network idea

This is a simple idea of mine to improve opportunities for people in poverty across the world, to provide a free network that provides free access to education, mental and physical healthcare professionals and more. Please find the summary below. I am currently in the early stages of talking to mobile phone companies about this Read More

The existence of God

Has God been proved to conclusively exist? Has God been conclusively been proved to have created the universe? Have the words of God, whichever God you choose, been proven conclusively to have come from God? No. The answer is no. People believe God exists but cannot conclusively prove it. So, currently Gods existence is just Read More

On the earth

On the Earth,where time does not stand still,on the earth, where humanity works so hard it makes them ill,on the Earth, where everybody plunders the planet until they have had their fill,on the Earth,where those who have nothing,try to stay alive and survive,when living previously cost nothing,what a tragedy it is that life is so Read More

Greed and problem solving

Greed has caused the world to be less community minded, and greed has delayed the solving of the worlds problems. Together we can change the world and make the world a better place. Community spirit gets things done far faster than bureaucracy. Despite our technological advances, community spirit is faster at solving problems than bureaucracy.


Empty cup,empty glass,empty bottle and an empty wine cellar.Empty love,socialising for one,eating a lonely dinner,a lonely dinner,and silence,silence has begun,a quiet contemplation of having no love,pouring over the reasons why, why no one has come along,and as hard as it is you are not the only one,not the only one eating your dinner in the Read More


You were unaffected in the summer sun,you took your shoes off and smoked a cigarette,you dipped your feet in the sea whilst the work was done,yes, you of malignant intent,and of intolerance,and of great greed,you paid for the bullets and smiled at the fun,and you were happy,you were happy,when Kennedy in his motorcade was killed Read More

Murky skies

Murky skies,raindrops before my eyes,yawns and sighs,a dismal grey,apathy settling in my mind,the normal kind,on this kind of day,in the wintertime,not what I want to see but something that I cannot erase,as God he plays with the most miserable colour and paints it across the sky,but only God knows why,only God knows why,and I have Read More


Movement in the window up above,a shadow of two people,arguing and gesticulating violently,oh, the slings and the arrows of misfortune,that plays upon the heartstrings,when the devil comes to play with love,oh,oh, what a commotion up above,what a commotion through the partly open window,as two lovers argue backwards and forwards across the room,and I watch from Read More